aries is a force, and there is no endings, aries is the initiation of beginnings. they emanate the spontaneity of action and human spirit. they turn the soul into an instrument and bang it’s symbols against the world, relishing in the noise they create. aries is the ultimate vital spark 

  • Judith:Hey, Flynn. What’s the most limbs you’ve ever cut off something in one swing?
  • Flynn:For the Imperial Knights, battle is a sacred duty, a vigil kept to guard the world against destruction. It’s not a game.
  • Judith:Right. Same for the guild.
  • Flynn:Do heads count?
  • Judith:Heads ABSOLUTELY count.
  • Flynn:Then… three.
  • Judith:Nice! Down on the collarbone and through, right? That’s how I get the good ones.

“pirates..don’t usually initiate attacks against the world government or marines”

this line only is what makes dragon’s ambitions and motivations so mysterious in origin, it’s impossible that he wasn’t taught and raised to be a marine by garp,

because some pirates are renown and gained a higher bounty for attacking..civilians like killer or kid i recall, to think that even them wouldn’t initiate a skirmish against random marines or what not,

there’s something so fundamentally frightening and ruthless about dragon that even yonko lack, you can’t give up your image, soul and body (kuma propaganda by the WG) without being ready to give up everything, and that includes baltigo…and luffy

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The Message of the Powerpuff girls episode "Equal Fights" wasn't that feminism was bad, its that rights shouldn't come at the expense of others, and Misandry isn't feminism. Do note that Sara Bellum does admit that there is injustice against us(women) in the world, but thats what the Powerpuff Girls are there for. So I'd say its message goes hand in hand with "members only" personally.

surely the statue of limitations on Caring About What Someone Said About The Straw Feminist Episode of The Powerpuff Girls is far less than 2 years

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"I’m wondering if she’s capable of learning a lesson." As long as she has her coddle-y fans, neeewwwwwwp. Just last night they were referred to as 'psycho Swifties' (which could be in retaliation to calling non-fans toxic-running THAT word into the ground btw), and a few of them lashed out "WE ARE NOT PSYCHO!! WE HAVE TO BE PROTECTIVE OF OUR CUPCAKE AGAINST THE BIG BAD WORLD AT ALL COSTS!! SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ENDURE CRITISM LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! THE WORLD IS REQUIRED TO LOVE HER DAMMIT!"