agatized cells

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Do you have any abilities like Pyrokinesis/Firebending?Seems like something a Gem like you would have 😅

I wouldn’t be a fire agate without pyrokinesis! This is what my kind specializes in.

Controlling fire is easy for us! Not many gems can handle the intense flames of fire agates. 

We also have great heat generation and resistance. 

Recently, I’ve discovered some additional abilities.

 I can control metal if I heat it enough. 

And I can manipulate the brightness of artificial light by applying heat. But I can’t turn it on or off at will. I’m still practicing these new skills. 

Using my powers long enough make these new bumps glow. It’s annoying, but I’ve gotten used to them. 

Dinosaur bone fossilized in agate

In select situations after an organism dies, mineral water floods the cells of a tissue and leaves crystalline deposits. As the water dehydrates over time, the tissue is preserved in a high-detail cast, creating a fossil. In this micrograph, dinosaur bone was fossilized by water that deposited microscopic quartz crystals, turning the space between cellular structures to agate. Agatized dinosaur bone allows scientists to study ancient organisms at the cellular level because the process prevents tissue distortion while also revealing information about the environment in which the organism lived.

Image by Ted Kinsman.

Agatised dinosaur bone

A core of amethyst (purple quartz coloured by iron) and an outer layer of white agate have filled in the marrow cavity in the centre of a thin slice of backlit dinosaur bone from the Smithsonian’s National gem Collection. Further white agate has replaced the cellular structure of the bone around the cavity, showing us its internal workings.


Image credit: Chip Clark