agatha a nitecka


I’m very excited to have worked on this film which wins almost every single festival it plays at! I shot the poster and special stills, all as always on 35mm film.

I will be uploading my stills when the film hits the UK cinemas (September 1st) so make sure you follow my film Instagram account:


on the overnight sleeper train to kiev, ukraine i shared a compartment with 2 ukrainian women and a 3 year old boy nikita. nikita watched a soviet classic before going to bed: i highly recommend this cartoon to all parents, most episodes don’t have dialogues, which perhaps was intentional - that way ‘Лелик и Болик’ (or 'Bolek i Lolek’) could be watched in all soviet countries. nikita’s mum is absolutely amazing. we had 17h to chat and she promised to send me a few issues of a magazine which she works with in berlin. i have received her package and it turns out olga has been involved in making of the most amazing magazine i have ever come across. it’s called PLOTKI: the website doesn’t give it justice i feel, instead look at the sample spreads above. every single page is perfect (oh, the sea spread!!). i have never seen that many interesting articles and beautiful photographs put together so nicely (+great paper&perfect format). the design is totally understated and it’s all about sharing meaningful content and insightful stories. one issue for example is dedicated to: 'n\osztalgia - ways of revisiting the socialist past’. in another one: 'stories from the seaside’ there is a great story on: ’how does a Sailor retire?’. every single story is fascinating, from ’Baltic Sea Utopia. What to do with a Superlative Nazi Spa beach left on the Beach?’ to ’What can you be nostalgic for in a post-socialist world? A molecular view on non-melancholic travel routes in time and space’. i love it all so much i could move to berlin tomorrow.