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How come you're so agaisnt shipping, yet you reblog quite an ammount of ship pics?

I’m pretty sure I’ve said in the past that while I have a high distaste for shipping communities and ship drama in general, I do still like some ships. A rare few. And to be honest, besides Zelink (which is sorta canon) most of the ones I like are already canon. Why? Because those are the ones that have real meat to them in my opinion. 

Even then, I try not to get too involved with fandom shipping. I guess I just don’t like the general smugness and entitlement some fans seem to have. It’s fun to make nonsensical ships sometimes, but when it goes so far to the point where they demand it to be canon? Where they harass show/game/book creators about it? Harass and bully other fans about it? I cannot STAND that. Whatsoever. 

Also, the fact that shipping communities are so filled with very… gross ships (we’re talking actual incest and pedo crap) it’s prompted me to stay far away. (Still loath BillDip and Pinecest…)

Zelink, Nate+Elena, Mercy+Genji, Chrobin, Kanan+Hera etc. all have some canon backing behind them, so I enjoy them a lot. (Nate and Elena being completely and utterly canon, and thus being one of my favorites)

Thanks for the question, and enjoy this beautiful couple:

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Ezarel was in love with a human (??)

i had this headcanon for a loooong time for the following reasons :

- The whole “ don’t get attached” thing ( on the characters description box)

- he seems to hold a grudge agaisnt humans ( literally every episodes)

- he hates being touched ( episode 7,10,11)

- he is uncomfortable with love/date topics ( episode 10)

But in episode 13 there is a REALLY BIG HINT that this could be true.

When our character ask him if he had ever knew a human girl before, this is how the conversation goes :

Ez : Hi cod ( <– lmao)

MC : Nice, as always.

Ez : I know ♥

Then, MC talks about how she feel concerned on the subject of the humans having landed on Eldarya and searching other humans

Ezarel tells her she don’t have to worry because there’s no chance it’s her, that they’re researching, blablabla. And then….

MC : […] Have you ever knew other humans beside me ?

Ez : Yes.

MC : Can you talk to me about it ?

Ez : She came, she saw, she got back home.

MC : is that all ?

( He didn’t add anything else )

Notice how is attitude change ? Now add this to previous reasons i have mentionned below ~

And that’s why i’m absolutely convinced that he fell in love with that human he mentionned and that she betrayed/left him in the end ( maybe in a “Maleficient” style ahah).

Let me now what you think !


some sketches I did for an idea I had the other day

basically, this copy paste from my twitter: 

 “I cant stop thinking about Hanzo fake flirting with McCree just to piss off his dad and McCree being flustered cuz a hottie is noticing him”

(idk Blackwatch had a mission near Hanamura or something lmfao)

So yeah, Hanzo in this thing is trying to rebel agaisnt his family, he is tired of being bossed around by the elders about his life and who he should date and stuff, specially when its his father the one pestering him, treating him like a child when he clrealy knows his role in the shimada clan as the heir and the responsabilities that come with that title, so he decides to play a little game to teach them a lesson and what better way to do that than to flirt with a member of like the international cops/superheroes????

plus Dad Shimada concepts, the man is an ass and the worst dad ever, but what can you expect from a crimelord who values his bussines more than actually being a good fatherly figure and spending time with his sons other than to scold them because they are not up to his expectations.


fandom drama?

I’m literally out of the loop and so confused. There’s like anti jyn and anti rebelcaptain tags now?? Why? Whats the argument about racism??

Can’t I be a reylo shipper and not be classified as a racist? I’m a pacific islander and in an interracial relationship myself and I ship rebelcaptain ?! 

Someone please explain what is going on haha

Cuddles everywhere

Imagine Credence being a real cuddle bug when he’s finally comfortable in your presence.

-He tucks himself into your side when when both of you are on the couch,his hand quickly finding yours and lacing your fingers together.

-When he wakes up in the morning and get up,he snuggles up to you as you are making breakfast.

-Leans his head on your leg as he watches you knit,droopy eyes taking in the tricky designs of the wools.

-Plasters himself to your back when you both go to bed,arms tightly wrapped around your waist,peppering small kisses upon the lines of your shoulders.

-Hold you tightly and contently agaisnt his chest as you both enjoy the aftermath of your orgasm.

u all wanna hear my headcanon on terus weird fashion sense and that fucking wig

well here the fuck it is:

teru, while in bed with a high fever, gets several calls from various people who heard about what happened. teru expects to be made fun of and braces himself but all that he gets in return is concern.

“What happened?” “Are you okay” “Was he really that strong?”

hell even when calling edano to say “yeah im leaving the gang i dont need this anymore” edano fuckin. protested agaisnt that and was actually scared to contact teru because he didnt want him to be mad at him for just flat out abandoning him. HELL HE APOLOGIZES. and thats when teru realizes two very important things:

  1. people, generally, are nice. even the meanest people in the world have people they care about and want to protect and be nice to
  2. teru, in general, is feared by people. being beaten by someone else doesnt erase the fact that hes powerful. his psychic powers got him popular. they’ll probably keep him popular. teru can do whatever the hell he fucking wants

AND SO: upon realizing that he can do whatever he wants, teru decides that he’ll just do whatever the fuck he wants. and he does. because even after that embarrassing show, he remaied popular and feared. and even with that monster wig, he remains popular and feared. and even while wearing the worst most terrible clothes in the world, he remains popular and feared.

this is the ultimate realization. teru is literally free to do anything ever and people will still worship him anyway. how far can this fucking go. who cares hes having fun and doing what he wants and nobody is making a single comment on it 

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Do you have any enemies to friends to lovers prompts?


• Character A was part of an organization they throughly believed was good. B’s organization hated A’s and often tried to take it down or rebel agaisnt it. A eventually discovers that what they part of wasn’t as it seemed, and they were on the wrong side the whole time. They join B’s group and fall in love with B as they’re trying to expose A’s former organization.

• “Remember that time we hated each other?”

“Things seemed more straightforward back then.”

“Is love too complicated for you?”

• A and B are enemies but team up to deal with a common threat, becoming friends in the process and realizing they can help eachother out a lot if they didn’t loathe eachother. Romance ensues.

• “I’m sorry again.”

“What do you mean?”

“For the way I was, the way I used to treat you.”

“Come on, we both hated eachother. I should be apologizing as much as you.”

• “Wow, it’s weird thinking that this time last year, I hated you.”

“For awhile there, I thought it would go full circle.”

“Never. I’ll never hate you again, no matter what.”

• A and B are rivals until neither of them win. They realize the winner cheated/ doesn’t deserve it, so they work together to prove it.

• “I can’t believe I used hate you so much.”

“I know why I hated you.”


“You were dreadful. But now you’ve changed.”

“You wouldn’t love me if I went back?”

“Not a chance.”

• A screwed B over, prompting the hatred. However, B now needs a favor that only A can fulfill.

• “I’m so glad we don’t despise eachother anymore. It was exhausting.”

• “It’s sad to think that if we never got past our stance as enemies towards eachother, I never would’ve loved your dog.”

“What about loving me?”

“You’re okay too, I guess.”

• “I’m going to literally kill you if you do that.”

“That sounds alot less threatening now that I know you don’t mean it anymore.”


I was about to scrap this forever but decided agaisnt it ahah. I can’t DRAW LATELY. ALSO SORRY FOR MY MESSY WRITING.

I don’t know colleged aged Yugi and Kaiba. Based on thiss. .

Yugi’s gotten a lot experience and  much confident about his goal to become a game creator + business man.  He’s off to his first meeting!  

I can imagine him partnering up with Kaiba would start off rough/awkward.

They’ll get there eventually. Just-some things never will change.


At the end we are still together 

You are Cameron’s girlfriend and he stood up for you against the hate you got.

all gifs are mine

Happy New Year - PT1

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Second and last part - here

First Imagine ! I’d like to have some of your feed-back and I take request about : Roman and Seth to start then I’ll take requests about the other wrestlers later.

Seth Rollins x Reader

I’ve had this idea just after this new picture of Seth and his girlfriend.First I have nothing agaisnt Sarah ! 

And english isn’t my first language so I’m already sorry for the mistakes.

« Y/N and Set has been friends since a long time.You just found out that Seth has a new girlfriend, you saw a pic on Instagram, isn’t that the worse way to found out that the love of your life has a new women ? »

(Y/N) always enjoyed hanging on some Seth fan pages on Instagram, these fangirls remind everyday how lucky you are to have Seth in your close circle of friends. After a hard day of work at the office you just decided to go Instagram and relax, follow these fanpages help you to keep some contact with Seth who’s strangely quiet some days now. He didn’t sent you any text or he didn’t called you, he may be busy, you both used to talk everyday, you miss him and you’re sure that he misses you.

You came back home tired, the only thing that you wanted to do is to take a hot shower, wear wide sweatshirt with heavy socks and chill with of cup of tea. You also felt the need to talk to Seth but he’s busy, you told yourself. You sent him a text to wish him a Merry Christmas, few minutes later, he still didn’t answered, he must be busy, you told yourself once again. You took a shower then you got in bed, as usual, you went Instagram. Seth posted a couple pics of his vacation in Mexico, on one of these photos, there is a girl, he tagged her account“@bellasarah_87” , you clicked on her account. She was a private account.

«  Private… But she looks damn ugly. » you mumbled,based to her profil picture.

You felt some jealousy, you knew that Seth was going to Mexico… alone. You cannot forget that he’ll travel with someone, in fact a girl. You started to read the comments, almost everybody was sure that she was his new girlfriend but some were arguing about her beauty.

@sethiebaby : she’s ugly smh, he deserves better than this thing.

@xxxlittlemixxreigns : ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?￰゚リᆳ?

You continued to read the comment, and you realized that you felt just like these ‘fangirls’, full of jealousy and hatred because you’ll never have him, you’ll never have Seth. Yet, he was so near of you but so far at the same time. You could felt your heart beat going crazy, you posed your phone then stayed quiet, eyes wide open. Even if you wanted to sleep, you couldn’t, you felt bad, you realized that your feelings for Seth were different, not friendly at all. You tought that you were crazy to love your friend, that something was wrong with you.You prefered to say that you were overprotective.

You needed to talk to someone, you called  Allia, a common friend with Seth.

«  Allia, your voice was weak shaking

— (Y/N) ! It’s been a long time, how you doin' ? she almost yelled what made you slightly smile.

— Yeah, I’ve been busy that’s why, you lied, I’m good.

— Your voice says the otherwise, tell me the truth (Y/N)

— I’m just sick, stop acting like my mom please, you tried to change of subject.

— Hmmmm, I’ll take this answer.

— How’s Seth ?

You definitely wanted more information, you were actually sure that she knew more about @bellasarah_87 .

— Doing good, actually he’s in Mexico with Sarah, she paused, why ?

— Just like this, Sarah, one of his old friend right ? , you know that she wasn’t one of his ‘old friend’

— No, she laughed, his new girlfriend ! She sound so nice.

— Really ?, you took a suprised tone but you felt it coming.

— I only talked to her by phone but I already love her, you’ll love her too.


Sure, you gulped.

— Do you have something of planned on New Year’s Eve ?

— Execpt watching Empire or The Walking Dead, not really.

This schedule for your New Year’s Eve was the best for you, hang out wasn’t your thing.


— So come at Le Bar, we’ll have fun, Seth will come.

— That’s totally changed your answer, you needed to see him.

— I’m in , you sounded already bored by this night.

— I like this ! We gonna have fun. See you. »

You hung up and threw out your phone « I’m a mess » you muttered. You weren’t confident, in high school you were discreet and discreet and decreasing. You met Seth in high school, you both were strange and very quiet. You two were really passionated about wrestling, you remember when he went to your home to watch PPVs. You were here when wrestled in small gymnasium where we could hear the noises of the apron. But he began to win in popularity naturally he taken away to you. You guys still have contacts, it was hard to be far away of him but he does what he loves, and that was the most important for you.

You walked towards the restaurant “Le Bar”, he was black outsie but the big lampposts sent some light. Tinsel garlands added of the color to all this, the water was strangely cool and soft. It was only 8:00 but people were partying, drinking and screaming, they were happy. When you saw a group of friends, you whispered to yourself « When was the last time I smiled like them ? »

A long time.

You arrived in front of the restaurant « Le Bar »,get in or run away ? You stared at people inside trough the glass.You could see Allia’s red hair, next to her there was Seth, you recognized his bun badly arranged. All at once,you started to smile. You missed him, you didn’t see him since almost six months.You went in the restaurant, you had to push people to get to their tables, there was so much people. I don’t like these types of

« (Y/N)! I tought that you wouldn’t come ! Allia hugged me but my eyes were on Seth.

— Sorry, but I’m here right now, you answered.

— It’s been a long time, (Y/N), Seth said by hugging me. »

I could feel his body agaisnt me, his body was so warm. I’d stay in his arms forever. There were other people but I greeted them with a simple wave of hand. A girl was next to him.

Wait, it’s her ?

« Oh (Y/N), this is Sarah, he put the arm on the shoulders of this girl, Sarah. »

You understood.

Quite became fuzzy around you, sounds suddenly became deaf. You stayed in this state a few seconds before coming back to earth. This girl smiled to you.

« Seth talks a lot about you, she smirked » Actually, you don’t care, you hurt.

He’s happy, alright, she makes him happy, okay, he loves her… That’s not okay. I’ve been in love with him since the 10th  grade, I can’t hide my feelings anymore.All the people around me were enjoying this night which is supposed to be the most beautiful of the year. You couldn’t focus on the conversation,but you could focus on Seth’s hands who traveled on HER body.

That was too much.

You stayed up to the countdown in this state of “absence”, at midnight everybody took each other in arms, kissed each other, smiled and wished best wishes for this year which will change nothing to your life. You stayed stoical, you got up an you left.

Allia watched you leaving, you never told about your feelings but she knew. She was sad for you,she noticed that you were too quiet. She asked you many times « (Y/N), you good ? », your lazy nod only showed how deep was your pain. Allia looked several times Seth, who was enjoying his night.He didn’t see that his friend left.

« How blind can mans be?! she growled  Seth, we need to talk, come here»

Seth gave a confused look to the redheaded girl but he got up and followed Allia. They went in somewhere more private.

« (Y/N) has just left, so go look for her ! Right now ! »

Seth looked at Allia, even more confused.

« Stop looking at me like this ! Run and go search her. »

You walked down the street of slow step when you heard someone yelling your name behind you, you turned around and saw Seth out a breath behind you. At first, you tought that he was a pretty hot illusion made by your mind but the illusion kept calling you. You stopped and watched this illusion getting closer until you realized that he was real.

«  — (Y/N) why did you left ?!

— I am sick and I feel bad.

— This doesn’t work with me,he commented.

— You want the true ? Do you really want it because our relationship will not be the same after ? You asked him by looking at him straight in the eyes.

— (Y/N)…

— I love you. »

These three words look as simple as hello, but they’re the hardest words to say, in every language. Seth looked at you, wordless.

«  On this, happy New Year Colby. »

You gave him a sad smile before leaving. Two things were strange : You left lighter, with a huge weight lifted. Now, he knows that you love him.

And you called him Colby as you never did before.

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what' your opinion about jane asher?

I have nothing agaisnt her. I never saw her works as actress but she was a beautiful girl. I don’t believe Paul was in love with her though. Their relationship was so ‘for media’. The Beatles had just arrived in London, they were working class boys who were starting to get some money and attend High Society stuff. Jane was bourgeois, her father was doctor and her mother was relative from royal family, and Jane usually appeared on media because of her career as actress. For a working class guy as Paul, she was perfect. A beautiful girl from high society and a famous guy who was getting some money but didn’t know how to act in rich people’s events. 

For media, it was also perfect. People would see Paul as the ‘good lad’ who had a serious relationship. The famous musician and the beautiful actress. Barbie&Ken. If people knew about orgies and stuff like this Paul wouldn’t get so much respect from that conservative society, and if he was always single, people would find it ‘strange’. ‘Is he gay??? Why is he always single??’. So Jane got some attention from media because of Paul, and Paul learnt how to act in high society. So I don’t believe Paul was in love with Jane. They don’t even seem in love in their pictures together

they kiss with open eyes????

also before paul and jane’s break up, paul believed that jane was cheating him, so instead of trying win her heart back, he made no effort to hide his affair with francis schwartz. paul was with francis at his home when jane caught them. it’s totally something you do when you love her and want her here, there and everywhere, isn’t it?