Ibadah List for Ramadan

- Recite and reflect on the Qur'an. - Perform prayers on time. - Avoid doing prohibited actions, evil speech, spreading ill-will. - Avoid wasting time on unimportant matters / activities. - Increase Dhikr. - Seek forgiveness (Istighfar) and repentance (Tawbah). - Maintain good ties with people, especially with parents and family. - Spread greetings of Salam. - Give charity (including a good word or a smile to others). - Seek refuge from the evil of oneself and protection from harmful / detrimental trials. - Increase ones knowledge and humility. - Join congregations in prayer. - Constantly seek nearness to Allah and pray Du'a.  - Be conscious of ones intentions and solely direct them sincerely (Ikhlas) to Allah.
The best way to protect ourselves from wrong is to keep away from anything that could lead to it. One of the favourite tricks of the Shaytân, which deceives everyone except those who are clever enough to see it, is to show a person some goodness in a wrong thing, and call him to go towards it; when the person gets close to it, he falls into the trap.
—  Ibn Qayyim

All the things that we do on the Internet, whether publicly or secretly, are recorded by the Angels. Our intentions, our motives, the things that we post, what our eyes look at, what our ears listen to, the people we interact with - all and everything else besides.

They count as our deeds which will be taken for or against us in the Day of Judgment.

Nothing is ever hidden from Allah.

Let us not forget our consciousness of Allah, and the consequences of our actions in this world and in the Hereafter.