agate's cosplay


OK! This has been a long time coming but i finally got the photos back from the photographer. This is my finished Holly Blue Agate cosplay that i wore to Queen City Kamikaze Con and Anime Boston. I also want to thank the judges at QCK for my wonderful craftsmanship award, the diamonds would be so proud :’)


On the left is my Holly Blue cosplay and on the right is my jasper cosplay. By the time my Jasper photo happened, I already transitioned to my Jasper ballgown.

I only did Steven universe cosplays this last weekend at Sakuracon.
It was so much fun!

But boy howdy am I tired of body paint. So much so, that I told my self my next costume has to have no bodypaint. So maybe something lion themed xD

Super fun con, but made me long for my home con. Kumoricon is happening in October in Portland Oregon and I’m super excited for it!!!!

Oh! More photos of both of these costumes to come. Just gotta get some of the photos back! 😊

anonymous asked:

Hi! I am planning on doing Holly Blue Agate, but I am unsure of wht I want to do with the wig. I have considered getting a white wig already with buns, but her 'buns' are a very odd shape. Do you have any ideas how to get that shape? Thank you so much!

Hello there!

For this, you’ll probably want to make separate buns that either attach in with  clips or that are sewn in permanently. The buns will need some type of structure inside to hold their shape. I would use foam with the wefts glued over it for that structure.

You may need to dye some white wefts lightly in order to get the color effect. I would use light concentrations of fabric dye, and dye each section separately, so that you can get the clear delineation by placing the wefts separately.

For the base wig, you have a couple of options. You can buy a short wig and attach the buns on, like you would with ponytail clips, though this will be a slightly less realistic look. You can also buy either a pigtail wig that’s already wefted into pigtails or weft and stub one yourself to get the look of hair that is actually pulled up into buns. I would recommend lightly tinting your base wig as well, so that it has that same very pale purple as the wefts you use on the tips of the buns.

For her gem, this can attach in with clips, or you can create small attachments and sew it directly to the back of the wig. I wouldn’t glue something that large to a curved, flexible surface like the back of a wig, since I’d be worried about the glue failing, but if your gem is properly curved and your glue is flexible enough, it might work.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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