A collection of three ancient rings from Bonhams. The top is an ancient Roman jet intaglio of Asclepius with a snake, and the middle is a Roman jasper intaglio of a double headed man. The final ring is Phoenician, made of gold and agate. The Roman rings date to the 2nd to 3rd century CE, though the source gave no date for the Phoenician ring. 

Hellenistic gold earring with perhaps a green glass or agate bead, though I could be mistaken. The earring dates to the 2nd to 1st century BCE and was found in Northern Greece. The earring can now be found in the FitzWilliam Museum.

DIY Agate Cheesecake Tutorial from Alana Jones-Mann.

Make a DIY Agate Cheesecake using royal icing, food coloring and vodka.

Photos from Alana Jones-Mann, GIF by me using my favorite GIF generator: makeagif.com.

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