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Breaking Free

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N Winchester, Sam Winchester, Lady Toni Bevel

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings:  season 12.22 spoilers (if that’s still spoilers), not much. SPN stuff. If you can watch the show you can read this.

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: This is my entry for @percywinchester27 aka Ana’s PJO Quote Challenge and my prompt was: “It’s okay,” he said. “We’re together.” He didn’t say you’re okay, or we’re alive. After all they’d been through over the last year, he knew that the most important thing was that they were together. She loved him for saying that. - I changed the prompt a little bit to fit the fic. I hope that is okay.  

Thanks to the sweet, amazing, lovely @like-a-bag-of-potatoes  for betaing this for me.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You fell to the floor with your back pushed to the wall and your legs folded up under you as you watched your husband run up the steps to try to catch the door before it closed between the four of you and the world outside.

The moment you heard him scream was the moment you gave up all hope. It was the moment you started believing this was the beginning of the end. It had all happened so sudden. Over the past year you had started believing everything was going to be perfect. Or at least as perfect as it would ever get for hunters.

Lucifer’s baby was still about to be born and you had, like your husband, never trusted the Brits, but Dean was okay. The mark was gone. Amara was gone. For the first time in years you felt as if you had the man you married back. Fully and completely. Dean was himself and as long as you had him, there had never been anything you hadn’t been able to struggle through.

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Mess Up

RequestHow about something like when Shawn messes up a bit during a concert (its not anything MAJOR but yeah) but then he’s all bummed about it and he just feels terrible and then the reader comforts him as he cries and feels low like a loser and then cheers him up?

Word Count: 896

The arena was filled with thousands of teenage girls, all screaming and jumping to the beat of the pounding music. The multi-colored lights flashed from different directions lighting up the dark room. There was so much happening in the packed arena but even from the sound pit in the back all you could focus on was your boyfriend, Shawn.

On the big screens you could see his face glimmering in a light sheen of sweat, his curls flopping as he bopped his head along with the music, and the smile plastered on his face. Seeing him so happy and energetic made an unconscious smile rise on your face as you watched him give his all to the audience.

It was only a few minutes later that your smile quickly faded when you noticed something was wrong. You opened your mouth, singing the next lyrics, but noticed Shawn’s voice was not accompanying you. You looked to Shawn who stood at the mic, his mouth remaining closed and his head shaking at the ground.

The lack of Shawn’s voice was barely noticeable, easily being covered up by the fans screaming, but you still noticed. You noticed the way his hands started to tremble with nervousness, the way his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, and how he started chewing on his lip, hoping the lyrics would come back to him.

It didn’t take long for the lyrics to make their way back to Shawn as he quickly picked back up with the music, but you could see the frustration etched in his face. You could tell he was angry at himself, something that always happened when he messed up on stage. You knew none of the fans noticed as their loud singing never stopped, but that didn’t matter to Shawn. You knew he always thought he should be flawless on stage.

It was growing near the end of the concert, so you made your way backstage, knowing you should be there when Shawn gets off stage. The ending notes of the show echoed backstage and from the side, you could see Shawn wave to the fans before he exited. As he made his way off the stage, you saw his lips pursed in a thin line and his jaw clenched, giving you the first signs of his frustration. He thrusted his guitar into the hands of someone from the stage crew, not giving them a second look before he rushed over to you.

You barely got a word out before you were taken into Shawn’s arms and crushed against his chest. His face was buried into your neck allowing you to feel his sweaty curls brush against your cheek. You gently placed your hand in his hair, brushing through it softly as your hand made its way to his back.

“I fucked up,” you heard him mumble into your neck. You felt your stomach drop from the sound of his disappointed voice.

“You didn’t fuck up. Let’s just head back to the bus, yeah?” You whispered to him before placing a gentle kiss on the side of his head. He nodded slowly to your suggestion as he stood up. He looked down at you, allowing you to see the sadness in his features, something that always made your heart drop.

You made it onto the bus and crawled into his bunk. Your two bodies squeezed together allowing Shawn to curl up against you with his head in your neck like before.

“I fucked up,” He said again, this time his voice more quiet and broken.

“You didn’t fuck up, babe,” You whispered to him. Your hand resumed brushing through his hair as an attempt to calm him down.

“I did. I forgot the lyrics. I’ve sang that song thousands of times and I still forgot the lyrics,” he mumbled into your neck.

“You’re not going to be perfect every time Sh-” You started, but were quickly interrupted by Shawn’s lifting his head to look at you and his angry voice cutting through the thick air.

“I need to be. Fans expect a perfect show from me and I can’t even give them that,” His voice was deep and laced with frustration as his dark eyes looked at you.

“Shawn, listen to me. Fans don’t expect anything perfect from you. They just want to see you. They know you’re human and you’re going to make mistakes. They don’t expect you not to. They come to see you, the real you. Not robot Shawn who makes no mistakes,” You attempt to comfort him. You see his features soften at your words. He waits a couple minutes before laying his head back on you and grabbing your hand in his.

“You’re right. It’s just frustrating,” He whispers.

“I know it is. But everyone still loves you and supports you. You don’t have to be so hard on yourself,” You say and Shawn nods at your words.

“I love you,” Shawn’s words were barely audible but still rang in your ears, making a smile grow on your cheeks.

“I love you, too. Even when you do mess up,” you say, giving him a soft kiss on the top of his head.

“Can you just like, hold me?” Shawn shyly asks, his hand snaking around your waist to pull you closer.

“Yeah, I can do that,” You responded, the smile never leaving your face.

Fireproof // Part 8

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven

|My Masterlist|  (smut warning)

Summary: Supernatural Half Blood Boarding School AU where students are paired with a human counterpart to help them adapt to the human world outside their supernatural communities.

Back at school, things don’t change much from the long weekend. The two of you are extremely close and make out every chance you can get. In fact, Shawn can’t keep his hands off of you most days. He had all but given up on appearance class because his tail just was not going away anytime soon. There was only so much you could do to help him hide it and he didn’t even want to anymore. Ever since the long weekend Shawn had been much more confident in having it out around the other half bloods and partners. It was like he finally realized that it didn’t matter what everyone else thought. It only mattered what he thought. And you of course.

“Shawn, you have to at least try to pass the test today,” you groan.

Shawn is standing, arms crossed, eyeing you up and down. He didn’t wear the cargo pants today like he was supposed to. He didn’t bring his hoodie like he was supposed to. If he had gotten up when you did, then he would have had both of those things with him. But he didn’t get up when you did. He stayed in bed while you showered and went to breakfast. You suspect he was getting himself off in favor of breakfast because the groaning you heard while in the shower was not his regular “I don’t want to get out of bed” groans.

He wasn’t prepared for the test today at all. Mr. Tempe was bringing in three human ex-partners to assess the student’s progress and they would be graded accordingly. The other students showed up looking every bit as human as their partners and if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t have been able to tell which of the pairs wasn’t human. Then there was Shawn who strolled into the gym in his goddamned black skinny jeans, tail out. He didn’t even wear a long sleeve shirt to cover the scales on his forearms. “I’ll be fine,” he says with a smirk and you shake your head. He was NOT going to be fine.

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BTS Reaction to: Their girlfriend getting a lot of hate

Anon asked: “Hi there! If requests are still open could u make a reaction of bts dating a muslim girl, and now shes getting alot of hate ?? and maybe if youre comfortable enough, she starts to have suicidal thoughts ?? like your my favourite writer now okay and im gonna have a mental breakdown if u reply to this!!! I LOVE YOU <3”

Author’s note: First of all THANK YOU that really means a lot to me! Second of all I decided to not go for a certain religion because just as with the name things I want everyone to relate to this. I don’t want to limit it to certain things such as names for example. I hope you can understand that. Gifs aren’t mine. x 

Warnings: Mentions of suicidal thoughts. If you’re not comfortable with that please don’t read this. x 

You knew that dating and Idol would come with getting some hate from ‘fans’. Even though the majority of the fandom would eventually warm up to the idea and accept it, there’s always some immature people who feel the need to tell you that you’re not worthy of dating him and that you should kill yourself. This happens in every fandom and you were prepared to get some hate, but you weren’t prepared for this. You always thought sending people you don’t even know hate just because they’re dating someone you like them as well was total bullshit and you still think that up to this day. But when every comment on your social media is filled with negativity it’s not hard to doubt yourself. Doubt if you’re indeed even worthy of dating him. Doubt if you’re indeed ugly and fat. And doubt if you shouldn’t just end it to get rid of all the hate. 

Your boyfriend knew that you got hate and that really hurt him. However, he didn’t know what kind of hate you got. He thought it was just immature stuff like calling you fat and ugly but when he saw that his ‘fans’ told you that you should kill yourself he really started to worry and ran up to your room. Not even knocking on the door before opening it. When he saw you curled up underneath the covers, sobbing uncontrollably he felt his heart break into tiny little pieces. 


Originally posted by seokjins-wings

It would hurt Seokjin that people felt the need to send you hate. They judged your relationship based on what they saw not what it was like in reality. Besides, they didn’t even know you and the things they sent were just really immature stuff. However, Seokjin knew that getting a lot of hate for a certain period of time could really knock someone’s confidence. So he wasn’t surprised when he found you curled up underneath the covers in your bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed as he pulled the covers down enough to gently run his fingers through your hair. He loved his fans but he didn’t approve of them sending this immature stuff just because you were dating him. They didn’t even know you and he was sure that if they did, they’d love you. Seokjin moved you so your head was resting in his lap as he gently stroked your hair, trying to calm you down a little. 

“I’ve read the comments baby. I know what they’re saying to you. Please know that they’re just jealous and that this is absolutely ridiculous. I love you and they should know that. If they feel the need to send you this type of stuff they’re not real fans. I’ll tell them what I think about it tomorrow, okay? Just please know that I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.” 

“So you don’t agree with them?” 

“Of course not Princess. You’re absolutely beautiful and I’ll love you no matter what.” 


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Yoongi knew hate comments were a part of it and he got used to it after a while. He knew the haters were just jealous and immature people, but that didn’t mean their words didn’t hurt. Yoongi learned how to shrug them off over the years but you didn’t. You hadn’t gotten used to it and figured you never could get used to it. It just really hurt you that people would send you still like that just because you were dating Yoongi. So when you read that you should just go and kill yourself you cracked. You ran up to your room and hid under the covers, sobbing uncontrollably as you let all your sadness out. Yoongi’s heart broke at the sight of you looking so sad. He didn’t expect you to take it so badly so he climbed in bed with you and pulled you against him. Gently running his fingers through your hair as he pressed soft kisses all over your face, kissing away your tears. 

“Why are you so sweet to me? Don’t you agree with them?” 

“Of course not Jagi. They’re just immature people who think sending you hate will get me to break up with you, which isn’t gonna happen.” 

You flashed him a soft smile as you nuzzled your face against his chest, wrapping your arms around him as he rested his chin on top of your head. 

“I’ll never let go of you Jagiya, no matter how much hate they send. I love you.” 

“I love you too Yoongi.” 


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Tears filled Hoseok’s eyes as he saw you curled up underneath the sheets. He knew getting hate was hard, especially when people told you that you should just kill yourself. Hoseok wanted to make sure that you knew how special you were to him. So he wiped his tears before joining you in bed, straddling your waist and tickling your sides. You whined as you tried to push him off, which obviously didn’t work. You couldn’t help but laugh as he continued attacking your sides. Tickling had always been one of your weaknesses and he knew that. Hoseok felt a lot better seeing you smile and wiped your tears before pressing kisses to your cheeks. You giggled at the feeling as you stared up at him. Your eyes were still showing sadness but there was also another emotion visible, love. 

“Y/N, I know it’s hard but please don’t listen to them. They really don’t know what they’re talking about.” 

“How do you know that?” 

“Because they don’t know you, or us.” 

You sighed in defeat before letting your head fall back against the pillow. Hoseok moved to lay down on top of you as he gently brushed your hair out of your face. 

“Maybe we can do a livestream tomorrow and talk to people about it. I think that could actually help and give people a clear image of what we’re really like together. It will probably stop some of the hate.” 

“You think?” “I’m sure.” 

“Okay, let’s do it.” 


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As someone who’s dealt with a lot of hate himself he knew exactly how you were feeling. You know you should just get over it but when you get so much hate every single day it doesn’t take long before you start to believe that what they’re saying is actually true. What he didn’t understand however was why people told you to kill yourself. Was that really all because you were dating him? Namjoon didn’t even want to spend his time on immature people like that and instead focused on making you feel better. He knew you weren’t exactly confident and that this must have only made you more insecure than you already were. So when he saw you hiding underneath the covers he let out a deep sigh before lifting you out of bed. Namjoon knew that laying in bed the entire day would only make you more depressed than you already were. 

So he took you downstairs and sat you down on the couch. He went to the kitchen to make some tea for you before he pulled you close and put on a nice movie. He knew he’d have to talk to you about this eventually but right now didn’t seem like a good time. You were very emotionally unstable and at this point he just wanted to make you feel better, not worse. Once the movie ended you felt a lot better and Namjoon knew that this was a good time to talk to you about it. 

“Maybe I can talk in an interview about it and try to explain to the fans how much I love you? That way they might realize that sending you hate is just stupid and unnecessary.” 

“You’d do that for me?” 

“Of course baby. Anything to make you feel better. Besides I do not tolerate this kind of behavior from them. This is just crazy.”  


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Jimin knew exactly how you felt when he saw you laying underneath the sheets. People told him to lose weight and when he finally did they said that he should get abs again. It took him a long time to realize that it shouldn’t matter that those people thing, just as long as he’s happy with himself. But he also knew how hard it was to realize that when you got hate comments like that every single day. Let alone when you got hate comments saying that you should just end it. He didn’t understand why people felt the need to do that. If they knew what you were like they’d absolutely love you. He was sure about that. So Jimin tried to come up with a way to let the people know that they should stop sending hate and that he loved you very much. 

Once you had calmed down from your breakdown he pulled you in your lap and snapped a cute photo of you two together before posting it on Twitter. He made sure to add that he loved you dearly and that the people should stop sending hate comments. Surprisingly it worked. After about 5 minutes Jimin saw nothing but love in the comments. A bright smile spread across his face as he showed you the tweets. You felt your heart warm at the sweet comments as happy tears spilled down your cheeks, making him chuckle. 

“Jagiya! I’m trying to cheer you up and now you’re crying again!” 

“I’m sorry! I’m just not used to people saying nice things about me and this is just really sweet. I love you Jimin. So much.” 

“I love you too Y/N. You know that.” 


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Taehyung took a deep breath before gently pushing your hair back and climbing on top of you. He removed the covers from your body so he could see you and pressed kisses all over your face and neck, making you giggle. Taehyung felt a lot better seeing you smile again but he knew he had to so something. He simply couldn’t handle seeing you like this more often. Especially when he coudl fix the problem. Just like Namjoon Taehyung would come up with a way to tell the fans how proud he was of your relationship. Seeing you so sad broke his heart and he didn’t want to see you like that every again. So when the interviewer mentioned you Taehyung took that as his chance to clear things up and to tell the fans how happy he was with you. 

“I just want to say that I’m really happy with Y/N and it really hurts me that some people feel the need to send hate to her. I love her so much she doesn’t deserve this. She really is amazing and I wish people could see that.” 

“You’re really happy with her aren’t you?” The interviewer asked, making Taehyung smile brightly. The others laughed at their friend’s behavior as they all looked at him with fond smiles on their faces. 

“I definitely am. She means everything to me and despite all the hate she gets she still manages to see the good in people. I really do admire that in her.” 

“Seems like you two are a great couple!” 

After the interview aired your Instagram page was filled with nothing but love and apologies. You seriously couldn’t thank Taehyung for everything he did for you. 


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Jungkook would be hurt that people would sent you stuff like that. He simply didn’t understand why they’d hate on such a sweet and lovely girl like you. Was it really all because you were dating him? He just didn’t get it at all. It broke his heart when he saw you sobbing so he needed to come up with something to make it stop. Jungkook knew that you were in no rational state to talk to people so he sat down next to you, rested your head on his lap as he started Vlive. In the mean time your sobs had quieted down and you were looking up at him. You weren’t sure what he was doing but as soon as he started talking you realized what was going on. 

“Hey everyone. I’m doing this vlive because I’ve noticed that a lot of people send hate comments to my lovely girlfriend for absolutely no reason. If you knew her you’d like her just as much as I do. She means everything to me and I love her so much. It really hurts her to read stuff like that and seeing her so sad really hurts me too. I’m not asking you to support our relationship. All I’m asking is for you to support it. If you’re really my fan you want me to be happy and Y/N makes me happy. Really happy even.” 

He looked down to see you smiling at him with teary eyes. Quickly wiping them before wrapping your arms around his waist. 

“Just looking at her makes my heart beat faster. She’s laying on my lap right now if you’re wondering why I’m looking down.” 

You laughed at his words as you moved to sit up. Flashing a smile to the camera and waving. “Hey everyone.” 

The rest of the time was spend talking to the fans online, who were nice in case you were wondering. You really liked the change of events and were happy that Jungkook actually took the time and effort to talk to his fans about it. You really had a great boyfriend. 

So if y’all didn’t notice, in the last pictures I drew of Jackieboy Man and Marvin, I gave Marvin a fuck ton of hair, and that was on purpose! 

I headcanon that Marvin pushes his hair back to the side when he’s wearing his mask so that it doesn’t get smashed against his face while he’s wearing it, but once he takes it off, well…this happens. Jackie thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world, but Marvin always gets embarrassed by it bc he thinks he looks stupid (which Jackie always tells him isn’t true, but Marvin’s incredibly stubborn, to say the least).

Also @the-cow-goes-markimoo I understand that these are some of your favorite boys, so I figured you’d wanna see this! ^w^


Jackie totally bought him those hair clips btw.

@jackieboy-man-support-squad @magic-marvin-protection-patrol 

hypaalicious  asked:

A fic where I fucking punch Ice in the face because his Brillo pad looking hair ain’t the business. 😬 Alternatively, a fic where Jesse corners you for death via snoo snoo. THE CHOICE IS YOURS *dramatic announcer voice echoes*

Of course you know I gotta write about you Punching Ice :3 

There wasn’t anything more satisfying to her than the feeling of her fist against his perfect face. When she felt the solid impact of her punch hitting his face, she wouldn’t help but break out into a shit eating grin she had been holding back for what felt like months by now. Honestly, with how the punch felt, she was sure that there was at least a crack in his bone. Tireless training had made it all worth it for that moment when her dream of decking his face came true. “Change or Die that you Brillo pad jackass.” she sneered in victory. 

Of course, having him simply fall face first into the ground and possibly breaking his immaculate nose would have been the ideal scenario for her. However, as usual, the fates were cruel and he simply stumbled to the side a bit before staring down at her with the cockiest grin she had ever seen. Whatever confidence she had gained in that one punch she landed was promptly erased when he easily brushed it off. “That’s all you got?” he goaded, wiping at his cracked lip. “Move your ass, let’s go.” Ice teased, hopping slightly from foot to foot, challenging her to another round. 

“I swear to whatever holy powers watch over your stupid ass casino. I’m going to mop the floor with your shitty ass hair when I’m done punching you into the face.” She growled as she lunged towards him again, arms flailing and releasing the most savage war cry she could muster. 

“Let the party begin.” He smirked before meeting her fists with punches of his own. It was going to be a long night, to say the least. 

steve will apparently fight nazis & 117 countries on my behalf but when he saw a group of screaming fangirls coming at us this morning he yelled ‘every man for himself!!!’ and started running

“You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well.”


Andy BTS of 5x15 (ง •̀_•́)ง

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do you guys cuddle? and if so who's big spoon

CRAIG: Yeah. 

“Captain, the sail!”

Victor snapped around and swore when he saw it. The edge of the storm sail thrashed viciously, the line tethering it snapped. “Hold her steady!” The sky raged above, near black with the swirling of hurricane clouds.

Wood strained beneath his feet. Victor clutched onto the starboard railing as he staggered his way down the deck, keeping low as the ship lurched forward. The icy spray of the sea showered over him, stinging at his eyes and biting his skin.

As the ship dropped with crash of the wave beneath, Victor leapt across, seizing onto the rope whipping in the harsh storm winds. The muscles in his arms screamed as he fought the power of the elements, rope burning his palms as he heaved himself up, quickly rethreading the sail. A moment later and one of the deckhands slammed against his side, yelling as he grabbed at the rope to help secure it.

The swell of the waves rose over the height of their masts, but the wind caught the storm sail, sending them over before it crested.

All around them, the ocean stormed, rain cutting like daggers across his skin. Behind the helm, Victor could see Georgi attempting to keep the ship steady, driving them over the top of the waves. They climbed slow and dropped fast, at the mercy of the sea’s violent temper.

Victor heard the thunder before he could attempt to maneuver back to the wheel. The dark sky was void of the flash of lightening, but the thunder kept sounding, booming over the bow of the ship. It struck straight through his chest, the vibrations clamoring through his ribcage and Victor knew what it was before he saw them.


His warning was mute against roar of the storm, the thunder of their wings. The wind filling the sails went still, the ship’s momentum ceasing. A wave crashed against them the same moment that they descended, piercing through the black of the storm clouds. A murder of harpies, circling the ship like the swirl of the hurricane.

Their screeches flooded the ship, ear-splitting. Half-human, half-birds, and unlike the allure born by sirens, they were repulsive. Legs of a vulture, arms absent for wings. The stench of their feathers fouled the air, warning of the death they brought with them.

The first struck his shoulder and sent him reeling, falling fast to the deck. Victor rolled before it could grab him, its claws smashing into the wood beside his head. His pistol was drawn and fired into its chest without aim, harpy’s harsh shriek exploding with a spray of feathers and blood.

The second seized onto his arm, bared teeth flashing in his eyes in the moment before he ducked his head. The knife strapped on the inside of his boot was in his palm as its nails sunk into his flesh, the sea-soaked fabric of his clothing staining red. Victor yelled as he sliced through its claw, pitching forward to slam the creature against mast rigging, sword driven through its heart.

At the helm, he glimpsed Georgi firing on more, one arm attempting to keep the ship steady from the pounding of the waves. At the stern, a harpy hurled one of his crewmen off the side of the ship, body limp like a rag and lost to the sea. Victor shouted, the second pistol off his sash useless as the shot missed, hardly clipping a bloodied wing.

The harpy’s angry screech ripped at his ears, its force making him stumble. Another wave sent him off balance, tripping into the grip of the harpy swooping in.

Victor threw up his arms to protect himself, but he never collided with it. Right before his eyes, the harpy’s face twisted with a scream, spine arching as Yuuri tore the wings off its back. The siren’s eyes were as red as the splash of blood coating his claws, dripping as he tossed the harpy aside.

Yuuri’s wings were full and bold, spread grand in battle. His skin was stained near completely black, feathers bristling from his arms and legs.

Three more harpies fell to his hands as easily as if they had been gulls, others fleeing when they glimpsed the siren. Yuuri’s wings cut through the air, through the harpies still spiraling above the ship, before his voice pierced through the deafening roar of the storm.

Time itself seemed to stand still, the wind dead, waves calmed until the moment in which Yuuri’s cry disbursed. Fierce faces contoured, the harpies’ eyes settled on the siren as the thunderous beat of the wings bore down.

Yuuri spoke no command, spreading his wingspan over the center of the ship. The harpies scattered.

Then the sea slammed against the ship and Yuuri’s arm wrapped around Victor before he could be thrown into it, holding him tight to the siren’s side as he flew. Victor buried himself into Yuuri and the silk of feathers all around him.

Yuuri set Victor back behind the helm, wings encircling him in a brief embrace. Victor did not miss the brush of Yuuri’s hand through his hair, lips catching against the side of his face. The siren was gone again in the second that followed, leaving Victor to fight the fading of the storm with two words whispered sweet to his captain.

“Safe stay.”


Mark is bad at games 😂😂 but he’s good at eating jellies🍬🍬 

She loves watching him study.

The way he scrunches his nose when he comes across some obstacle, solving maths problems. The way his hair falls down on his face, his back hunched over a textbook. The way his eyes would light up when he understood something he was struggling with. She loves how smart he is, how nerdy he sounds when he’s explaining something to her.

He sometimes comes to the cabin to study with her, since she gets her own homework now too. Mr Clarke, who was, after a lot of hesistation, let on the secret, visits her three times a week, to help her prepare for eventual school after she doesn’t have to hide anymore.

And that’s another thing that leads to Mike. As much as El adores Mr Clarke, Mike is her favourite tutor. He explains the wonders of science in the same soft, attentive tone he used to explain friendships and promises, and El can’t help but keep asking, even if just to hear his voice and look at his freckles when he sits close to her on the floor.

One March evening they are sprawled on the floor, with notebooks laying around them, El doing her maths homework and Mike studying for a science contest. He was furrowing his dark eyebrows, with dark circles under his eyes.

That was probably the first time El hated watching him study.

His head was swaying over his textbooks, eyelids drooping.



'You need to sleep.’ she took the textbook out of his hands. He looked up at her with tired eyes.

'But, El, the contest’s in a week and I still need to…’

'You need to sleep.’ she said forcibly, furrowing her brows.

'Okay, okay, I’ll go to sleep earlier tonight, I promise. I just need to…’

'No. You’ll go to sleep now.’ she pointed at her bed and made the blanket hover over it slightly.

Then she took a hold of his hands and pulled him up, dragging him towards the bed. He didn’t protest much, yawning. He laid down, rubbing his tired eyes.

'Maybe a short nap is not the worst idea…’ and just like that, he was snoring almost as loudly as Hopper. She covered him with a blanket and couldn’t resist brushing her fingers trough his dark, soft hair. He muttered something incoherently, moving his head towards her palm. She smiled softly and went back to her maths homework, glancing at his peaceful face once a while.

But then, after a while, she heard him whimper slightly and lifted her eyes quickly. He was crying silently, curling into a ball, gripping blanket with his fingers.

She got up, unsure what to do.

'Don’t go… Please don’t leave me… ’ he sobbed, shaking. 'I can’t lose… I can’t lose you, please don’t…’

His voice broke and she gripped his hand in her own.

'Mike, Mike wake up!’



He suddenly jolted awake, looking around frantically with tear-filled eyes, until they stopped on her face. After a few seconds he just wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly and pressing his face against her arm.

'It’s okay, Mike.’ she whispered, hugging him back just as tight. 'It’s okay. You’re okay.’

Hopper used to say that a lot when he woke her up from her nightmares.

'Y-you were gone again.’ he said quietly, his voice still shaking a bit, muffled by her shirt.

'But I’m not. I’m here, Mike. It’s okay now. I promise. I’m not going anywhere. ’

He nodded, but didn’t let her go for another few minutes. When he did, she gently wiped his cheeks and pressed a soft kiss against his still trembling lips.

'I don’t wanna go back to sleep.’ he said quietly, looking away.

'What if I stay with you?’

He stared at her, puzzled. She laid down next to him and pulled him down, so they were both laying on their sides, facing eachother, their hands intertwined.

'Hopper will kill me if he finds us like that. ’

'I won’t let him.’ she smiled at him, and lifted her chin a bit to kiss his forehead.



El loves watching him study, but what she loves even more is watching him sleep peacefully, with his fingers wrapped around her hands.

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bts scenario: you sit on their face

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jin: hands held tightly onto your waist as jin’s tongue pressed against you. “s-shit,” you stuttered at the feeling, hands moving down to press against jin’s shoulders. jin’s tongue found it’s way to your clit and sucked hard, making you press down harder against him. your legs began to tremble and you knew you were close to your orgasm. jin could sense this and began to suck harder. legs tightening around his face, you reached your high, and he ate it all up.

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yoongi: you could barely contain your screams as yoongi’s tongue entered you. “yoongiii,” you practically whined as his tongue moved back and forth. yoongi smirked against your entrance as he felt you tremble and shake. determined to make you cum, yoongi teased your clit with his nose and plunged his tongue inside of you until you came. “good?” yoongi teased as he pulled away, licking his lips. “shut the hell up.”

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hoseok: hoseok’s arms were tight around your legs, holding you in place as you tried to squirm away. “you’re not going anywhere, baby,” hoseok chuckled as he pulled you back down on top of him again. you whined from the sensitivity but let hoseok continue. your hands pushed down on his chest below you as he began to move his tongue faster and faster. short, kitten like moans left your throat as you felt your high wash over you, coating hoseok’s face in your cum. 

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namjoon: namjoon’s hand slapped your thigh as you tried to ride his face, him determined to make you cum with just the movements of his tongue. you kept your hands in their spot on his chest as his tongue flicked against your clit. namjoon moaned, sending vibrations throughout your body, effectively bringing you that much closer to your orgasm. as your high washed over you, you could feel namjoon drinking up every ounce of you.

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jimin: jimin had two fingers inside of you as he attacked your clit with his tongue. “jimin, i’m gonna cum too fast,” you said as he pressed against your g-spot. jimin ignored you and instead sucked harder and began fucking you faster with his fingers. your eyes squeezed shut and your head flew back from the pleasure, hands clenching onto the bed sheets next to you. jimin’s tongue pulled you to your high, and you felt the pleasure run over you, thighs shuddering. 

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taehyung: taehyung ate you out like it was his last meal on earth, tongue mercilessly tasting all parts of you. a high pitched moan left your throat and you pushed down hard against his face. “are you gonna cum with just my tongue, baby?” taehyung sucked on your clit and pulled away again, “come on, baby, i wanna taste you.” his tongue went back to licking and sucking on your clit and your high approached you, riding his face through it. 

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jungkook: jungkook’s tongue was ruthless against you as you rut against his face. “kookie,” you moaned, “fuck.” the pleasure felt incredible as you could practically see stars. your thighs shook as jungkook’s warm tongue could be felt inside of you, pushing you over the edge. your whole body erupted in trembles as jungkook pulled away from your sensitive clit. “am i that good, huh?” jungkook teased as shudders still raked your body.

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