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My turn to scream at you about the amazing old Graves and Newt head canon! I can just see it all happening! The way Graves come to life against smugglers. The more quiet, sedate life he'd planned but never got. And let's face it, he'd have been bored stiff within a week of retiring to the quiet life. Thank you for this softness, it is everything I didn't realise I needed this evening.

I was just about to go to bed and seeing this message made me so happy so thank you! and about Graves being bored after a week into his retirement, I can actually picture it perfectly.

  • Percival getting antsy after having nothing to do. he tries to read a book that Sera has recommended to him, but he loses interest about five pages ago. the plot is weak and the characters are dull.
  • so he tries to help out around the house, trying to surprise Newt by making dinner but he ends up setting the stove on fire.
  • he thinks about gardening but he does do that for a while; planting herbs and flowers that Newt could use to make remedial potions. but magical plants don’t need much attention so he ends up having free time again.
  • he entertains the thought of going back to MACUSA as a consultant but one look from Newt, the thought vanishes into thin air.
  • and Newt, sensing his husband’s restless energy, starts to ask him for help with tending to the creatures. getting more involved now that he is no longer working with MACUSA.
  • Percival finds that there’s nothing fixed about the creatures apart from their feeding time. the erratic routines seem calming for him. every day that he’s inside the case, something new and exciting is bound to happen and he looks forward to wake up early now.
  • to have breakfast with Newt and read the newspapers for a bit before going down into the case to care for the beasties.
  • after weeks of feeling listless and bored, Percival feels useful now. he just never imagine it would come by helping out Newt in the blasted case.

If your argument for abortion is

-I can’t afford a baby

-I shouldn’t be forced to have it

-it will ruin my life/body

-I don’t want to be a parent

-putting up for adoption isn’t free

-I made/have no money

-my body my choice

-I really don’t want to have a baby

-I don’t want to be pregnant

-stop taking my rights

Then that’s okay and we completely support you because those are all 100% very valid.

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Are Maximus and Maxine gay like their sister and what do they think of her dating chloe?

They don’t think much of it because Max isn’t dating Chloe lul……….

she’s dating victoria


drag race meme ♕ (½) lip syncs: sasha vs shea “so emotional”

We stepped off the stage basically in tears that we would have to face each other. […] But at the same time we really were rooting for each other to succeed, and we were rooting for ourselves, and I think that’s why the lip-sync is so amazing.