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“"You’re not being respectful that they have different views than you.“ Well yes, no, I’m not respecting that they’re not being respectful. I don’t need to respect views. (…) I hope anger gets stirred up a little bit more. People say “oh, it’s all about respect and you know, multiculturalism, you gotta respect that people have different opinions.” Well, no, kids are fucking killing themselves. Kids are killing themselves because of ideas like this. Ideas that start with: “well, no I know, it’s just i… it’s my belief that gay people shouldn’t get married.” Well, little kids hearing that, you don’t think they’ve fucking killed themselves? You’ve got blood on your hands. (…) This coping mechanism to not go through the world angry, it’s this acceptance and respect of other people’s beliefs. I fucking hate that so much. If your belief is hateful towards towards people, I don’t respect it. I couldn’t… I hate it. I hate that belief. I’ve had a lot of gay friends in High School, and I saw very quickly that very seed of an idea growing into a kid, someone, choking them, or someone driving by yelling ‘faggot’ to them as they’re walking down the street with their boyfriend. And I don’t think it’s time to sit down and be like: “let’s sit across the aisle, and let’s talk.” You know, maybe it’s just the young, aggressive person in me, but I don’t feel like being patient with them. I feel like being like: Kids are dying, I don’t give a shit what you think, this isn’t a matter of “put it up to a vote and see what the system does.” It’s like, no, the smart people in power need to sort of understand what’s being said here. And I don’t give a shit what a book says.”
—  Bo Burnham and one of the many reasons i love him
Texas Lawmaker Wants To Force Teachers To Out LGBT Students To Parents
Sen. Konni Burton argues that "a parent has a right to full and total information [about] their child."

This is disgusting and will put many children and teens at risk for violence. If you want to let them know how you feel about this bill, here’s her contact info for you to voice your opinion to why this is a dangerous idea: Sen. Konni Burton’s contact page

Oh yeah Donald Trump is totally an ally to the LGBT+ community. He said there’s nothing he could do about same-sex marriage because it’s already done (because everyone knows LGBT rights stop at marriage) and his opinion on it is irrelevant at this point. And one time he even held up the rainbow flag for like a minute! A true champion.

I mean I know he’s done the following:

And his own VP pick is Mike Pence, who has done the following:

And his white house team is already looking to be a delightful group of bigots but yeah I totally get how you might think Trump is “a champion for LGBT rights.” I mean he literally said those words, so it must be true?


Some of the LGBTQIA characters on TV

Give It To Me Straight

How to create a straight relationship

She walks in. He looks at her. She looks at him. She looks away. They don’t speak to each other. Thirty minutes later, they have lunch with twenty other people. He really wants to enjoy his chicken, but he can’t, because he’s looking at her. She doesn’t like chicken. She doesn’t like him looking at her. There’s grease in his beard. And anyway, she’s been in love before, and never ended well, and he’s definitely not her type.

(Her type: boyish, cultured, well-mannered, emotionally unavailable.

This guy: literal war lord dressed in the scalps of his enemies.)

He keeps looking at her, though.

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How to create a gay relationship

Angel saves man from literal Hell, then rebels for him, gives up everything for him, dies for him, confronts Lucifer for him, dies for him again. Insert seven seasons of character development, longing looks, suggestive conversations, other people rolling their eyes and barely managing to control their snarkiness (”He likes you.”, “He was your boyfriend first.”) and resentment (”When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost.”). Add a dozen weird plot points which only work if true love is in the picture (”What broke the conenction?”) and blatant narrative parallels providing mirrors between their relationship and canon straight relationships on the show. Oh, and since they’re both men, make clear this is not an issue - have Character One flirt with guys, and Character Two say he’s utterly indifferent to sexual orientation. Mix, turn and twist until main characters are incapable of even surviving wihout each other and their deep bond is acknowledged by friends and exploited by enemies.

People’s reaction

Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you - they are just friends, you do know two men can be just friends, right - why do you have to ruin things for everybody, this is Supernatural, it’s not about love stories - I’m not homophobic, it’s just what it is, Dean is straight, you’re completely obsessed and it’s an insult to the characters and the actors -