age is but a number in our case my love

Hartoficathon III: 251

You know the drill by now. Enjoy!

Swarto, SFW, SFF, 1.371 words.



Sarah Weichel is good at a lot of things.

She’s good at managing, she’s good at organising, she’s pretty damn good at dancing and keeping her liquor down. Another thing she’s good at, is sports. What she’s terrible at, is pretending to be not good at something she excels at. So when she pretends to have troubles biking up a bit of a steep hill in Northern Hollywood, Hannah groans so loudly, Sarah immediately knows she’s busted.

“This was a terrible idea.”

“No, it’s not.” Sarah reasons, peddling the pedals until she’s ahead of Hannah, “This was a great idea, this is exactly what you needed. Some cardio.”

“I was perfectly fine with yoga, thank you.” Hannah puffs, “And this outfit sucks.”

“First time I hear you complain about your fashion style.”

“Oh, shut up.” Hannah rides up beside her, “How much further are we going?”

“Four miles to our first check point.”



“Tell my family I loved them in case I don’t make it,” The older blonde proclaims dramatically, “Because you know, I might not. My legs are killing me.”

Sarah would push Hannah’s shoulder, if she didn’t think it might actually cause her to topple over.

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