Ok so my dad finally let me set the desktop backgrounds on the pc, and being a Ringer this was one of my first choices. I ask my dad if he liked it, and he said ‘The chap sitting on the throne? Yeah I quite like that one, still think he should have his middle finger up though’

'omg Dad you can’t just make Agandaur swear at me every time I turn the computer on.’

Light and Lighting /- Closed

Agandaur stared at the captured maia in front of him with wonder. She had been unconscious for three days and started to stir only now. In order to capture her, he had to take her by surprise and knock her completely unconscious. He still wasn’t sure how had the fortune been him, as the woman was truly a powerful being, could be close in might to his Master even, but the sorcerer did succeed. Though she remained blacked out longer than expected, probably because she had injured her head when she fell. There was no need to worry however, the Black Numenorean had tented the wound himself after putting her in a bed in a guarded room instead of a cell, and that she awoke now only assured she wasn’t dead (if her kind could die at all). It was time to interrogate her and finally find out what did the stranger want from his Master, as if his guess was right, she had been seeking him.

“It is good to see you finally awake” Agandaur spoke before the maia could notice him.

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