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  • Tony Stark is in Spiderman movie: Why is RDJ Everywhere? He is going to steal Peter's movie. Everything that happened in the trailer is his fault! Keep away from Peter, you SOB!
  • What I imagine would happen if Tony wasn't in Spiderman movie: Tony Stark literally lives in New York but doesn't do anyting about the villains. He lets Peter, literal 5-year old, fight them. Tony is irresponsible. He is the worst. Cap would never let this happen.

As it stands, the rules governing our society are failing this country. What kind of nation creates laws that both abolish and uphold such a cruel and inhumane institution? Federal law versus states’ rights? It’s impossible, irrational. And if it’s continued, it will make murderers of us all. Every day it is becoming clearer that there is no such thing as a middle ground! Inaction is nothing but a slow death, poison running through us, building up. Every citizen must make a choice. Are you for the cause? Or are you against us?

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10 jimon (ouch my heart)

10. “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”

“Don’t try,” Jace exclaims, dramatically falling back into the sheets of his bed, “I’m not worth it.”

Simon snorts. “You’re sick, Jace. Not dying.”

“Sure feels like it,” Jace mumbles, and Simon softens, stroking a hand over Jace’s cheek.

“You’ll be back on your feet in no time, I just know it,” Simon says, and presses a soft kiss to Jace’s forehead. “Now scoot over so we can watch this movie together.”

Jace shuffles over, loudly protesting, but the second Simon sits down Jace nestles up against him. “Thank you for staying with me.”

“Always,” Simon says, wrapping an arm around Jace. “I’m always going to be here for you.”

That feeling, where your heart is beating so fast it almost hurts and you can feel it when you put your palm against your ribcage, and you can’t catch your breath and you’re smiling so wide it makes your eyes go blurry, that’s what it feels like to live. Not just exist, not just survive, but live. Hold on to that.
—  from an unfinished story #695

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Imagine with me if you ask cody for the 1st time if you could ride his face and he happily says "fuck yes" you'd be hovering over him and he'd be teasing you and he would do that for what feels like hours until you just push yourself down on him and he just devours you and he doesn't stop until you're begging after your third and he lets go of you letting you lay down and colkect yourself so he can then fuck you senseless -💀🌶


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Hiya, long time subscriber to your channel here. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down in the dumps. I know it's no fun feeling like life's against you, but you just have to hold out, ok? Eventually, perhaps sooner than you think, you're going to get your big break and everything will turn around for the better. I know this is very cliche to say and all, but you need to hold on. Imagine giving all of your bad luck the ol' middle finger! And above all, stay determined, and keep up the great work!

*hug* You’re so sweet LOL Thank you 💖

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Blessing in Disguise

Words: 1.6k

Summary: You’re tossed out on to the street by your step-dad on your 18th birthday and a kind stranger offers to help you.

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of death of family members, mentions of emotional and physical abuse (brief)

A/N: This is a series requested by @castiel-savvy18 and I loved the idea; thank you so much for the request! Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Send me an ask or DM if you’d like to be added to my master tag list. This is an RPF AU with Misha where Vicki is off happy somewhere else, happy as a clam.


“Happy birthday to me,” you muttered; shivering as you hugged your knees while sitting on a sidewalk against a park wall.

You had just turned 18 and your birthday present from your step-dad was a bloody nose, a black eye, and getting tossed out on to the street with nothing.

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there was legit a point in my life where i cared if ppl on this website approved of my interests and hobbies and personality facets but its gotten to the point where i really dont. if you don’t like me or you don’t agree with me, then just go. i won’t hold it against you. its not that deep


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“Why are you still awake?”  Sleep laced Isaac’s voice, making his tone much deeper than average as he rolled over to pull you into his chest.

“Can’t sleep.”  He pressed a kiss to your cheek before shuffling around on the mattress once again.  This time he moved to sit up against the head board, pulling you against his chest as he reached over to flick on the bedside lamp.

“I know what will help you.”  Quirking an eyebrow you laughed when he picked up the book resting on the nightstand.


“Bed time stories always make me sleepy.  It’s like magic.”  Grinning widely he looped an arm around you, opened the novel, and began to read quietly to you.

  • Men : kill women
  • Men : treat women as objects
  • Men : instore systematic oppression on women
  • Woman : I hate men
  • Men : see this is why I don't agree with feminism. You are against equality, it is the mere essence of the word feminism. By saying you hate men, you are insulting all of us who are so nice, thus keeping us out from your cause. Of course you'll have to listen to me saying this and your response won't be valid because I'm a man. God my life is so awful

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Headcanons for how Nautica, Swerve and whirl would react to the human s/o saying that they would die for them?

This took a kinda serious turn I’m sor r y

Nautica (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • She takes it way too literally like Nautica please it’s not that deep
  • And then gets a little bit sad cause she starts thinking about how short the human life span really is

  • She goes really quiet and just holds you against herself for a while as she thinks

Swerve (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • Swerve is just like. Holy shit. You don’t have to do that.
  • He’d probably say he’d die for you first though

  • But really, he does want to know you’re just joking cause he does not want to lose you.

Whirl (MTMTE/Lost Light)

  • “Thanks meatbag, I’d die for me too”
  • He’s actually really confused though like why would you do that for him? Like, he knows you’re joking, but what if you’re not? He ain’t worth it in his eyes
  • Honestly though if you go back on this at a future date he’s gonna be pissed. Probably not the best thing to joke about with Whirl tbh

(request: hello, can you please make an imagine where the reader is very close to the group, they all have been together since the start, but then reader’s sister or brother (doesn’t matter) dies, so she goes nuts & kill literally everything that moves & the group tries to help her, but then they kinda kick her out? (can you also add a slight of Daryl and the reader, please :))

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: angst, death, blood

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You stood with your back against the wall. You turned your head around the corner of the mall and you saw only a handful of walkers. You nodded your head to your brother Sam. He raised his knife and ran around the corner, taking out the first walkers stealthily. You saw Daryl hiding behind the bushes, his crossbow raised and ready to shoot at anyone who tried to go for your brother. You scanned your surroundings, looking out for anything unusual. Your eyes returned to your brother as he was drenching himself in walker blood and guts, making himself invisible from the other walkers. He looked behind and gave Daryl a quick nod before going inside the mall.

You had finally found somewhere safe to live after months of being on the road. Alexandria was a safe community and they had lots of resources, except one thing: batteries to get the electricity generator working. Before all this your brother Sam was an engineer, he knew what to look for in the mall, you and Daryl where just look outs.

It had been around 10 minutes and Sam wasn’t out yet. He said it would only take a couple of minutes, you were starting to worry. You decided to wait a little longer for him but the plans changed when you heart a single gunshot echo through the store. Your feet instinctively started running forward, Daryl swearing under his breath as he came up behind you. Your eyes scanned all the different stores and your heart was pounding.

“Over here!” Daryl shouted as he spotted the hardware store. You followed him as he ran in, weapon raised. Your eyes searched the area and you stopped, raising your gun when you saw a man standing over your brother. The man looked up at you with tears in his eyes, he dropped his gun and lifted his hands in surrender.

“I- I’m sorry, I thought he was one of them!” he pleaded, his bottom lip quivering from fear.

You weren’t listening to anything he was saying. He continued to ramble on but your eyes drifted down to your brother on the floor, blood oozing from the bullet hole in his head. You felt your world come crashing down on you suddenly. Sam was the only blood you had left, and he lay dead in front of you.

“(Y/n)?” Daryl looked over to you, his bow still raised. He saw something click in you but he wasn’t able to stop you in time. You ran forward, pushing the man to the ground. You straddled him and started to punch his face in, shouting with every hit. Adrenaline was coursing through your veins, blocking out the pain in your knuckles and the fact that you were beating a man close to death.

Daryl grabbed onto your arms, restricting you from punching the man’s face anymore. He dragged you off the man and tried to stand you up but your legs felt weak, there was no way they could hold you up. You collapsed back on Daryl’s chest, both of you sitting on the floor as the tears started to pour down your face. You stared at your brother’s dead body and cried out in pain, Daryl wrapped his arms around you, hugging you closer to him.

“Don’t look” he whispered, his voice low and filled with sorrow. He hated seeing you in pain, but this time it was different, you had never attacked a man like that out of pure rage. The only time you’d ever done that was to protect yourself, but this man was unarmed.

You squeezed your eyes shut but all you could see behind your lids was your brother. Memories of your past life flashed by in a second, and then it was gone. Darkness filled your sight and your mind went black.

“What happened?”

You slowly blinked your eyes open, your vision slightly blurry as you tried to make out the two men standing above you.

“I don’t know man. I think she just passed out from the trauma”

You jolted violently when you felt a hand on your head. Your hand grabbed whoever it was but your sight soon became clear and you saw it was Daryl. You slowly loosened your grip and you brought your hand back to you. You said nothing as you looked up to the ceiling, wondering what had happened.

You started to sit up from the mattress but Rick put his hand on your shoulder, pushing you back down. You lightly hit his hand away with yours, and looked at him in confusion.

“You need to rest, you’ve been through a lot” Rick said, his voice calm, as if not to frighten you.

“What are you talking about? Stop playing games Rick, I need to get on watch” you said, standing up but losing your balance a little.

Daryl quickly helped you stay still and you gave him a small smile before going outside, the two men following very close behind you. You turned around and furrowed your eyebrows.

“Would you get off my back?” you asked, wondering why they were watching over you.

“(Y/n)” Daryl started. “Do you know what happened yesterday?”

You sent him a questioning glance but answered the question anyway. “We went on a run, me you and Sam. We got the batteries and came back, that’s all” you said.

Daryl glanced at Rick who looked extremely concerned.

“(Y/n), Sam, he- he didn’t make it yesterday” Rick paused as he let the information all sink in. You were confused at first, your heart beating a little faster as you tried to wrap your head around his words.

“You beat a man to death, I mean look at your knuckles” Daryl piped up, lifting your bandaged hands for you to see. It was all coming back to you in a huge wave. Sam dying, the blood pouring from his head, the scared man and then your hands repeatedly connecting with his face over and over.

Everything was quiet, but when Daryl said your name you snapped. You swiftly took the knife from your holder and held it up to his neck. You stared in to his eyes, he didn’t look threatened but he looked sorry for you. He saw the broken look in your eye. People from Alexandria and your group had started to crowd around you. Daryl slowly raised his hand to yours, closing his fingers around the knife and slowly pushing it away from him. You let him, almost shocked with yourself for what you had done.

“No sudden movements” Rick said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear. You were like dynamite, one wrong move and you’d explode. Rick had seen this happen to people before, which is why he knew what to do. Daryl knew as well, which is why he moved with extreme caution as he slowly tried to pry the knife from your hand. Your eyes were searching his, both of you holding eye contact, but you were the first to break away when you saw Spencer walking up behind the group.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked, walking closer.

“No!” Rick shouted as you grabbed the knife back from Daryl and lunged at spencer. You were convinced that he was going to attack you, just how your brother was. You wouldn’t let that happen again, not to you or anyone else. You had Spencer pinned to the floor, he was shouting for help and his voice was ringing in your ears, driving you to bring the blade down into his head. You continued to drive it down into him, grunting with every stab, his blood was splattering over your face.

Daryl had grabbed you back once again and you were struggling in his grip. You heard screams from the crowd but the others from your group stared at you in silence, wishing they could help you with your pain, but there was nothing they could do, you were dangerous. Rick pried the knife from your hands as Deanna came running to Spencer’s side. You saw her mourning her son and you couldn’t help but start crying as well. You were hurting, physically and mentally.

“Get her up” Rick said. Daryl helped you up but he kept your arms behind your back. You said nothing as you were being led to the front gates, the rest of the group following behind. You were standing outside now, Rick handed you a bag filled with supplies, and a gun with full ammo.

“I’m sorry, but you understand why we have to do this”

You looked up to Rick and the rest of the group who had tears in their eyes. Your eyes landed on Daryl and he looked distraught, his eyes wet from tears, but none of them falling down his face.

“I’ll see you all on the other side” you said, tears dropping from your eyes. You gave them one last smile before walking away. You didn’t know how you felt. Right now, you were numb, angry and broken. You weren’t happy or sad about leaving, you knew it was for the best but you would miss them. Maybe your paths would cross again, or maybe you’d pull the trigger and end your life.

Bye Bye Brooklyn Boys (12) - version 2

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Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: A tad of angst? Mentions of sexual activity.

Word count: 2.602

Summary: Memories

Inspired by “This is the first thing” by my favourite band You Me At Six. I still cannot believe I actually got to meet them!

September, October, November , December,

January , February, March,  April

May, June, July

August (1)

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Would you be willing to let your son get you pregnant in the future. Or is that something your against. Have you thought about it?

I’ve thought about it, of course, considering my desire to let him cum inside me.  I’ve decided that I’m ok with the idea, although not particularly eager for it.