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Christmas with Credence Barebone includes...

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Note: I made the reader genderless, and also, have set this before Credence is discovered to be the one with the obscurial.

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•Credence lies to his mom about his whereabouts

-Mary Lou does not trust you, and has strict rules against Credence            seeing you

-Credence cannot lie without feeling  hint of guilt, however

•You meet each other in an alleyway, so no one that poses a threat of snithing will see you two together.

-Usually, you are the first to arrive, but today, Credence made it there first.

-You appoach him with a tight hug around his neck, greeting him wirh a, “Merry Christmas’

-Credence latches onto you, when you hug him; almost as if he’s afraid of losing you.

When he finally lets go of you, he pulls out a poorly wrapped present, for you.

-He doesn’t have much spending money, so he gathered scrap pieces from here and there to make you a bracelet.

-Though it looks like a project a 3rd grader would bring home, you love it nonetheless.

-When you immediatly put it on, Credence’s lips form into a wide smile.

•You’ve learned from past experienes, that giving Credence gifts that his mother could easily find was not the best idea, so you decided to bake him a variety of cookies.

-Credence absolutly loves your snicker doodles that you make for him. He hadn’t tried them before he met you, but now he can’t get enough.

-He also likes oatmeal cookies, though if he had to choose, he’d always pick the snicker doodles.

•Afraid someone would see you perform magic, you decide to hold off on apperation for today.

-But that way, you can window shop, and see kids play with their new toys.

•Together, you sneak around town, cautious to not draw attention to yourselves.

-You’d hate for Credence to get in trouble because of you

•Once it gets too cold, the two of you head back to your house.

-He’s only been there once, but for a short while

•You set a fire, and make two mugs of hot apple cider to enjoy together.

-Snuggled up on the couch, you share a blanket, and tell him how much he means to you.

-You worry that he forgets his worth, because of his treatment at home.

-Your head rests against his shoulder, and he leans into your touch.

-He cherishes the moments he has when he’s handled gently, and with care.

-When you first met him, he was touch starved and wasn’t used to physical signs of love, or compassion.

•He falls asleep, with his head resting in your lap, as you combs through his hair with your fingers.

-You had to wake him up, however. It was close to sunset, and you didn’t want his mother to be upset with him.

•When you walk back home, he’s tense and keeps his head down

-You tell him everything willbe okay, but it doesn’t help much.

•The sun has started to set by the time you reach his house, and he knows he will be punished for being late for Christmas dinner.

-You couldn’t let him enter his home knowing that he would be beaten.

-Going in with him, you confront his mother, and obliviate her memories of the entire day.

•When Credence enters his room; he sees a small package on his bed.

-Opening it, he finds left over snicker doodles (Don’t worry, though. He’ll eat them before his mother even comes close to finding them)

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prompt: “I have you shoved against the wall but now I can’t stop looking at your mouth.”

for @cecisthebest, thank you for all your support! <3

“Oh my God, you fucking idiot, I hate you so much -  stop fucking laughing! You nearly got us both killed! You think that’s fucking funny?”

Apparently, Gavin does.

He continues to giggle uncontrollably to himself, apparently completely unfazed by the fact that Michael has him shoved roughly against the brick wall of a back alley near the burning remains of the warehouse they were sent to detonate. Michael’s heart is racing.

They barely got out.

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I have alarming evidence YOU are gay!


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Why is it that we always get mad when we lose against sonyeondan? Im a exo-l as well, have been for years, but i noticed that our fandom only gets salty and bitter when its against them. No1 really cared when twice won lol

I don’t think we’re angry at Bangtan, I personally am not. I know BTS worked a lot, nobody can deny that. I like them a lot.

I am angry at Mnet. Because it is undeniable what EXO have achieved. They came back 2 times this year, they released a full album, they finished a tour and started a new one. They won all the online votings by A LOT. Let’s not even talk about all the solo projects they had going on. 

And if anything, I got more confused when TWICE won the daesang instead of EXO. Because for BTS, with their huge international fanbase and meticulous work, despite them not having achievements like EXO’s, it is reasonable. But TWICE against EXO? Seemed kind of fake, but okay.

Supermom: Part 2

Prompt: Supermom, kind of like batmom, but with Clark Kent, and meeting superboy for the first time.

AN: I want to make it clear that this is not the same AU as YJ Batmom. This is completely separate!

Words: 900

Part 1

You lean against the cart and watch him study the boxes. “Why are there so many choices?”

You shrug, “People like choices.”

“Which one do you like?”

You grin, “My favorite is the Cocoa Rice Krispies, but that’s really more candy than healthy breakfast cereal.”

“But they taste good?”

You laugh, “They taste the best.”

He grabs them and puts them in the cart. The two of you slowly start walking back down the aisle. “I started school this week.”

You smile, “I heard. How’s it going?”

He gives a small smile, “So far, so good. M’gann joined the cheerleading team.”

“What about you, did you join the football team?”

He shakes his head, “No, I don’t see the point of football.” It takes everything you have to not burst out laughing. Superboy is so different from Clark, and that fascinates you. And while they certainly look similar they don’t look identical.

“I’m not a big fan of it myself.” Despite having watched games for years with Clark, you’d never really cared for the sport. You had simply watched because it was fun spending time with your husband. The husband you had refused to see for the past month. You’d sent all his calls to voicemail, and had refused to reply to his emails, or even look at his texts. You could be just as stubborn as he was. More so, you were originally a Wayne after all. You had grown up with Bruce. Stubborn might as well have been your middle name.

Superboy’s voice brings you out of your thoughts, “I did want to tell you something.”

You smile, “What is it?”

“I picked out a name.”


He nods, “Conner Kent.”

You smile falters for a second, “How’d you choose that name?”

“M’gann chose the Conner, and J’onn suggested the Kent.” Now everything made sense. “Do you not like it?”

“I love it. You are totally a Conner.”

He grins at you, “Totally?”


The two of you finish shopping and you take him and the groceries back to the mountain. “I’ll see you on Saturday for clothes shopping.”

Conner nods, “Sure. Though I don’t really see the point.”

You smile, “No one wears the same exact clothes every single day.”

Conner just shrugs, and you pull him in for a hug. He returns it easily, no longer going stiff at the contact. His own arms wrap around you, and his size swallows your smaller frame. You watch him head further into the cave, and you’re just about to leave when the zeta tube fires up, and announces the last person you wanted to see.

“Superman 001.”

You don’t run. Despite not wanting to see him, you don’t run.

He steps out and simply stops at the sight of you. He gives you a smile, one that you don’t return. He steps toward you and you step back. He stops after that. “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you.”

You cross your arms, “I realized that after the twenty third phone call.”

He sighs, “It’s been a month.”

“I realize that Clark.”

There’s a moment of silence before he says, “Why can’t you understand?”

“Why won’t you stop running?”

“I told you why!”

Your eyes narrow, “No, you gave me some half-assed excuse. You are a coward, Clark Kent. That boy in there needs a family, and if you haven’t realized it, we are that family.”

“You’re not his mother!”

“I know that! That doesn’t mean I can’t care about him, Clark. That doesn’t mean I can’t help him or guide him. I refuse to leave that boy alone!”

“Even if it means leaving your husband alone?!?”

“When he’s acting like a gigantic ass, then yes!!!!”

There’s a moment of silence before someone clears their throat. You turn to see Conner standing to the side. You take a step towards him and he holds up a hand to stop you, “Don’t come by anymore. Not if it means driving the two of you apart. He obviously needs you more than I do. I have a family here, with the team.”

You feel your heart break as he turns and walks away. You turn and look at Clark and simply ask, “Are you happy now?”

“How did he hear us?”

You roll your eyes, “He has your hearing Clark. He has most of your powers. He needs guidance, and since you weren’t willing to do it, I had to try. He’s a kid, Clark. And despite the love and acceptance his team has given him, he needs more. He needs a mentor.” Your voice pleads with him to understand.

You watch as his shoulders slump, and he slowly starts moving towards the tunnel Conner went through. “Is there anything important I should know?”

You give a small smile, “His name is Conner. Conner Kent.”

He turns around and smiles at you. “Kent?”

You shrug, “J’onn suggested it. Personally, I think it fits. Other than that whole not liking football thing.”

“He doesn’t like football?”

You shrug, “Told you, you should have gone to him at the start. Who knows, maybe he would have been a football nut like you? Join the high school team?”

Clark grins at you, “Manipulator.”

You finally give a smile, “It’s all for your own good.”

He nods, “Maybe, you’re right.”

You smile, “I know I’m right. Now go. I’ll wait here for you.”

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Art, you just took the idea of Lady bug IP is copied, what is creativity? You're just another copier, which has zero ideas. And block the channels, without warning is the lowest. And although what else to expect from a typical rewriter, with zero ideas and characters.

Do you want to know what’s low? Making personal attacks against my character when you don’t even know me. My creativity has nothing to do with the issue at hand. But you can’t come up with a better argument so you call me names. That is low.

Regardless of it being fan art or original art, you have stolen. That is a fact.

If I am nothing more than a typical writer with no ideas and characters, what does that make you, who has copied my art and put it on your channel? If I am a copier, then you are someone who has to copy from a copier. Even though the characters do not belong to me, the ideas and the art itself does.

You call me vile and a rat for going behind your back. But I am not the one going behind artists’ back and stealing from them. Some artists only request that you ask for permission, give them credit and not to monetize. Some artists don’t allow republishing at all. It’s not hard to respect their decisions. If you are enjoying their art, the least you can do is show them some respect.

You call me a bitch. But I am not the one sitting here sending messages one after another to harass and threaten another person, which is what you are doing. YouTube allows you to get THREE copyright strikes before your account is deleted for violation. You should have learned your lesson after the first strike. That first strike was your warning. It isn’t my fault that other artists were also angry that you stole from them.

You are solely responsible for your channel getting deleted. Stop trying to blame other people.

This is the last message from you that I’m replying to. Any subsequent messages will be blocked.

Can any grimmjow fan enlighten me as to why grimmjow would ask Orihime to heal herself before taking her to ichigo while he knows seeing her in that state will probably raise ichigo’s rage and fighting spirit ? 

oldhunterfaraam replied to your post: Really I hope that if RT has more BS shipping it…

Playing devils advocate here (that the proper term?). He did help her a bit in volume one where she ran away from her team, allowing her to have someone to vent to and helped her with stopping torchwick at the docks. Although…one could also see that as him just reinforcing bad behavior what with only having the two of them go and take on him and the white fang at the docks.

she vented to him but that didn’t seem to be what he was there for (plus he’d clearly followed her from having run from the dorms, and… seen her crying and waited for her to remove the bow before making his presence known with a line about her appearance. classy) - it seems, from what she says, that he was trying to get her to talk about herself “so you want to know more about me” - that’s not specific to what had her so upset that she wouldn’t talk for three days (also he makes a crack at her for giving him ‘nothing but small talk and weird looks’ for three days like she’s obligated to talk to him, but ugh) but she used it as an opportunity to talk about it from someone who wouldn’t judge her as a Faunus (but he does, which is the sad thing, he sees her as a Faunus first, not as a person)

the thing is, aside from his presence in the fight with Torchwick actually contributing nothing (all it does is lengthen the scene without achieving anything), there was nothing he specifically did that Blake couldn’t have done elsewhere. like they could’ve had her go to Tukson’s and open up to him, not knowing he’s ex-White Fang himself, which would’ve also given some emotional investment to his death in vol 2 because he helped Blake out and gave her some advice - instead of Sun being there solely to get expositioned to, and make bad jokes that he doesn’t apologise or even look remorseful for. Blake venting had nothing to do with who Sun is as a person or anything he actually did - that scene could’ve been achieved with any other Faunus character, even Velvet

because Sun’s entire presence in 1x15 and 1x16 is superfluous, the argument between Weiss and Blake had already gotten started before he showed up, Blake actually talking about her past really has nothing to do with anything he did to help her work up to it (except i guess dogged insistence on finding out more about her in a failed attempt at flirting), the only point of her expositioning to him at all was that he was a Faunus (but at the time, the only other properly designed and planned Faunus character they had that wasn’t Adam) - Sun specifically wasn’t necessary, any Faunus character would’ve fit and what followed doesn’t go against that

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Fluff with Young Genji and Cyborg Genji pls?

oh of course nonnie~

I hope this one meets your expectations!! :D

Overwatch Fanfiction Page

Young Genji: “Shimada-san!”

Genji stopped at the gate to the school, shoulders scrunched up to his ears. Your feet pounded against the pavement as you bolted across the courtyard. He eyed your gym clothes with mild curiosity.

“Did you cut gym?” he asked when you approached. You dropped your hands onto your head, panting hard, shooting him a wild grin.

“I did when I saw you,” you answered, “Where are you going?”

“Home,” he grunted. He ruffled his hair, the bright green still a shock after having seen him grow up with brown hair. “Don’t wanna be here. Don’t have to be here. I could be enjoying the day instead of wasting it at school,” he pointed out. He shoved his hand back into his uniform pocket, watching you. “Why?”

“Well I just…thought you might wanna stick around?” you tried. You shrugged at him and wiped the sweat from your face, glancing back to see if someone had noticed you leave the outside gym class. “I was going to get something to eat after my clubs today and wondered if you would want to come with?” you asked.

Genji stared at you. “Why?”

“Why not? Are you really turning down a chance at free food?” you asked.

Genji continued to stare. He then turned on his heel and marched back into the school, grumbling about how the food better be worth it. You grinned at his back.

“You won’t regret this, Shimada-san!”

Cyborg Genji: Connections were things you were good at making, from a delinquent in high school to a world renowned doctor, you made friends with them all. Mondatta was just another one, pointing you down a path of self-discovery and to a pupil named Zenyatta in Nepal. You used more connections, crossed bridges you had never intended to cross before, and found yourself staring into the village at the base of the Shambali monastery. It was peaceful and dusted with snow, prompting you to pull your coat closer. Zenyatta was waiting down the main road, floating towards you with a cyborg man at his side.

You lowered your hood. The man froze, turned on his heel and proceeded to start to walk away from you. “Where you think you’re going, Shimada-san?” you called.

“Ah, so Mondatta was correct is telling me that you know Genji,” Zenyatta said.

You grinned at the monk, making your way towards them. Genji had stopped where he stood. “I know more than he’d wish for me to know,” you answered. You motioned to him with a lightly gloved hand. “Did you know he used to have green hair? Honestly, I’m not surprised those lights are green. It’s his favorite color,” you said.

Genji turned to face you. Zenyatta hummed and pressed his hands together, inclining his head towards you. “I believe you two need to have a chat,” he said. He started to float away, “I shall leave you to it.” His orbs trailed behind him, one tucking itself underneath your hood.

Genji made a rude sound. “Take them with you, you eavesdropper,” he grunted. The orb shot up from under your hood, pushing the fabric over your eyes. You laughed as is twirled around your head and took off after Zenyatta. Peeling your hood back, you stared at Genji. He stood, rigid, clenching and unclenching his fists at his side.

“Aren’t you gonna say something?” you asked softly, stepping closer. He stared at the ground. You took another step closer, tilting your head to the side to look into his mask. “Can I see your face?” you asked after a long moment of silence.

“You wouldn’t want to,” he whispered, “It is not the face you remember.”

“It’s been years, Genji. This,” you made a motion towards your own face, “Isn’t the face you remember either.”

The way his head tilted and his shoulders twitched made you remember the way he would smirk: all irony and sarcasm with just a touch of bitterness, a smirk reserved for when he was upset. His arm swung up and grabbed the sides of his mask, taking a second to pull it away. The mask disconnected from the rest of his helmet with a soft hiss. You saw scarred tanned skin, pain filled brown eyes, and thick pieces of dark brown hair sticking to his forehead. Shimada Genji.

You stepped close and cupped his jaw between your hands as he dropped his arm. A blush dashed across his cheeks. “It’s nice to see you again,” you whispered.

“Likewise,” he replied. The smallest of smiles tugged at his lips.

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“I’m April Graves. I’m a Brooklyn Center City Council member, yoga instructor, youth outreach worker and part-time bartender. I’m also a poet and a mother of four. I’m just out here being myself and connecting with people on a really human level. That’s what I try to do.

Working down here, a lot of the time it really comes back to feelings of self-worth and what you believe you’re capable of. In some cases people don’t think they have a lot that they can do or that is possible for them. So to me, us being down here is showing them that actually you can do a lot of things.  Even within a system that is oftentimes working against you. If you honor yourself where you’re at, believe in yourself, connect with the right people, and keep fighting back without giving up hope, you can still make it.

That’s why the yoga part is so important. It gives people a chance to release their need to perform or play a role, or to be this or that for someone else and just get to know themselves.

So I talk to people a lot about breathing. How when you breathe you’re getting more oxygen to your brain and to your organs and you can self-heal from trauma. Especially when somebody comes up to me and says that they’re upset, or their day is going wrong. I believe that even if they’re just sitting there breathing and being quiet and trying not to think about what they have to do or what someone else is thinking, it’s gotta be somewhat beneficial.

Self-care is so important in that process and I think that’s part of the reason why I’m on the team. Sometimes it’s easy to forget, ‘Hey, you gotta take time to renew yourself so you can show up for the people that need you.’ ‘Cause we all have our own trauma we’re still healing and working through, too. So I’m here just to remind everybody to love themselves wherever they’re at tonight. And remind myself at the same time.”

December 2

You nearly threw yourself onto your bed, the day had drained every last bit of energy from your body. All you wanted to do right now was sleep for a week straight, but you still managed to find some tiny bit of strength left to get up and clean up. 

You dragged yourself to the bathroom, and taking off your clothes had never been this hard before. You nearly feel asleep in the shower, the warm water lulling you to sleep. You struggled a bit more putting on your pajama, but finally you were free to just collapse on your bed and sleep  to your heart’s content.  

The bed was soo warm and comfortable, you snuggled against one pillow burying your face in it and almost as soon as you wrapped the blanket around your body, you were gone in the land of dreams. Barely a few minutes passed and a figure appeared in the room, staring angrily at your sleeping figure.

Kanato was mad how dare you go to sleep without his permission! He wanted to play and finding you asleep was not was he was expecting. He hugged Teddy tight and glared at you, debating on if he should wake you up right now, or wait and punish you after you gotten some rest. 

His brows frowned when he noticed your body was wrapped around a pillow. He did not understand why you snuggled up like this, but he did remember seeing human do that with other human they liked a lot.

Bored and lonely the purple haired decided that he might as well try and get some sleep, but he was definitely not going back to his own room. He placed Teddy on the nightstand beside the bed and made sure that he was facing the bed. He slowly crawled in the bed and laid down beside you. Kanato was on his side simply staring at your back wondering what it would feel like to cuddle like in the movies. 

While he pondered on this, you rolled around into your sleep and naturally gravitate toward his body. Every muscle in his body was stiff when he felt you move towards him, wrapping your arms around him and snuggling your face in his chest. 

To Kanato’s great surprise, this position was actually quite comfortable. He was sure after someone this close to him would be uncomfortable and annoying, but he liked the warmth you body gave him and his sense being enveloped by your very unique scent. 

For the first time in a very long time Kanato actually could feel himself becoming sleepy. He wrapped his body around yours, like he had seen in those movies and tv series. Slowly the vampire closed his eyes and drifted up to sleep, all warm and comfortable.

The next morning you almost screamed when you felt arms around you and a body pressed tightly against your back. When you tried to move away from the person, the arms tighten and a face snuggled against your neck. You heard a very familiar voice whisper ‘so warm’. You have no idea how but you managed to turn around and face the person behind you. 

Kanato was firmly pressed against you, still very much so asleep. You did not understand why he was here but you did remember being more comfortable then you had even been last night and you felt protected in a way. You smile and brushed his bangs away, turns out Kanato is even cuter when sleeping.


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Edgar Allan Poe on a rainy day with his S/O?

Edgar Allan Poe:

  • Poe literally daydreams about spending rainy days with his significant other. A rainy day with no excuse to go outside, while in close quarters with his lover would be like his own personal heaven.
  • He likes to spend extra time in bed in the morning, curled up against you as the sound of the rain calms him, and sometimes makes him even sleepier. He’s unlikely to let you out of bed unless you can manage to pry yourself from his grip.
  • When he does finally wake up, he likes to curl up with you while reading a book; if you were to play with his hair while he was doing so, he’d reach cloud nine.
  • He likes to recite poetry very dramatically by the light by the window, finding the rain makes for the perfect scene for some of the darker poems he likes to use. He does it mostly because he knows you enjoy when he gets a bit theatrical.

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Can you write a BoKuroSuga with a pregnant Suga?


“Everything hurts.” Suga sighed as he leaned against the pillows looking at his boyfriends.

“Massage?” They asked at the same time. Suga smiled softly and nodded.

“Please. I’m dying.” They moved Suga so Kuroo was massaging his shoulders and Bokuto had taken his feet.

“Your obsession with his feet his disgusting.” Kuroo stated.

“You’re disgusting.” Bokuto shot back.

Suga laughed and leaned back against Kuroo, “You two need to stop fighting over me.”

“Never. Not until we find out who babied you up.” Bokuto said.

“Babied him up?” Kuroo raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t question me.” Bokuto snapped and kissed Suga’s ankle. Suga shook his head and sighed. His boyfriends were so weird but he wouldn’t have it any other way,

🍃 True happieness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in perfect harmony 🍃

Your actions should always align with your thoughts and values - never do something to please somebody else when it completely goes against everything you believe in. Your ethics and values in life are much more important than “pleasing” somebody else - just for the sake of some kind of “acceptance” or “praise” 🙏 The thing is, if somebody asks you to something which is completely against your own beliefs? Those people aren’t worth “pleasing” anyway. Those people aren’t the people you should be spending a lot of time with.
People who should be a big part of your life are those who GET you. Those who make you smile. Those who build you up, support you, hold you when you cry, do random, sweet things, just to see the smile it puts on your face or hear the laughter sing out from your lips 🌸 When you are being unapologetically you, and allowing yourself to live your values and find happiness in the small things in life - you will attract people on the same wave length as yourself. Your vibe attracts your tribe 🐒 Just the same as happiness breeds happiness!

Smile when you walk into a room and watch the entire atmosphere of the room change! Choose to be happy today, put a smile on your face, be comfortable with yourself, do kind things for others … Watch how your life changes 🙂❤

#happiness #vegan #loveyourself #smile

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Mr. Not-Completely-Perfect (Tao AU) Pt.5

Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4

Zitao looked himself in the mirror making sure his hair was completely slicked back as the doorbell rang. “She’s here” he said as Yixing stood in front of him making sure his suit was straight. “Don’t be too loud tonight. Lan nor I need to hear your cries of love” Yixing jokes as he’s shoved. Zitao smiles and heads to the door unlocking it. “Hey” he said leaning against the door as you stood there holding your purse. “Can I come in?” you tease as he let’s you in helping you get your coat off as you walked forward. “This is amazing” you said as you looked at the artwork in his home. “We aren’t here for aren’t dear. We’re here because we’re going to drink” he whispered as you chuckle. “I’ll be back you just take a seat on the coach” he said walking off to the kitchen. You walked forward and around the couch before sitting down. You smiled as you picked up a picture. It clearly was an ultrasound of Lan he treasured. “That was the moment I found out Lan was Lan. I cried a lot when I first heard her heart beat. It was really beautiful” Zitao said as he sat down beside you holding a bottle of wine and glasses. “Don Perignon 2006” he said “really going all out now aren’t you” you say sitting the picture down.

“You see I’m really trying to impress this woman I like” he said as he popped the cork from the bottle. You watched him as he handed you a glass. He leaned his arm against the back of the couch. You smiled “I think you’ve been impressing her since the first moment she saw you” you tell him as he stared at you. He let out a light chuckle as he took a sip from his drink “what?” you asked as you took a sip “I thought about how perfect everything is “ he whispered as you sat your drink down on the table as you rested your hand onto his thigh. Zitao felt his heart rate pick up as he cleared his throat putting his drink down onto the side table beside him. He took your hand into his before bringing it to his lips and placing a kiss onto it. 

You scooted closer cupping his cheek running your finger over the smooth skin before he leaned in before he cupped your face and brought you in for a kiss. “Zitao do you really want to do this with me?” you ask quietly after pulling away “will you be mine?” he asked in a sweet tone. “Of course” you say as he smiles “then I want nothing more than to do this with you” he whispers as he laces your fingers with his. “Come with me” he spoke as he pulled you towards his room. 

Is there somewhere?

I crashed myself against you, every fiber yearning to attach. I slammed your door shut as I threw you against it arms never leaving your waist. You smelled so fucking fresh, so down to earth it almost made me convulse. One of your hands gripped the back of my neck, the other one clutching my forearm squeezing the feeling out of it.

“You’re real.” Was all that came out as you leaned up, capturing my face in your hands. I locked my eyes at the contact, the feeling of you making me reborn. All I could do was let out a cry my suffering coming out as a leaned into your neck. It was all I had in me to stand up straight as I pulled onto you harder. Tighter. Terrified that if I backed away you would crumble against my calloused hands.

You had let out the same mewl, both of us desperately clinging. After about twenty minutes of mindless wrenching I stood up, my arms slacking. You looked stunning. I let my right hand trail up your spine, the feeling of it driving me insane. You shivered, mouth hanging open and eyes half-hooded.

“Can we pretend.” I rasped my voice making more tears slip out. I brushed them off with my tongue. You never flinched nor pushed me away, you may have even wanted this more than I did. It wasn’t a question if anything a demand. I needed to know that you wanted this just as much. I craved to know that you ached just being in my presence.

You only responded by demolishing my lips with yours all traces of fear lacing into it. I pressed myself even further into you my hands trembling as they cupped your chin. It was everything I was missing inside myself, magically you pieced us together never complaining when the pieces were too big or too small. You managed anyways.

The more we kissed the harder it was to break free and detach myself away. I couldn’t break you anymore. I had to let you go. But God-dammit if you didn’t make me succumb by wrapping your legs around my waist. My thoughts had turned to mush. You had officially cracked me.

I finally let you drift off as I watched, your naked form so small compared to mine. How was it that you did this to me? Every damn time I got the courage to walk away you hooked into me, ripping away everything I tried to save. I tried to save you from myself but It always ended in foolish fucking. Maybe I was this selfish to try and whisk you away making you believe our dumb fantasies were real. Yes I was that selfish.

It was numbing to get out of that bed and vanish like nothing had ever happened. It killed me more than it did you, trust me. I stood just a moment longer watching you sleep like you had never been harmed, like you had never met me. It was relaxing. I walked out of that room not making a sound.

Cranking up my engine I backed,out the breach fracturing my dam as I let the salty liquid run down my face. It was routine to get it all out before I reached reality. Driving always cleared my obsessive thinking. Except this time I had swallowed the bullet. Arriving back at the motel, I saw that the light was on. I couldn’t go in yet.

I unlocked my phone only to scroll down to your number. I instantly typed. Silently I slumped through the door, Sam tensing as he saw me glide through. He didn’t respond our connection instantly letting him know it was done. All was thrown onto the table and I let it sit there. Untouched. That night was the only night I let myself get completely and utterly spent with booze.

You had stirred to your phone going off, reflectively reaching for it. Your eyes were still hazy as you skimmed over the text, the room growing wistful with each word.

“I didn’t mean to fall in love tonight.”