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A Different Perspective

Anti-Communists: “Communist governments are oppressive!”

Augusto Pinochet: “Tell me about it! That’s why I jailed and killed thousands of Chileans so Chile will be free from Communism!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism is the antithesis of freedom and liberty!”

CIA: “That’s why we supported dozens of coups against democratically elected socialist governments and replaced them with dictators. Like in Iran, Chile, list goes on!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism goes against God Himself!”

Pope John Paul II: “That’s why I strongly crusaded against Communism while whole heartedly ignoring growing accusations of child abuse within my own Church.”

Pope John Paul II: “AND why I told the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo to just forgive the Junta that killed their families instead of seeking justice.”

The Vatican: “And why we stayed silent while said Junta was doing all the killings, even if the victims included some of our priests.”

Anti-Communists: “There has NEVER been a legitimate Communist government! They all arose from military coups!”

Anastasio Somoza Garcia: “Not like me, I was legitimately elected!”

Mohammad Reza Shah: “I inherited the throne fair and square!”

Anti-Communists: “Communism leads to poverty!”

Billions of poor people: “You don’t say?”

Anti-Communists: “Communist governments are more interested in keeping power than helping their people!”

Ronald Reagan: “That’s why I increased the military budget to unseen levels while ignoring the AIDS epidemic.”

Anti-Communists: “Communists always try to meddle in other country’s affairs!”

CIA: ‘bursts out laughing’

Margaret Thatcher: ‘laughs louder’

Anti-Communists: “I am PROUD to oppose communism!”

Capitalist: “Good for you! Now give me your maximum labor for minimal compensation, or STARVE TO DEATH!”

Marx: “Wow…I don’t think they’ve read my books…”

Please never trust the US and their media concerning countries where they have literally tried to start coups against the government. They lie. All the time.



Hello Tumblr friends! Once again, the TSAMU team will be organizing a curation contest! Hoooray! And this time, we will be having bigger and more exciting prizes for the creative winners!


Mechanics is really really really easy! You just have to curate any creative renditions of Max’s Crispy Pata and/or Kare Kare Rice Bowls, post it on your blog before next Friday, and tag #TSAMU2017 and #SARAPTOTHEBOWLS! 

By creative rendition, it can be anything under the sun such as:

  1. Photography
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  4. Doodles or sketches
  5. Short story involving the bowls
  6. Typography
  7. Painting
  8. Multimedia art
  9. Mixed art
  10. And anything under the sun!

Also, don’t forget to include on your blog post the prize set that you want to win! Just rate them in terms of what you want to win the most down to what you want to win the least. Don’t worry, you can submit as many as you want, and you can win as many as you want also!


The Max’s team will be choosing 4 best outputs (so you can win up to 4 times based on your outputs) based on the following criteria:

  • 25% Creativity
  • 25% Originality
  • 25% Quality
  • 25% Adherence to the theme


  • Set 1: Art Set
    It’s consist of creative materials like a canvass, sketch pad, tote bag, water color, color pens, color pencils, paints, stabile sets, oil paster, brushes and typographer pens and creativity notebook!
  • Set 2: Boardgame Set
    Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Joking Hazard, Coup, and Uno Cards
  • Set 3: Shirt Set
    12 tshirts 2 sandos 2 shorts 1 cap and 1 bag
  • Set 4: Book Set
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So, what are you waiting for? Join now, and spread the word!

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So to what extent do you think Palpatine ever considered Anakin a potential "apprentice"? Did he always intend to enslave Anakin from the moment they met? Like, I mean, yeah, he did, but. Like, when Sidious is fighting Yoda he says "You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." And somehow I think he meant it? Like, Dark Empire aside, he probably wasn't going to live forever? So to what extent did he want Vader to someday take over eventually maybe?

I don’t think there’s any functional difference, in Palpatine’s mind, between “apprentice” and “slave.”

Maybe Palpatine had some convoluted Sith plan to become immortal. Maybe he didn’t. But here’s the crucial thing about Palpatine: everything he does is aimed at getting and maintaining absolute power for himself.

Let’s assume he doesn’t have some plan to live forever. So eventually he’ll die, and then what will happen to the Empire he’s built?

I don’t think he actually cares.

Why should he? He won’t be in power anymore, and that’s his primary motivation.

I know the EU has this whole complicated thousand-year long Sith plot to take over the Republic, or whatever, but I don’t necessarily see any evidence for that in the movies. What the movies give us is Palpatine’s plot to take over the Republic.

For Palpatine, the Force and the Sith are just a few of the tools in his arsenal, all of which are aimed at gaining absolute power for himself. I think it’s one of the most interesting, and crucial, elements of his character and of his role within the narrative that he could have become Emperor without ever using the Force. If Palpatine weren’t Force sensitive, almost nothing in the PT would change.

So Palpatine wants absolute power. And he’s a master manipulator. He views other people as tools, and he knows exactly how to use them.

I don’t think he ever intended any of his apprentices to be his successor. Possibly Maul or even Dooku thought they would be, but if so they were always deluding themselves. I don’t think Anakin ever even thought he would be - not unless he pulled off a coup against Palpatine himself.

Palpatine’s apprentices are always picked to do very specific things for him. Maul’s role is to be an assassin, to look intimidating, and, most importantly, to provide a distraction for the Jedi. That works beautifully. It keeps working even after his death: for the next ten years, the Jedi are preoccupied with the return of the Sith, which keeps them from paying undue attention to the true danger in the political arena. In fact, the masterstroke of the distraction that is Darth Maul doesn’t play out until ten years after his death, with the start of the Clone Wars. The Jedi are so preoccupied with the discovery of Dooku as a Sith Lord, with the confirmation that the Sith are behind the Separatist movement, that they plunge headlong into a righteous war without asking a lot of crucial questions. (And, it has to be said, without showing any hesitation at using a slave army of people literally bred for war.)

Dooku himself serves as both an excellent distraction and as someone whose own considerable political acumen can hold together the Separatist movement while also carefully directing it to suit Palpatine’s plans. It’s possible that Dooku really believes he will be Palpatine’s heir, though given his age I think it’s more likely that he, like Anakin two decades later, is instead planning a coup against Palpatine.

And then there’s Anakin himself. My take on Palpatine’s thoughts on Anakin is actually articulated best in Trophies, which is a fic that’s part of the Double Agent Vader AU, but which actually fits well with canon, at least as far as Palpatine’s thoughts are concerned. I think he wants to control Anakin for three main reasons:

  1. The Jedi believe Anakin to be their Chosen One. That alone is reason enough to turn him - what better way to completely crush the Jedi than to turn their anticipated savior into their destroyer?
  2. In terms of raw ability / potential with the Force, Anakin is as powerful as it’s possible to get. Palpatine himself, in my headcanon, has a midichlorian count just below the cut off point that would have sent him to the Jedi Order. Palpatine loves power more than anything, and what could be a greater thrill than having complete control over the most powerful Force user who’s ever lived? (This, I think, is what lies behind Palpatine’s glee when he tells Yoda, “Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.” What’s important there is the unspoken, “And I’ll have complete control over all that power.”)
  3. I think that Palpatine actually had a vendetta against both Padme and Anakin following TPM. The conflict that would lead to his emergency powers and ultimately to his Empire was supposed to start on Naboo, but these two insignificant children, a girl queen who should have been easily manipulated and a slave boy who shouldn’t have been there at all, ruined his plans. Palpatine’s never been above petty revenge, and he’s very good at playing the long game. By the end of ROTS, Padme is dead and Anakin is completely under his power, which was the plan all along.

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I have a friend who was playing coup against someone who was really good at counting cards and reading people. So what he did to counter this is he just, stopped looking at his cards entirely, until at least the fourth to fifth turn. He has yet to loose since then against this guy.

I have played poker with people who have this WITCHCRAFT ability.

Across The Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Sixteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki stood in front of the Lords that made up his council colleagues, one as fat and privileged as the next. He watched as Lord Ivan entered the room, with something that finally made him understand the word his mother had called a swag. He looked at Loki with a sly grin on his face, one that made Loki want to go and shake the life out of him, but he refrained, instead, he acted blissfully unaware of everything, the Lord had not realised Thor had heard of his plans, so the element of surprise, much to Lord Ivan’s surprise, was not with him. “Lord Ivan, this is most irregular, is everything alright?”

“Some issues need to be attended to, your highness.” Ivan grinned, “I am aware you are eager to amendments you wish to make.”

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Yona ch.136 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 136 “Message” summary with pics and color title page

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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Let Us Live: Part 6

Intro Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

It’s been six months since I started this series; this is the sixth chapter. Hell fucking fuck I’m slow.

A lot of stuff happens in this chapter and a lot of stuff doesn’t? Its subtle but like things occur. Okay, some of them really aren’t subtle, but nghhhhhhh. I hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Ten x Y/N

Word Count: 3,196

Warnings: Explicit material.

When you woke up, Ten was not in the bed.

You blinked sleepily, confused momentarily as you looked around the room – he was nowhere in sight. Behind you, you could hear the scratching of a pen. You peered over your shoulder.

“Ten?” you mumbled, flipping over under the sheets. The cold air harassed your arms when you tried to sit up, so you flopped back down.

“Hmm?” He answered. He was writing at your desk, a cheap ball-point pen in hand. You stared for a moment, memorizing the lines of his face and the way his dark, messy hair fell after a night of sleep. You squinted your eyes and asked him what he was doing.

“What are you writing?”

“Nothing much…” he said softly, setting down the pen. Ten turned around in the swivel chair, using his heels to stop the motion once he faced you, “I was just waiting for you to wake up.”

This feels horribly - but wonderfully - domestic.

You hummed, “Thanks.”

Ten gave you a small smile and you felt your face flush a bright red, remembering the night, and more importantly, what you did the night before. The coup, crying profusely in a bipolaresque breakdown, impulsively asking Ten to stay, kissing him and touching him, purposefully trying to… You winced at the fresh memory.

“Sorry about last night…” you sighed, running a hand through your hair, “It was really out of character for me, not to mention out of line.”

“Don’t feel sorry,” Ten insisted. “If I felt uncomfortable I would’ve left; trust me.”

“Still, though…” You said with a conflicted frown, turning away from him to stare at the ceiling.

Ten got up out of the chair and sat on the edge of the bed; you tell by how the mattress dipped. He cleared his throat, “Where are you from?”

“Excuse me?” You sat up to look at him. In his hand was a piece of paper that looked like it had been torn from a notebook. It was what he had been writing on earlier, you assumed. Had he written you questions? Ten continued, sparing you a knowing glance.

“I’m from Bangkok, Thailand.” He said, holding up the paper towards you. Recognition washed over you: that was the paper you had written full of questions for him before you met him at MÜTE. You never intended for him to answer them.

“What are the Black Bloods like… we’re a bunch of dicks, being honest. I’d say a bit worse than the Calla Casablanca. Some of them are okay, though. They’re like you.” You raised your brow at his word choice.

“If you’re planning a coup against them, you should start addressing them as an entity you’re not a part of. Not trying to be a bitch or anything, it just seems a bit more correct.”

He whittled, “If it makes you happy. One question, though. Why do you want to know what conditioner I use?”

“I wrote that?”

“Why would I lie about something as odd as that?” He stuck out his tongue, giving you a cheeky smile. You sat up and smacked him across the bicep, pouting with red cheeks. The sheets slid off your shoulders and pooled in your lap, but you didn’t pay it much attention.

“Sorry that I’m so eccentric…”  You scoffed, leaning on your hand. You had forgotten you had written that. “Your hair looks soft. What can I say?”

“Thanks,” Ten said, unconsciously running a hand through his midnight colored locks, “but it’s just some drugstore brand. I just grab something off the shelf that looks good. Anyway… permission or forgiveness…”

You watched his face clear to a palette of honest thought, pondering the question with his bottom lip tucked slightly in. He turned to you as he let his lip go from his teeth, “What do you ask for, Y/N? Permission or forgiveness?”

Raising an eyebrow and drumming your fingers on your cheek, you copied his earlier action, biting your lip a touch harder than he had, though. You sighed and brought your other hand to you other cheek, leaning over your lap with your elbows on your knees. You thought rationally, knowing a good answer would be so say both, but if you thought honestly, you tended to rely solely on…

“Forgiveness,” you whispered, your fingers dropping from your face and to the sheets, turning the folds like you were stirring it through thick, viscous liquid. “I find I ask for forgiveness far more than I ask for permission.”

He hummed, sitting back with his hands on the bed. Ten turned towards you, his hair drifting over his temple, “I’ve always been the type to ask for permission so that I never have to ask for forgiveness. Although, I feel I have something to ask of you…”

You held eye contact with him as his hand skimmed over the sheets and delicately settled over yours, his long fingers guiding your palm to meet his. Legs moving instinctually, you let your feet settle on the floor with the likeness of a sail over water. The black-haired beauty led you to the space in front of him, his legs closing so you could stand over them, his bare thighs brushing yours as you sat on his lap. He pulled you forward, your knees settling on the bed.

It was cool; unrushed. His icy hand glided over your abdomen, making goosebumps rise on your bare skin. The hand that had originally led you to this position was still knit with your own. He brushed a hair back from your cheek to settle behind your ear, his lips parted and close in proximity. Your eyes watched his, and his eyes watched your tongue lick your lips in anticipation. His breath drifted over your face as he leaned forward.

“Forgive me, love, for I have sinned.”

Hanging on the last word, he gently pulled you by the nape and met your lips with his, his hands searching for purchase in your locks.

If last night had a color, it would’ve been a muddled blend of contrasting colors – purple and yellow, blue and orange, red and green. Two people not know what they were doing, feelings all over the place, their actions controlled by no rationale beyond one’s compulsion and complementary feeling of restriction.

Today was different. Today had a single, clear color – a Marian blue with no misconceptions or misplaced intentions.

The two of you still had no idea what you were doing, but you knew it felt right. Complex feelings were for later; neither of you knew what this was, yet. Neither of you knew what you were going to be, yet, but Ten still felt more than inclined to kiss you again and again, like a broken record. He bit your lip and pulled you against him, rubbing himself against you as you shook, knees weak. His lips drifted over you face, eyelashes fluttered over your cheeks as his hips stuttered and his hand drifted down to your waist line.

You gasped as his deft hands played you like a guitar, little noises rising from your mouth. You were a marionette in his hands, your body lifting and rocking as he pulled your strings. Gripping his shoulder, you ground against him, kissing him like your life depended on it. He kissed back, meeting your want for him with his want for you. You didn’t even know how the two of you ended up like this – it was just happening, and you were okay with it.

“Fuck, Ten!” Your thighs quivered as he rubbed you, circular motions pushing fast, keen whines out of you. He was pushing you to the edge, moaning at the feel of your nails imprinting little half-moons into his shoulders.

“Come on, Y/N,” he growled in your ear, his hand on your hip as he pushed you down on his fingers. You cried at the feeling of him going so deep. “Come for me, baby.”

And you did. You shivered and let out long high, grateful pitches as he moved his hand with no rhythm – just delightful speed. Ten kissed your neck up and down, leaving marks across your skin to fully bloom later into full, beautiful blossoms that you would treasure like diamonds. He caressed your sides with enough force to keep you safe, but never enough to break you.

Reaching a hand down between the two of you, you slid your hand under his waistband and tugged his length ‘till he came undone with you, falling back onto your mattress with a gaping mouth and gently closed eyes. He finished, coming in your hand like you had come in his.

You looked down at him, your quick breaths evening out to a steady pace, and swam in that gentle, sweet Marian blue.

Later that evening, Ten arrived at his high-rise apartment to find the door unlocked. Opening the door, his apartment was dead silent apart from a decorative analogue clock’s ticking. He sighed, running a hand through his hair as he called out, “Hansol? I know you’re in here.”

“You got me,” said the other man from the kitchen, voice muffled due to a mouth chock-full of food – a heaping spoonful of Lucky Charms ™ to be precise.  “How’s Queenie? Is she feeling okay now?”

“She’s… better now, I guess.” Ten said, stripping off his shirt as he headed back to his bedroom. “What a creative nickname…” he mocked under his breath as he changed into fresh clothes. He headed back to the kitchen and opened the fridge, hungry for a snack after seeing Hansol eat.

“Mind if I ask?”

“Was that question simply manners or do you actually care about my response?”

“Simply manners.” Hansol jibed, sitting at a bar stool, shirtless and in pajama pants. Quite the look for a gangster, Ten thought.

“Then by all means, ask away,” He replied, tone dripping with sarcasm.

“What were those tears all about? One moment, we were talking about… I don’t know, something stupid, and the next… I walk in and she’s crying all over your shoulder. What the hell did you do?”

“Why are you assuming I did something?” Ten said defensively around a mouthful of yogurt, his brow furrowed at his friend.

“Did you do something?”

“No, well… yes. I did, but it’s not really your business. It was a topic she was sensitive about and I should’ve gone about it in a better way.”

Hansol rolled his eyes, “Well at least it ended well for you.”

Ten paused, a spoon of yogurt plopping right back into the cup as the raven-haired boy made eye contact with the straw blonde, “What do you mean it ended well for me?”

“Oh, come on, Ten!” Hansol laughed, sipping the last bits of milk from his cereal bowl, “Your arms look like a cat attacked you. Don’t even try to lie to me; I know you two had sex.”

“We didn’t have sex,” the Thai man rebuked, “Just some hand stuff.”

Hansol choked on his water and did finger quotes around his words, “Hand stuff? Is she a nun or something?”

Ten glared it him from where he leaned against the counter.

The blonde sighed, “Too far?”

Ten nodded, and the blonde clicked his tongue, “Too far.”

Your mind was completely encompassed by thoughts of the coup, the Calla Casablanca, and Ten. Whenever you let your thoughts drift you remembered how his hands felt running across your skin, how they felt when they-

No, you thought to yourself, I need to focus. Stop thinking about him.

The two of you had talked after having that, um… moment. You talked about the next steps he wanted to take in staging the coup, and he informed you of other intricacies he hadn’t told you about the night before. Essentially, there was a lot that could go wrong.

You were supposed to tell Yuta, Taeil, and Lee, and Ten was going to tell Hansol. There wasn’t any plan if they refused; you relied completely on them agreeing. Even then, if they agreed, they could still be lying and tell on them. That’s why Ten and you agreed on telling so few – it was a safer, although still risky, bet.

You were currently working on that part. Having sent Yuta a text to meet you in the butterfly atrium in Seoul Forest – a place you knew no members of either gang would be, as people involved in criminal activity usually weren’t too inclined to seek out such creatures. Right now, though, you had had focus on not giving yourself away. Talking to Yuta was for after work.

Typing away on your computer, you attempted to straighten out, write, and edit code. It was a bit harder than usual, because your mind was all over the place, but you still made very few mistakes, and quickly corrected them when you saw them. Soon enough, you had finished your daily allotted portion of work and was free to go.

On your way out, you passed by Taeil and Lee talking by the entrance to the infirmary. Lee must’ve just gone in for his checkup.

“This is the last time, right? No more bloodwork and broken bones?” Taeil asked, putting a hand on the younger’s shoulder.

“Yes,” Lee smiled, “I just need to return the sling, then I’m free to go.” He ruffled the elder’s hair, to which the latter playfully slapped away his hand before pulling him into an embrace. Your heart went out to them; they were so clearly enamored with each other, but had to keep it under wraps and deny, deny, deny because of bias against them. A new sense of empathy blossomed in your chest – you couldn’t be openly with who you wanted because of bias, too.

You shook your head, knowing that if you and Ten succeeded, you could escape that bias permanently. They didn’t have that luxury.

You made you way out the lobby doors and to the atrium.

“Y/N?” Yuta called softly, not wanting to disturb the people quietly enjoying the butterfly garden. He called again and walked along the tiled path until he came upon you sitting on a bench, holding a pretty, orange butterfly on the tip of your finger.

“Oh, Yuta, you’re here.” You said, looking up with a smile, “Good to see you.”

Yuta immediately became suspicious and narrowed his eyes. He popped his hip and gave you an analytic look with his hand on his chin, not trusting your intentions.

“You want something, don’t you?”

“You’d be correct.”

The brunette sighed and made his way over to the bench, sitting down beside you, “And here I was, thinking we were here to hang out and be friends. You’ve been really distant, lately, Y/N. You seem like you’re always in your head.”

“Sorry about that,” you said, reaching over to bop his nose absentmindedly. He slapped your hand away and glared.

“No skinship until you tell me what’s wrong.”

You frowned, “So mean. You must promise to not freak out, though, alright? I don’t want you to stress out the butterflies.”

Yuta laughed, “How bad can it be?”

He bit his lip when you gave him a serious look, “Okay, I promise I won’t freak on you.”

“Thanks,” you said, voice cracking as you thought about every way this could go wrong, “Do you remember Ten?”

“How could I forget?” The Japanese boy gave you a comforting smile, folding his hands in his lap as he listened with interest.


Stay calm, Y/N. He’s your friend. You took a deep breath.

“We kinda started seeing each other.”

“What?” His eyes widened.

“And I’m also familiar with Hansol now.”


“That’s not even it. There’s more,” you cringed, looking away from your friend.

“Spit it out, then!”

You took a deep breath. Than another, and another following that. Yuta looked at you with worried eyes; He’s never seen you this stressed out.

“We’re planning a coup against the both the Black Bloods and the Calla Casablanca’s.”

Yuta looked at you with a blank face, his mouth hanging open slightly, “Did I hear that correctly? It sounded like you said something completely idiotic and totally suicidal.”

You sighed, “Nope, you heard me right, idiocy and all.”

“Oh My God…” he stood and ran a hand over his face, letting out a deep sigh. You brought your legs up and stared at the butterflies; they comforted you.

I’d like to come here with Ten one day, you thought as you awaited the elder’s response. All you had to do was convince him. Simple.

“Your so fucking dumb. Like, you’re astronomically dumb. Every time I think you grow a braincell you lose two instead,” He grimaced. You let his insults slide over you like water, knowing that was just his way of showing he worried. “Do you know how dangerous this is, Y/N?”

“It’s worth it if it means saving lives,” you responded, appealing to his logical side, “It’s worth it even more if it means I can live a normal life again.”

“With Ten,” Yuta said with a scrunched brow, “You’re infatuated. You’re too quick to agree, you’re too impulsive, you fall in love too quick-”

“Who said I was in love? I may be impetuous but I know my limits. I back away when I know something is to much for me… like with Eunseong. I am no fool, Yuta – don’t paint me as one.”

“But that doesn’t mean you should…” Yuta fretted with a huff. He sat back down on the bench. “Look, aren’t you the one who told me not to dwell on the past because it’ll only create heart ache?”

“I did say that, but opinions change. Feelings change,” you confessed, “and that’s what mine have done. I’m hoping you still have the want in you, Yuta, to leave. You could go back home.”

“I highly doubt that with the crimes I’ve committed.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. Ten has direct connections to law enforcement – a person he went to school with is a detective now, and he and his partner are willing to help us. We’re going to strike a deal. If we provide names, information, and proof – all from the inside – then the Seoul Law Enforcement department will extend to us it’s protection and will erase any criminal records that are associated with gang activity.”

Yuta pursed his lips as you watched him contemplate, eyes nearly unblinking.

“Does that mean they won’t get rid of my indecent exposure charge?”

You snorted, “Sorry, Yuta, but deciding to streak through a street in the middle of the night because a drunk dare doesn’t really count as gang activity.”

He shrugged, “I tried.”

Laughing, you pulled your feet up onto the bench and crossed them. The older male patted your knee, and you held your breath as you asked, “So are you in?”

“You made a compelling argument, my friend.” Yuta grabbed your arm and pulled you into a bro hug despite your legs folded between the two of you and gave you a hard pat on the back.

“I’m in.”

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DOCTOR ANON- ooo boi o boi that was awesome i smiled SO HARD DUDE , you did so well! :D much love vuv now i am curious what TFP Cons would react to it ;)

Yayyy!!!!  Thank you!  Glad you enjoyed it!  ^__^  Get ready for even more awkward shenanigans!! XD

Megatron:  When you accidentally blurt out “Sure thing, Dad,” after he gives you an assignment, he simply turns and raises an optic ridge at you while you splutter flustered apologies.  He merely scoffs and rolls his optics, leaving you to wallow in your own crushing shame.  If he’s honest with himself though, it’s sort of… nice having someone look up to him like that.  He’s not planning on changing his will or anything, but it’s nice to know where your loyalties lie.  From then on though, you notice he’ll occasionally shoot you a subtle, approving smile whenever you’ve done a particularly good job with something.  They’re pretty rare, but you live for those smiles.  (It makes Starscream so fraggin’ mad.)

Starscream:  He is absolutely mortified when you call him ‘dad’ on accident.  (He dedicates his whole life to their lord and leader, Megatron, and THIS is the thanks he gets?)  He’s so over the top about it, that you forget your initial embarrassment and start laughing at him, which makes him furious.  He storms off to his room, thinking about how insufferable humans are. Why would they even think about him like that?  It’s not as if he cares about them.  He doesn’t need their approval, not at all.  Why should he care if one, puny, insignificant human looks up to him?  It’s not satisfying at all, nope!  Don’t be surprised though, if he comes looking for you later, asking for your support in his upcoming coup against Megatron.

Soundwave:  He thinks it’s absolutely hilarious, although it’d be hard to tell from his body language at first.  When you first say it, he stops and turns toward you with an inscrutable gaze.  For a moment, you shift uncomfortably, thinking you’ve offended him or something.  But then he plays the quote from Brooklyn Nine Nine over his visor.  “Do you see me as a father figure, Peralta?”  (Shut up, Soundwave.)  From then on, he take any opportunity he can to make a dad joke.  “Man that last mission really wore me out.  I’m exhausted!”  Cue various audio mashes:  “Hi, exhausted.  I’m dad.”  (Soundwave, please.)

Knock Out:  He’s low-key kind of offended at first.  “I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.”  Breakdown’s the one that really gives him a hard time about it.  He thinks it’s hilarious and teases Knock Out at every given opportunity.  “Be nice to our sparkling, KO!  You want to be one of those dead-beat sires?”  (Knock Out low key hates you both.)  The jokes on all of you though, because after awhile the whole fake family dynamic somehow evolves into a real one.  None of you are quite sure when it happened, but your new robot dads will be damned if they let anything happen to you now.

Breakdown:  He’s a bit embarrassed at first, and tries to brush it off.  “Do I look like your dad, kid?”  It’d be hard for him to admit (especially after giving Bulkhead such a hard time about his “pet”) but he does come to realize that he cares about you a great deal.  His dynamic with you slowly begins to shift from friendly acquaintance to protective dad.  You are now essentially his kid, and he practically has a spark attack whenever he losses track of you.  “Where were you?  You know you’re supposed to com after a mission!”  (It’s only because he worries.)  

Dreadwing:  He… doesn’t actually know what a dad is.  He thinks you just mispronounced his name.  “Um, no.  ‘Dread’.  Dreadwing.”  It’s only much later, long after you’ve forgotten about the incident, that he learns the truth.  The realization hits him like a brick wall.  (Oh my god!  They see me as a parental figure!  What do I do?!?!)  He becomes very awkwardly protective of you after that, shadowing you on missions and offering you stilted praise on a job well done.  You have no idea why he’s acting so strangely, but hey.  There are worse mechs to hang out with, you suppose.  

Airachnid:  When you accidentally call her ‘mom’ one day, she predictably smirks and begins teasing you for it.  You scowl and roll your eyes, thinking that’s the end of it, but in reality, the gears in her twisted mind have already begun turning.  Accidental or not, you clearly feel some sort of affection for her, and Airachnid’s going to milk that for all it’s worth.  She subtly begins manipulating you, luring you in slowly with praise and affirmations.  You could prove very useful to her down the line.  All she has to do to keep you in her web is to offer a gentle head pet now and again.  “That’s a good little human…”

Shockwave:  He’s very… confused?? as to why you would call him ‘dad’.  He’s not your dad, or anyone else’s dad for that matter.  The two of you aren’t even the same species??  That would be biologically impossible???  You’d be happy to let it drop, if not for resident troll, Soundwave, who finds the whole thing utterly hilarious.  Whenever he sends reports to the chief science officer, he now replaces Shockwave’s name with “Dad” via a search and replace function.  Shockwave thinks he might have set his emotional capacity for ‘annoyance’ too damn high.

Miserable Lester, Part zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Heeeeeyyyyy, Lia!

Lia! You goddamn millennial slouch! Stop dicking around on your phone and listen up! You’re supposed to be recapping the next chapter of Les Mis!

Aw, Lia, that’s a bunch of boring historico-political junk. You know I’m not interested in that stuff. I thought I’d just jokingly Not Really Recap It At All the way I did with the Waterloo section!

You know, it might be more interesting to you if you bothered reading a couple of Wikipedia articles to give you an actual context. And I suspect having a rudimentary understanding of the political crap involved is going to help you appreciate the next part of the story more. It’s not just prison, personal tragedies, and guiltllucinations anymore, babe! They have like an entire fucking failed revolution or whatever.

Screw you!

Dude, I’m saving you time and effort! It’s a hell of a lot easier to explain something in a funny way when you know at least a little bit about it.

…So you think I should, what, just…read, then Wikipedia this shit until I think I have a handle on what I just read and my eyes aren’t skating over half the text like it’s a roller rink, then try and give a quick rundown?

Pretty much.

Can I at least do it section by section? In small, manageable chunks, you know. Like, one post per Roman Numeral Entry Of VHugz Political Bloviating?

Sure. It’s your blog.



Great! Let’s get to it, shall we?

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“Yasss, Queen, slay!!” the crowd shouted as the beloved Queen offered some last words before her cousin is executed for attempting an unpopular coup against her husband, the King, while he was out in the field of battle

I have high hopes and expectations for Friday’s episode, Day of the Sorcerers.  

Recapping my earlier speculation based on a few seconds of footage in the season teaser trailer: Grimtrix gathers the royal sorcerers to encourage they plan a coup against their kingdoms and take one over, informing the others Cedric has the means to do so with Sofia’s amulet. I’m thinking most don’t go along with Grim and those that do only do so out of fear so Cedric not only has to protect his kingdom and princess, but save his friends. Maybe. Hopefully. It’d be so awesome to see him be a real hero. Kick his ass Cedric! The show will probably be way less dramatic than the epic showdown I’m fangirlin’ in my head.

glowstickfix  asked:

Hi! Feel free to respond privately or ignore this entirely if you've had enough talk of Itachi for one day, but *goshdarn* after reading your recent post do I want to write that Itachi-meets-Kagami scenario I mentioned a while back. (1/5)

Post-massacre would just be a huge wallowing hole of angst and rage, but maybe I could have Sarutobi leaving that council meeting and saying, “Screw it, I need an Uchiha I can trust/talk to.” and, as Tobirama’s successor he *does* (handwaves) have knowledge of how the Edo Tensei works, and as Sandaime, he *does* have access to prisoners of Konoha just sitting around waiting to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Dealing with Obito’s presence would be an issue, but if I had Itachi confront his parents first, and had Kagami show up right at that pivotal (and oft replayed) moment, and then Itachi attempts to defend his actions to this dead guy he might have had some respect for… “But, this was to be for the good of the village - they were attempting a coup, sir.” This sounds more like a shaky whine than Itachi intends.

Kagami’s cracked smile makes Fugaku flinch where the threat of his son’s blade had not. “You’re aware I served *Senju Tobirama*, yes? A single attempted coup against the Hokage? Just the one? That could still possibly be stopped using diplomacy? AHAHAHAHA-c'mere you little shit.”

Kagami proceeds to fix a few things and be a general nuisance to all of his old comrades before going back to sleep. Urgh, but now I want to save Shisui too, and stop everything leading up to that night’s events from happening in the first place… Kat, thank you so much for allowing me (and others) to blabber fannish nonsense at you all the livelong day - you must have an incredible amount of patience. :)

Oh god, this is fucking fantastic, and if you write it I will worship at your altar. Just - yes. Yes please.  💕 💕 💕


King Jungjong’s love confession from Jewel in the Palace a.k.a. Great Jang-Geum 대장금 大長今 (2003 MBC).

After watching Queen for 7 days (2017 KBS), I just wanted to rewatch this scene which was my all-time favorite Sageuk romance for a long time. 

He is the king and she is his court lady (royal physician), so he can do anything to her. But he doesn’t make her his concubine because he loves her so much and respects her free will.

In episode 1~3 of Jewel in the Palace, the little heroine (Jang-Guem) is deeply involved with King Yeonsan and Prince Jinseong (King Jungjong). If you are wondering about King Yeonsan, his mother’s tragic death, and the upcoming coup against the king, I recommend you to watch the first 3 episodes.

It was written by one of Six Flying Dragons (2015 SBS) writers.  I think it’s worth watching the whole series because it is one of the highest-grossing TV drama series in the Korean television history (It was exported to about 100 countries in the world) as well as it is the pioneer and the role model for every fusion Sageuk drama genre.

so it’s been a year since i’ve had kitty cain!! he’s the first cat i’ve ever gotten to raise, and he’s a perfect fit in my every day life. he already knows how to fetch, sit, and he stands on his hind legs to tell me he needs food! it’s been fantastic having him integrated in, but i think the hardest thing about having him was to accept going from this:

to this: