I love Misha Collins

Now I’m seeing a lot of hate towards this hero lately. Some think his fans are douchebags and want the show to be all about him and destiel. I can now confirm that this is NOT TRUE. Shocking I know. I love the cast of Supernatural equally and I do not want the show to be all about Castiel or Destiel as much as I love him and the ship. I want the show to continue the way it is. About family, two brothers against the world fighting along side an angel, making deals with the King of Hell, fixing the Impala, saving people, hunting things, the family business. Misha has done so much good for the world and has saved more lives than you ever will so to hate on this man just doesn’t seem right. I can understand if you don’t like him but if you have to make a blog about it please shove it up your hateful ass. Misha, along with the other cast and crew members are amazing. Please remember that this is not a fandom, this is a family and if you wish to spread hate about our amazing family members we will disown you. We’re family.

Me *is high*: life is peachy, just go with the flow and don’t force anything

Me *is sober*: ughhhh fuck this shit. I need to get this done yesterday. Whhyy isn’t anything working ??!? is the world against me ?!?!