I commissioned the lovely and so incredibly talented and amazing @vasirasart​ to draw an OC of mine from the Novel I’m writing titled A Girl Called Galaxy. This flower child you see here, is none other than Galaxy herself!! I’m so so so so so so so happy with this and I love it so much I can’t even express how much in words!!

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Here’s an excerpt from the book for y'all who asked:

“What’s your name?”

Again, the girl catches Danica off guard and makes her flinch. She sucks in a deep lungful of the brisk air and shakes her head in slight disbelief at her willingness to reply to this stranger.

“Danica,” she breathes. The two never break eye contact with the stars to turn and look at each other. It is bizarre but, Danica has to admit, she prefers it. Her unexpected companion is silent, as if she has to ruminate on the newly learned name of a stranger before giving a proper response. It kind of annoys her and Danica can feel that eye-rolling sensation once again.

“Can I call you Nica?”

“No.” It is harsh, but it doesn’t seem to prevent her from continuing the conversation anyway.

“My name is Galaxy.” Dani has to physically restrain herself from laughing out loud. Instead, her suppressed laughter comes out as a half-snort, half-scoff that almost sounds as though she has swallowed her own tongue and she is choking on it. For the first time since she has taken a seat on the plastic bench, the girl turns her complete attention on her.

“That’s terrible,” she tries to say without laughing. “Your parents must hate you to have given you a name like that.” Danica has to admit, it’s kind of ironic to have met such a strange human with a name like “Galaxy” in an observatory. She shakes her head.

“Oh no,” the girl called Galaxy defends herself. “My parents love me very much.” She is smiling a very soft smile that feels almost as genuine as it looks. Danica can’t bring herself to look over at the other woman. She can feel her fat, brown eyes searing deep into the side of her face, as though she is trying to peel away her flesh and bones and see her brain. Danica fidgets as Galaxy continues. “It’s actually a nickname.” A small wave of relief washes over her for a brief moment, but for the reasons why, she can’t really be sure. It is as if the fact that maybe knowing that this person isn’t completely doomed in her pursuit of a normal life is comforting in a way. Normally, she would never continue with this conversation. On a regular day, Danica would roll her eyes and bury her head in her iPod, making sure the world knew that her headphones were in and her attention was elsewhere, but considering the fact that she assumed she’d be in pieces on the sidewalk by now, she figures she might as well make the most of her time here.

“What’s it a nickname for?” she asks, turning away from the heavens and toward this strange Galaxy.

“My full name is Galaxia.”

“Jesus fuck that’s worse!” she exclaims, casting her gaze upward once more. Galaxy’s expression doesn’t change as her eyes flit back up to the sky. This makes Danica relax a bit however, as though a wall can be built up between the two of them and break their awkward air. Her only fear is that those wrecking-ball eyes will fix their sights on her and bust it down once again. Walls are Danica’s favorite architectural structure. So safe. So solid. So sturdy. In fact, Danica loved walls so much that she surrounded herself with them, the coziness of their existence allowing her to live in her own head. Alone? Sure she was alone, but she was safe. Like a cat in a box, she was comfortably isolated.