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Golden Hour - Kickoff!

Hello, everyone! We’re a four-person team (of friends who live relatively close to one another) who play otome games (yes, we were willing victims of the Cybird and Cheritz games) and VNs (yes, we are also victims of Steam sales). After a couple of conversations about what we liked about VNs and the tropes we’d use if we made our own…we decided to work on a game!

Golden Hour is our second game and first VN, and we’re planning to make it a free-to-play game for iOS and Android. Please cheer us on *u*!!!

Also, any feedback at this point is greatly appreciated as we are still in early development! Feel free to reply or drop a note!


A young girl transfers into a new school just as the term is nearing its close. With summer approaching, she is tasked with photographing the preparations for the school’s year-end tradition: a grand festival of lights. With her camera at the ready, she dives into a tangle of friendships, rivalries, courtships and conflicts—but the longings of troubled young hearts can’t be captured by lenses alone.

Golden Hour is a mobile visual novel/otome game that thrusts players into the exhilaration of high school romance to capture the fleeting, vibrant colors of youth. Set over a period of ten days, the game follows the protagonist’s attempts to find her place in her new city, especially through her encounters with four remarkable young men.

Caught up in the currents of their lives, she comes to learn their dreams, joys, fears, and obstacles. As she peers into their worlds, she finds her own horizons expanding with knowledge of the city they all call home: developed and all but controlled by a family of old wealth, the city is as full of gentle light as it is of cloying shadows.

Golden Hour is a story of romance, and coming of age; of finding solace in others and certainty in oneself; of lovers, friends, rivals, and family.


Main Character
[Player-named], Second Year

Our story’s protagonist is used to switching homes, owing to her mother’s career, but she’s hoping this move is her last for a while. Thanks to her frequent relocations, she’s used to dealing with a wide variety of people–but isn’t too quick to open up, and would rather view the world through the lenses of her trusty camera.

Mr. Shutter-Shades AKA your academic fairy godmother

The Media and Visual Culture teacher seems a bit.. strange. But not in a bad way. The student social networking system was something he developed to ease the kids’ daily school lives.
Likes: The Internet. Tabletop games. Students developing meaningful friendships.
Dislikes: Bullies.

Bachelors and Rivals

Coming Soon (4 Bachelors, 4 Rivals, and a sizeable supporting cast)!


Branching Storyline

The game follows four main storylines that span a few days, each with multiple endings and unlockable CG scenes.

Multiple Narrative Modes

[*] Class Schedule
Gameplay happens in blocks of time: morning classes, morning break, midday classes, lunch, afternoon classes…more classes… you get the picture! Checking the calendar and attending classes diligently gives the protagonist a better chance at hitting her stride in her new school. The protagonist can also schedule hangouts with friends or go on dates during the weekends!

[*] In-Game Chat App

What, high schoolers need some way to talk long into the night, right?

[*] Ayara High Student Social Network
A place for Ayara High students to take note of school announcements, post about their day, and advertise their club events. Everyone has an account right from the moment of enrollment.

Stretch Goals

There are a few things that would be nice to have, once we finish with the main storylines!

[*] “Rival Stories”
What happens to everyone else when the protagonist has chosen a character route? We’d like to take a deeper look at the friendships, rivalries, and romances that spring up among the rest of the cast. (ie, if you pick Kouya’s route, Nagi will romance someone from the student council throughout the route playthrough!)

[*] That One Teacher…
This is an extra storyline we’d like to develop, focusing on, well, that one teacher.You know, the one with the weird glasses (someone reeeeally should tell him that Shutter Shades went out of style years ago). 

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LadyLoreLitany Fanfiction || Rebloggable Masterlist

This list is organized alphabetically by fandom. Stories are listed alphabetically within their fandom. 

Listed Fandoms: Dead & Breakfast; Dragon Age; Game of Thrones; The Good Wife; Grey’s Anatomy; Peace, Love & Misunderstanding; Supernatural; The Walking Dead

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy
Status: In Progress
Genres: Comedy, Horror, Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: The Sheriff x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: When everything falls apart, Robin Ballard leaves her life behind. Eventually, she ends up in the little town of Lovelock, Texas, where she finds something she didn’t even realize she was looking for.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Status: Complete
Genres: Humor, One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: Cullen x Female Reader
Summary: You get caught fantasizing about Cullen.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Breastplay, Embarrassment, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex

Status: Complete
Genres: Fluff, One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: Cullen x Female Reader
Summary: You discover a secret about Cullen.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Oral Sex

Sweet Second Chance
Status: Complete
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Fluff, One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: Jon Snow x Female Reader
Summary: You confess your dark past to Jon on your wedding night.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Anxiety, Arranged Marriage, Body Insecurity, Breastfeeding, Childbirth, Guilt, Infanticide, Loss of Virginity, Murder, Pregnancy, Vaginal Sex

Kiss Me Where It’s Sore
Status: In Progress
Genres: Canon Divergence, Female Friendship, Legal Drama, Political Drama, Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairings: Jason Crouse x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character), Will Gardner x Alicia Florrick
Summary: Robin Ballard has been Alicia Florrick’s assistant for six years, and she’s been trying to push Alicia and Will Gardner together permanently for almost the same amount of time. Then she meets Jason Crouse and her own life becomes more complicated than she ever expected.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Two Hearts
Status: In Progress
Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: Denny Duquette x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Graduate student Robin Ballard meets her new professor, Dr. Denny Duquette, and sparks fly.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Over the Rainbow
Status: Complete
Genres: Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: Jude Fisher x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Robin Ballard vacations in Woodstock and meets Jude Fisher, who turns out to be the man of her dreams. But can she let go enough for them to have a chance at love?
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Green with Envy
Status: Complete
Genres: One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: Joe Merriwether x Gender-Neutral Reader
Summary: You finally get close to Joe, your partner at work.
Rating: SFW
Warnings: Flirting, Foreplay, Language

Just Smile
Status: In Progress
Genres: Drama, Motorcycle Club, Romance, Series
Pairing: Happy Lowman x Leena Hammond (Original Female Character)
Summary: When Happy Lowman meets Leena Hammond, both of their lives change for the better.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Status: Complete
Genres: One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: John Winchester x Female Reader
Summary: You try to distract John while he’s working.
Rating: SFW
Warnings: Foreplay, Oral Sex

Bleeding Love
Status: In Progress
Genres: Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Negan thinks his greatest strength is that he doesn’t feel. When he starts to love again, how will he survive?
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

By His Cover
Status: In Progress
Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Robin Ballard is the CEO of a very successful company. When she meets Negan, both of their lives change dramatically.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Status: Complete
Genres: Kink, One-Shot, Romance, Self-Insert
Pairing: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Negan helps Robin find release.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Anxiety, Language, Spanking, Unsafe Sex, Vaginal Sex

Status: In Progress
Genres: Humor, Murder Mystery, Self-Insert, Series
Pairing: None
Summary: Head Detective Negan and CSI Robin Ballard solve a murder.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Status: Complete
Genres: Fluff, Kink, One-Shot, Romance
Pairing: Merle Dixon x Charlotte (Original Female Character)
Summary: Charlotte likes Merle. When she has a hard time admitting it, he takes matters into his own hands.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Choking, Dirty Talk, Unsafe Sex, Vaginal Sex

Into the Woods
This story is co-authored by @lucifers-trash-stash.
Status: In Progress
Genres: Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairings: Merle Dixon x Charlotte Ballard (Original Female Character), Daryl
Dixon x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Two brothers. Two sisters. One cabin. Anything could happen.
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

Pure Imagination
Status: Complete
Genres: Fluff, Kink, One-Shot, Romance, Self-Insert
Pairing: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character)
Summary: Negan has a very strange dream.
Rating: NSFW
Warnings: Anal Sex, Bodily Fluids, Breastplay, Double Penetration in One Hole, Double Penetration in Two Holes, Language, Negan’s Wives Critical, Oral Sex, Spanking, Swallowing, Tentacle Sex, Unsafe Sex, Vaginal Sex

Status: Complete
Genres: Fluff, Humor, One-Shot, Reader-Insert, Romance
Pairing: Negan x Female Reader
Summary: You go scavenging with Negan.
Rating: SFW
Warnings: Fart Jokes, Foreplay, Language, Sex Talk, Spanking

The Time of My Life
Status: In Progress
Genres: Alternate Universe, Romance, Self-Insert, Series
Pairings: Negan x Robin Ballard (Original Female Character), Simon x Kat Austen (Original Female Character)
Summary: Robin Ballard accompanies her best friend Kat Austen and Kat’s boyfriend Simon on a summer resort vacation. When she meets Simon’s friend Negan, sparks fly. But can their feelings survive the many obstacles against them?
Rating: Chapters are individually rated.
Warnings: Chapters have individual warnings.

  • Will: Can I ask you guys something? How are you both so happy; doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?
  • Travis: Can I tell him our secret?
  • [Connor nods]
  • Travis: [to Will] Come here, come here... we're very, very... stupid!
  • Will: But still, you're not a teensy bit concerned about... I don't know, say imminent death!
  • Travis: [grabs Will's nose] Beep.

anonymous asked:

Home for solangelo! X

Home: Solangelo

Who does the washing? Both of them. But usually Will, as Nico is the one who cooks more often then not. 

Who takes out the trash? Will usually does as he’s leaving for work in the morning. 

Who does the ironing? Will does. He has fancy lab coats and such that must be kept nice and pressed while Nico doesn’t even know where they keep the iron.

Who does the cooking? Nico does. I have a really strong headcanon that he knows how to cook very well - from his mother and sister and from living on his own for awhile. While he was living with his father in the Underworld, I imagine he cooked a lot of his own meals. Either out of distrust of someone else handling his food or of boredom.

Who is more likely to burn the house down just trying? WILL CANNOT COOK TO SAVE HIS LIFE. He tries sometimes because Nico deserves it but no. No, Will. He can manage to throw in a oven lasagna but anything more? Call the fire department. Or Leo. Someone to handle the inevitable fire damage.

Who is messier? Okay so I put a lot of thought in this one?? Ok, so Nico lived on his own for a while, which would usually lead to a lot of messy habits. Buuuuut he was also living with very limited means. It’s not like Nico was walking about with a large suitcase to hold all this things - I feel like that makes him very minimalist in his household. He doesn’t have a lot of things to make a mess with. William though - William who has lived with several other loud, messy pre-teens who wouldn’t even notice where their mess and another person’s started - William is a certified Mess (™).

Who leaves the toilet roll empty? Both of them. Nico thinks Will is going to do it, vise versa. It leads to a lot of pissed off texted messages between the two. 

Who leaves their dirty clothes on the floor? William likes to strip his scrubs in the doorway when he gets home, and that’s where they stay until he has to go looking for them a few hours later to do laundry.

Who forgets to flush the toilet? Ew. Neither?

Who is the prankster around the house? Nico. Will still refuses to buy flour at the grocery store. 

Who loses the car keys when it comes time to go somewhere? Nico bought Will one of those little tile apps things for your keys and Will lost the tile.

Who mows the lawn? Will does. He enjoys being in the sun, and their lawn isn’t big at all. It barely takes half an hour, he gets to work on his tan, and he can usually tease Nico into bringing him a glass of lemonade.

Who answers the telephone? Whoever’s nearest. Nico answers every and any call as “What?” while William, who manners pounded into his skull at a young age via Solace Mother, is the picture of politeness even over the phone.

Who does the vacuuming? Nico does. Don’t ask me why, but this makes a lot of sense to me. 

Who does the groceries? Both of them, Thursday nights. Will likes to pick out his fruit for the week, and Nico has to come to make sure he doesn’t just pick out fruit.

Who takes the longest to shower? Lol this is totally Nico. Sometimes Will will just get fed up and join him in there bc saving water is important.

Who spends the most time in the bathroom? For work Will takes like 2.5 minutes to get ready - scrubs and brush teeth and go - but for a social event he’s in there for like an hour. Nico, no matter the event - black tie or mcdonalds run - takes approximately five minutes. And he looks great. It confuses Will to no end.

Dear Samurai Jack Fandom,
______If i was alone by myself for 50 years of non aging torture and I found solace in a woman who literally saved my life twice one from my own hand and one from an army of disgusting man beasts, I’d probably feel some stronger emotional connection to said female.

In addition, what you all fail to realize is Samurai Jack is still someone who grew up in ancient/feudal japan. He never grew up with our or their (in universe) forms of ideology. His entire being is old fashioned ways and old fashioned relationships. Though he had to give that up and became darkened when he lost his sword and killed those goats.

Ashi was essentially his salvation to pull him out of his darkness. So him getting the girl, though how upsetting that may be to you and others, is literally written correctly for his character and if he didn’t than that would be out of character for him.

—  Someone who is already sick and tired of fandom shit.

3. Will gets frustrated every time he tries (and fails) at archery. He knows for a fact his aim is good, because he’s always a great shot when there isn’t any wind, or he’s inside. It’s the weather that gives him the problems he has. He just can’t get the hang of predicting the wind direction and speed, and it throws off his game. Every. Damn. Time.

But the his boyfriend, his amazing, beautiful, deadly boyfriend suggests he tries a different weapon. It takes a few calls out to Annabeth’s dad, and some convincing for the Hephaestus cabin to help, but finally they get what they need. 

A gun. A gun with celestial bronze bullets in, to be exact. The first time Will shoots it, he gets a bulls-eye. And the second. And the third. 

Will doesn’t use it in battle often, preferring to heal instead of kill. But he (and Nico) rest easy knowing he is fully capable of defending himself, should the need arise.  

Will Solace

will solace? just will solace?

sorry, i’ve only heard of will “disarmed a legion of dog-headed monsters with a single whistle” solace

will “can outrun a group of six romans” solace

will “as brave on the battlefield as jason, said by nico” solace

will “nico smiles when he’s near him” solace

will “can touch nico di angelo without consequences” solace

will “gets a son of hades flustered” solace

will “became a leader at the age of thirteen” solace

will “doesn’t give a shit about others’ heritage” solace

will “sassy and classy” solace

will “glare so fierce it broke nico’s glare” solace

will “owns a sun chariot” solace

will “owns percy’s, nico’s and clarisse’s respect”

will “survived two wars” solace

will “basically saved the world by saving annabeth” solace

will “one of the most important demigods at camp as said by chiron” solace

will “deemed cool by leo valdez” solace

no, it’s not just will solace

this is halloween (everybody make a scene)

Summary: Nico di Angelo is a long-suffering tour guide in a haunted house, and Will Solace is very afraid.

If you told Nico a week ago that he’d been spending his Halloween in a dusty old mansion, covered in cheap face paint and watching strangers lose their shit, he probably would’ve laughed at you.

And yet.

Here he is.

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Pledge of Loyalty

Summary: In a world wherein your status is determined by your ability to summon and perform a contract with supernatural beings, Will Solace is considered an anomaly.

Look I started a fic that I may not be able to finish but I did it anyway. *shrugs*

Chapter one: Summon

At the age of six, Will Solace was supposed to already be able to perform his first contract. It wasn’t something major, just a simple contract spell to summon a spirit animal they can call as companions. A small animal they can play with, befriend and most probably stay together with for maybe for a short period of time or as long as their human lives would thrive.

His entire sixth year of age came and passed by, the kids his age had all managed to make their first contract.

He never did.

He was eight when the jeers and taunts began. Started by some and slowly being fueled by other until almost everyone added their two cents of insult. They called him an outcast. The family disgrace. He wasn’t a simple case of what people can call a late bloomer. He was different. A bad luck.

Will Solace is an anomaly.

So people stayed far away from him. Afraid that whatever bad luck surrounding him would rub on their very being.

And his family? His family told him it is fine and that they still love him no matter what. Good choice of words. Ones that are phrased correctly and might have been convincing if only it hadn’t been spoken with much force and with eyes mirroring nothing but disappointment. They might not have voiced it out but he can feel their displeasure. For them, he’s a disgrace. He, after all, had given his family nothing but shame.

He was eight years old. Unfairly still too young and yet Will Solace already felt alone.

He was ten when Will found a true friend, someone he confided in and one who never judged his so-called inabilities. Cecil is a good kid, someone with a knack for putting himself in a lot of trouble but one who stood by his side. Aware of all the fleeting harsh words and insulting looks being thrown on the kid he had befriended and yet Cecil chose to stay.

They were thirteen when Cecil perfected his first major summon with a golem named Sherman. He is proud of his friend’s achievement but Will would be lying to himself if he denied that pang of jealousy that made its way on his very being.

Cecil and Sherman’s personality had clashed and they never got along and the contract was broken within the first month

They were fifteen when Cecil formed a contract with a young witch named Lou Ellen.

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So if what rick riordan says is true, that Will is Nico’s peer, then that means that percy freaking jackson grabbed a TWELVE YEAR OLD away from searching for his dead brother so he could heal percys dying girlfriend and every other injured demigod, and witnessing some of them die in his arms because hes just a small boy and not fully in vontrol of his healing skills yet. Percy placed a twelve year old to do that just think about it

*Shows up late to the party with something that definitely should have been done before (or was it??)* So I tried something out with the shading (considering I haven’t done anything digital in…idk, a month? More? and I quite like it. So that’s definitely an option for the future. Also I haven’t posted Solangelo, like, ever? How I do not know, because look at them! Cute dorky boyfriends!

Molly Grue: The Woman

Molly laughed with her lips flat. ‘And what good is it to me that you’re here now? Where were you twenty years ago, ten years ago? How dare you, how dare you come to me now, when I am this?’ With a flap of her hand she summed herself up: barren face, desert eyes, and yellowing heart. ‘I wish you had never come. Why did you come now?’ The tears began to slide down the sides of her nose.

The unicorn made no reply, and Schmendrick said, ‘She is the last. She is the last unicorn in the world.’

‘She would be.’ Molly sniffed. 'It would be the last unicorn in the world to come to Molly Grue.’

It’s no secret that The Last Unicorn is a movie that is extremely precious to me, as it was when I watched it the first time, as a child, as it is when I remember it now, more than 15 years later.
There are many things about it that, to me, at an age where Disney occupied many children’s television screens, were revolutionary. One of those things was Molly Grue, and now, when I’m closer to her in age, I find solace in her character even more.
Molly is very different from the ideal woman archetype, a beautiful, soft, kind and chaste maiden. Lady Amalthea exemplifies this ideal woman, which is why the hero, a prince, falls in love with her. The Last Unicorn is essentially a re-interpretation of a classic fairytale, with a couple of alterations. The addition of Molly Grue’s character is particularly interesting, as her character is a tribute to the common woman, in particular to all stay-at-home, unschooled wives.

Her very name already reflects this idea. Molly, a very common name, nothing extraordinary like Amalthea, which has a sort of unearthy, magical ring to it. Grue, then, has many meanings. In the English language, the first thing that comes to mind is gruesome. In French, however, the word means crane. If Lady Amalthea is a unicorn, Molly is a crane: small and earthly,  but beautiful in its own way, and not at all gruesome. I interpret this as: “there is more to her than meets the eye”.
What does meet the eye is the personification of a common woman. Molly is not particularly beautiful: her hair is messy; her eyes, hair and clothes are a common brown and she has a small frame. Her voice, which is rather deep and husky, is far from the ideal fairytale woman’s voice, which usually demonstrates great singing abilities. She is an unschooled, married woman, probably somewhere in her mid-thirties. She has been living among bandits in the forest for a while, tends to make cynical remarks, doesn’t wear shoes and to many, she probably comes across as “uncivilized”.
The Last Unicorn captures this kind of Molly, at a point where she is, in her own opinion, already past her prime. There was a time in the past when she was young and innocent, when she used to believe in unicorns so strongly that she longed to meet one with all her heart. We don’t know what happened over the years that made her give up this desire. What kind of things can happen to the life of a woman who isn’t particularly gifted, beautiful or rich? In the book, it’s explained that Molly had eloped with her husband at a young age, a fugitive who lives in the woods, probably attracted to the idea of adopting his carefree lifestyle. But Molly’s dreams fell apart when she found herself, years later, trapped in a position as a cranky woman, housewife and cook. Like many women who marry young, what’s lacking in her life is a feeling of self-achievement, undermining her self-esteem.

At this point, Molly meets a unicorn, a creature so central to her life as a child that it sweeps away the foundation she had built her current life upon: the conviction that she simply had to accept her fate as a mature woman and wife, and accordingly had to stop believing in naïve ideals. But meeting the unicorn, she is confronted with herself as a child, and can no longer run away from the truth. In her anger towards the unicorn, we see every adult’s nightmare confirmed: the realization that, if the child we once were, looked into the future and saw the adult it had become (us), the child would be terribly disappointed.
And yet, the very fact that she can see the unicorn, indicates that her idealistic self has not died completely. She eventually chooses to join the unicorn on its mission - a journey where she will rediscover her inner self, which seems not to have strayed as much as she thought from the child she used to be.