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A New Friend Series: Crowley takes you at a young age and makes you hate your brothers. (Goes from 6 to 15 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


The Accident Series: You get into a car crash while being chased by vampires, your brothers take you to a hospital to find you in critical condition. (17 years old)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Bonding Series: Oneshots where a 6 years old Winchester sister bonds with the characters of Supernatural. 

Bonding 1: Kevin

Bonding 2: Dean Winchester

Bonding 3: Sam Winchester

Bonding 4: Castiel

Bonding 5: Bobby Singer

Bonding 6: Charlie Bradbury

Bonding 7: Crowley

(Other ones coming soon!)

Run Away Series: You get into a fight with your brothers causing you to run away. (15 years old)

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

A Date Series: You go on your first date and your brothers aren’t too happy about it. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 3

(Might do a Part 4)

The Truth Series: Your best friend finds Crowley in the bunker dungeon. (Highschool Age)

Part 1

Part 2

Faith: Based on the episode Faith(1x12) but with a teenage sister.

Part 1

Part 2

Sister Winchester OneShots:


  • Girls Day Out: You and Charlie go shopping (Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Charlie bond for a day (6 years old)
  • Big Reveal: You and Charlie have been dating for a few months, but your brothers think you’re straight and you finally come out. (17+)

Sam Winchester:

Dean Winchester:

  • Nicknames: Dean gives you the nickname Chipmunk.(Age:6 years old)
  • Bonding: You and Dean bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • I Won’t Leave You: You get kidnapped by a demon and your brothers rescue you and take you to a hospital where Dean never leaves your side (Any Age)
  • We Have Each Other: Takes place when Dean is with Lisa after Sam jumps into the pit and you have a tough time dealing with it so you get into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • Jail: You and Dean go to jail after a hunt gone wrong and while Sam tries to get you out, you start freaking out. (Any Age)
  • Late Night Drive: You and Dean can’t sleep so he takes you out for a night drive. (Any)
  • He Still Cares: Takes place when Demon!Dean was around, you and Sam get kidnapped by Cole and he ends up hurting you which Demon!Dean isn’t too happy about. (Any)
  • Closer Than Ever: After a bad nightmare you go to Dean, and you two work on becoming closer. (6 years old)
  • Drunk Brother: Dean gets drunk so you have to go get him. (Old enough to drive)
  • Not Who You Say You Are: A shapeshifter disguises as Dean and it tortures you. (Any)
  • Flying: You’re from England so the boys plan a trip there, the only problem is Dean hates flying. (Any)
  • Father Figure: Dean gets upset that you have a bigger bond with Sam than you do with him. (9 years old)
  • Happy Birthday, De:  It’s like a progression of Dean’s birthdays. (Goes from 5 to 15 to 26)
  • Cured Demon!Dean is stuck in the bunker, you’re scared of him so you run away. (Teenage+)


  • Awkward: You try explaining what Netflix and Chill means to Castiel. (Any Age)
  • Can’t Sleep: You can’t sleep so you call Castiel to tell you some stories.(Any Age)
  • Bonding: You and Castiel bond for a day (6 years old reader)
  • Say The Right Things: Castiel is left to watch over you while your brothers are on a hunt when you get your period Cas doesn’t exactly know what to do. (Any)
  • Subtle Hints: You start using cheesy pick-up lines to get Castiel to notice that you like him. (16 years old)
  • Too Young (Part 1): You are Castiel’s soulmate. (16 years old)
  • Questions: Castiel keeps picking bad times to ask you questions. (Any)

Sam and Dean Winchester:

  • First Drink: It’s your 21st birthday and your brothers throw you a party.
  • Sick Days: You get sick and your brothers take care of you. (Any age)
  • Heroes: You get bullied at school and your brothers come save the day. (Age: 14-16)
  • Hunt Gone Wrong: Your first hunt goes terribly wrong (Around 14-16)
  • This Means War: Your brothers hide your phone. (Any Age)
  • Hidden Talent: Your brothers find out that you draw (Any Age)
  • Too Much: You’re on your period and you collapse on a hunt because of the pain. (Any Age)
  • Storms: You’re scared of storms and when a big one comes and you’re brothers aren’t home you break down. (Any Age)
  • Fight Song: You’re brothers come home from a hunt early and hear you playing the guitar and singing. (Any Age)
  • Break-Ups: You girlfriend breaks up with you and your friend group shuts you out so your brothers make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Scars: You and Sam get kidnapped by a demon and it finds your self-harm scars. (Any)
  • I Missed You: Back to the pilot where Dean goes to get Sam and you tag along not too happy to see him after he left. (15 years old)
  • Wing-Men: Your brothers go undercover at your school and they end up setting you up with your crush (High School)
  • Bad People: You and your brothers get kidnapped by a shifter and he tries to rape you. (Any)
  • Sassy Winchester: You and your brothers go to a bar where a guy tries to pick you up but you sass him to hell and back. (Any)
  • Car Problems: The Impala breaks down in the middle of nowhere and you have to call your brothers to help. (Old enough to drive)
  • School: Demons invade your school, you and your brothers have to save the students that are locked inside. (High school)
  • Oldest Winchester: You are the eldest Winchester (Older than Dean)
  • Pool: You hustle some guys playing pool and they’re not happy about it, Sam and Dean come and save you. (15ish)
  • Let Go of the Past: You visit your hometown where your dad is in a coma, and it’s time to let go. (Any)
  • Pokemon Go: You’re obsessed with Pokemon GO and you get your brothers to play it. (Any)
  • Saving People: You get tired of killing demons instead of exorcising them. (Any)
  • Favoritism: Your brothers favor your sister over you. (Teenage)
  • Asthma: You get an asthma attack during a hunt. (Any)
  • Cafe Worker: You get a job but your boss is a total creep. (Teenager/Adult)
  • Convention: You and your brothers find yourselves at a Supernatural Convention. (Any)
  • Flirting: You get a spell cast upon you that makes you flirt with everyone. (Teenage/Adult)
  • Your Puppy: You grow up with a dog but your world comes crashing to an end one day. (Any)
  • Little Fear: You’re scared of sleeping next to the door until one day you’re forced to face your fear. (Any)
  • Is One Simple Birthday Wish Too Much To Ask For: You celebrate your birthday in a special way. (Any)
  • Just Listen: You get into a fight at school and no one believes it wasn’t your fault. (Highschool)
  • Tired: You’re tired of absolutely everything and everyone. (High school)

Bobby Singer:

  • Bonding: You and Bobby bond for a day (Age: 6 years old)
  • Leviathans: Your brothers leave you with Bobby, but when Bobby leaves you have stay with Jody Mills. (17 years old)


  • Hell Hound: Crowley gets you a Hell Hound for your 15th birthday.
  • Bonding: You and Crowley bond for a day. (6 years old)


  • Cabin Fever: You’re put in charge of watching Kevin, but when you two hide in an old cabin, you two kiss. (Around 18)
  • Bonding: You and Kevin bond for a day. (6 years old)

Adam Milligan:


  • Fourth of July:  You’ve never been to a firework show, and Cas doesn’t know what the 4th of July is. (Any)
  • Fireworks: Sam and Dean bring you out to see fireworks. (Any)
  • Father’s Day: You, Dean’s daughter, make a card for him for Father’s Day. (6 years old)
  • More Like a Father: Sam is more like a father to you so you decide to do some things on Father’s Day. (Around 13+)
  • Easter: Your family sets up an Easter egg hunt. (5-6 years old)

Team Free Will:


Sam Winchester:

  • Stressed: You get stressed from all the exams and tests coming up, and your dad (Sam) calms you down (Highschool)
  • Trust: You lose your little cousin Mary at the park so your Uncle Dean flips out causing you to break down. (16 years old)
  • Music Room: You and your little cousin Mary find a hidden room in the bunker full of instruments. (16 years old)
  • Pie Fixes Everything: You get into a fight at school so your Uncle Dean takes you out for pie to make you feel better. (Highschool)
  • Antidepressants: Your little cousin Mary finds your antidepressants. (Any)
  • Mario Kart Festival: You get TFW to play Mario Kart. (16ish)

Dean Winchester:

  • VidCon: You’re a famous Youtuber so your Dad Dean and Uncle Sam take you to VidCon where you meet a bunch of your YouTube friends. (Any Age)
  • Books: Dean gets jealous because you always talk to Uncle Sam about books you read so he feels like he’s left out. (Any)
  • Astronaut Dad: Dean goes to hell and leaves you. (9 years old)
  • Astronaut Dad Part 2: Your dad comes back from hell. (11 years old)
  • School Trouble: You keep getting into fights at school. (Highschool)
  • First Hunt: Your dad takes you and your twin brother on your first hunt. (16 years old)


Sister of Other Characters:


  • Protective King of Hell: You’re Crowley’s sister and you meet the Winchesters for the first time but Crowley is very protective over you. (Any)

Actor/Actress Oneshots:

  • We’re Always Here: You are an actress on Supernatural when you get a call that a family member is hurt and Jared and Jensen help you through it. (Any)
  • Weird VS Normal: You get sent into an AU where Supernatural is just a TV show and you have to decide whether or not you want to go back. (Any)
  • Reverse French Mistake: You and the cast of SPN get teleported to the SPN world and meet the characters. (Any)
  • Pranks: You and your sister prank each other and people on set. (Any) 
  • Big Role: You get a role in a new show and the topic comes up a con (Any I guess)

1K Contest Winners:

Episode Based Imagines:

Monster Bio: Levi

Name: Leviathan ‘Levi’ Quartermain

Age: 28

Hometown: Unknown

Current Residence: Cape Fear NC

Occupation: Marine Biologist

Talents/Skills: Diving, pearl hunting, violin, memorized the entirety of Rocky Horror

Relationship skills: dedicated, loyal, sometimes needy

Family: Professor Patrick Quartermain (adopted father)

Significant Other: Adele Quartermain

Height: 6’4

Weight: 125 lbs

Species: Fish Man

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Blue fins

Glasses or contact lenses? none

Skin color: Blue

Shape of Face: Oval

Distinguishing features: High fins, rigid gills, wide set eyes, webbed hands and feet

How does he/she dress? Usually just swim trunks


Habits: (smoking, drinking etc.) Eats oysters when nervous, floats listlessly when sad

Health: extremely healthy

Hobbies: watching movies and TV, practicing the violin, researching with the Professor

Favorite Sayings: Usually quotes movies

Speech patterns: Rather intelligent and sometimes blunt

Disabilities: none

Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Whatever the Professor does

Greatest flaw: Sometimes too blunt

Best quality: Extremely loving

Found off the coast in South America by Professor Quartermain, half dead and emaciated while gulls pecked at him. Proffesor Quartermain saved his life and took him in, creating a special lab and home in order to house little Levi. Professor Quartermain gave him an excellent education and life, but because of his appearance he felt it best to keep him hidden. Once Professor Quartermain became ill his granddaughter, Adele, was sent to take care of Levi. The two bonded instantly and soon fell in love. Levi earned a degree in marine biology online and plays the violin although as he’s gotten older he’s ignored it.

Sister Bites Main Characters :^0
Official reference sheet too, since some asked.
Yes, I changed some stuff, but this is their updated looks and stuff :^D
If you have any questions, feel free to ask !
Basic Character Info:
• Pish (Age: 17)
- Ket’s older sister
- VERY Introverted. Doesn’t care about social interaction
- Creates her own weapons and gadgets and can use them
- Heavy sleeper, due to staying up late making weapons

• Ket (Age: 14)
- Pish’s younger sister
- LOVES EVERYONE !! Very sweet girl
- Trained in martial arts/hand-to-hand combat
- Has super strength

• Squishy
- Pish and Ket’s pet frog
- Cute frog
- usually accompanies Pish in her room
- makes squeaky noises whenever he hops

• Val/Valerie (Age: 17)
- Zac’s older twin sister and Pish’s arch-rival
- Very determined to prove that Phoenix are the best
- Needs to look good wherever she goes
- full of sass

• Zac/Zachary (Age: 17)
- Val’s younger twin brother and Pish’s rival
- Hes a cocky and arrogant bird boy
- dyed his hair because he hated being mistaken as Val
- Often attempts to use his charms to manipulate Pish

A Treatise on the Nature of the Planeswalkers

I’ve talked at length now about The Nature of Planeswalking and The Nature of the Planeswalker Spark. But what about the Planeswalkers themselves? Are you confused as to what the differences are? Let me clarify. 

The Nature Planeswalking” = A study of swimming. A study on driving itself as an action.

The Nature of the Planeswalker Spark”= A study on the water itself. A study on the car.

“The Nature of Planeswalkers” = A study on the swimmers. A study on the drivers of the vehicles.

This article is about the final and third part of this study. In here, I will talk about who the planeswalkers are and what makes them special. 

As always, this Treatise is founded upon the collection of knowledge from years of studying the source material and through a look at the story telling itself. I ask myself, if I were telling this story, how would I do it? What explanation could I propose that would withstand all the exceptions and possible criticisms? This article takes my findings and presents them.

Gather` Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

Keep reading


Wishiwashi have long symbolized organized labor in Alola, for while any individual Wishiwashi is only marginally stronger than a Magikarp, they can unite into a mighty leviathan. Pamphlets from Alola’s early industrial age exhorted workers to unite by picturing lone Wishiwashi chained or beaten by Grumpig, and their mighty school form chasing those same Grumpig away. In this period of Alola’s history, simply owning a Wishiwashi was strongly suggestive of union sympathies, complete with scattered reports of bosses blacklisting workers on the basis of their pokemon teams.

Yet humans can interpret their pokemon in a variety of ways, and a certain dictator ruling a coastal country far from Alola also prized the Wishiwashi, even while shooting striking workers; to him and his sycophants, it represented national unity, not class struggle.  And to be fair, the notion of many pokemon banding together into a powerful school can approximate any union, not simply a labor union; scattered universities around the world have chosen Wishiwashi as their mascots for this very reason, and argue that, as Wishiwashi join into schools, they have the strongest claim of all on these pokemon.

Yet pokemon rarely neatly map onto human symbolism, and the oft-praised unity of Wishiwashi does not last for a whole battle; when wounded, a Wishiwashi’s comrades will scatter, leaving it to face defeat alone.  While an embittered few have compared this trait to the actions of scabs or traitors, later generations of revolutionary guerillas have found inspiration in this behavior.   For while one Wishiwashi may be defeated, or even (in the wild) eaten when they scatter, the rest survive to re-school and take revenge on their predators, whenever they get their chance.  Although they are amazingly strong when united, Wishiwashi, like successful revolutionaries, grasp the importance of surviving to fight another day.



[li-vahy-uh-thuh n] 

1. (often initial capital letter) Bible. a sea monster.

2. any huge marine animal, as the whale.

3. anything of immense size and power, as a huge, oceangoing ship.

4. (initial capital letter, italics) a philosophical work (1651) by Thomas Hobbes dealing with the political organization of society.

1350-1400; Middle English levyathan < Late Latin leviathan ≪ Hebrew liwyāthān

“This 2000-strong bureaucratic leviathan allocates its budgets through the various ministries.”
- Misha Glenny, “Science waxes and wanes in Gorbachov’s age of reform,” New Scientist, 1988

Some of the people who left the human communities remembered some of the qualities. They remembered some of the joys of possession — not possession of things but possession of Being.

They remembered — but vaguely, foggily. Surrounded by things, they lost the ability to express the qualities. They knew the age they had left was more valuable, more pure, more beautiful than anything they found since. But their language had gone poor. They could speak of what they lost only by comparing it to things of their world. They called the forgotten age the Age of Gold.

Fredy Perlman, Against His-Story, Against Leviathan

At bottom, “society” only denotes the projected shadow of the successive modes of government. It was the whole set of subjects of the absolutist state in the age of the Leviathan, then that of economic actors in the liberal state. From the viewpoint of the welfare state, it was man himself, with his rights, needs, and labour power, who constituted the base element of society. What is perverse about the idea of “society” is that it has always helped government to naturalise the product of its activity, its operations, its techniques. It was constructed as what essentially preexisted it. It was only after the Second World War, really, that one dared speak explicitly about “social engineering”. Since then, society has officially become what one constructs, sort of like doing nation-building by attacking Iraq.
—  To Our Friends - The Invisible Committee

Here is the full set of the homeworlds series, now including Rannoch, Dekuuna and poor tiny little Suen. Kind of amusing/sad that the rachni homeworld could easily be a moon to Dekuuna!

(The criterion for inclusion on these sets was “species that are not technically extinct in 2183-6”. I’ve left aside the Leviathans as, given the age of their civilisation, it’s quite possible that their original homeworld no longer exists.)

EDIT: there is an updated, fully-combined version of this graphic here:


Nestled deep in the Sea of Cortez is a tiny island you won’t find on any map. Six fishermen scour the Baja peninsula to find this magical place, but when they finally reach their destination, they encounter some sea life that they did not expect. The discovery puts the troop at odds and it quickly becomes every man for himself. Which will prevail, Mother Nature or Human Nature?

Shallow Water is a “gritty, moody, and terrifying” horror film about the dangers of abusing our environment. Harking back to the creature feature of yore, it aims to create the defining monster of a whole new generation — one that plays just as much to the audience “ick!” factor as it does to timely existential anxieties. Steering the ship is legendary FX master Sandy Collora, who has been handcrafting creatures since the age of 17, when he first stepped onto the set of Leviathan. With Shallow Water, though, he hopes to recapture some of the lost monster-ly magic of classic cinema: 

“I grew up on the original Alien and Predator films. I love them. But where are the NEW iconic creatures and characters? How long has it been since we’ve seen something truly unique and powerful in a genre film? Too long. If Hollywood won’t do it, I will.”

But he’s not doing it alone! Collora is currently raising funds to support production efforts. (That includes design and costuming for his soon-to-be-iconic slithery sea creature.)