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Haizea & Den’el, Sky Clan. For @sims3medieval

Haizea is a multi-tasking spellweaver for her people - potions, prophecies, protection spells against that STD you got last week. Not long ago she took a young boy under her protection, calling him her apprentice; a halfling by the looks of it, but little is known about him because she keeps him close to her and doesn’t like questions being asked. There are whispers among the townfolk, however, of sparks of magic at his fingertips and strange noises in the night.

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bucky saying "i didnt mean to hit you, how did you not see me?" lmao

you got it, dood. (hi jay)

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Sam had his arm wrapped around your shoulders, holding you against his side as you held the bag of peas to your cheek with a very prominent pout on your face. 

“I can’t believe you hit her.” He grumbled, glaring up at Bucky, who was pacing the length of the couch in front of you. 

“I didn’t hit her!” He objected, “I was hitting the punching bag and…” He grimaced at the memory. “I didn’t mean to hit you, (Y/N), honest.” 

Sam rolled his eyes. 

“How did you not see me, Bucky?” You asked, laughter in your voice. 

“You were standing behind the bag! I didn’t know! I’m sorry.” He apologized for the tenth time. You waved him off, knowing it was an accident. Bucky looked like a kicked puppy, and you assured him for the millionth time that it was fine. 

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Tin Can!” Sam growled. 

You elbowed him, “It was an accident, he said sorry. Chill out, Sammy, jeez. It’s not like he punched me, he punched the bag.” 

“You have a bruise the size of Canada on your face!” Sam exclaimed, eyes wide with disbelief. 

“And I’ll give you a bruise the size Russia if you don’t knock it off!” 


You fiddled with the blanket, pressing kisses to Jesse’s shoulders. He was terribly warm against you, and you knew you were about to drift off to sleep. A thought passed your mind, and you grinned, tugging the blanket away from his chest.

“What’re doin’, darlin’?” He asked, an eyebrow raised in question.

You offered him a quick glance before lowering yourself down. You kissed his stomach and blew the first raspberry, your hands resting on his chest.

His eyes widened as a deep blush darkened his cheeks. Jesse smiled when he saw the joy in your eyes, and you continued blowing raspberries on his belly. You could hear the laughter that fluttered past his lips, but he didn’t try to stop you.

“I love ya, darlin’,” he said.

You stopped for a moment, kissing his stomach. He was always so soft, and you loved moments like this. You loved being able to cuddle him, feeling the man you had fallen for when you were just a recruit.

It had taken him some time to adjust to having the chub around his belly, but your constant love had helped him with that. He abandoned those thoughts that he had to be perfect for you to adore him.

“I love you, cowboy,” you muttered against his skin, and he sighed softly.

Jesse turned you onto your back and lifted your shirt, blowing raspberries against your belly. Giggling, you threw your head back and squirmed.

“S-stop!” You said between fits of laughter.

“Oh, ya want me to keep goin’?” He asked in a teasing voice. You furiously shook your head as he kissed up toward your face. A second later, he covered your mouth with his, feeling your hands in his hair. “I love ya, darlin’.”

You smiled and brushed your thumbs over his cheeks, feeling the roughness of the stubble that lined his jaw.

He was your handsome man, no matter his size.

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Imagine you're at dinner or something with le bois and you have to sit on Ian's lap for some reason and he starts to grind his hips upwARDS AND YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER NOT TO MOAN BUT YOU END UP WHIMPERING AND PURRING WHICH CAUSES HIM TO DIG HIS FINGER NAILS INTO YOUR THIghS


the boys have decided to take you to your favorite place to eat for your birthday. of course, they didn’t make a reservation so the four of you are forced to cramp into a small booth, somehow, you end up sitting on Ian’s lap.
30 minutes into dinner, you feel something uncomfortable poke against your jeans but you decide to continue eating.
15 minutes later you feel Ian wiggle and move around beneath you.
You laugh and make fun of him out loud until you feel his fingernails dig deep into your thigh.
You whimper and close your mouth as you feel him start to slowly grind his hard cock into your ass.
the two of you try so hard not to moan but you’re starting to draw attention from Max & Joji.
He continues to grab and rip at your thighs, warning you to keep silent as he ruts harder, moaning quietly into your back as he cums in his jeans.
Tim Kaine's big tent tour
In a preview of his debate plan, Kaine reaches out to relatively small groups who could make a big difference. By BURGESS EVERETT

ORLANDO, Fla. — Hillary Clinton wants to paint Donald Trump as a bigot and her ticket as the one of inclusivity, and Tim Kaine is laying the groundwork to do it.

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee is coming off a pre-debate Florida-Georgia swing in which he worked to prop up Democrats’ big tent in a close presidential race, holding events specifically to reach out to evangelical Latinos, the LGBT community and people with disabilities.

The tour suggests a potential strategy for next Tuesday’s debate with Mike Pence. Kaine wants to portray Pence and his running mate as insensitive to people with handicaps, gay voters and minorities — and demonstrate that those voters will be far more comfortable with Clinton.

“Do you believe in LGBT equality or don’t you? If you do, we’re with you, and the other guys [are] against you,” Kaine said at a field office here. “How about equal pay for women? We’re with you, the other guys against you. If you believe in immigration reform, we’re with you, the other guys against you.”

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Request for: @connorsfakesmile

Pairing: SpecialAbilities!Reader x Sam

Word count: 432


Dean looked over at you and Sam. “Another round?”

“Definitely.” You grinned.

Sam and Dean had decided to take you out for your one-hundredth successful hunt. You were happy that your special abilities didn’t discourage the two brothers from hunting with you. After all, not many people want to be around someone who has the ability to read minds.

“Why not.” Sam let out a small chuckle as Dean signaled the bartender.

You heard the stool next to you scratch against the wooden floors as a man sat down. He winked at you, covering his mesmerizing blue eye for a split second.

“Hey.” You smiled, turning your attention the stranger.

“Hey.” He moved closer to you. “What are you drinking tonight?”

Sam cleared his throat. “Nothing that you give her.”

You raised an eyebrow at Sam who simply shrugged in response before turning back to the stranger. “I’m Y/N.”

“Matt.” He told you, placing his hand over yours. “Is he your boyfriend?”

“No.” You shook your head. “Just a good friend.”

“Then he wouldn’t mind if I stole you away for the night.” Matt insisted, standing up and grabbing your hand. He looked down at your black dress. “You look good in that dress Sweetheart, but you’d look even better without it.”

“Why would she take off her dress?” Sam cut in. “So you could try it on? Because I really don’t think it’s your size.”

The walls in Sam’s mind fell down and suddenly you had access to all his thoughts.

‘Y/N deserves better than him.’ You heard. ‘She should be with me. God, I love her.’

You let go of Matt’s hand and smiled. “He’s right. It really isn’t your size.”

Matt scowled, walking off to find someone new.

“Right, well, I’m going to go then.” Dean muttered, pointing awkwardly around the bar.

As soon as Dean was gone, Sam gripped your chair and pulled it next to his. “I don’t like that guy.”

“Matt was okay.” You shrugged.

Sam’s jaw tensed up as you said the stranger’s name. “He was just trying to get into your pants.”

“I’ve noticed.” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m glad you didn’t go with him.” Sam told you.

“Because you would jealous.” You laughed.

Sam pulled you in for a kiss. “Because I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

You smiled, resting your forehead on top of his. “Sam Winchester, what are you doing to me?”

Grinning, Sam pressed his lips to yours again. “Hopefully that.”

“For tonight.” You joked.

Sam grabbed your hand and pressed a kiss to it. “For Forever.”

The Trump supporter is immunized against all dangers. You may call him a racist, fascist, Islamophobic, a fucking white male, it all runs off him like a leftist off of a helicopter. But call him a Trump supporter and you be astonished at how he beams with pride, how alpha as fuck he is, how suddenly he stands firm: “You got a fucking problem with that, brother?”

Teach me

You’re my roommate who’s super cute and it’s the middle of the night and you’re cramming for your exams in your flannel pajamas and disheveled hair and it’s becoming increasingly hard for me not to kiss you” AU.

Bart Allen

This is my first time writing Bart!


His stomach was the thing that woke him up.

The light resting gently underneath his door was what got him out of his bed.

The sight before him was the reason there was a smile on his face.

You were studying intensively for tomorrow’s exam. He wanted to scoop you up in his arms and rush you off into his bed. Spooning you as he stroked your hair while you slept and gently placing kisses against your skin while you slept. That’s all he wanted to do.

Instead he just gazed at you, his roommate cramming, silently muttering as you revised, running your hands through your disheveled hair. It took him a few minutes before he walked over to the fridge and grabbed out ingredients.

He started cooking, even though it was three am, he was in the mood for eggs. And he was also sure you were hungry too.

The aroma whisked your attention from your notes and he waved at you, as you looked up at him.

God he was so proud of you. He knew this was an important and here you were, putting in the extra effort, and he knew it would pay off.

As you moved you accidentally knocked over an empty energy can off the desk. You looked down sadly at it before picking it up, and moving over placing it in the recycling, in an effort to stretch your legs.

Using a spatula he moved the eggs from the pan onto a plate and handed them to a very confused you.

“Sunny side up, for my sunshine, to help you shine brighter.” He grinned

“Thank you.” You said quietly “I’m sorry if I woke you up. Talking about it to myself helps.”

“It’s okay.” He smiled returning to the pan “My stomach talking, was what really woke me up though.”

“Oh.” You said simply and a lull of silence settled back down. You used the opportunity to eat your eggs and returned back to study.

As he cooked his eggs he hummed happily and glanced at you as you ate and read. Fork in one hand, highlighter in the other hand.

He scooped his eggs onto his plate and took the spot next to you. “So… tell me about this.” He asked as he started shovelling his food into his mouth.

“Huh?” You asked as he broke your focus.

“Teach me about this.” He said after swallowing his food, drawing out a small smile onto your face.

Scent-er of Attention

For @infinitizedstarlight & @caleoath:

Imagine a pocket-sized you resting against the chimney of your dollhouse, drawing a quite detailed image of a penguin. Around you, the members (save for Seokjin) run around the living room, having taken the game of tag a little too seriously. Furniture and various other objects lie on the ground; they were knocked down in the process of avoiding the “it” person. The noise doesn’t bother you; as long as they stay away from your dollhouse, you’re fine.

A door suddenly slams open (you realize it’s Seokjin), and he marches into the room with a can of air freshener in one hand while the other is tightly clenched in a fist. You swear in that moment, you saw red in Seokjin’s eyes. He starts spraying the air freshener in his members’ directions, an attempt to stop them from being so destructive, but it seems they don’t really care. Well, except one person started screeching and practically sprinted out of the dorm. Someone rushes behind your dollhouse (you couldn’t even tell who because everything happened too fast), and Seokjin chases after them. Before you can even duck from the spray, Seokjin unloads a huge amount of air freshener in your direction to get the person, but instead, he got you. Your body starts shaking and you struggle to breathe, coughs finding their way up your throat. The previously red face of his turns pale white when he realizes that you’re choking on the air freshener he literally sprayed you in the face with air freshener.

Seokjin completely forgets about what was happening around him and immediately checks to see if you’re okay. He tries to wipe off the air freshener off of your body with his sleeve and apologizes endlessly for about five minutes. When you tell him that it’s okay and that you’re not mad, he says he won’t accept that and will do anything to pay you back.

Needless to say, now you have a fluffy and super comfortable new bed, new clothes, and your entire house has been painted your favorite color, courtesy of Kim Seokjin of course.

Normally when you see his chest like this you were seconds away from being thrown into the nearest suface. Your fingers would lightly graze his abs or between his pecs. His muscles were as hard as concrete under your fingertips and the healed scars across his skin looked as sexy as the rest of him.
You just wished you didnt have to see his chest this way when you were dabbing a warm cloth over a huge gash with dripping blood.
You were standing in front of Jason while he leaned his back against the kitchen counter, fiddling with your hair watching you work. It amazed you, how he can take this much pain and still be able to look at you the way he was now. If he werent, you’d be close to breaking down the moment you saw him step into the apartment. But the look in his eyes told you he was okay, and that he just needed a few stitches then he can go right to bed.
You felt his breathing against your neck as you pressed the cloth against the wound.
“Please be careful, Jay”
He laughs, “I know.”
You stop for a while, “I’m serious. You could die out there.”
He holds your hand and brings it to his lips, “If you’re afraid I’ll leave you, I wont.”
You finish with his wound and smile at him as he kisses you in the lips.
“I know”

there is a weight to it
beyond gravity
plus submission
not to you
but an invitation
together to relent
to forces beyond
our together control
to dwell in hidden
harmony within
the bubble of our mutual
giving comfort holds
the held

there is a weight to it
beyond gravity
plus submission
when a dog leans in
presses against you
leg to torso to torso

when a dog leans in
side by side and gives
you his best animal

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this is so hot TBH. this makes me want to sin lmao.

Riding dick is a lot harder than you had originally thought.
you keep pulling off to far and having to reposition Jojis shaft.
You hear a huff of annoyance soon before Joji flips you over, pinning you against the bed. Both hands were pushed together by Jojis one hand as he lined his cock up with your hole.
You beg him to fuck you and he swears at you, telling you what a dumb slut you are, mumbling about how you can’t even figure out how to ride him.
Out of frustration he slams into you, showing no mercy as he slams in and out aggressively…


news reports about violence against autistics: trigger warning, you know the drill. be careful (posted an hour ago) ( London man ‘training to cure autism’ filmed abusing client , posted two days ago) (posted yesterday) (posted earlier this month) (posted earlier this month) (posted earlier this month) ( posted 8 days ago) (posted sept 1st)

Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.
—  Jesus, Matthew 5

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joji and you waking up the next morning after you two fucked all night and then going for round two starting with him rubbing his hard cock against your ass while you're spooning

girl I gotchu
You smirk, feeling how hard he is already. You whisper his name, begging him to touch you and make you feel good..
He runs his hands all over you, his breath picking up in speed. He presses himself tighter against you, slowly grinding against your ass.
the two of you stay this way for awhile before you feel the tip of his cock prod at your hole, you let out a long, drawn out moan as he slowly rocks in and out of you.
The speed increases slightly as he moans your name into the crook of you neck. You feel his warmth spread inside of you and you quickly follow.