aries is a force, and there is no endings, aries is the initiation of beginnings. they emanate the spontaneity of action and human spirit. they turn the soul into an instrument and bang it’s symbols against the world, relishing in the noise they create. aries is the ultimate vital spark 

I came to a conclusion:

- Sherlock S1 is about Sherlock falling in love with John;

- Sherlock S2 is about John discovering his love for Sherlock;

- Sherlock S3 is about facing the fact that it could be too late, for these idiots, to be ‘the two of them against the rest of the world’ again.


- Sherlock S4 will be about the realization of what the other feels, and what they have lost for not being honest with their feelings for each other from the start.


- Sherlock S5 (BECAUSE THERE WILL BE A SEASON 5 FIGHT ME) will be about finally declaring their love for each other and finally sink together into it.

Jem felt alone. He was used to always being around people, always wandering the Tower. But for once, his room was empty and he didn’t feel like walking around. He didn’t know where Colt was, probably with Cesar, or Marlowe, might be with Dmitri, and then there was Salinger. He didn’t want to think about Salinger and their last conversation. It felt like it was just him against the world again. Except this time there was no beach and no waves. 

He was surprised to hear someone walk in the room and assumed they were looking for a roommate. The blonde didn’t even look up. “They’re not here.” Mumbled words escaped his lips.

“pirates..don’t usually initiate attacks against the world government or marines”

this line only is what makes dragon’s ambitions and motivations so mysterious in origin, it’s impossible that he wasn’t taught and raised to be a marine by garp,

because some pirates are renown and gained a higher bounty for attacking..civilians like killer or kid i recall, to think that even them wouldn’t initiate a skirmish against random marines or what not,

there’s something so fundamentally frightening and ruthless about dragon that even yonko lack, you can’t give up your image, soul and body (kuma propaganda by the WG) without being ready to give up everything, and that includes baltigo…and luffy

anonymous asked:

I feel the exact same way! (your ans to the prev ask) I feel love towards my closest friends but I don't want to kiss any of them. Also I've never really had romantic feelings toward anyone even though I've had crushes. They were non-romantic

Yeah and like for me it’s just hard to say if it’s romantic or not coz I know I love my best friend with the same emotional intimacy and intensity as normal romantic couples. But I don’t want to kiss them or be all kissy touchy lovey dovey, I just want a literal best friend forever, just the two of us against the rest of the world for the rest of my life, a best friend and life partner, etc etc. So like is that romantic? It seems like it when I say “life partner” ? But then I don’t want to do any romantic kissy stuff though so?? Like that’s why it’s confusing for me haha