against facism

It's been brought to my attention that the pretty heathen tattoos I last reblogged are from a white supremacist source.

I’m removing the post.

It saddens me that so much of heathenry and it’s symbolism have been coopted by Nazi movements.

That being said, I saw at least 5 different heathens wearing mjolnir and aegishjalmur in the black block facing off against the Nazis and their riot police protectors yesterday. I confronted three of them to be sure their intentions were good, and I’m proud of heathens showing up against facism.

everything is awful right now, but please don’t give up hope. we are not alone.

i know this is hard for a lot of us but not everyone is a fighter and that’s ok.
if your heart is soft and kind, that is a gift. don’t let the harshness of the world harden it. protect it. nurture it. kindness will allow us to heal when the fight is over.
in the days to come we will need the caring hearts just as much as the warriors. the growers as much as the destroyers, and the places of quiet to retreat to to help us build something better than what is.

so protect each other, heal together. create safety around yourselves and resist the tide of cruelty that will come.
be strong, be safe. I love you.

anonymous asked:

i am a white person who desperately wants to adhere to your post about taking responsibility and helping fight against facism, nazism, etc. but, what would the proper response when i am accused of trying to be a "White savior" or being told by a member of a certain demographic that "they dont need my white, straight, help" ive been told this before. sounds fake but... it happens. and i dont know how to react in any useful way.

Sounds like you’re obnoxious and self-centered in your approach and doing it out of an over simplistic sense of …being a white savior. It’s easy to get whipped up in an ego-centric sort of zeal when you’re all hopped up on tumblr activism and ‘gonna save the world!’ optimism, and you’ve forced yourself out of your comfort zone for the first time in your life. It’s all FULL STEAM AHEAD! I’LL DO IT! I’LL BE A GOOD WHITE PERSON! until the first snag and then you’re reeling because you thought it would be easier- specifically, that everything you do would be good and there’d be nothing wrong with it. But it’s never that simple.

Never talk OVER minorities. Spend your time correcting and reining in other white people since that’s like, the main usefulness of white allies- dealing with their own (because white people hardly listen to minorities). At work, school, and in your family life. The places that are your privileged social spaces…you need to make them less comfortable for you and others. You need to be willing to not laugh at that joke, not fill that uncomfortable silence, correct the person spreading propaganda, make bigots uncomfortable and question people’s stances openly.

Also you sound really sensitive and I’ll tell you right now that doesn’t help. Anyway if you want to make sure you don’t react in an un-useful way 1) don’t ever get defensive about your privilege 2) learn to take un-coddling critique 3) talk to, at, and over white bigots bc that’s your main goal 4) every time you get criticized, redirect your efforts: make posts about groups with little media support, donate, etc.

And dear god don’t make it about you. If you ever catch yourself adding to a post “Well I’m white and” while you were attempting to ‘help’ minorities in a discussion you’ve messed up.

I mean overall this is kind of a weird ask because if you know Nazis are bad for instance then what does it matter what sort of difficulties you face in fighting them? Would you still fight Nazis if no one knew? If people misunderstood you, if no one ever gave you praise? Would you still fight if there was no reward other than their defeat?

Because if that’s the case it wouldn’t matter what anyone said. Come hell or high water, insults or ostracization, you’d fight those motherfuckers every step of the way.

anonymous asked:

Why are you anti-antifa? Like. Antifa is a movement AGAINST fascism. Are you pro-fascism or..?

Antifa is not a movement against facism. They’re a corrupted SJW cult shutting down free speech, physically attacking Trump supporters, destroying property, and rioting cities…. and their cheap claims of fighting fascism to justify it is just laughable.

Today is my day off. It might be yours too.

AKA- the 2/3rd’s method of staying safe and sane while fighting against facism. 

This is a long post. If you don’t want to read it all, just look at the pictures and the bold print. Thanks & Please Share!

If you’ve been awake at all the past week, you know that we are not alone. 

[Image: Womens March DC, thousands of people in pink hats wait to being marching on the National Mall]

[Image: No Ban No Wall, Protesters hold up signs welcoming immigrants and protesting the Muslim ban]

[Image: Let Them in, Protesters fill the terminal walkways of JFK airport protesting the detainment of refugees]

I know you may feel alone and powerless sitting at your computer screen, but even online we are not alone. 

This is what brings me to my point. I see so many posts both online and off emphasizing the things that you alone can do, which is GREAT! These are good and solid posts and it’s nice to get ideas from them, but if we are all trying to tackle this monster alone, we will all burn out. 

The key to success is taking control of our numbers. Organize!

This sounds big and scary, but here’s my method for staying safe, sane, and most importantly, spirited for the fight ahead. This works both online and off, this works in any capacity you can get it to work. This works in small and huge numbers. This works if you’re a high school kid or a retiree. Just stick to it. 

Step 1: Find (at least) two friends

You will need to find at least two other people who are in the same lane as you. They want to fight for the same things in the same capacity. They have their own abilities and strengths and weaknesses. Get to know each other, know what you all can or cannot do together. 

Offline- Get each other’s phone numbers, go out for coffee, talk about politics and also about fun things like cats. Become buddies

Online- Get each other’s usernames, private message each other, start a group or blog, talk about politics and other fun things like cats. Become buddies

Step 2: Rotate & Rest

OFFLINE VER: Pick causes in your local area (yes! this is online as well!). Draft an easy schedule. Add fun things like parties to make protest posters or post-protest relax/regroup days. 

Here’s where the 2/3 method comes in: 

[Image: The 2/3 rotation method illustrated with smiling shapes in a Venn Diagram. “Find Friends. Do Two, Rest One. REPEAT!”]

Two of your group will attend the event while the 3rd person stays away and takes an off day to rest and relax. They may be on call in even of an emergency to pick you up.

At the next event, rotate so that a different person sits out.Continue repeating this. Two go, one stays. As bigger groups go, try to keep the same ratio. Get organized. Start saving money for travel, food, lawyers, whatever you may need! Young kids you can use this method to organize rides if you’re dependent on family/friends. 

ONLINE VER: Handle issues like they’re events. Write/Call/Post to your local representatives for two out of three events or for two out of three days. Take an off day where you know your battle buddies have the fort held down. Ignore politics-related media for your off day. Practice some self care. 

This achieves all of the goals:

Safe: you are not at a protest/cause alone, you have at least 1 other person who is close to you with you. They are your quiet support online or off

Sane: You are not alone and do not feel abandoned after the even ends. If trouble occurs, there’s a backup who you can contact to pick you up! Keep your battle buddy close!

Spirited: You have a day to regroup, chill, and treat yourself as a human being before going back into the fight. Even boxers take breaks every round!

There are other things you can do to increase safety, especially if you have a group of 6 or larger:

  • Cherry pick attendees to events (White women to go to a BLM march, large intimidating masculine types to escort people to & from Pride)
  • Start a pool for bail/lawyers/transportation
  • Have an honorary team-mom who keeps the snacks/first aid/emergency equipment that’s provided by the squad
  • Run shifts at long term protests
  • Bring food to shift protestors
  • Meetup when there aren’t events to share life experiences and maybe a pizza? Mani-Pedis? Crossfit?
  • Practice Nazi-punching techniques
  • Team T-shirts.

This method is pretty easy to scale up to big organization style events. I’ve been using it recently and it really helps not only morally, but safety-wise. It’s a method I thought up and only recently put into practice. It’s not perfect, but if more people do it, it will get better and more refined. Share this! Spread this! Please be there for each other!


When we learned about the Holocaust in school, we all vowed to never let it happen again. Now we see the country that stood against the facism in our country in the war slide into it itself. The only difference is the religon. Back then it was the jews – now it’s the muslims.

Anne Frank’s family was denied asylum in the US. Today it’s happening again. Only this time it’s not a jewish girl hiding from the Nazis but a muslim girl hiding from extremists that claim to belong to Islam but twist its meaning until it fits their needs. Saying that all muslims are terrorists is like saying that all christians belong to the KKK – you can’t blame a whole religion for the actions of a splinter group.

I have defended, and I still defend, “fascist ideas,” not inasmuch as they are “fascist” but in the measure that they revive ideas superior and anterior to Fascism. As such they belong to the heritage of the hierarchical, aristocratic, and traditional conception of the State, a conception having a universal character and maintained in Europe up to the French Revolution… I reject all that which derives, directly or indirectly, from the French Revolution and which, in my opinion, has as its extreme consequence Bolshevism; to which I counterpose the “world of Tradition.”… My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.
—  Julius Evola, from his defense against charges of glorifying Fascism, 1951

i have a friend who i used to hang out with alot about this time last year and i remember he used to bring these really racist confederate and also anti-communist punk songs into my car; that i didnt enjoy at all. then one day i put this song on while he was in the car and he got all offended and made me turn it off. now i’m kind of making a documentary/movie thing about hanging around and making music with him and similar people.

so some skinhead on tumblr decided he was gonna start shit with me and try to talk shit about Prinz Eugen
in fan mail of course so i couldnt post it publicly
the coward
he started talking shit and stated i couldnt fight him or something
i informed him id kick his ass
as it turns out he lived near me
i told him to name a time and place
it was a McDonalds at about the middle of us
I went, sat on the tailgate of my truck, got a burger
waited 2 hours
this coward never shows up
and then of course i had to shit talk him, he just gave me some shitty excuse and blocked me
and that my nigger, is the story of how i almost fought a fucking skinhead nazi in real life to defend the honour of an 2d anthropomorphized heavy cruiser from WW2
id like to think my grandfather would be proud if he were still alive
with me continuing the fight against facism 75 years later
—  @antonnizhny a true god among us