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Sett på motdemon idag. Vikings take no shit

picture submitted by one of the brave people that today were counter-demonstrating that swedsih nazis were marching outside a synagogue in göteborg. swedish nazis had been allowed to do this march on yom kippur by göteborg city. the counter-demonstrant were there to try to, well not allow nazis hang out right next to a synagogue on yom kippur. and also of course to protest the growth of nazism in current day sweden.

the picture shows one of the counter-demonstrants with a sign that translates to: “vikings against the incorrect abuse of rune letters"

this message references how nazism icongraphy uses several rune letters


Just some of what is happening on Twitter right now.


#DumpTrump #NotMyPresident #UnitedAgainstHate #BanBannon #trumpprotest  #NotOurPresident #TheResistance


Yossel “Joe” Slovo was a Jewish South African revolutionary. Born in Obeliai, Lithuania in 1926, he spoke only Yiddish until his family fled from the growing Nazi threat to South Africa when he was 8 years old. When Joe was 16 years old, he joined the South African Communist Party, of which he would later become General Secretary. After volunteering in the fight against Nazism in Europe, he returned and earned a law degree, in the same class as Nelson Mandela. After a short series of stints in prison for communist activity, Joe emerged as a leader in Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the ANC, which he led from exile in Britain, Zambia, Angola and Mozambique from 1963 to 1990. After waging war against the apartheid system for decades, he briefly served as Minister of Housing in Nelson Mandela’s new government before passing away in 1995. Many streets and buildings in South Africa are named in his honor. May his memory be a blessing! zt’‘l

After much soul-searching and lengthy discussions with smarter friends, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that what unsettles me about people punching Nazis is not that it’s wrong, exactly, because it’s not - but the thing is, it’s not our job as citizens to do that. In a functioning democracy, there should be laws against calling for genocide and promoting ideas of racial superiority, and there should be efficient courts checking whether people are following those laws or not, and there should be MPs deliberating over how well those laws are working and if more (or fewer) laws are needed, and there should be a police force ready to intervene - with fair and reasonable amount of force - against those citizens who, for one reason or another, decide to break those laws. So the debate shouldn’t be, Is it right or wrong to punch a Nazi in the face; the debate should be, Why aren’t the police arresting Nazis? - because in a democratic state governed by the rule of law, citizens shouldn’t administer justice; and if they do, well, that’s a symptom something is seriously wrong.

anonymous asked:

i am a white person who desperately wants to adhere to your post about taking responsibility and helping fight against facism, nazism, etc. but, what would the proper response when i am accused of trying to be a "White savior" or being told by a member of a certain demographic that "they dont need my white, straight, help" ive been told this before. sounds fake but... it happens. and i dont know how to react in any useful way.

Sounds like you’re obnoxious and self-centered in your approach and doing it out of an over simplistic sense of …being a white savior. It’s easy to get whipped up in an ego-centric sort of zeal when you’re all hopped up on tumblr activism and ‘gonna save the world!’ optimism, and you’ve forced yourself out of your comfort zone for the first time in your life. It’s all FULL STEAM AHEAD! I’LL DO IT! I’LL BE A GOOD WHITE PERSON! until the first snag and then you’re reeling because you thought it would be easier- specifically, that everything you do would be good and there’d be nothing wrong with it. But it’s never that simple.

Never talk OVER minorities. Spend your time correcting and reining in other white people since that’s like, the main usefulness of white allies- dealing with their own (because white people hardly listen to minorities). At work, school, and in your family life. The places that are your privileged social spaces…you need to make them less comfortable for you and others. You need to be willing to not laugh at that joke, not fill that uncomfortable silence, correct the person spreading propaganda, make bigots uncomfortable and question people’s stances openly.

Also you sound really sensitive and I’ll tell you right now that doesn’t help. Anyway if you want to make sure you don’t react in an un-useful way 1) don’t ever get defensive about your privilege 2) learn to take un-coddling critique 3) talk to, at, and over white bigots bc that’s your main goal 4) every time you get criticized, redirect your efforts: make posts about groups with little media support, donate, etc.

And dear god don’t make it about you. If you ever catch yourself adding to a post “Well I’m white and” while you were attempting to ‘help’ minorities in a discussion you’ve messed up.

I mean overall this is kind of a weird ask because if you know Nazis are bad for instance then what does it matter what sort of difficulties you face in fighting them? Would you still fight Nazis if no one knew? If people misunderstood you, if no one ever gave you praise? Would you still fight if there was no reward other than their defeat?

Because if that’s the case it wouldn’t matter what anyone said. Come hell or high water, insults or ostracization, you’d fight those motherfuckers every step of the way.

Two men protecting Muslim women murdered in Portland

Two brave people stepped in to protect two women against a man spewing hate speech yesterday afternoon in Portland and were murdered. When people in power normalize racism and xenophobia it emboldens those with similar beliefs. This is why Trump and this entire xenophobic, hate filled racist “conservative” movement ( among many other reasons ) needs eradicated.

Two men were killed in a stabbing on a MAX train Friday when they tried to intervene as another man yelled racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim, including one wearing a hijab, police said.

A third passenger who tried to help was also stabbed, but is expected to survive, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Officers arrested the suspect as he ran from the Hollywood transit station into the neighborhood near Providence Portland Medical Center in Northeast Portland, Simpson said. Police are still working to identify him and the three men stabbed.

Fuck xenophobia. Fuck racism. If I see someone yelling at anyone non-Christian or of color in public, I’m kicking them in the face. #Racism #Amerikkka #Xenophobia #TrumpEffect #Portland #PunchNazis

When we say “never again” it’s not just against genocide and the Holocaust. If you don’t take action against fascism and Nazism then it will happen again. “Never again” means never letting it start. That’s why you can’t reason with Nazis. That’s why you can’t let them have a platform. Because this is how it starts. This is how I and people like me will die.

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I'm sorry but, how is glorifying punching nazis a good thing? Yes, the ideology is horrible and should not be accepted, but when you're going out of your way to use gratuitous violence against someone for their ideology regardless of circumstances? How is it good to crumble to their level, and then go further by comitting violence instead of discrediting them + using the law? I'm honestly confused and scared that people who fight for freedom are starting to justify violence in a non-ironic way.

i understand your concern, but “regardless of circumstances” does not apply here, since the circumstance is: they’re nazis. literal, armband-and-jackboot nazis. we know what nazis do, what they’re like, what happens if they get comfortable. there is a very, very big historical precedent for it

fascism is not an ideology we can bring to the table and have a reasonable discussion with because its core premise is that one nationality (theirs) is superior to others while everyone else must submit. there’s no debating with this, there’s no compromising, there’s no “everyone can be content,” a nazi’s first, last, and only goal is to make the world their own

“discrediting” is largely irrelevant, since nazis aren’t exactly hamstrung by facts, or accuracy, or reality. and if someone’s not immediately against literal nazism on its face, you probably won’t win them over at all, sorry to say it. “using the law” is a real scattershot solution since cops and courts, depending on your area, might not see fascists as a threat (they certainly didn’t give a fuck in the college town i went to). prosecution is even tougher since nazis, being used to lawsuits after a time, do their best to tiptoe and loophole where they can. after all, even with 70+ years of trying to stomp the ideology out, it’s still wiggling

but if you’re really concerned that violence would invalidate the cause of democracy, or that a real “fight for freedom” shouldn’t involve violence, well, i have bad news for you:

sometimes that’s what it takes

This is gonna be a ramble but ahem…

Yeah I’m aware I’m white. I get it I’m not trying to say I’m not white. What I am trying to do is be a voice for all the cowardly white people out there, who would rather just awkwardly be silent about these fucking nazis, and not fight them or stand up against them.

Nazism is wrong and its rooted in hate. If you just say nothing, guess what?! you’re choosing the side of the oppressor. We as white people need to do better, for all our friends that are POC, LBGTQ, mentally and physically disabled. We need to be a voice proving that we have their backs. We can’t just idly sit and fucking say nothing. Ignorance is choosing the side of hate. You can’t ignore this. This is not the time to turn a blind eye.

We as white people need to unite and tell these other white fuckheads that NO there is no “master race” NO there’s no reason for ethnic cleansing. We aren’t born as a child to hate. These things are learned. They are developed over years of time. If we can stop the hate now, we can save generations from having these problems.

It’s extremely apparent now, 3 days later again the “president” of the United States, is too wishy-washy on the idea of “nazis being bad” (which to me is unbelievable but that’s another story) and that means we can’t look to leadership in times like these, so we need to look to one another. We need to get each other’s backs. Call out fucking hate when you see it, stop nazis from being in your communities, shun people in your life who think this way. If we can stop the hate disease from spreading maybe just maybe we can all get along.

It’s obvious the leader of the “free world” would rather keep his base of hate so he has a leg to stand on in the polls, but that doesn’t mean he should speak for all of us white people.

White people, please, stop ignoring this shit because it isn’t happening to you. That’s not how this will go away. We all need to fight, because at the end of the day, this shit does effect all of us. And enough is enough.

And those saying that they don’t wanna get political? Fuck off, this is not the time for that shit. Stopping hate groups isn’t a political issue it’s a moral issue. So stand the fuck up and defend.
I Am A Jew, And I am Furious

This Nazism is so goddamn upsetting, personally. I finished reading Maus about four days ago. The day before the riots, I decided to meet with my local Rabbi to see about practicing Judaism again. I didn’t know where to start, as I haven’t truly practiced Judaism since I was 13; I had fallen out of it, and I sure as hell didn’t believe in it, but I wanted to try again. The Rabbi was so kind and answered all of my questions and assured me that his home was my home and that I was more than welcome to stop by anytime. 

And then I see this, these goddamn Nazis proudly marching in 2017, in my home state. I see Nazis heiling Hitler and saluting, and screaming their hatred for Jews and other minorities, and I see the police protecting them. What’s even worse, is I see people, people I thought were my friends, organizations I thought I could moderately trust, like the ACLU saying things like “Well, the Antifa are just as bad.” “It’s just their opinion, they have a right to free speech.” “It’s nothing to really worry about.”

Antifa, literally meaning Anti Fascist, can get rowdy, sure. They’re rioting. They may break windows, cars, things that can be replaced. Yeah, they punched someone in the jaw a few times. This isn’t the problem. The problem is that the opposition are fascists. They are literally Nazis. The Nazi party exterminated six million of my people, and would very much like to wipe the rest of my people off the face of this beautiful earth. Is that not enough? Were their horrible crimes, perpetrated not even a century ago, not enough to warrant a punch in the jaw in order to break their morale? Let me repeat again; they want to exterminate us. People say that Antifa are just as bad, because they break the law? It is completely foolish to blindly believe that the law is inherently just. The murder of my people, the Shoah, was legal. It was illegal to shelter Jews, to save their life. It is legal to hike the prices of live saving medicine, of water, of housing, to make a quick buck for greedy men, that is legal. If the law is unjust, you break the law. You do what you can to fight for what is right. I can understand if you, personally, do not want to actively participate. There are valid reasons for not being directly involved, and I would not personally ask anyone to give up their safety to fight this fight. But if you truly believe that to resist against Nazism is morally wrong, that we, the Jewish people, the black people, the immigrant people, the LGBT people, the disabled people, should simply roll over and allow ourselves to be destroyed, simply because it would be against the law to speak out? 

You are a fool, an enabler of fascists, and no different than those who stood by in Germany and Poland, who freely profited, mayhaps indirectly, from the slaughter of millions of innocent people at the hands of Nazism, and thought “Hey, at least it’s legal!”. I am furious at you, but more than that, I am afraid, terrified that these beliefs had survived nearly unchecked in this nation, and horrified at the prospect that nearly nothing is being done to stop them.

Obviously we shouldn’t engage in violence (unless you hold some sort of just war/violence ethic), but if us Catholics aren’t vocally antifa, and against Nazism and White Supremacy as specific ideologies - and not just “hatred,” in general - I feel like we’re already on the wrong side. Remember, Christ flipped the table, and we’re called the Church Militant for a reason. Liberation theology and direct action now!

Letter Explaining Why Orwell Wrote 1984

To Noel Willmett

18 May 1944
10a Mortimer Crescent NW 6

Dear Mr Willmett,

Many thanks for your letter. You ask whether totalitarianism, leader-worship etc. are really on the up-grade and instance the fact that they are not apparently growing in this country and the USA.

I must say I believe, or fear, that taking the world as a whole these things are on the increase. Hitler, no doubt, will soon disappear, but only at the expense of strengthening (a) Stalin, (b) the Anglo-American millionaires and © all sorts of petty fuhrers° of the type of de Gaulle. All the national movements everywhere, even those that originate in resistance to German domination, seem to take non-democratic forms, to group themselves round some superhuman fuhrer (Hitler, Stalin, Salazar, Franco, Gandhi, De Valera are all varying examples) and to adopt the theory that the end justifies the means. Everywhere the world movement seems to be in the direction of centralised economies which can be made to ‘work’ in an economic sense but which are not democratically organised and which tend to establish a caste system. With this go the horrors of emotional nationalism and a tendency to disbelieve in the existence of objective truth because all the facts have to fit in with the words and prophecies of some infallible fuhrer. Already history has in a sense ceased to exist, ie. there is no such thing as a history of our own times which could be universally accepted, and the exact sciences are endangered as soon as military necessity ceases to keep people up to the mark. Hitler can say that the Jews started the war, and if he survives that will become official history. He can’t say that two and two are five, because for the purposes of, say, ballistics they have to make four. But if the sort of world that I am afraid of arrives, a world of two or three great superstates which are unable to conquer one another, two and two could become five if the fuhrer wished it.1 That, so far as I can see, is the direction in which we are actually moving, though, of course, the process is reversible.

As to the comparative immunity of Britain and the USA. Whatever the pacifists etc. may say, we have not gone totalitarian yet and this is a very hopeful symptom. I believe very deeply, as I explained in my book The Lion and the Unicorn, in the English people and in their capacity to centralise their economy without destroying freedom in doing so. But one must remember that Britain and the USA haven’t been really tried, they haven’t known defeat or severe suffering, and there are some bad symptoms to balance the good ones. To begin with there is the general indifference to the decay of democracy. Do you realise, for instance, that no one in England under 26 now has a vote and that so far as one can see the great mass of people of that age don’t give a damn for this? Secondly there is the fact that the intellectuals are more totalitarian in outlook than the common people. On the whole the English intelligentsia have opposed Hitler, but only at the price of accepting Stalin. Most of them are perfectly ready for dictatorial methods, secret police, systematic falsification of history2 etc. so long as they feel that it is on ‘our’ side. Indeed the statement that we haven’t a Fascist movement in England largely means that the young, at this moment, look for their fuhrer elsewhere. One can’t be sure that that won’t change, nor can one be sure that the common people won’t think ten years hence as the intellectuals do now. I hope 3 they won’t, I even trust they won’t, but if so it will be at the cost of a struggle. If one simply proclaims that all is for the best and doesn’t point to the sinister symptoms, one is merely helping to bring totalitarianism nearer.

You also ask, if I think the world tendency is towards Fascism, why do I support the war. It is a choice of evils—I fancy nearly every war is that. I know enough of British imperialism not to like it, but I would support it against Nazism or Japanese imperialism, as the lesser evil. Similarly I would support the USSR against Germany because I think the USSR cannot altogether escape its past and retains enough of the original ideas of the Revolution to make it a more hopeful phenomenon than Nazi Germany. I think, and have thought ever since the war began, in 1936 or thereabouts, that our cause is the better, but we have to keep on making it the better, which involves constant criticism.

Yours sincerely,
Geo. Orwell

anonymous asked:

How come the " yass punch-a-nazi" crowd is completely silent when it comes to antisemitism coming from non-whites and non-christians? I don't see them advocating punching antisemitic muslim extremists and black supremacists (many of which actually advocated killing of jews) .

Because to them, antisemitism is nothing but the nail in the coffin of someone that they already don’t like. 

It’s fashionable to call someone that disagrees with you a Nazi, right? And what’s the most infamous element of Nazism? Antisemitism. So if you can twist something from someone that you don’t like as antisemitic, then you have your “proof” that they’re a Nazi – whether it’s true or not. 

It’s also important here to note that neo-Nazism is much more complicated than people simply being white supremacists. There are neo-Nazis of all stripes. There are white supremacists that don’t support Nazism at all. They’re all completely vile, but they’re not all the same thing. 

The hypocrisy about antisemitism is that they pretend to care about antisemitism so that they can use antisemitism as a tool to beat others that they don’t like with, they don’t actually care about Jews. Most of them excuse antisemitism or claim that antisemitism is “fake” when their favoured groups are antisemitic. 

It’s like this antifa/anti-Nazi group saying this:

They claim to be against Nazism, but then sneer that because a Jewish man criticised them, the Nazis killed the “wrong half” of his family, i.e. wished that his living family had been murdered in the Holocaust.

They just don’t care about Jews. Seriously, with most of them and their “I care about antisemitism” claims, a quick search will uncover their own antisemitism. 

But I’m going to be super-clear here. It isn’t just the “punch a Nazi” crowd that uses Jews. There are plenty of “anti-SJW” types that are quick to jump and say, “Oh, wow, look at the antisemitism of those SJWs/antifa/BLM/etc people, that’s terrible, we shouldn’t allow that to happen,” but then go ahead and still support antisemites that they happen to be fans of. It’s totally fine for them to be friends with people that excuse antisemitism or even post Holocaust denial.

The fact is that there’s a large number of non-Jews that use antisemitism to discredit their opponents and then accept it when it comes from members of their own team, or people that they like. And then there are Jews that use antisemitism for their own political purposes too, like the groups on the Left that invoked the Holocaust to guilt-trip others to take in refugees one minute and then claim that anyone that invokes the Holocaust for a political point is an antisemite, or the Jews on the Right that claim that there’s no antisemitism on the Right and all antisemitism comes from Muslims. It’s ridiculous. And I personally find it all to be highly offensive.

Do you see now why I don’t really trust anyone but myself and maybe a handful of others when it comes to antisemitism? Because all of this? That’s why.