age of solace

Pledge of Loyalty

Summary: In a world wherein your status is determined by your ability to summon and perform a contract with supernatural beings, Will Solace is considered an anomaly.

Look I started a fic that I may not be able to finish but I did it anyway. *shrugs*

Chapter one: Summon

At the age of six, Will Solace was supposed to already be able to perform his first contract. It wasn’t something major, just a simple contract spell to summon a spirit animal they can call as companions. A small animal they can play with, befriend and most probably stay together with for maybe for a short period of time or as long as their human lives would thrive.

His entire sixth year of age came and passed by, the kids his age had all managed to make their first contract.

He never did.

He was eight when the jeers and taunts began. Started by some and slowly being fueled by other until almost everyone added their two cents of insult. They called him an outcast. The family disgrace. He wasn’t a simple case of what people can call a late bloomer. He was different. A bad luck.

Will Solace is an anomaly.

So people stayed far away from him. Afraid that whatever bad luck surrounding him would rub on their very being.

And his family? His family told him it is fine and that they still love him no matter what. Good choice of words. Ones that are phrased correctly and might have been convincing if only it hadn’t been spoken with much force and with eyes mirroring nothing but disappointment. They might not have voiced it out but he can feel their displeasure. For them, he’s a disgrace. He, after all, had given his family nothing but shame.

He was eight years old. Unfairly still too young and yet Will Solace already felt alone.

He was ten when Will found a true friend, someone he confided in and one who never judged his so-called inabilities. Cecil is a good kid, someone with a knack for putting himself in a lot of trouble but one who stood by his side. Aware of all the fleeting harsh words and insulting looks being thrown on the kid he had befriended and yet Cecil chose to stay.

They were thirteen when Cecil perfected his first major summon with a golem named Sherman. He is proud of his friend’s achievement but Will would be lying to himself if he denied that pang of jealousy that made its way on his very being.

Cecil and Sherman’s personality had clashed and they never got along and the contract was broken within the first month

They were fifteen when Cecil formed a contract with a young witch named Lou Ellen.

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3. Will gets frustrated every time he tries (and fails) at archery. He knows for a fact his aim is good, because he’s always a great shot when there isn’t any wind, or he’s inside. It’s the weather that gives him the problems he has. He just can’t get the hang of predicting the wind direction and speed, and it throws off his game. Every. Damn. Time.

But the his boyfriend, his amazing, beautiful, deadly boyfriend suggests he tries a different weapon. It takes a few calls out to Annabeth’s dad, and some convincing for the Hephaestus cabin to help, but finally they get what they need. 

A gun. A gun with celestial bronze bullets in, to be exact. The first time Will shoots it, he gets a bulls-eye. And the second. And the third. 

Will doesn’t use it in battle often, preferring to heal instead of kill. But he (and Nico) rest easy knowing he is fully capable of defending himself, should the need arise.  

Will Solace

will solace? just will solace?

sorry, i’ve only heard of will “disarmed a legion of dog-headed monsters with a single whistle” solace

will “can outrun a group of six romans” solace

will “as brave on the battlefield as jason, said by nico” solace

will “nico smiles when he’s near him” solace

will “can touch nico di angelo without consequences” solace

will “gets a son of hades flustered” solace

will “became a leader at the age of thirteen” solace

will “doesn’t give a shit about others’ heritage” solace

will “sassy and classy” solace

will “glare so fierce it broke nico’s glare” solace

will “owns a sun chariot” solace

will “owns percy’s, nico’s and clarisse’s respect”

will “survived two wars” solace

will “basically saved the world by saving annabeth” solace

will “one of the most important demigods at camp as said by chiron” solace

will “deemed cool by leo valdez” solace

no, it’s not just will solace

ever since the end of the heroes of olympus series, i keep thinking about Will trying to flirt with Nico in public, like smooching him on the cheek, and Nico like slapping him across the face with a furious blush and calling him a sexual deviant

i’m so sorry Will

*Shows up late to the party with something that definitely should have been done before (or was it??)* So I tried something out with the shading (considering I haven’t done anything digital in…idk, a month? More? and I quite like it. So that’s definitely an option for the future. Also I haven’t posted Solangelo, like, ever? How I do not know, because look at them! Cute dorky boyfriends!

So if what rick riordan says is true, that Will is Nico’s peer, then that means that percy freaking jackson grabbed a TWELVE YEAR OLD away from searching for his dead brother so he could heal percys dying girlfriend and every other injured demigod, and witnessing some of them die in his arms because hes just a small boy and not fully in vontrol of his healing skills yet. Percy placed a twelve year old to do that just think about it

 It’s not a secret that I’m a sucker for Pokémon so here you have a drabble at 2:43 AM based on this prompt:

Imagine your OTP playing video games - character A playing, character B resting their head against A’s shoulder and commenting, getting quieter and quieter as they do. A finishes the game and turns to B to comment, only to find that B is fast asleep. Unwilling to move and wake B up, A simply smiles and starts another game.

My apologies if it burns someone’s eyes. Or if there’s any mistakes, it should be illegal to write at this hour! I’m just really happy for +1,000 followers, don’t judge. ;u;

Warnings: Nico being the ultimate dork in this world

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Dragon Age Inquisition -Trespasser Ending Cutscenes

The last cutscenes for Dragon Age Inquisition’s DLC “Trespasser”

Deceit of the Night

A hateful tongue pummeling
Bitter, buried truths;
Pressing dreaded loss
Into her soft

Downturned lips,
A bayou for tears;
A well for ‘stay’

Aged woman
Offering solace, escape
In the windows
At rest upon her cheek

Waking to the familiar,
Peerless comfort
Of claret company