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the most breathtaking moment in taz. what u read next will change your life. justin mcelroy, age 36, realizes in the middle of an episode that the childhood goldfish which clint had to ‘release into the river cuz it got too big’ had in fact, died & been flushed all those years ago ,

I think that people easily forget...

That the oldest of the Millennials are 36 years old.

In fact, some charts have them ending as early as 1995.

So if you were born between ‘95 and 2000 you could be either a Millennial or Gen Z.

I think the point I’m trying to make here is that most people talk about Millennials as if they’re all clueless teenagers when in reality they’re likely between the ages of 20-36.

Some kuroshitsuji bits
  • <p> <b>Claudia Phantomhive:</b> born year 1830, current age if alive would be 59<p/><b>Vincent Phantomhive:</b> born year 1851, current age if alive would be 38<p/><b>Frances Phantomhive-Midford:</b> born year 1853, current age is 36<p/><b>Alexis Leon Midford:</b> born year 1852, current age is 37<p/><b>Ciel Phantomhive:</b> born year 1875, current age is 13<p/><b>Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford:</b> born year 1874, current age is 14<p/><b>Edward Midford:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Prince Soma Asman Kadar:</b> born year 1872, current age is 17<p/><b>Sieglinde Sullivan:</b> born latter 1878, current age is 11<p/><b>Sebastian Michaelis:</b> error 404, age not found<p/><b>Bonus bit:</b> the current arc is at the year 1889, around November. So in a few months Ciel will turn 14!!<p/></p>
Lord Byron Appreciation Post

I’m a big fan of Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Shelley, and they were good friends with Lord Byron, so I felt like reading up on him.

I was not disappointed.

  • THE DUDE WAS BISEXUAL. He had loads of love and sexual affairs with both men and women, and when he died from a fever at the age of 36 it was one of his male lovers, Loukas Chalandritsanos, that was with him.
  • They think that his flirty and sexual ways were influenced by the fact that he was sexually abused as a child, by his mother’s maid (who was then fired) and by his mother’s suitor Lord Grey de Ruthyn.
  • HE LOVED ANIMALS SO MUCH - when his beloved dog Boatswain had rabies, Byron insisted on staying with him, treating him, nursing him as well he could without fear of being bitten and infected himself. When Boatswain died, Byron had a funeral monument built for him which was bigger than his own (and he was already in debt at the time but he didn’t care cuz it was for his precious pup) and he wrote in his will that he wanted to be buried with him.
  • At university he was told that he wasn’t allowed to keep dogs (this was when Boatswain was still alive btw), and out of spite HE BROUGHT A FUCKING BEAR INTO THE UNIVERSITY because nowhere in the rules did it say that he wasn’t allowed to keep bears. He even tried to get a college fellowship for the bear, so that it legally had to stay - for some reason that didn’t work.
  • Like I mentioned above, he was friends with the Shelleys, and when they were all on a trip to Geneva along with John William Polidori and Claire Clairmont, Byron suggested that they write ghost stories to pass the time: Mary Shelley’s ghost story turned out to be Frankenstein.
  • He was an amazing swimmer. The first notable example of open water swimming took place on May 3rd 1810, and it was Byron himself who swam from Europe to Asia across the Hellespont Strait. Also, when he was sailing to Cephalonia, every day at noon he was jump overboard to have a swim, despite the fact that sharks were known in the area (ultimate yolo)
  • Byron was born with a deformity in his right foot, known as “clubfoot”, and he was extremely self-conscious about it, nicknaming himself “le diable boiteux” (”the limping devil” in French). This didn’t stop him from being a dank swimmer tho.
  • He was such a sassy shit. In his letters to Francis Hodgson, he nicknamed William Wordsworth “Turdsworth” because of how much he disliked him.
  • He was the king of passive-aggressiveness. If ever someone pissed him off, he’d write about them in a poem: for example, when Lord Elgin took the Parthenon Marbles, he “reacted with fury” and denounced his actions in his poem The Curse of Minerva.
  • Before he died, Byron joined the Greek War of Independence and was considered a hero by the Greeks. It’s said that if he hadn’t died, he might have become the next King of Greece (which is now proven to be extremely unlikely - but shh he’s totally king material just sayin)


A 36-year-old female and a scholar, I’ve never been a video game person. DA2 fanarts a fellow tumblr user kept posting made me check YouTube for vids. Somehow I came upon DA-inspired songs by Miracle of Sound and after listening to “Age of the Dragon” I immediately decided to give DA2 a try. Now, half a year later, I beat it three times, not counting Origins (once, but I can’t wait to do it again) and Inquisition (needed computer modification, but finally a Trevelyan! :). I love them all so much!

Hello to the 30+ players and DA fans with Ph.D. or similar - let me know you’re here, too!)

So since I’m getting close to being done with my Generator Rex rewatch, here is my Official List of Evidence that Rex and Lance are the Same Character:

1. Both latino.

2. Both bisexual:

3. Both crushing on the Cool Chick who’s too old for them:

4: About the same age.

5: >:3

6: Dreamworks Face

7: Memelords.

Spread the word, don’t let the media hide the truth.

Phineas Gage was a railroad construction worker, and in a terrible accident, an iron rod was driven into his left cheek, ripping though his brains to exit out of the top of his skull. Remarkably, Gage survived but the brain damage caused had profound effects on his personality and behaviour, to which most of his friends and acquaintances reported he was “no longer Gage”.

Gage died 12 years after his injury, at the age of 36 after a series of seizures but lives on to be neuroscience’s most famous patient.


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I’ve been a fan of motorsports since I was 5. I saw what then was C.A.R.T. Series, WRC and very rarely Formula 1. The year was 2000. He was just 20 then, young age to join the greatest Formula. Since then, I’ve seen F1 on and off for 16 years, I remember watching up close the 2007 season, 2009, 2012, 2016. All those years the sport felt so different. One thing kept the same. Him.

Today I see him retire. After 16 years of career, the same 16 years I’ve been into this kind of sports, and it feels weird. My fave is leaving, age 36, Formula 1 2009 World Champion Jenson Button. THANK YOU, FOR EVERYTHING!

January 19, 1972

At the age of 36 years and 20 days, former Dodger pitcher Sandy Koufax, who placed himself on the voluntarily retired list because of an arthritic left arm in 1966, becomes the youngest player to be elected into the Hall of Fame. Also getting the nod from the baseball writers are Yankee legend Yogi Berra and Early Wynn, a 300-game winner.

Were saddened to hear that Tilikum, the orca that became known across the world via the Blackfish documentary, passed away this morning at the age of 36. May he rest in peace in an ocean with no bounds.

Dark BSD thoughts

This is actually pretty dark and angsty and contains suicide.

So if you aren’t comfortable with this please stop reading right away.

Osamu Dazai has attempted suicide 4 times but failed before finally succeeding in his 5th attempt on June 13, 1948 at the age of 38.

Nakahara Chuuya died in October 1937 at the age of  30 of cerebral meningitis.

Nakajima Atsushi died in December 4, 1942 . After being tormented by severe asthma, he died later that year after contracting pneumonia at the age of  33.

Doppo Kunikida contracted tuberculosis in 1907 and  he died from the disease in 1908 at the age of 36.

Ryunosuke Akutagawa tried to take his own life In 1927  but failed. He finally succeeded in committing suicide on 24 July of the same year at the age of 35.

The Signs as Suburban Moms
  • Aries: Jennifer, age 43, an alcoholic who lets her kids run wild but still shows up to school functions so it looks like she's trying
  • Taurus: Ramona, age 37, a stay at home mom obsessed with interior decorating who spends over $20,000 a year at Homegoods.
  • Gemini: Lyn, age 38, a confident mom who flirts with married men even though she herself is married and posts too much on social media
  • Cancer: Pat, age 41, a loving mom who already has six kids but wants to push for one more because she loves the whole process of raising a child
  • Leo: Stella, age 36, a "younger" mom who is an ex Broadway star and likes to tell stories about her "dazzling" experiences on the stage and rant about how her kids are sure to follow
  • Virgo: Courtney, age 45, a traditional mom who doesn't let her kids dye their hair and thinks college is the most important thing ever
  • Libra: Katherine, age 42, a gossiper who is obsessed with high school reunions and going to parties and socializing
  • Scorpio: Kelly, age 39, a widow who is doing her best to provide for the kids but is grief stricken since losing her husband
  • Sagittarius: Georgina, age 38, a firecracker mom who brings everyone on road trips across the country and likes to skydive
  • Capricorn: Susan, age 42, a self proclaimed "tiger mom" who pushes her kids to learn instruments and achieve perfect grades so they can show the world their potential
  • Aquarius: Harriet, age 37, an artist who keeps to herself and doesn't really show up at PTA meetings because everybody there is boring
  • Pisces: Christina, age 40, a super lenient mom who won't get mad at her kids for drinking or anything like that but rather try to understand why they did it and try to help
Kojuros' age in slbp.

Canonicaly kojuro was 10 yrs older than masamune. So if in slbp verse masamune is 19-20 ….. i guess kojuro is 29. He is not that old. Nobunaga died at 48, shingen at 48-49 . Mitsuhide was much older than nobunaga. ….. i am just thinking out loud cuz i see a lot of posts designating kojuros age as 35-36 . In RL He was married in his teens. Had only 1 wife. Never took concubines. Masamune of course was his no. 1 in everything. His descendants are mostly scholars, historians and monks/priests.( this info is based on what i could glean about him on dif japanese senguku samurai websites.)

Danish SS-Sturmbannführer Christian Frederik von Schalburg, the commanding officer of Frikorps Danmark, photographed in 1942. He joined Waffen-SS in September 1940 and served with the Wiking Division during Operation Barbarossa in 1941. Just three weeks after the outbreak of war with Soviet Union he was awarded the Iron Cross Second Class and a month later the Iron Cross First Class. Schalburg led Frikorps Danmark in the fighting in Soviet Union in the spring of 1942 until he fell on 2 June 1942 at age 36.