God I wanna meet Got7 Jackson Wang so bad. I just want to meet him and tell him how beautiful he is and how talented and skilled he is just so he could believe in himself more. I want to give him a big hug and tell him how much his family loves him and how proud they are of him and just let him cry his little heart away until he feels better about himself cuz even though he’s just being humble I feel like he still needs that bit of support sometimes to tell him how good he’s doing. I wanna tell him how happy he makes his fans and reassure him that he’s not annoying when he talks a lot and that he shouldn’t be scared to be his loud talkative active crazy self cuz we love that about him but at the same time it’s okay if he doesn’t wanna be wild all of the time and just wants to relax. I want him to know how precious he is and how important it is for him to be himself cuz he’s so different from other idols and I don’t want him to lose that genuineness that he has as an idol. He’s so real and relatable and genuinely enthusiastic for what he does and so bold to go out and try to make people smile in whatever way he can all while staying so humble and it just warms up my little heart. I just want to meet him one day and thank him for that cuz it’s honestly so refreshing to have an idol like that and just I want him to know how much it means to me and to all iGot7’s. I just want to meet him someday. I want to meet him and make him smile. At least that way I can somehow repay him for all the times he makes me smile.

My friend surprised me with a trip to Austin yesterday and I'm happy and excited but. .

There’s no wifi where we’re staying and got7s video drops tomorrow and I must watch it the moment it drops and then blog about till my finger bleed or I might die and well that becomes difficult without wifi😫😭😪🙃

And none of my friends have the slightest clue what a got7 is or how far up their asses Iam😪🙃


Sudanese traditional food: Agashe, grilled beef or chicken from western Sudan. Served with Shatta, hot sauce made from peanuts, fresh chilli and lemon juice.

To be continued.