Thor- “Fine work on the battlefield today, brother.”

Loki- “Thank you. And your decapitation of that giant was most impressive.”

Thor- “Ah, yes. Not every head comes off so smoothly but when it hits that sweet spot it is truly a splendid feeling.”

Agardian Water Cooler Talk


The blue sky was soon to be replaced by hefty grey clouds. The air seemed slightly moist against your skin. Soon the well dressed Agardian came into view. Loki sat there gathering plants - which were capable of who knows what. His posture was exemplary and he moved with grace.

“You know Loki, I always thought there was a spark between us,” you raised your voice. Loki slowly turned around his eyes never leaving yours. Using your Electrokinesis you channelled electricity all around Loki. He spun around startled at the sudden charge.

He relaxed from his tense state, “Impressive (Y/N).” A smirk settled upon his face which was mirrored onto yours. “Although, if I was you I’d take cover.” He spoke, tilting his head to the off-white sky.

“Rain can’t stop me.”

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TITLE: A Common Maid


AUTHOR: choc-chip-chick

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being a common maid at the palace. You are to take care of Prince Loki, who you secretly have a crush on.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This update is a bit later than I planned, but I’ve been quite ill and busy so that’s my excuse :) I hope you like this chapter and feedback is always welcome, it’s kind of what I live for :D


Disa was to start her new duties just two days after she was promoted to Chamber Maid.

She woke when Asgard was still bathed in the warm spring night and dressed in her new brown, green and gold laced robes that she was expected to wear. She stood before the small murky mirror that hung on the wall of the new bedroom she had been moved into, since her job as Loki’s maid required her to be positioned close to his chambers.

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lokincest  asked:

rewatching Thor 1 to do gifsets and I'm forever surprised about them galloping with horses on the Bifrost. I mean it looks like it's made of glass or crystal-like material so I can think of is those poor hoofsies slipping everywhere but nope, no problem at all. I wonder if it's truly meant to be a material that has traction, not smoothness, or if it was just a logic oversight.

I honestly suspect half and half.  I mean, mostly, it’s a logic oversight, but I can believe that it might not be as smooth or slippery as it looks, that it’s rough enough that the horses have something to dig into.

But I also believe that Asgardians are pretty much “FUCK SAFETY MEASURES” about everything.  Doesn’t matter how high up that walkway is, NO GUARDRAILS.  Doesn’t matter how horrible the breeze is at the top of the palace, FLOOR LENGTH WINDOWS OPEN ALL THE TIME.

Doesn’t matter how narrow the Bifrost actually is or how difficult it is to keep your horse from sliding all over the place, NO CHANGING IT.


Which seems to work out for them, you don’t see people falling off stuff constantly, even though they fucking should be.

(God, I love Asgard.)