idonothavespinabifida  asked:

Your blog is flawless. I follow you and LA Liberty, and I love both of you guys' posts. Do you know of any other libertarian blogs, especially ones that focus on the drug war, or other social issues?

Thank you! The best option that comes immediately to mind for pro-liberty posts on the drug war is Fuck Yeah Drug Policy — definitely worth a look. Other than that:

  • Against Power mainly focuses on foreign policy, but also a lot of domestic civil liberties issues. 
  • thefreelioness covers a diverse array of issues, including social stuff.
  • legalizeheroin…well, I’m guessing you can figure it out from the blog name.
  • letterstomycountry doesn’t claim the libertarian label, I believe, but you’d likely appreciate the civil liberties perspective.
  • Ditto prettayprettaygood.

To be honest, though, I hardly follow anyone and do a lot of browsing of the libertarian tag so I can see many different blogs but still keep my personal feed devoted primarily to people I know in real life. The downside is I’m not the greatest resource for informed lists of the best libertarian blogs on tumblr.

Buuut maybe some followers would like to weigh in with their own recommendations (or even a little self-promotion)?