agatized bone


Dinosaur bone as gemstones

The cellular structure of the bone is clearly visible, picked out in various colours of agate that replaced it during the fossilisation process (the study of which is called taphonomy). Found in parts of the western USA amongst others, the beautiful hues of the iron oxides and replacement of different parts of the bone by varying layers of silica, that probably started as a gel before crystallising into the tiny crystals that characterises this microcrystalline quartz. Study of fossils like this has demonstrated that some dinosaurs have structures usually found in warm blooded animals, settling what had been a long standing debate, while their popularity in the gem market is ever increasing, not surprising when nature gives us such beauty.


Image credit: Jessa Dow-Anderson

anonymous asked:

Is it possible for you to make a list of as many gems named after animals as you can? I'm having trouble finding a good list. Thank you!

Sure! Here’s what I could find

Also noteworthy, is the post on gemstones as they relate to animals that we shared. There’s also Gembone, which are fossilized dinosaur bones that fossilized with precious minerals. Some sellers refer to it as Agatized Dinosaur Bone when it’s fossilized with agate, so I imagine that fills your criteria as well.
There’s also Dragon’s Blood Jasper and Dragon’s Breath Opal, but I don’t know if mythical creatures count.

* - Misnomers, not truly in the quartz family. So some forsake the Jasper/Agate part of the name and just use the first word, sometimes adding ‘stone’ after instead.
** - Lots of other varieties exist that display the chatoyant cat’s eye effect 

- Mod Sapphire

Agatised dinosaur bone

A core of amethyst (purple quartz coloured by iron) and an outer layer of white agate have filled in the marrow cavity in the centre of a thin slice of backlit dinosaur bone from the Smithsonian’s National gem Collection. Further white agate has replaced the cellular structure of the bone around the cavity, showing us its internal workings.


Image credit: Chip Clark

Dinosaur bone fossilized in agate

In select situations after an organism dies, mineral water floods the cells of a tissue and leaves crystalline deposits. As the water dehydrates over time, the tissue is preserved in a high-detail cast, creating a fossil. In this micrograph, dinosaur bone was fossilized by water that deposited microscopic quartz crystals, turning the space between cellular structures to agate. Agatized dinosaur bone allows scientists to study ancient organisms at the cellular level because the process prevents tissue distortion while also revealing information about the environment in which the organism lived.

Image by Ted Kinsman.

★ Physical Healing Crystals A-Z

Agate: upset stomach
Amethyst: headaches, blood, breathing/asthma,burns, prevents miscarriage, migraine, sleep disorder
Amazonite: stamina, childbirth/pregnancy, eczema, heart, teeth/gums
Amber: stomach, spleen, kidney, arthritis, headaches,brain, hearing
Aquamarine: liver, throat, stomach, nerves, acid reflux
Aventurine: nearsighted, adrenal glands, allergies, blood sugar (low), sinusitis

Black Tourmaline: intestines
Bloodstone: blood, energy circulation, acid reflux, anemia, colds, flu
Blue Lace Agate: stress, joints/bones, eczema, shingles, skin disorder,

Carnelian: energy, appetite, adrenal glands, allergies, colds
Citrine: digestive issues, diabetes, 
Chrysocolla: burns, throat infection, cramps, blood pressure (high&low)
Chrysoprase: healing wounds, burns, fertility
Clear Quartz: brain, fibromyalgia
Copper: arthritis

Diopside: bodily aches, crohn’s disease, fevers, trauma

Emerald: eye,heart, back issues, adrenal glands, body temperature
Eye Agate: sexual energy & stamina

Fire Opal: energy, sexual, adrenal glands, eyesight
respiratory, ulcers, joint issues, back, cancer, cold sores

Garnet: thyroid, spleen, allergies, anemia, down’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis
Golden quartz: 
respiratory, energy

Jade: kidneys, nervous system, adrendal glands, epilepsy/seizures
liver,  kidney cleansing, migraine, menstrual cramps

Kunzite: stress, tight muscles, acid reflux, schizophrenia

Lapis Lazuli: purifies and cleanses, arthritis/bones, cancer, herpes

Lodestone: cramps, asthma, acupuncture, bronchitis

Moonstone: pineal gland, hormone cycles,cancer, menopause
Moss Agate: eyes, stomach, bladder, skin disorder

Pink Tourmaline: irregular heartbeat, heart attack (post)
gall bladder, liver, fevers, insomnia, ulcers

Rainbox Obsidian: pain, tension
Rose Quartz: youthful skin, sexual issues, burns, vertigo, wrinkles

Serpentine: stomach, kidney, cramps, blood sugar (low)
Smokey Quartz:
pain, cramps, back, adrenal glands, fertility
Snowflake Obsidian:
muscle cramps, detox
Sodalite: tyroid, throat, blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia

Tiger’s eye: pain, nerves, adrenal gland, asthma, pancreas
Turquoise: stomach, viral infections, anti-inflammatory, acid reflux

Watermelon Tourmaline: calming

Last updated: November 14th, 2014

Proposal: The Ring

The ring was tricky.

Here’s what I decided on:

  • A low profile design with an inset stone (rather than a traditional stone setting).
  • An inlay of meteorite.
  • An inlay of dinosaur bone.
  • An Opal as the stone.

Red isn’t really the jewelry type - let alone an extravagant, showy engagement ring type. Since she’s usually working with her hands, an engagement ring (ring with a stone) could easily be a hindrance to her craftiness. So at a minimum, the ring would need to be functional. That’s why I went with a design that doesn’t project the stone, but rather keeps it inline with the rest of the ring.

One of Red’s favorite ruminations is on the topic of the shared origin of all life and objects - that we’re all made of ‘star stuff’, to quote Carl Sagan. The idea of the inter-relatedness of everything gives her perspective. That’s why I opted for an inlay of meteorite. It’s a piece of the cosmos that shaped our solar system, and is literally billions of years old. I thought she’d like to wear something like that. Plus, the age of the material conveys the idea of a timeless commitment.

One of Red’s main topics of interest is herpetology - the study of lizards (among other things). The great lizards (dinosaurs) hold a special interest. That’s why I opted for a fossilized dinosaur bone inlay - specifically agatized dinosaur bone. This also contributes to the motif of the timeless commitment.

The stone selection was narrowed down by taking into account Red’s abhorrence to extravagance, the restrictions imposed by the design of the ring (cabochon style stone instead of faceted, size limitation), and the selection available from the chosen supplier. Ultimately, I chose a blue/green Opal. Her eyes are green, and her complexion favors the color blue, so if she chooses to accessorize herself the ring ought to fit in well. And the stone itself has better suited ‘powers’ than other stones. To be clear, I don’t believe in any of the purported magical properties of any stones. But all stones have these associations, so I figured might as well pick one that she’d appreciate. An Opal is a stone of protection and inspiration, and reportedly, can also provide a “cloak of invisibility” in circumstances where one does not wish to be noticed or needs to fade into the background.

Additionally, I had a small moon 3D printed (out of sterling silver - natch) to serve as the ring box. Red told me that as a child, the moon was her constant companion. So I felt the moon was an appropriate symbol of my companionship in the future.

Here’s a video!