against the wall ep

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*cracks knuckles* i was waiting for this

  • First impression

tbh as soon as i saw him lean against the wall in ep 1 looking all *~intimidating~* n shit i knew. i knew i was going to love this boy

  • Impression now

i still absolutely love this boy he used to be my #1 fav character overall and idrk if he still is atm but got DAMN i love my son with every FIBER OF MY BEING

  • Favorite moment

the part where he starts crying at the end of his free skate in ep 12 bc got damn it was deadass 5 am in the morning and i was crying too wtf

  • Idea for a story

this isnt rly an idea bc its already in the works but i love mila and yuri’s bond and i want to explore it deeper than what we got :’) although yuri with the russian squad in general is also an idea i love

  • Unpopular opinion

yall be fightin whether he’d be shorter or taller than otabek and im just here like… #sameheight oops

  • Favorite relationship


but.. ngl.. i live for yuri having a onesided crush on yuuri

  • Favorite headcanon

mila and yuri are platonic soulmates thank u goodbye drops mic

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I think what really gets me about Dean being physical with Cas--slamming him against a wall in this last ep and in other eps, holding him back, etc.--is that Cas does NOT have to take that? Like, even when his angel power is depleted, Cas could very easily shove Dean off of him or take him in a fight. Cas is fairly tall and muscular. But he doesn't. He acts like Dean slamming him against the wall or holding him back is enough, because to Cas, any physical touch from Dean gets his attention.


Gotta admit I’m kind of baffled that no one has gifed that one scene from Brotherhood’s Bittersweet Memories ep where Gladio leans casually against the wall way too close to Ignis while he’s baking as they talk because tbh that scene has a very ‘start of a gay porn’ vibe

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There's two moments where you literally see Damon kissing Elena's stomach, and you talk about boring sex ? We see Elena riding Damon, on top, against walls ect. SE had one sex scene and it was 10 ep after they met

Anon, the DE sex scenes are basic. It’s the same thing over and over again, it’s like a routine. Elena rips open Damon’s shirt, maybe there will be one or two slams against a wall, then it’s missionary in bed. There’s no range, there’s no personality, there’s literally just skin and a lot of limbs.

You can shade the SE “makeouts” all you want but Stefan and Elena together is far from boring:

They play each other’s passions, test each other’s limits, there are power shifts, they seduce each other, make one another wait but I mean I guess that’s nothing when Damon kisses Elena’s stomach two times.

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Okay, this ask is a bit nsfw. SO I have a head-cannon (which potentially already exists?) that at the beginning of Yuuri and Victor's sexual relationship Victor is a bit of a dom and Yuuri is fairly submissive. Potentially they play up the student/coach dynamic. Also, like, Yuuri doesn't have much experience in this area so it sorta makes sense he'd be like that(?). But as their sexual relationship develops Yuuri becomes more and more disobedient (happily suffering the ‘consequences’). (1/2)

(2/2) But then, perhaps in the middle of Victor ordering Yuuri around, Yuuri barks out an order to Victor. And Victor, to his own surprise, immediately obeys. And we all know how much Victor likes surprises. (That or they’re in the middle of something domestic, and Yuuri suddenly grabs Victor’s shirt or pushes him up against a wall or something (like the tie pulling in ep 8)).

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yes. As Yuuri gains more confidence with Victor, the tables start to turn and whoops, they do switch frequently but now who tops the most? Yuuri. And he’s pretty great at it because he keeps track of every thing Victor likes. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ok so like, I’m catching up on all the news about TVD.

And there was some news from an extra.

Like I’m not gonna discount that he’s an extra, he most likely is. There are some questionable things, he told one person he’s been an extra for tvd all season, despite that possibly conflicting with him being an extra on The Originals which film elsewhere. The he told someone he just started and will be an extra for the rest of the season, despite only showing pics from the wedding ep which may last between 2 eps.

It’s just the only credible thing he has to him is that Kat follows him which doesn’t mean much b/c she follows her fans and it looks like she followed him as a result of him purchasing her ‘Against The Wall’ EP.

Anyway the screenshot above shows what I’m talking about. There is no Black Panther set, there isn’t even a script yet. Plus Black Panther and Ms. Marvel have been pushed back another year to make room for Marvel’s golden hero Spider-Man. So there is nothing going on with the BP movie other than casting and Chadwick Boseman working out.

As for Deadpool, they’re just getting started with set stuff and possible filming and are still casting some people.

You can go onto my twitter, I use the same name, and you can see most of my tweets consist of comic movie/tv show news. You can go to the Superherofeed twitter account and you’ll see no word on filming or even scripts has been mention for BP.

So like I said I’m not saying he wasn’t an extra, but what he says could very well be lies. Take everything with a grain of salt, cause half of the stuff he is saying (i.e there will be Steroline in next ep) is quite obvious and/or could be easily deduced or they’re just straight up lies like the above.