So production has to edit in 10 min all of the following:

Bridgette and Michelle squashing their beef and aligning

Bridgette/Michelle/Natalie plotting to keep Michelle in the house

Natalie convincing James to talk Bridgette to flip the house

The Natalie/Bridgette/James exposing Paulie conversation

Bridgette flipping Paul agaisnt Paulie

Paul flipping Victor agaisnt Paulie

The Zakiyah/Natalie conversation

Zakiyah exposing everything to Paulie

The huge fights that happened between Paulie/Michelle/Natalie/Bridgette/James


Harsh Realms by Against Me!


some sketches I did for an idea I had the other day

basically, this copy paste from my twitter: 

 “I cant stop thinking about Hanzo fake flirting with McCree just to piss off his dad and McCree being flustered cuz a hottie is noticing him”

(idk Blackwatch had a mission near Hanamura or something lmfao)

So yeah, Hanzo in this thing is trying to rebel agaisnt his family, he is tired of being bossed around by the elders about his life and who he should date and stuff, specially when its his father the one pestering him, treating him like a child when he clrealy knows his role in the shimada clan as the heir and the responsabilities that come with that title, so he decides to play a little game to teach them a lesson and what better way to do that than to flirt with a member of like the international cops/superheroes????

plus Dad Shimada concepts, the man is an ass and the worst dad ever, but what can you expect from a crimelord who values his bussines more than actually being a good fatherly figure and spending time with his sons other than to scold them because they are not up to his expectations.


Reasons why Antoine Griezmann deserves UEFA’s Best Player award:

- Scored twice against Barcelona and once agaisnt Bayern Munchen in the UCL quarters and semifinals, making Atleti go through to the UCL final.

- Scored 22 of Atleti’s 63 goals in La Liga, which is a 35% of the team goals. And in a good amount of matches, he was subbed by Simeone to make him rest, instead of staying in the pitch to score more. (Played the 38 Liga matches, only in 20 of them he played the 90 minutes).

- To compare him to other La Liga players. Suarez scored 35% of Barça goals, Messi a 23% and Neymar a 21%. In Real Madrid, Cristiano scored a 32%, Benzema a 22% and Bale a 18%. So in absolute numbers Antoine was the 6th top scorer of La Liga, but in relative numbers he has the same impact on Atleti than Suarez or Cristiano in Barça or RM.

- Helped Atleti to end with its 2nd best scoring ever in La Liga: 88 points. 

- Golden Boot and best player of Euro 2016. Scored 6 of France’s 15 goals. He’s the 2nd player in history with most goals scored in a single Euro edition (after Michel Platini, 9) and he’s the 4th player with most goals in the Euro in total. (After Platini 9, Ronaldo 9, and Shearer 7).

- Gave France the pass to the final against Germany. 

So maybe he doesn’t have the best numbers overall, but the impact he has on both his teams is beyond doubt. I think he has accomplished enough to not only be in that top3 but also win the award, and I believe he has the right to claim that he deserves it.