agatha a nitecka


on the overnight sleeper train to kiev, ukraine i shared a compartment with 2 ukrainian women and a 3 year old boy nikita. nikita watched a soviet classic before going to bed: i highly recommend this cartoon to all parents, most episodes don’t have dialogues, which perhaps was intentional - that way ‘Лелик и Болик’ (or 'Bolek i Lolek’) could be watched in all soviet countries. nikita’s mum is absolutely amazing. we had 17h to chat and she promised to send me a few issues of a magazine which she works with in berlin. i have received her package and it turns out olga has been involved in making of the most amazing magazine i have ever come across. it’s called PLOTKI: the website doesn’t give it justice i feel, instead look at the sample spreads above. every single page is perfect (oh, the sea spread!!). i have never seen that many interesting articles and beautiful photographs put together so nicely (+great paper&perfect format). the design is totally understated and it’s all about sharing meaningful content and insightful stories. one issue for example is dedicated to: 'n\osztalgia - ways of revisiting the socialist past’. in another one: 'stories from the seaside’ there is a great story on: ’how does a Sailor retire?’. every single story is fascinating, from ’Baltic Sea Utopia. What to do with a Superlative Nazi Spa beach left on the Beach?’ to ’What can you be nostalgic for in a post-socialist world? A molecular view on non-melancholic travel routes in time and space’. i love it all so much i could move to berlin tomorrow.


2014 is almost over. quite a year. a lot of work which fruits of will only be ripe and ready to be picked next year. i’m looking forward to the new year and seeing what it brings. i loved some shoots this year. the invisible behind the scenes work which i do on film sets and quiet portrait sessions with actors (that’s when H the whippet often tries to steal the show).

my friend Derrick Peters took the first picture of me on set of 45 YEARS which i know i’m banging on about constantly (with Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay). i openly admit - i am biased, this job was an absolute dream to work on from every single angle imaginable, but i was never more sure of anything - this is THE film to watch in 2015. 

Alexa Seabourne snapped the second picture when i was taking portraits of Tom Hughes in my london studio. nothing makes me happier than this one to one time i get to spend with actors, so many beautiful moments. 

i’m currently on my annual train pilgrimage through Sovietland, taking pictures of some snowy landscapes, but i’ll be back.

it’s been pointed out to me several times lately what a shame it is that as a photographer i don’t share my pictures on instagram. and i think i finally got it. it’s the biggest photo based social media platform so why wouldn’t i share some of my photographs on there too? especially that quite a few pictures just sit quietly in folders and haven’t been shared yet. so here it is, my instagram account:

please follow and share and love and comment. i’ll just use it as a free-associative photographic stream of my work.