Am I the only one who thought Neville would be the Defence Against Dark Arts teacher? Like, everyone basically just says “he liked herbology, he’s the herbology teacher!!!” Yeah I get that but he was extremely detecated in OotF and wanted to be a better fighter in DA. He fought in the war and even continued the DA. He stood up to Voldemort, FUCKING VOLDEMORT. Not to mention, HE PULLED THE FUCKING SWORD OF GRYFFINDOR OUT OF THE SORTING HAT AND KILLED MOTHER FUCKING NAGINI!!!!!!!! Idk how people ONLY see him as a dorky kid who liked herbs, Neville was fucking badass and I can just see him telling insecure students in his DADA class thar they’re doing great and not to doubt themselves, anyone can be an amazing wizard

-edit: don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Harry teaching DADA too, much better than him being an auror, but I can’t choose between them

Hello Cosmere fandom! Me and @dandelionfluph need some help. We’re making a Cosmere version of Cards Against Humanity, and we need help for what to put on our cards.

Card one:
Even a _______ would break down when confronted by his oan violent death
Card two:
Pseusdo-religious vigilante freedom fighter


My newest wolf beside my first wolf. This one looks like GreyWind from the GoT series so that’s what he will be named.

He’s 7'2" from nose to tailtip so it was hard to find a place to put him. I’m going to be buying some toggle bolts this weekend so I can finally get one of my deer up on the wall above the fireplace. My living room is looking crazier and crazier. Hopefully soon I’ll have the will to re-shape ShaggyDog’s face finally.

This wolf was trapped and legally in my province, did not cross provincial or country borders, and is entirely legal for me to have. If you have an issue with wolf trapping or hunting, go elsewhere.

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Swear 2 god, the only thing this scene is missing is having Evil Wolverine turn and look Kurogane dead in the eye and tell him "THIS WAS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT PROTECTING HER"