Some people are mad about Tumblr “recognizing the ace flag but not the lesbian one” and that’s super ridiculous for a number of reasons.

First of all… the lesbian flag that’s popularized started in 2015/2016? It’s new and not widely used since most lesbians not on Tumblr use the gay flag. They add the linked Aphrodite mirrors, and that’s good. The ace flag has been around since 2010. It’s not a comparable complaint.

Secondly, they only put 6 flags in their post. A ton of others were missing that aphobes don’t care about. And I say aphobes because people are literally saying “remove the ace flag”, or “why add the ace flag when theu aren’t lgbt”. The only flags were the gay, bi,trans, ply, ace, and pan flags. Y'all aren’t pissed about intersex people and nonbinary people being included… genderqueer or demigenders? Lesbians are technically covered under gay as far as flags go, and have been for basically ever until VERY recently.

And finally, they aren’t saying those are the only people who could possibly be LGBT+, those are the most notable flags. Could y'all stop hating a marginalized sexuality for 10 seconds to see that? You guys are acting like they said AGBT instead of LGBT or something… but yeah no ace people are the sad ones.

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Idk if youve seen that post goin around with that thing if liks "arent u ashamed" and then "never" and it flashes different pride flags but i knew there was something off about it so i never rbed it but i only just realised what it was,,,,,,It usess the ace and poly flag but completely ignored the lesbian flag,,,

ah yes… as usual, AGBT