Today I should have worked on the draft of my comic for @emimikezine​ but the latest collaboration YOI / Ooedo Onsen dragged me away! XD

They gave us the main cast of YOI in yukata and when they trolled us with Yakov and Nikolai Plisetsky (I loved them!! *_*) I was expecting Sara, Mila, Minako and Lilia before the fantastic four Otayuri and Victuuri…. 

Since they didn’t give them to us, I decided to draw my own version of them :P I hope you’ll like them! :)




Please DO NOT repost outside Tumblr without asking me first. I will post them on my Twitter but if you wish to post them on Facebook or anywhere else, please drop me a message first, thank you :)

Ένα έχω να πω.
Το ότι αντέχουμε τον πόνο, δεν σημαίνει πως τον αξίζουμε.
—  Katoporiani /Κατωποριανή

Otayuri week - Day 3 (Feb 22):

It’s still 11.28pm of the 22nd in London so I’m still on time!

Childhood/Memories OR Future/Coming-of-age (both to do with family, friends, dreams/goals, etc)

I doubt I can keep up this pace so, in case I can’t draw a short comic for tomorrow, I think this can fit also Day 4 (Feb 23): Domestic/Intimacy (pets, cuddling, cooking, living together, etc) 

INSPIRATION for their adult look from @istehlurvz <3 I totally loved her idea for their hairsyles! <3



Because my life is temporary,
It desires the eternal love.
I will belive, I will give, I will wait,
I will work, I will give thanks

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