against ukraine

Theres protests breaking out all around russia, belarus, and ukraine against their respective demagogues and like, the brutality these protesters face is out of this world and the power these governments have over these people is insane and right around now is a good time for us to figure out ways to help because a lot of you like to laugh at putin but I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation

In the end Russia withdrew from Eurovision and I’m just sitting here wondering why they didn’t withdraw from the start if they had no intention of participating whatsoever..
Was all this drama necessary? Was it necessary to turn so many people against Ukraine (even though all Ukraine did was respecting their own laws but so many people seem to still ignore this detail)?
I understand some people are upset but really, Russia had so many possibilities other than picking an artist that they knew would clearly create problems, and they chose to not consider any of them and to play dirty games, so now they’re partially facing the consequences…and I’m not going to cry my eyes out over it, let’s say
I’m sad for all the many Russian fans who won’t be able to watch ESC this year though..

Nordics + Turkey, Nyo!Ukraine, and Nyo!Germany what their hugs are like

Her hugs are pretty loose, but still firm. She doesn’t hug you very often, but when she does you know she means it. She has her arms around your waist, and her head resting against yours.

He loves hugs and cuddles! He doesn’t hold you very tightly, afraid that he might hurt you, but he loves to burry his face in your hair with his arms around your shoulders.

His hugs are pretty tight. He loves to pick you up a spin you around to show off how strong he is. He will have his arms around your waist, and will hold you tightly.

Poor shy baby, he will get very flustered when you give him hugs, but he won’t push you away. He will loosely wrap his arms around you and will hide his face in your neck so you don’t see his blush.

Like Turkey, will him you tightly and lives to spin you around. After coming home from a trip or he just hasn’t seen you in a while, he will run up to you and pick you up and spin you around. But he will usually hug you from behind, chin resting on your shoulder.

He will come up behind you while your doing something, and will wrap his arms around your tummy. He will also place light kisses in your neck or cheek.

He won’t hold you tightly afraid he would hurt you, but because of height difference he would pick you up and hold you close to him. He will also place a light kiss on the top of your head.

This smol baby will give you a great big bear hug. Holding you tightly, placing a small kiss on the side of our head, and swaying you side to side. He will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, and place kisses in your temples.

Eastern European Victims

In the last image, we saw that to a large degree, Holocaust victims were represented as having been primarily Western European Jews. Anne Frank was an assimilated German Jew. The Weiss family in the Holocaust miniseries was made up of assimilated German Jews. In Schindler’s List, the Jews in Schindler’s factory are primarily Polish and are represented as such, but the major Jewish characters are all “seemingly” non-religious, educated, and assimilated to some degree (Itzhak Stern and Poldek Pfefferberg). In The Pianist, Władysław Szpilman, the main character is a Polish Jew, but again is educated, wealthy, and assimilated. Hence, we can see that most Holocaust victims represented to Americans are, seemingly, Western or assimilated into non-Jewish culture.

However, if we look at the numbers, the Jewish victims of the Holocaust were overwhelmingly Eastern European (90% were not Western European) and many were unassimilated into the non-Jewish society around them. Those in Poland and the areas of the USSR, especially those outside major cities, were often separated from non-Jewish society and lived in separate villages or sections.

The image here shows a group of Jews who were moved from the eastern portion of Romania to Transnistria (part of the Ukraine under German control but which was to be given by the Germans to Romania for their role in Operation Barbarossa). However, there was confusion regarding what to do with them and such a large concentration of Jews led some to fear that they might cause problems in the rear of the army. Hence, Einsatzgruppen D was carried out orders to kill those unfit for work and force the others back into Romania. This was a part of a back and forth between the Romanians and Germans in which Jews were shuttled back and forth across the border while also being subjected to murderous assaults.

Note that these Eastern European Jews do not look as educated, wealthy, or “western” as Anne Frank or others depicted in American popular culture. They seem much more like the stereotypical Jews of anti-Semitic propaganda. Nevertheless, it was peasants such as these, living throughout Poland, Romania, and the Pale of Settlement (in the western Soviet Union) who were the primary victims of the Nazi’s murderous campaign against the Jews.


Yampol, Ukraine, Jews, near the Dneister River, being deported to Transnistra. September 10, 1941. Yad Vashem, Jerusalem. Accessed January 17, 2017.


Angrick, Andrej. “The Escalation of German-Rumanian Anti-Jewish Policy after the Attack on the Soviet Union.” Yad Vashem Studies 26 (1998), 203-238.

(Caption by /u/Kugelfang52)

Russia is such a freaking nightmare. drug abuse rates are only getting higher, neonazi gangs film themselves torturing gay teenagers to death and post it on the internet with the police not batting an eye, you can lose your entire livelihood for even suggesting you oppose Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, an opposition politician got assassinated right in front of the Kremlin and no one cares anymore, popular priests and political thinkers openly state their belief in killing all Ukrainians and Jews.

Earlier last year, I was so certain revolution in Russia was imminent but now I feel this is only the start of a very bleak dark age.

The Good Son

National Team. Julian Draxler is the prototype of a new generation of players. He is fit, focussed and friendly. But do model pupils win titles? By Rafael Buschmann and Marc Hujer

He knows his father’s whistle out of all the din in a stadium, no matter how big the stadium is that he’s playing in, no matter how loudly the fans are singing. Julian Draxler knows the sound of this whistle from E-Jugend on [that’s the 2nd youngest playing class, I think]. Back then was the first time he played in front of more than 3000 people, when he was eight years old, in a sports hall in Ulm. Ever since then his father is convinced it’s a good thing that „Jule“ should know before every game where „Mama und Papa“ are sitting in the stadium.
It’s 15 minutes to go before the first game of Germany at the European Cup against the Ukraine in Lille when Julian Draxler finishes his warm-up and starts to make his way back to the changing rooms. He is in no hurry. He is waiting for his father’s whistle.
It is very loud in the stadium this evening but after the third whistle Draxler turns his head and quickly waves at his parents from down on the pitch. Now he knows they are sitting up there in row 33, next to the parents of Mario Götze.
Julian Draxler is 22 years old, „blutjung“ [I don’t think there’s a similar English expression. It just means very young.], his father says. At 17 he started playing in the Bundesliga, in his first year as a professional he won the DFB-cup with Schalke 04. The midfielder is still considered one of the biggest talents in Germany, one year ago VfL Wolfsburg payed 36 million Euros for him. Draxler counts 21 caps for Germany by now. And after Marco Reus’ injury he has more or less even become a regular starter at these Euros. At the 2:0 against Ukraine and the 0:0 against Poland he was in the starting eleven. The Euros could become a big tournament for him, at least his advisors hope so. The tournament when the eternal talent finally grows up and matures into a player with a real personality.
But how do you grow up if you have never been a proper youth?
Julian Draxler is part of a new generation of players who learnt football at footballing school, not on a „Bolzplatz“ [again, I don’t know what a proper translation would be. It’s a kind of football pitch that you’d find anywhere in a city in Germany, or in villages or somewhere in the country. There are usually no markings on the ground and the goals are very simple. But there are a lot of them, and they’re usually much loved and in use.] like for example Jérôme Boateng, five years his senior. There they are not just trained to become good footballers, with a brilliant technique, scoring and passing machines, but footballers who serve as good role models, who know etiquette, who stay polite even if somebody is impolite towards them. Even as children they are turned into little adults, into good sons. „Enduring“ is how Draxler calls what they are being taught there. Those who lose their nerve are thrown out.
It is a new generation who feel they are grown-ups even in their early twenties but who behave like model sons. The footballing schools also raise them to be dependent on others. They are being mothered in order to be able to focus exclusively on school and the sport. Their laundry is washed for them, the shoes cleaned, appointments at car dealerships [?!] or official authorities are taken care of for them by members of the club or their advisors. Draxler was still a minor and could not drive when Schalke 04 put a VW Touareg in front of his house.

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so I’ve been hearing these rumours of Russia thinking Europe conspired against them and let Ukraine win

but can you imagine history books will have to write

“One of the causes of the great European War was the win of Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2016″ 

To those seeing Eurovision live this week

Russian Eurovision representative, Polina Gagarina, is there to sing a song to the continent and not to promote any agenda against the LGBT community, Ukraine, or any other political issue. As such, you should not boo her (or any other act) under any circumstances, not even if they receive 12 points during the voting, or give their own 12 to a nearby country. Booing Russia is not some defiant act, nor some funny joke amongst those in attendance, it is simply very rude towards the artist, and not in line in the unifying messages that Eurovision aims to spread, and if you do boo her, you are an asshole. Just don’t do it.


-Europe almost lost its own contest

-Germany came last again (where’s stefan raab pls germany)

-UK got more than 5 points

- Ukraine won with a song that make Russia sweat

-Russia lost again

-Australia came in like a wrecking ball

- The return of Verka Serduchka

- Balloon boy of Måns Zelmerlöw grew a lot

-Poland was dead ass last with the juries until televoing came in and they were like “rise like a phoenix bitch”

-Petra Mede, our queen, was so done with Europe

-Måns sang Heroes for the last time ever (face it, everyone, especially us swedes are done with that song)

-Ukraine almost started world war III bc of winning against russia

- Ukraine won neither the juries or the televoting but still managed to beat everyone

Yesterday was the best eurovision ever, im so proud of my ikea country and my hometown stockholm for making this happen

Until next year, bye friends

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Sorry I’m posting this on my tumblr blog, but I just can’t handle it (also sorry for my grammar, English isn’t my first language). 

First of all!!!! - If you don’t agree with me, just leave it or unfollow me. 

So. That was the worst Eurovision ever (and I’ve been a huge fan of it since 2005). I congratulate Ukrainians, of course, but there’s always a massive ‘but’. 

1. Okay, I really liked the Australian performance, but (no offence) it’s freaking EUROvision. It was a bit against the rules, wasn’t it?

2. The jury voting - right, what the hell was that?! I mean, can I get the aspects they judged by? Maybe then I’ll understand why LITERALLY a half of the juries decided obviously to boycott Lazarev. I used to believe that musicians write their songs for people, not for juries. So, why the hell then the song that has the greatest number of the popular votes isn’t the winner? I’m not questioning it because I’m Russian, nope, that could be Australia, Sweden, France, Ukraine, Poland - whoever, doesn’t matter. It’s just fucking w e i r d.

3. The dumbest thing about it all is that the jury votes have ignited another shitstorm between Ukrainians and Russians (trust me, they really did) - I guess they knew it would happen, and to my mind it isn’t right. It wasn’t a simple coincidence, it was done on purpose and it is disgusting.

I’m so disappointed right now. Again, I’m not against Ukraine (if you think so), I have friends there. I just can’t understand this weird system of jury voting and political crap. 

K, thanks for your attention. 

Have a good Sunday.