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someone left a comment in their tags on my last drawing of the DA girls that just said ‘i love arm’ and ive been thinking abt it for days….. like same… i love arm too. heres some more arm sketches for you

Meet boy. His name’s Lian. He and Dorian do each other’s makeup and nail polish sometimes (°◡°♡).:。 

I had the absolute privilege of being commissioned by @warsonghold to draw her beautiful Karis Lavellan! Not only has she put so much love into her character (which made my job all the more enjoyable), but she was also dream to talk to and work with! And I can’t thank her enough for that.

Commission Info | Art Tag | Warsonghold’s Blog

cantkeepmyeyesoff  asked:

Color palette challenge: Cullen | Saltwater tears, pretty please. :)

Maker! I close my eyes and everything is green around me xD

I hope you like it, my dear! I have done my best! Thank you sooo much for the request! ♥


Fanfics I did would stay awake till 4AM to read a new updated chapter

Tonight was doodle night for me (too lazy and too hot for proper drawing), so I sketched my currently absolutely fave fic.
They all deserve full art, and I probably should do some in the future, but for the moment a quick doodle will still help me to express my love and gratitude to these wonderful writers <3

Information Cards: OCs

Age 15
Cuphead OC
Maybe in a relationship with Milk from @milky-soda-malts
David and Andrew’s big brother
A cinnamon roll who deserves to be protected
Age 13
Cuphead OC
Not in a relationship
The middle child
Literally an asshole
Age 9
Cuphead OC
Not in a relationship
The youngest child
Another asshole
Andrew, David and Andy’s parents:
Ages 34 and 36
Died while fighting a lot of,,, bosses or whatever
Names are Jaylinn and Duke
Also males
Age 3
Just a normal, boring OC
Not in a relationship nor with a family
Annoying thing
Age 11
Camp Camp OC
Possibly in a relationship with @ask-camper-sherri
Maybe too tall for Sherri

Last night, I had a dream that I was Geddoe.

I think I might have a problem.