agate nodule

Beauty All Around

This is our incredible polished Agate Nodule on a bespoke stand. When found, they slice the nodule open to reveal the druze inside and to create the most miraculous showpiece.

Agate is known to be a strong grounding stone, encouraging stability and strength throughout life. Agate helps one awaken and discover the inherent natural talents within oneself and we believe this piece is bound to lift you into a place of pure admiration and calm!

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Mineral Lot #11 - Retail price $52

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This lot includes everything you see in the pictures- a pocket rock set! Perfect for carrying in your pocket and holding in your hand. Silver sheen obsidian, obsidian, nuummite, fluorite, four tumbled sodalite, agate nodule, bloodstone tiny sphere, and a polished banded carnelian. 

If you’re interested in a lot, you send me the lot number and your email address over the instant messenger here on tumblr. If you were the first to claim it, I will let you know! If you live outside the USA, please let me know what country you live in, so I can let you know how much shipping is!

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Natural Agate Nodule

A very unique new addition to Venusrox is this natural Agate Nodule that has been carefully polished inside to bring out its exquisite features.

From Brazil, we chose this miraculous Agate as not only is it very rare and strikingly beautiful but we feel it would make a powerful centerpiece.

“Agate is a strong grounding stone, encouraging stability and strength.  Agate helps one awaken and discover one’s inherent natural talents.”

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A Natural Display of Pure Beauty

These spectacular centerpieces hold a presence to captivate and intrigue. Speaking volumes, they are replacing man-made art as more and more people are reminded of the natural beauty within stones. 

In this picture you will find Amethyst, a large Shiva Lingam, an Agate Nodule, Labradorite, Petrified Wood and Smoky Quartz.   

“Shiva Lingams symbolise male and female. They carry a strong fire energy, capable of activating the entire chakra system. Shiva Lingams can assist in overcoming judgement and separation, giving a feeling of unity. They help to strengthen and balance the entire body and are great for those who feel they need a boost of vitality.“

Agate in quartz

The fluctuations of iron in the silica gel from which the inner layer of agate condensed are obviously apparent in this lovely slice of rock. A greater amount in the centre, gradually fizzling out into the near transparent zone, before a final burst as the microcrystalline silica cooled. Afterwards further hot fluids precipitated a nice outer rim of quartz crystals around the agate nodule.


Image credit: Bijoux et Mineraux


Some of the Brazilian Agate pretties I cut up today :D More to come tomorrow! Look forward to some 1-½" teardrops and 1" plugs!!!


Pictured here are a pair of 31mm Moctezuma Agate Plugs with spectacular plumes available HERE. As a maker I can only wish for more and more opportunities to work with incredible materials like this. I can’t even begin to describe the excitement & anticipation that takes hold of me when I’m about to cut a new batch of Agate or a nodule I’ve been hoarding for a short lifetime.

Imperial Organics is a one person business, a one person endeavor to produce incredible jewelry for your comfort and your aesthetic desires. I cut all my materials by hand. That means that each and every example of material I provide, each and every pair of plugs and each piece of jewelry I produce has been in my hands through every process of it’s formation. Some would argue that it’s a grueling and challenging thing to cut every piece by hand, I certainly acknowledge the mental challenge I can face when I’m required to cut 10 - 20 agate nodules in a row, the concentration required to just stand and cut at my saw is remarkable. Not to mention the oil. It’s a very oily venture. Some days the time just flies, other days it is an uphill battle with my own consciousness to continue. The interesting thing about this work is that you put so much of yourself into it. So much of your concentration, so much of your energy, so many thoughts, plans and actions, patience and frustration, ambition and dreaming.

And what is the purpose of it all?

This magic right here

This pure joy after all the carving, after all the dust is washed from my hands and wiped from my bench, after all the oil is cleaned from my saw table, after all the tiny stone fragments littering my saw bench are removed, after the tiny fractured knife-like splinters of stone are removed from my palms after those exhausting hours of cutting.

All of the magic is right here