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a quick guide to posting mcr pics to tumblr

reposters are running rampant in the scene so i thought i’d put together a nice lil guide for newcomers on posting to the site. dont forget that this works when reblogging stuff as well; keep an eye on blogs that are known to reposting other ppl’s content !

“When is it 100% okay to post pics?”
- the picture is taken by you
- you’ve asked the original photographer for a permission to post the pic
- if the photographer has not explicitly stated that it’s against their wishes to repost the image
- if you always remember to credit the photographer.

“This pic looks edited, can I post it?”
- if it’s an edit with someone’s watermark on it, don’t post it.
- is it a meme? sure, go ahead. honestly. if it’s got a watermark, don’t delete it. shouldn’t be anything questionable in fucking with memes, i think.

“I edited the pics myself, can I post it?”
- yes, unless: 1.) the photographer has explicitly asked no one to edit their pictures upon posting anywhere, or 2.) it’s not okay to post it in the first place, you fucking gremlin.
- always credit. always.

“It’s a gif. Can I post it?”
- Gifs are always made by someone, so in case it’s not made by you, it’s better not to post it.
- If you made it, do post it !  Totally okay. ( Extra points if you link the video you made it from, makes people happy. )

Now for the more specific situations…

“The picture I found is grainy as fuck, zoomed weirdly, the source can’t be found even with witchcraft and it doesn’t seem to have a watermark on it. Can I post it?”
- Welcome to the Grey Zone, everyone: where the morals don’t apply. These pics are usually taken by various fans in early 00s and are usually okay to post; not because it’s legal to reshare them, but because usually no one gets hurt if the pics are reshared in the year of 2017. So yes, usually it is okay to post it. Ask someone more familiar with old mcr pics for help if you want to credit the pics (usually impossible, though.).

“It’s a paper clipping of an interview. Can I post it?”
- If you can make out the magazine the picture is taken from, please add that when you post it.

“It’s from (the member)’s Instagram. Can I post it?”
- Yes, if you tell people it’s from their Instagram / Snapchat / Google+ / Website. There are blogs that are dedicated to posting the members’ social media pictures so I’m sure you can find someone else’s post on it, but if you really need to repost it yourself, go ahead.

Good blogs to ask for help upon crediting pictures;

@callmeblake, @mychemicalcatalog, @luna-lovesu.

I’m not going to list any known reposters but they know who they are

if you have anything to add, please do so !

Asking for a favor

A lot of you guys are aware that I become a raging banshee when it comes to reposting and art theft. I’m dealing well with the English-speaking community for the most part so the majority of reposts I find are from other communities. While I know that there are a lot of reposters that know it’s wrong and still do it, there’s fairly a good portion that don’t know. So I was hoping that some of you could help me translate some text. The more languages, the better. But the main languages I see a lot of reposts in in the ML fandom are Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

So if anyone can help translate this, I’d greatly appreciate it:

“Please do not copy, edit or republish onto this website or any other website. If you would like to share, please share the link to the original instead.”

The wording is a little awkward so if you could make it more eloquent, please do! Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Extra-special, here’s a drawing of Ronan Grinch Lynch from The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater. (This is a re-upload with my larger signature to protect against reposters.) Just for you, @artydarling :3

Done in ink and white colored pencil on grey construction paper. 8 hours of my life. Worth it.

oh i forgot to post the doodle I did for V’s birthday!!

also i want to mention it again. Please do not repost my art. Please….Im honestly tired of finding my art un-credited and reposted against my wishes (as well as my friends art) Please respect artists. Credit does not mean “credits to the artist” 

Alert: Loss of Tumblr Talent

I want to raise awareness to a problem I have seen on multiple apps I have been on. Cyber bullying is nothing to take lightly, under any circumstances, and yet another victim has halted their artwork from being displayed on Tumblr because of this heinous act. The extent of this blasphemy has led to one of the bullies taking her username from her.

@prompto-loco is the blog being targeted. Whether you are an artist, a follower of her work, or just someone reading this post, we need help taking a stand against the person who has taken her blog in the very least. Everyone has the right to share their work, especially the true Prompto-Loco. I was such a fan of her work, and it pains me to see this kind of harassment forced upon anyone.

I am reaching out to anyone on Tumblr willing to help us reach justice for her. Please, report the fake @prompto-loco for harassing and forcing the talented artist to shun her work from Tumblr. At the very least, a repost would help raise awareness. Any form of bullying is absolutely not tolerable.

Right now, the original artist needs all the support she can get. I am not sure how to reach her, but if you are willing to raise her spirits, @rockthis-noctis would be the one to talk to.

Friendly reminder
  • That weheartit, pinterest, google images and other websites like the first two aren’t sources.
  • That putting “not mine” in the tags or as a caption is still reposting/stealing.
  • That putting “credits to [url]” in the tags or as a caption if the original maker hasn’t given you their expicite permission to do so is still reposting/stealing.
  • That adding a black&write filter to an edit doesn’t make it your own.
  • That adding some text to an edit doesn’t make it your own.
  • That whatever you add or erase from someone else’s creation doesn’t make it your own.
  • That no matter why and how you do it, reposting is hurtful and disrespectul for/to the original creators.
  • That no matter why and how you do it, reposting is against Tumblr’s policies and the staff is then allowed to delete your blog.

header graphic by @squirrellygirlart || @miraculousblackout

Let’s talk about reposting, shall we? c:

I’m a little late to the party because I’m a dumdum who thought this was in August, but here we go. Long post ahead.

Funnily enough (or not), because I was late to join this protest, I posted a comic celebrating a follower milestone during the blackout and barely 2 HOURS later, it got reposted on Instagram. I kid you not:

(if you can’t see it, I posted mine 20 hours ago, and the repost was made 19 hours ago)

Anyway, this really puts a bad taste in my mouth. Not only was my work reposted almost immediately after it was made, it was also by someone who doesn’t even follow me AND they even changed up the caption for their own, thereby erasing my message for the comic I made.

I feel really disrespected as a creator. I made that comic to thank my followers, and right off the bat someone who is not even following me goes on and snatches it up.

The intent to repost this before anyone else was clear. Not once have I received a message asking for permission. It’s like… nobody cared to ask me first? It’s okay as long as they slap my name on the description like “lairep on tumblr made this”? Haha. no

Did they directly link the original post? Did they directly link my blog? No. And let’s be real, who’s even going to bother manually typing my name on the searchbar to go to my blog to see more of my posts when they can easily find them on some reposter’s account? Just giving the name is not enough credit. Just giving a name is not enough “exposure” or whatever new excuse a reposter has for doing it.

I’m not asking for much. Just don’t make me feel this way. Like I don’t matter besides providing content for you to peruse as you please. I do this for fun and I enjoy sharing, but I have the right to share in however way I want to. I’m the one making it, not you.

It took me a lot of courage to even start posting anything at all, because I’ve had previous experience of art theft that drove me from drawing and sharing for years… and if this goes on—- let’s just say I don’t want a repeat of that. I want to share, I want to make content, so please don’t do things that would make me want to stop.

Please don’t make other creators feel this way. Let creators feel like they matter. That you appreciate them. That you want them to keep making content you and others would enjoy. Make them feel the joy they give you with their posts. Make them feel like staying in the fandom instead of leaving.

Don’t steal, don’t repost. At the very least, drop a line to ask permission. It’s not hard to click links and type words. Even just to show you respect them as a person. It’ll be worth it, I promise. c:

This has been a long post (and I haven’t even touched on PLAGIARISM), but I had to say my piece. I fully support this blackout for me, my friends, and for other creators who are dealing with this kind of thing every. freaking. day.

Edit: Accidentally posted early instead of drafting, but I wanted to say I love all you artists/writers out there who bring joy and angst to the fandom and I hope you continue doing the thing c: I support you against all thieves, reposters, and plagiarizers. 

Dear Reposters,

First off, I’m going to say that this letter is something I did not anticipate writing, but after finding a pattern over the past two weeks, I figured I’d ought to write it and bring to your attention what has certainly come to my own.

The @miraculousblackout, for me personally, began as almost a crusade against reposting.  The action is certainly wrong and harms many people in the process.  In taking up the interviews, I had hoped to show you just how much harm comes of doing this over and over.  I had thought that perhaps hearing the voices of your victims might lead you to reconsider your actions.  (I say actions a lot, but I do so because reposting is an act of choice, something you choose to do and must actively do, so ‘actions’, I felt, was appropriate.)

TANGENTS ASIDE, the interviews I conducted always ended with a certain question, and this was done purposefully.  When I asked ‘what would you like to say to reposters in general’, I had thought originally that I would get a personal announcement from each person that reposting is wrong and to please stop.  While I did get this reaction, I also got other words I did not expect, but left in the interview simply because these were the heartfelt words of creators that needed to be heard.

“…Maybe you don’t have the skills to draw, or to write, or to sing or dance. Maybe you’re shy or scared or want to stay hidden. But that’s ok. Just be yourself. Be confident in who you are. You’re not just a Miraculous Ladybug fan, you are an entire person, with emotions, with thoughts, with ideas, with skills of your own…” -qookyquiche

“…And for those who genuinely didn’t know this is a bad thing to do? Put yourself in the artists shoes. Imagine you made something you wanted to share and someone copied it, stole it, and it even got more attention than your work even though yours is the original!…” -MidnightStarlightWrites

“… whether you weren’t aware of reposting being an issue until now, please understand that consent is important, and to never assume anything. Just because one artist or writer allows reposting of their work doesn’t mean it’s a universal rule. Always. Ask. Permission.”  -Insanitybloomings

Reposters, creators don’t like what you’re doing, that much is so very much true.  But there are also those who want you to learn.  To grow and be better than you are now.  Not all of you are doing this while willfully knowing what you are doing and the consequences of your actions.  Not all of you are aware of the disastrous effects your actions could have on the writer.

That, reposters, is what the Blackout has become.  We’re not just asking you to stop for two weeks.  We’re asking you to stop for two weeks in order to learn.  To be a fan by producing your own content, or appreciating the content of others the way it was meant to.  If you don’t know how to do that, reach out to any one of us and ask.  There’s no harm in that and there’s no harm in wanting to learn.

We don’t want you burned to the ground over your mistakes, and there is no shame in attempting to move past them.  Just take down the reposts and start again by using your own two hands.

And I, for my part, am making an apology.  To those who didn’t know and want to learn.  I’m sorry if I made you feel anything less than human over a mistake. If you repost, you will be reported and those are the consequences of your actions, but if you want to learn, then reach out and we will gladly help you get on your feet.



anonymous asked:

Hey Kiana stay safe, some people in rocket fandom have been ganging up on and bullying people who speak out against art reposters and they already drove one content creator off Tumblr for innocuously asking that people credit artists. I know you're an artist and have spoke out against it before I'm just so disenchanted and worried about more creators I love getting smoked out by reposters and people who sympathize with them.

Yikes what happened while I wasn’t here? :/ It should be common sense that reposting art with out permission is a no no. I personally don’t mind my work being reposted so long as the person links to the original and credits me properly but for the sake of other artists I started cracking down on that and making sure people at least ask me for permission before reposting.

I already made a long rant about this but c'mon guys. Respect content creators. They’re making stuff like this for you for free. They at the very least deserve to be respected and get the credit/views/likes/exposure for doing what they do. Again. AT LEAST ask for permission.

anonymous asked:

Stop being a fucking whiny girl and just post the ML Stuff. Your blackout is the most idiotic thing ever. Just throwing a tantrum won't stop people from reposting. They don't care about this, they will continue to not care about this. And we will not reblog from you because you won't post art for two weeks. Protesting and doing nothing or just whining about things won't change things. God, all of you are really stupid.

Woah, ok. First of all, RUDE. 

Second. I don’t owe you anything Anon. You want a comic? You want ML art and LadyNoir fluff? 


Harassing me will only make me NOT want to post anything, blackout or not. I might even decide that I don’t wanna post anything ML related ever again (like many artists before me have). And it’d be your loss, not mine. I enjoy drawing and I can continue to do so without having to share my art publicly. I post when I want and I post what I want to post. I won’t churn out art just because you come whining to my inbox about it. If anything, I’d even risk it to say it is you who owe me.

Third. Everyone knows the blackout won’t stop reposters completely, and that’s okay. We’re not targeting reposters anyways. We’re targeting fans. Fans who are incredibly kind people and who will support content creators because they are smart enough to know that a community where content creators feel safe is a community that will live on despite hiatus or the show being canceled or whatever. We want to reach those who can gain awareness of the problem within the fandom, those who we are sure will care and who will start to help each other out when a reposter does his thing. People who will hopefully join the fight against reposting culture no matter the fandom they see it in.

Because yes, reposting is bad. But reposters thrive and are popular because there’s people who follow their pages and give them likes. (Most of times without those people knowing the pages they follow are not of an original artist). But thank you Anon, thanks to people like you going around we can start discussion. We can make example of rude people to teach others what not to do.

People will learn to see the difference between a page with original content and a reposter’s page… Between a kind person who makes an art request and a cowardly and entitled whiny dumbhat who hides on Anon because they are not getting what they want. 

Those who like what we do, and want us to keep creating stuff for them to see will support the original creators, always. 

After all… reposters can’t keep a fandom alive. That’s a job only content creators can do.

So thank you Whiny Anon, for giving me an opportunity to talk about my thoughts regarding these matters. I advise you to actually inform yourself about what the blackout really is about before you go and embarrass yourself any further.

simplyagreste  asked:

I was wondering if I reblog your work, will you be mad? Is it the same as reposting because I am confused about the Miraculous Ladybug blackout. Thank you. By the way, your art is really good. - khai (simplyagreste)

Hello, khai! Thank you so much for sending in your ask! c: I understand there will likely be confusion, so I’m glad you came to forward with your concern. And also thank you so much for complimenting my art! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Important thing first: Reblogging and Reposting are NOT the same.

I definitely won’t be mad if you REBLOG my work! In fact, I’ll be really happy if you did. I highly encourage reblogging for every artist/content creator out there too. Reblogs make us happy, my friend. Reblogs make us feel appreciated, supported, and inspire us to keep sharing. c:

The thing with reblogs is, we encourage it because it comes directly from us. When you reblog something from me, no matter what kind of blog has it, it will link back to me. This means, those who look at your blog and can find me as the source of the work you posted, and they can easily click my name to find me. Which is great because it means you not only shared the one work you reblogged, you also indirectly shared the rest of my work too. And that’s super awesome! (╯✧▽✧)╯

The reblog button down there is all the permission you need to properly share the work on tumblr, so make sure to utilize it.

So never be afraid that a content creator will be mad if you reblog our work from us. We won’t! I promise. c:

As for REPOSTing, to really hammer in the difference and help you understand the purpose/source of the blackout more, I’ll tell you about what’s bad about it.

Reposting means you either take a screenshot of the post/save the post and reupload it either on another tumblr account or another social media account. Under a different name. Now, with permission of the creator and proper credit/linkback, reposting to other social media isn’t so bad, but the main problem is this:

There are people out there who simply take without asking and reupload other people’s works as their own. Often, they remove the watermarks/credits of the creators and put their own, thereby linking back to their own page, instead of the person who actually made the work. In essence, they are taking credit for something they did not make.

There are reposter accounts out there that have up to 60,000 followers, and they have done absolutely NONE of the work they’ve uploaded. Imagine that. Imagine all that work the artist did, and some other person just takes all the credit for it. Hours/days spent on a comic/artwork, and another person takes it as their own. And the original artist? Lost in the background, no recognition for their hard work to share with us something great.

Now that you know this, you can see why a lot of creators are sick of it. :c

Even if there were people who properly credit, there will be people who will take from THEM and not credit/remove credit altogether. That’s why there are a lot of creators who discourage any kind of reposting whatsoever.

Overall, reposting gets way too complicated in comparison to simply reblogging. And annoying, besides. A lot of creators have left/are leaving the fandom, electing to stop creating ML fanart, because the problem has gotten so bad that people are even making MONEY off work the artist did for FREE. And that’s why we have this protest going on. To raise awareness to this sad fact. :’c

Content creators are human too—they’re not fanart/fanfic robots for people to take from whenever. Make them feel like they matter as people too. Support the creator! Show them you care. Show them you love their work. Support them against reposters and art thieves! It’ll be worth it. c:

TL;DR— Reblogging = GOOD! Reposting = BAD! Directly support creators by REBLOGging. Ask permission before REPOSTing. Pineapples on pizza. Eggs on toast.

Thank you for your wonderful ask! Again, another lengthy answer, but I hope it was informative. If you or anyone has any more concerns or need more information, go ahead and visit @miraculousblackout or feel free to send another ask either to me or other people in the protest! We’re here to guide you. Just remember to be respectful!

Have a super awesome day, khai! (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

anonymous asked:

how do u feel abt people reposting on instagram, as long as they give u credit?

I am not very happy about it. When people ask me, I always say no, because I want my art on here. I want to be the original poster. Because I have drawn it. Usually people on instagram who repost my art, repost everything and people don’t feel the need to follow me, because this person already does it. That’s why I don’t like it. It’s very important for me that people recognize me as the artist, because that’s what I want to live of someday in the future. 
I can’t do a lot against instagram reposter. But please know, that is does not make me happy when people do it.

I just don’t get why people do it. Instagram crops every picture…