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Go behind the scenes of a history making evening at the legendary Stonewall Inn of New York City as award winning actress Cate Blanchett dons drag to join a fabulous troupe of fierce queens to raise money and awareness for Newtown Action Alliance.

The Newtown Foundation is a Newtown-based, all volunteer, 501©3 organization that has been working tirelessly since the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy to help our community heal and be remembered as the place where positive cultural changes began. Led by some of the same people who lead the Newtown Action Alliance, The Newtown Foundation is not involved in any legislative or electoral activities. Instead it is focused on educational, healing and cultural programs including a focus on first responders and teachers to help them move forward. The Newtown Foundation also focuses on helping teens to channel their fears and frustrations into positive activities, and to provide opportunities for them to network with other teens in cities and communities in an effort to become leaders in the quest for positive cultural change – after all, the future is in their hands. The Newtown Foundation also focuses on community educational and enrichment programs, as well as victim and community outreach, near and far.

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Got on the train with my gf and her sister a few hours ago and these two grown-ass men threatened to beat and shoot us because we were trying to get to a seat on a crowded train. We didn’t touch them or say anything to them so this came out of nowhere. And they both claimed to be armed at the moment. So 3 things about this:

1. Where are the fucking cops when you need them?
2. Why would you brag about owning a gun in public in front of over 50 people in a state where open carry is illegal?

3. What is it about some men that makes them feel like threatening to beat and kill women who did NOTHING to them makes them tough? 

And that’s not even the first time some guy has threatened to shoot me. The first guy who threatened to shoot me and claimed to have a gun was beating his gf in public and I tried calling the police and when he caught me, he approached me, put his hands on me and threatened to shoot me. Some fucking so-called men…

So, you guys have a problem with 🔫 but not 🚬 or 🔪 or 💣 or 💊 or 💉 or 🔨? Seriously, liberal idiots, stop trying to take away our constitutional right to bear arms, even if it’s just an emoji. liberallogic101 your-uncle-dave southparkconservative proudblackconservative


So…let me get this straight: #DonaldTrump has bragged about molesting women, said that he’d date his daughter, incited gun violence against #HillaryClinton, been silent about violent #islamophobia, been silent a bout violent acts done because of his publicized bigotry, said that if he shot people on the street that he wouldn’t lose votes, but IM supposed to be angry about #SnoopDogg’s controversial #Lavender video? That’s the only violence he wants to respond to (when it’s portrayed to be against him?) OK! IM NOT BUYING IT! And then of course we cannot forget how #RachelMaddow snatched all of our fucking edges with this partial 2005 Trump #taxreturn. The only thing is that I TOTALLY think he leaked that shit himself.


Victims of gun violence get a yearbook of their own

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is honoring the teens and children who never made it to graduation with a yearbook for students lost to gun violence. According to a press release, over 30,000 students in the U.S. fall into this category. By signing the yearbook online, you’ll also by signing a petition to Congress for a new gun control law.


Samantha Bee tries to get the NRA mascot costume.

Samantha Bee opened up this segment on her show last night firing with both barrels.

Thanks largely to the NRA’s sensible campaign against gun regulations, gun violence has killed 70 Americans and injured 145 in the past 72 days.  Oh, I’m sorry wait, my bad – it’s hours, the past 72 hours…as of this taping.  But I’ve found there’s one thing the NRA doesn’t mind regulating…

And it’s the gun safety mascot.  Eddie Eagle is a character used by the NRA to teach gun safety to kids.  Samantha Bee decided to find out how hard it is to secure an Eddie Eagle costume versus a gun.

Eddie Eagle
18-page application form
20-day mandatory waiting period

Out of the trunk of some guy’s car in a parking lot down the street from the TBS studios

The Bee People kept purchasing guns throughout the clip.  At every turn where they were denied an Eddie Eagle costume, they just bought some more guns.  They never were able to get a costume, but they got tons and tons of guns.

Seriously.  Watch the whole thing and laugh *slash* seethe.

To be honest, Daisy deleting her Instagram isn’t surprising to me and I think it’s been building up to this for a while now. She stopped doing fitness videos because of vulgar comments, got racist hate and ship wars for posting fan art of Finn and Rey or behind the scenes photos of her and John, and now hate for advocating against gun violence. You can tell she managed the account herself and is simply not used to dealing with this many rude and abrasive reactions to what she does.

Now is also a great time to bring attention to how much vile BS John Boyega gets on twitter and Instagram.
Men Kill Women in the U.S. So Often that It’s Usually Not Even Newsworthy
Hearing that some man's entitled attitude toward women led him to kill is so common that it hardly counts as newsworthy. We don't know exactly why Houser shot up a theater that was showing a movie written by an unapologetic feminist, but this moment should still be a wake-up call about the problem of misogynist violence in our culture. If we're not going to talk about gun control, then let's talk about how to get fewer men to see guns as the solution to their inchoate rage at women.

Orlando shooting angles you haven’t thought of yet:

If republicans are so concerned with stopping Isis, but unwilling to alter gun laws after a man pledged allegiance to Isis before committing mass murder, then republicans are A-OK selling guns to Isis.

Christina Grimmie won a Teen Choice Award — but fans are angry with how the show treated her

The late Christina Grimmie was awarded choice web star: music at the Teen Choice Awards, beating out musicians like Boyce Avenue and Johnny Orlando. But after a show that also featured a prominent call-to-action against gun violence, fans are speaking out about how Grimmie was treated — or lack there of.

Dear Hannah Hart

Thank you. Thank you for your “I’m Afraid of You” video. You helped me show my mom and brother how important taking action against gun violence and hate crimes is to me. To society in general. Last night, I sat my mom down, talked to her about my thoughts and feelings, and then showed her your video. I explained to her that I’ve been signing all the petitions, emailed my rep & senator, and trying to do as much as I can, no matter how limited I might be, to help bring the change that needs to happen. She hugged me and cried and asked what she could do to help. Today, she signed all the petitions, emailed our rep & senator, and passed all the links around to her coworkers urging them to get involved and trying to explain the importance of it all. She used your video. I don’t know if they all watched it, but my mom tried. She is doing all she can do to help.

Today, I sat my brother down, explained everything to him and showed him the video. As I type this he is emailing our rep & senator and signing the petitions I sent him. He’s also calling to support the filibuster. So has my mom.

I’ve been lucky in that my mom, while not supportive of me when I first came out, she has grown to realize that it is not a choice. Everything we’ve been through together as I’ve come out and tried to accept myself, it has helped her open her mind and heart. My brother has always been supportive. And I’m very lucky for that because I know a lot of people cannot say that. However, I never thought their support would translate into caring about taking action. We don’t tend to be very active politically most of the time. But, thanks to your video helping me show them why this is such an important thing and why it is needed for far greater reasons than my own safety, they’ve become very impassioned about helping start a change.

Thank you, Hannah. I couldn’t have done this without you.

people politicize the lives of LGBT people and people of color every goddamn day by making their very existences a point of contention and political football and then tell us not to “politicize”* it when those people are murdered specifically for being LGBT and of color in a place where LGBT people of color are invited and expected to congregate and celebrate! I guess I am moving from grief into anger.

*by which they mean: talk about the identities of the people who were killed, humanize those people and empathize with them as other LGBT people and/or people of color, connect what happened in Orlando to a larger culture that teaches people to hate and fear everything that those people in that place represented to them, and heaven forbid, talk about trends of gun violence against marginalized people

I’m Catholic. I believe in the power of prayer, and when a tragedy occurs I do pray about it.

But I will not pray for another shooting victim. And after Paris if you’re still praying for victims of mass shootings…stop.

Prayers are nice. They bring closure and comfort. But they cannot and will not stop the horrifying trend that has emerged in the past few years. Prayers cannot stop sales of assault rifles and large magazines, terrorism stemming from indignity and anger at the United States’ violence in the Middle East, attacks by the mentally ill who could not get treatment or be open about their condition. Prayers didn’t save the lives of those who died in California today, and they won’t save the next victims. 

Stop tweeting #PrayforCalifornia. Start tweeting #ActforCalifornia. Only protests, lobbying, and actions can stop shootings. Listen, if you’re against senseless and brutal gun violence, you already have an opponent: the gun lobby. And right now, by simply praying and not acting, Americans are proving to the NRA, gun lobbyists, and the government that we don’t care.

I care. Do you?

Stop tweeting, posting, and hashtagging about California unless it is for the purpose of organizing a protest, or spreading the word about a way to actually end violence.

Stop praying. For the love of God, start acting.