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Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Two)

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s behind-the-scenes article from DWM #370

[filming the Cybermen breaking through the glass windows]
   David, Shaun, and I position ourselves behind an antique table, several feet in front of the glass.  As the window is carefully examined, there’s the somewhat postmodern spectacle of the Doctor Who Confidential cameras filming David, who in turn films the action with his camcorder.  CRASSSSSSSSSH!  Perhaps because we’re closer, this one seems the loudest of all.
     "Jesus!“ gasps Shaun, as shards fly across the table.
     "I got a couple of glass bits,” cackles David, standing up.  "Probably shouldn’t have been here.“
     Did the bits strike your camera, for maximum effect?
     "I don’t know,” he ponders.  "Let’s see.“  He winds the footage back, revealing a truly impressive shot.  The campaign to get it on DVD starts here.

[Filming one of the party scenes]
    In this scene, before the Cybermen’s dramatic entrance, the Doctor dodges his way through the crowd to reach Rose.  David’s unhappy with Take One.  "Bad acting,” he apologetically says of his performance.

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fic: some you win, some you lose

Ten/Rose, post-Age of Steel


The atmosphere on the TARDIS was strained for a few days after Mickey chose to stay in the parallel world. Once she’d spent some time with her Mum, Rose returned to the ship and wandered around a bit aimlessly, feeling too restless to wallow in bed, too guilty to seek out the Doctor’s company.

He seemed to be under the impression that she needed a break from travelling, needed to spend some time suspended in the vortex to work through her feelings. In reality, that was the last thing she needed. She kept hinting at him that she’d prefer to just get back out there and see the world, the universe, to take her mind off of quite effectively pushing her once best mate away so spectacularly that she’d never ever see him again.

But he didn’t believe her, and made up some excuse about the TARDIS needing rest and recuperation. Consequently, the Time Lord had been stuck under the console for the best part of three days, and Rose was bored, lonely, and feeling a little too emotionally fragile for her liking. She wasn’t used to it, didn’t like it, and wanted to pretend she was fine. And the Doctor - bloody good at doing exactly that himself, she knew - was unfairly not indulging her in that desire. He kept looking at her with sympathy in his eyes and a sad smile on his face, too.


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Ten Years of Ten: The Age of Steel (May 20, 2006)

“You just don’t get it, do you? An army’s nothing. Because those ordinary people, they’re the key. The most ordinary person could change the world.  Some ordinary man or woman, some idiot. All it takes is for him to find, say, the right numbers. Say the right codes. Say, for example, the code behind the emotional inhibitor. The code right in front of him.”


Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel - Behind the Scenes (Part Five)

From the DVD commentary with Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), and Shaun Dingwall (Pete Tyler)

[Filming the scene where Mickey & Ricky split off from the group]

Noel: Do you remember here?  Billie was laughing because I kissed her so hard I nearly head butted her.  Do you remember?

[Camille and Shaun laughing]

Shaun: I do.

Noel: Mickey gives her the kiss and runs off… I remember her laughing because it was a real hard kiss, so she was like, ‘You nearly knocked my teeth out!’

[Filming Mickey’s goodbye to Rose at the end of the episode]

Noel: I think they should have had a snog here, man

Camille: Oh, you would!  This is a very emotional bit.

Noel: Of course it is, but he’s not had a proper kiss from her.

Shaun: Hasn’t he?  Ever?  In the whole time…

Noel: Not in this series, no.  Obviously he has, but not on-screen in this series, no.

Shaun:  Really? What about in the first series?

Noel: No

Shaun: He didn’t get a snog in that either?

Noel: No. Just various pecks and smooches but not a full-on…

Shaun: You’ll want to have a word with your agent.

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That time in ‘The Age of Steel’ when Ten had me screaming at the screen in sexual frustration.

Doctor Who - World Enough and Time

Was never overly fond of John Simms, but I’m loving that Missy is evil again. Good Missy is kinda eh.

I’m also not overly fond of the original Cybermen designs. I liked the designs from Nightmare in Silver best.

The next episode will be a rehash of The Age of Steel. The Doctor’s going to beat the Cybermen by turning off their emotional inhibitors and they’ll all die except not really because this is the very beginning of the Mondas Cybermen and they’ve got a long and storied career facing off against the Doctor, whose real name may or may not actually be Doctor Who.

The presence of the Master does throw a bit of mystery into the proceedings, even more so since there’s two of them, but they’ll lose all the same.

Bill Potts will unfortunately not be sticking around. Too bad, I liked her better than Clara. Yeah, that’s right. I said it. Come at me, bro.