Sass effect: closed RP with crazedkitty1290 mass effect au

Camander Crowley of the united systems alliance. He was raised on Earth then he moved to Mindoir where he met a women called Christine got married and had a child called Leigh.

He was around 34 when the Bartarians attacked and he lost his wife he barely managed to get his son Leigh out. Now they both serve in the alliance in the bitter hope they can try to avenge Christine Leigh’s mother and Crowley’s wife.

Leigh is a multi decorated hero of the alliance when he was in combat operations agaisnt the krogan a couple years before he held of an entire Krogan battle group on his own long enough for the alliance to send another deep cover comabt force to wipe out the Krogan a move not needed as when they arrived Leigh had made peace with them. Saving the alliance from a lengthy war with clan Urdnort.

Crowley had recently been given the N7 promotion due to his continued services protecting the alliance and humanity agaisnt serious threats. It was Leigh’s doing he knew Crowley wouldn’t of been given a ship until he got a promotion and Leigh wanted him on this one.

A couple months before in a bar Crowley had met someone… with the slight intervention of Leigh in a few places. Sashta Norman… camander Sashta Norman… Leigh had served with her many times she became like a mother to him and he had put her through also for a N7 promotion.

Leigh was the co pilot on the ship along with one of the best pilots in the fleet Jeff Monroy… Or Joker as he preffered to be known. Leigh was widely respected by the crew for his combat operations and he was waiting by the airlock for the camanders.

Crowley was in the elevator moving to airlock 4 all he had been told was he had a mission that was beyond top secret and it meant he got a hole new ship… kind of. It was the kind of part that scared him.

As the doors opened he saw the most beautifal thing he had ever seen… the iss normandy this was the fastest and stealthiest ship in the fleet. Able to get in and out of a combat zone before the enemy knew they were even at war. A joint Turian and human venture it was a thing of beauty.

Then next to the airlock door he saw the other most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Sashta was there and he was suprised neither of them had been told exactly what was going on he walked over to Sashta “Hey Sash… i was never told you were gonna be serving on the ship” He was wearing his brand new N7 armour she had had it longer but he hadn’t seen her in it yet. She looked very nice in it.