liarsdiary-deactivated20120727 asked:

Dear Bruno Mars,

i’m serious. it’s SO frustrating you don’t even know i excist, yet you are the most important man in my life. there’s no other male voice i hear every day as much as i hear yours. 
Because of you my life changed. In fact, i changed. i feel like i became a different person. i feel like i lived a lie for a long time. i feel like i can finally be who i wanna be now. i can like the music i like, do stuff i like, without justify myself. eventhough it means i’m losing alot of friends right now. but it is how it is. i see things from other perspectives now, because of you.
because of you i made this blog, i created a twitter account (i was really against twitter before all this)
because of you i had the chance to go to belfast, i met friends i hang out with, go out with, go to concerts with to this day, because of you i’m able to talk to people all over the world.
because of you i shifted my boundaries. i did things i would never ever do if they happened 2 years ago.

Because of you i’ve had so many new opportunities, so many things i could not have experienced if i didn’t knew about your excistance, the things you made happen by just being you. you have no idea how you changed me.

you have no idea how thankful i am for that.