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Stay | Pt. 5 [Final]

Taehyung Angst

❥ “If I ask you not to go, would you stay with me? If I ask you not to go, would you love me again?”

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When you heard his voice again, you looked up from your phone and connected your eyes with his.

He looked sad and broken. His face was  pale and his eyes weren’t sparkling like they did a few months ago.

He looked like he was carrying all the sadness of this world on his shoulders. Was that really your fault?

Hesitantly but slowly, he took a step toward you but your instinct told you to a step back. When he saw that you backed away from him, he opened his eyes widely and stopped walking immediately.

Sadly looking into your eyes, he whispered. “Did I really hurt you that much?”

You averted your eyes. How were you supposed to answer that?

“I missed you, Y/N-ah..”

Closing your eyes tightly, you let the tears roll down your face. “T-Taehyung, don’t, please..”

“Can I hug you?”

Shaking your head hysterically, you stepped back again.

“Please, Y/N..” he whispered with a shaky voice.

“No, plea-”

Before you could end your sentence, you felt two strong arms wrapped around your body.

Taehyung nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and started crying. “Why didn’t you tell me before, Y/N? Why did you make us both suffer like this? Do you know how hard it was for me to live these few months without you?! Why did you lie to me?”


Leaning his forehead against yours, he started stoking your hair. “Shh.. You don’t have to answer this now. Just answer me one question. Will you allow me to stay by your side?”

The minute you heard his question, a little giggle left your mouth. “Well, you’re my best friend and I don’t think that I can get rid of you, so-”

“No, not as your best friend.”

Confused, you looked at his serious face. “W-What?”

Suddenly, he started leaning forward while he was staring at your lips. Panicking, you started leaning back. “What are you doing, Taehyung?! You have a girlfriend-”

With that, you felt his soft lips on yours. The kiss was soft and gentle. It felt like he was telling you all his hidden feelings through this kiss. When he leaned back, you looked at his face with a shocked expression plastered on yours.
What was he doing?

“I never thought I’d have to wait this long until I had the opportunity to kiss my first love.”


“I’m in love with you, Y/N-ah. I’ve always been..”

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How about harry being obsessed with your ass

He’d absolutely love your ass. Give it a slap when you’d walk past him, when you’d make some food, he’d come behind you and start peppering your shoulder with little wet kisses as his hands would slide down the back of your sweatpants and squeeze it, massaging the smooth skin.

“Such a pretty ass, love. And all mine”

When you two would wake up in the morning and you’d sit up on the edge of the bed, he’d turn to your side and ask you to stay there for a while, just so he can admire the beautiful view of your ass pressing against the sheets. He’d stoke your skin with his fingers, the cold metal of his rings that he left on for the night, sending a shiver down your spine, making you arch your back and push your ass back. “Fuckin’ hell” Harry would mumble under his breath.

And when you’d ride him, his back against the head board and his knees bent, he’d push you down on him by your ass, his fingers digging into your skin and his knuckles would turn white, so you can feel every single inch of his cock. You’d take hold of his shoulders and nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck. “Does my baby like tha’? Huh?” and Harry would give a hard stinging slap, making sure to leave marks for the next day, so he can take care of you, kiss the sensitive red marks and rub some lotion on you.

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
September 2016

Day 28: Significant 

You can imagine, I gave love. More love than normal. But [Dele] is very mature and he showed today a big maturity. And I am very happy for him because he was very sad, very disappointed. You know, he’s only twenty years old. I will protect always, I will support him always. For me, he’s one of the best younger players in the world and I always will protect him. His character and the way that he behave, yes sometimes can make a mistake. But I want him on the pitch and I want next to me him.
—  Mauricio Pochettino when asked about Dele Alli’s goal against Stoke three days after being red carded in the Europa League [x]
A Date With Darkiplier

[Fanfiction written by Jex, who preferred to not have their username included]

You and Dark had been seeing each other for a little while now. Or maybe he was seeing you. You weren’t sure if you ever had a choice in the matter. There was something about you that he desired, and so he had to have you. And you, of course, were fine with that.
You weren’t sure what he was or what he could do, but you felt safe with him even with all the unease you felt if he came home with even a speck of red on his grey suit.
You couldn’t remember being happier than you were when you were with him. In fact, you couldn’t remember any of your life before him. Did you go to school? Did you have a family? It either didn’t matter or it never existed to begin with.

You were on a date, you think. There was wine and a meal and his dark eyes piercing your soul as the world faded around you. “All you have to do is let me in…”

It was that simple. He had purred those words to you over dinner and you felt as if your life had truly begun. It was exciting. He made you feel that, together, the world had endless possibilities.

He had spent a lot of time with you at first, showing you the stars and far off places you could never have dreamed of visiting before he came. You would look at the endless sky or the never-ending landscape before you. He would only look at you. His eyes were cold and black but his smile filled you with such warmth you hardly noticed. They were like black coals of an ancient fire gone out long ago, and although you trusted him, there was a feeling in the back of your mind to never let those embers be stoked against you.

Only once in your time together had they come close. He had started going back to work, at least you assumed it was work, but he would still take you to dinner. Booking out the restaurant, never the same place twice. He always picked, but you never disagreed on where to go. You wore the outfit he picked out for you and held open any door that came before you. He pulled your chair for you, ordered for you, even once dotting the corner of your pretty mouth with a napkin for you.

He allowed the waiter to pour your drink. The next thing you knew you were back at home and he was yelling furiously. At first it was at you. “How dare you let anyone look at you. You belong to me. Understand?!” He bellowed with a voice that made the walls shake and your knees go weak. He saw a tear in the corner of your eye and he straightened himself, pulling his jacket tight. He took a deep breath and sighed. He told you in the most gentle voice he could muster that there was cake for you in the fridge and to help yourself to it as he had some business to take care of. Then, without a word, he pulled the waiter to his feet and led him by the arm towards the big black doors that slammed behind him.

You had seen his persuasion room before, although you had never seen it used. Most of the time you forgot the doors leading to it were there, but on occasion they would be open and Dark would be inside arranging his array of tools about in ways that suited him. His eyes would flicker in your direction, but he would pretend not to notice you as the doors closed quietly to separate you. Such heavy doors shouldn’t be able to make such little noise, especially in comparison to the loud slam you had heard when the waiter was lead inside. You didn’t dare think of what was done to him, fearful for a time that your lover was doing terrible and unthinkable things to someone who gave such an innocent passing glace in your direction, but the waiter came out on his own that day. Unblinking and calm, leaving the house you and Dark shared without a word.

“I’m going away for a while.” His words cut through the silence over dinner some time later, “Something I have to take care of. Stay here, won’t you? You are free to move about the house as you wish. Except for The Room of course. You know better than to go in there without me, Don’t you?” His words were like honey. He touched your chin gingerly as he spoke and your ears became hot with blush. He seemed to take enjoyment in seeing you so easily swooned by him.

He smiled. It didn’t reach his eyes. It was a warning as you felt the space around you feel electric like the static of an old television set after being turned off. Before you could say anything, you found yourself nodding. And he was gone.

There was a hollowness without him around. The house had always felt alive, almost like a home, but it was now quiet. You kept checking to see if the fridge was still working and the lights would still turn on. They did, but the silence was deafening. Wasn’t there supposed to be the humming of wiring? Some indication that it worked? Anything? It never occurred to you that there weren’t any clocks in the house. No watches, no digital time piece on the oven, no indication of time passing at all. You became suddenly very aware that you might be trapped here.

You kept up with your house chores, you puttered around and did whatever you preferred to do when passing the time, but you kept finding yourself staring at the black wood doors that lead to the one place in the entire house you weren’t allowed to go without him. It was as silent as the rest of the empty house, but something about it felt as though it were calling to you. No matter where you went, no matter what you did, your thoughts kept going back to those doors. At first, you felt guilty not thinking about Dark. Surly he should be your every thought, every waking hour dedicated to him. But right now, just for right now, those doors called to you more than he ever did. Was it the chance to defy him? No, the thought filled you with dread. Maybe it was because it was the only place left in the entire house that felt like it once held him. You could have tricked yourself easily into thinking he never existed or that he never set foot in your home before, but those doors lead to the one place you could feel a part of him with every fiber of your being. Your bones ached as you stared. The doors seemed to grow larger. Wait. You were walking towards it. You hadn’t noticed your hand outstretched to touch the doorknob until the burning silver handle touched your finger tips. You pulled away to see the red burn marks and held your hand close to you as you tried to comfort yourself. You didn’t understand what came over you. You turned to leave, but the door opened. You felt the cold air blast against your back. Shivers ran down your spine and you peered over your shoulder. Emptiness. It was as if the room absorbed some of the ambient light in the hallway in front of it. You had never known space to cast shadow before. Against every instinct in your body, you stepped inside. Florescent lighting from no noticeable source flickered on and you gasped.

It was completely barren. No tools, No blood, No weapons. Nothing. Just a white room with the familiar buzzing sound of office lights surrounding you, The walls and floor completely indistinguishable from one another. Nothing but white.

Time to go. You had to leave. Your body screamed at you that something was wrong and for once you listened. You turned around to go back the way you came but you faced a white wall where the door should have been. You felt around desperately, trying to find any indication that there was a way out but to no avail. You were trapped.

You froze and tensed a mere moment before you felt his words behind you. “Are you happy with what you’ve found?”

His breath was hot against the back of your neck and you spun around on reflex. He was nowhere near you. In fact, he was almost to the other side of the room, and you didn’t know how you didn’t see him standing there before. You stared at him, panicked, and he stared back. You must have stopped breathing at some point because you were suddenly gasping for air. You felt as if your body forgot how Oxygen was supposed to work and you weren’t getting enough air. You kept staring, begging him with your eyes for help, but he was out of focus. You clasped at your chest and watched as he chuckled from the center of the room, walking towards you. The sound of his shoes clicking against the ground filled you with fear. He wasn’t smiling anymore.

His voice began to ring in your ears, “I Thought I told you not to come in here. How could you possibly think you could get away with this?”

You tried backing further into the wall but you felt the solid cold space behind you tip back. You stared up at him as he walked down the now-wall towards you. You’d be in awe of his abilities if you weren’t so afraid. You scrambled to your feet and ran as fast as you could, not caring where you went as long as it was away from him. But no matter how far you got from him his voice was in your head, and you couldn’t tell where your thoughts ended and his voice began.

“You couldn’t handle being away from me for a measly hour? You really are desperate.”
You didn’t dare look behind you.
“So eager to see me again, you broke the one rule I gave you… And for what? So I would come back and scold you like the child you are?”
You struggled to stay on your feet,
“Well… I hope it was worth it.”

The room went dark. You shivered as you turned to face him again. You could see him so clearly against the void the room provided. His face kept shifting from pure rage to blank slate. “I hope it was worth it.” His voice barely above a whisper. “Because everything I’m about to do…Is your fault,”

You blinked and he was directly in front of you. Without thinking you shoved him him away, causing the blackness around you to sputter with slivers of white. He cried out in shock and lunged at you in a blind rage as he yelled. You pulled yourself away from his gaze and ducked away from his grasp. You began to run forward but your foot somehow missed solid ground. You tumbled through darkness and as suddenly as the yelling started, it stopped.

Birds. You couldn’t believe how much you missed the sound of birds. You brought yourself to your feet and dusted yourself off, looking around and adjusting your eyes to the sunlight around you. Where were you? A park? There were people around, a few kids, maybe a dog or two. Not quite sure where you were, you walked forward along the dirt path, shaking and jumping at any loud sound. You look up just in time to see a Frisbee nearly hitting you in the face before it’s grabbed mid-air.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” You turn and look. He looks a lot like Dark but… his eyes are kind and his smile is genuine. “Hey! Didn’t we go on a date? Wow! I haven’t seen you since we saw that play, how are you?”

Mark… You couldn’t believe it. You nearly threw your arms around him but he braces you gently and helps you calm down. You begin to tell him what happened after seeing Dark’s little performance at the theater and he nods along. You’re not quite sure if he understands you or not, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He either didn’t remember being shot after briefly being abducted by Darkiplier or he didn’t want to think about it. Either way, He seemed really happy to see you again. “Say this might sound weird, but I’m really in the mood for ice cream. Do you want to come?” He asked, offering you his arm. Hesitantly, you take it. It’s not as if this goofball could be any worse than what you had just endured, right?

–Written by Jex


Since this place seems a little bit more like some “derelict ship” as of late… and see nothing against this..  Something to stoke those lil chest/back/mouth bursters back into life

Art of Pleasure

Genre: Fluffy Smut

Word Count: 1,359

Waking up to your boyfriend was always a pleasure, but leaving him was torture; especially when you had to spend his days off on campus working. It was your fourth year as a Fine Arts major and you had to complete an Honour’s project before the end of term. Not wanting to fall behind, you dedicated every Saturday to being in the studio, working from dawn till dusk. Unfortunately, Changkyun had chosen the weekend to surprise you by coming for a visit, throwing off your schedule.  However, since he was tired from traveling and would probably sleep until lunch anyway ,you leave a note and sneak out of the apartment.

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“If I could begin to be, half of what you think of me,“ 

 It’s raining again, the worst timing yet, he thinks. He slides down from the roof using the drainage pipe, landing in a rather ugly ally. His coat is already wet, his pants sticking to his skin. The air behind the mask is already starting to feel cold and sticky. He just wants to go home to a nice long shower, and then have you snuggled underneath his arm.

 He’s only started making his way to the apartment, when he hears a low whimper. On his guard, he turns to see a rather harmless puppy. It’s growling as his teeth nip at ,what appears to be, a trash bag. He walks away, this really isn’t his problem. He’s not Damian Wayne, he doesn’t have compassion for these sorts of things. But then he hears another whimper. 

 "Aw hell.“ 

 "I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love.” 

 He sighs, yet again, feeling the damp ball of fur underneath his arm squirm once more. His mask underneath his other arm. Maybe he should have just left it there, he thinks. He doesn’t even know if you like dogs, or maybe you’re allergic. Cajoling the dog out from underneath the dumpster had taken at least ten minutes, and he’s sure it wasn’t exactly worth being drenched to the bone.

 "When I see they way you act, wondering if I’m coming back,“ 

 The look on your face when you see him enter the door, makes a smile bloom onto his face. You’re in an average outfit, a pair of wind short’s and one of his shirts. He doesn’t miss the way your hands clamped around the neck, holding the red fabric close to your nose.

“I could do about anything, I could even learn to love like you.”

 "You’re soaking wet.” You murmur, moving behind him to take off the brown coat over his shoulders. Water dripping from his body, when you take it the squirming bundle underneath his arm. 

 "And I always thought I might be bad, now I’m sure that it’s true.“ 

 You take it into your arms almost immediately. Holding it close to your body, the puppy curls against you. You don’t seem to mind that it’s soaking wet, or the faint smell of garbage that clings to the fur. 

 "You should go take a shower, I don’t want you catching a cold.” You murmur, lips pressing against his damp cheek as he watches you cradle the puppy in your arms. 

 "I can take care of him for a while.“ He can’t help but smile, nodding as he moves towards the shower. 

 "Because I think you’re so good, and I’m nothing like you." 

 He watches in amazement as your fingers rub the soap into the puppy’s fur. He growls, teeth nibbling on your finger, but you only smile. 

 "Poor baby is probably teething.” You murmur to yourself, trading your finger for a sponge. You’re nothing like him really, you’re something he can never be.

 You’re a good person.  

“Look at you go I just adore you, I wish that I knew-”

 Everyone can see it too, everyone knows that you’re a good person. And you’re genuinely kind, not because it gives you any sort of satisfaction, but because for some reason when other people smile you find yourself smiling too. And for some reason, when you smile he can’t help smiling either. 

 "What makes you think I’m so special“ 

 You could do better. You deserve better. You deserve someone who believes in making other people happy like you, someone who saw the good in others even if there wasn’t any.

 "If I could begin to do, something that does right by you-" 

 And if he was a good person, he would have done what was right a long time ago. He would have let you go. He would have let you find the person you were supposed to be with. The person who took in small animals hiding from the rain, the person who works a nine to five job and brings home takeout on the way back from work, the person you were born to be with. He can never be that person. 

 "I would do about anything.”

 There had been so many things that had occurred in his life, that he would never be able to be that person. Not even for you. it would go against ever life experience he had ever had. It would go against the very core of his morals. Because if being that person for you, meant that someone else would get hurt. 

 Then he was always going to pick saving Gotham. 

 "I would even learn how to love.“

 He’s just about to start wondering what kind of a person that makes him, when something heavy settles into his lap. The puppy looks up at him with big, sad eyes. Licking his hand when he moves to pet him. Like it knows what he’s been thinking, like it can understand his pain.

 "He cleans up pretty well doesn’t he?” You ask, there’s a bright smile on your face, your eyes crinkling at the edges. You settle beside him, your hand brushes against his as your stoke the puppy’s fur back.

 "Kind of like you.“ You murmur, it’s only a whisper, but Jason still hears it. And immediately his face erupts into flames. His hand is still among the silky coat, quickly engulfed by your own. Your fingers tangling through his.

 "Love me like you." 

 "I’m glad your home.” You say, your head resting on his shoulder. Eyes dimming as you take in a deep breath. He always smells so good after a shower.

 It’s in that moment that Jason realizes, you’re always going to love him more then he could ever love himself. It makes him a little sad. But he can’t help but be happy. 

After all meeting someone like you, and having been loved as he has, is nothing short of a miracle. 

 "I’m glad to be home too.“

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 6: Genre 

A few contemporaries