age diff i know

Idk where I stand on ageing up shaladin ships?? Someone present arguments pls

This thought is because of Sean Astin and Winona Ryder both being the same age (though 8 months apart, and when I thought of this I didn’t know their age diff) and being in movies and stuff in the 80s. 

I wonder if there’s someone out there, prior to Stranger Things 2, in the almost 30 years since Beetlejuice (next year) and 30+ since The Goonies, that was like, writing or drawing fanworks with their two characters, Mikey Walsh and Lydia Deetz. Probably right? 

And then Stranger Things 2 comes out and they’re like, FINALLY, my ship involving two characters played by Sean Astin and Winona Ryder is canon!

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if lena is 24 and james is hinted to be around the same age as clark... 32-34, then their age diff is almost 10 years apart and I know its bad to judge base on age but CW seem to be planning them to be a couple... theres a power difference i dont really like in couples w big age gaps

i kno i hate big age differences, both irl and on tv. quite rarely i can like it and that’s only if the couple is so pure and the younger one is older than 26-27. otherwise yikes

i have a colleague my age (24) who is married to a dude 16 years older than her and im like what the fuck