against life

You, thinking that Prompt guy is dead, poke him with a stick. Only to accidentally kill him while he was napping in preparation for a battle with the Alien King. What do you do? Do you take over his Tumblr/life/battle against the Alien King and pretend to be him, or do you run and hide from the Alien King for killing his rival?

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Are Maximus and Maxine gay like their sister and what do they think of her dating chloe?

They don’t think much of it because Max isn’t dating Chloe lul……….

she’s dating victoria

Last night I went to my first against me! concert, dove in the mosh pit, got kicked in the eye, somehow found my way to the front for the rest of the set, bruised my thighs pressing against the stage, lost my voice screaming the words back at them, touched laura’s arm multiple times, saw god in her face, forgot all sense of time and myself in the midst of the music, caught inge’s pick, sweat more than I ever have in my entire life, and had the most otherworldly night I’ve ever experienced. I met Laura after and she gave me a hug, and I’ve never felt so alive, I can feel it shining out of my skin, I would follow her to the ends of the earth just to feel like I felt last night.

  • The Lich: Scared?
  • Finn: Actually, years of trauma and literally fighting for my life against the most powerful evil forces of all time have pretty much burnt out my adrenaline responses to situations like this and left me without the ability to feel normal reactions and emotions.
  • The Lich: What?
  • Finn: You wish.