OMG TUMBLR. I like, totes disappeared for a while there. I fully intended to get on tumblr when I got home yesterday morning, but then stuff and things happened and I ended up not going to bed until 5AM so I was awake for like 36 hours and omg tumblr now.

Guys, I am so excite.

I get to be an extra in a zombie movie next week. It’s called “The Other Side,” which was originally a short film that won first place at Pittsburgh Zombie Shorts Film Festival 2012, and the official selection of Panic Film Fest 2013 Short Film Showcase. My friend’s son is one of the directors, and she messaged me earlier asked if I was interested in being a zombie. Uhhh, fuck yeah!

So yeah. So far, this year has been p awesome. Mine and Cody’s band, TigerSpectrum, got put on a CD, and now this. Two of my dreams have been placed at my feet. I’m running with this shit.