Yurio's love for Yuuri is the true meaning of Agape.

I can say this because when Yurio found out Yuuri might be retiring, he literally used his entire free program to convince Yuuri to not retire. He did everything in his power to get Yuuri to keep competing, and if that isn’t real agape (sacrificial, universal love; the highest form of love that persists no matter what), then I don’t know what is.


Aand I’m on board for the Yuri Plisetsky week! <3 I coudn’t miss a week dedicated to my fav character! But I’m already late though 

I would say this entry is covering the first two prompt:

DAY 1 - Birthday (16.03)

DAY 2 - Family and Friends (17.03)

I headcanon that Yuri at some point would jump on Otabek as he does with his dear granpa Nikolai! <3 

And of course Viktor&Yuuri contacted Otabek and arranged this whole ordeal! :P 


Ένα έχω να πω.
Το ότι αντέχουμε τον πόνο, δεν σημαίνει πως τον αξίζουμε.
—  Katoporiani /Κατωποριανή

Because my life is temporary,
It desires the eternal love.
I will belive, I will give, I will wait,
I will work, I will give thanks

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