against censorship

What this generation has done to society

1. Colleges have went from being a place of learning to a daycare for adults to be cuddled and babied .

2. advocating for freedom of speech makes you a Nazi

3. Being against censorship makes you a Nazi

4. Being against antifa makes you a Nazi

5. Being white is worse than committing war crimes  

6 . Being a man is worse than committing genocide

7 . Men have been villianzed to the point where being born with a penis makes you worst than Hitler

8. Only women can experience sexism

9. Only women can be victims

10. Being a white man is worse than drowning a bag of babies

11. Being straight is worse than bombing a hospital

12. Its okay to shame men for their anatomy

13. its okay to take pictures of men in public and shame them for their anatomy

14. its okay to make laws that fine men for their anatomy

15. Stating facts can get your fired because it offended someone

16.  witching hunting and doxing is okay because that person didnt agree with your views 

17. Looking at a women is rape

18. giving a women a compliment is sexual harassment

19.Refuse fault and play the victim card

20.Slander dead people

21. Tells others to kill themselves

22.blame white people for slavery and refuse to expect other races owned slaves

23. Medical sciences is racist

24. Even born poor your still have a advantage in life if your white

25. Force white people to have guilt for things they didn’t even do

26.Men can only be the perpetrator never the victim 

27. Women rejecting  men is powerful but men rejecting women is sexist

28. Having a preferences makes your a racist

29.   Refuse to admit   that society see men as nothing more than cannon fodder  .

Hey, so did you know that librarians tend to run liberal?

And that they’re really against censorship?

And that nearly all libraries have policies that prohibit people from harassing others inside?

And that nearly all libraries have free wifi and desktop computers that erase history when you’re done using them?

And that librarians are totally chill with you hanging out all day? (provided you don’t spill things on the books)

And that libraries often have huge offerings of dvds which you can watch on your laptop in the library?

And that libraries tend to have lots of resources for folks who find themselves in distress?

What I’m saying is, if shit hits the fan, go to the library, you’re welcome here.


Referring to YOI and/or Victuuri as ‘bait’ or ‘fujoshit’ is so immensely disrespectful to the hard work the team put into this show, especially Yamamoto-sensei, who fought so hard for her vision, who worked against attempts at censorship, and who had to shop this show around for years because she would not budge on the story she wanted to tell.


My Venezuelan friends are reporting the following:

Students and civilians are being KILLED!

Yes you read it right, students like yourself are being killed in Venezuela, a country in south America.

This is no fiction, it is not part of a dystopian YA novel, is real life. They are being killed by their own government, they live in a DICTATORSHIP.
You read The Hunger Games? You read novels about repressive regimes, imagine to live that for real. That is what Venezuelan students and population is living.

You felt the terror of the characters of the Harry Potter novels against the treat of the Dark Lord, That is the terror and fear that Venezuelans feels because of the repression and the armed gangs that kill people on the streets.

For days now the Venezuelan students -supported by the general population- have been on the streets protesting against the dictatorship, the censorship of the communication media (tv, radio, news papers, even the internet), and for the lack of FOOD & MEDICINES. Simply there is no food or medication in the stores or in the supermarket. You can not buy (even if you have the money) milk, oil, sugar, meat, flour, etc., because there is anything of that stuff in the whole country.

At this moment the Police and the National Guard, in charge of surveying the marches, are freely throwing tear gas and plastic bullets towards those who are exercising their constitutional right to peacefully protest against the Government and its dictatorship style.

The repression has reached such levels that even private residences, schools, neighborhoods and parks have been targeted, with the assistance of armed pro government groups. They do not mind if children, elders or bystanders are on the way. The images of affected people are heartbreaking.

Please take a second to get informed and raise awareness within your fandom and friends of the life and death of the Venezuelan people, who are trapped -for real- in the nightmare of a dystopian reality and who are fighting restlessly for their rights and survival.

Random things I like about Rick and morty

-Beth is considered busty but her character design is overall not sexualized (bonus: the one reference to her having large breasts comes from Summer lamenting about how her breasts probably aren’t done growing yet)
-you can easily pick out familial similarities in the smith family character designs (mortys hair is the same texture as his Jerry’s, Rick and Beth have similar same head shape, Summer’s head shape is a bit between Jerry’s and Beth’s, Morty and Summer have their dad’s eyes and skin tone)
-that one time when Morty went on an anti-censorship rant against Summer about how she’s too sensitive and the world isn’t responsible for pleasing her and Rick immediately shuts him down with “I take it you didn’t get a text back from Jessica”
-squanchy is a mishmash of 80s cartoon tropes (creature that says it’s name a bunch and ‘lovable’ annoying animal sidekick there to be cute and sell toys, ironic as squanchy has appeared like twice)
-the irony of squanchy being a parody of said trope only for Mr poopybutthole to legitimately fulfill the role
-Summer having her own character arc throughout the show
-Beth’s pathology (I’ll add a link l8r I’m on mobile but the entry on the wiki about her is fascinating and really shows how well thought out everything is)
-the show giving just enough plot advancement at the perfect pace, keeping the audience satisfied but wanting more (unlike that OTHER show) ((reminder that we still know nothing about evil Morty, what Ricks crimes are, the specifics of his and the resistances hatred of the government, why he left Beth and Diane specifically, the time Jerry was raped at summer camp (idk maybe they won’t do anything with it but I feel like there’s something coming like Jerry breaking down or consoling in someone))
-Jerry being the typical dumb dad but in like a new way (not just a Homer Simpson clone)
-Jerry is in marketing and I feel like this is supposed to be a joke about how characters in movies are always in marketing because it’s an excuse for product placement but Jerry only makes ads for like very generalized products (hungry for apples?)
-Jerry is queer and Rick is queer coded and it’s so casual I love it
-A lot of people think Morty is supposed to be autistic and I wouldn’t put it past the show to do it (also suggested in the very first episode)
-doofus rick
-Mr jellybean and the show constantly giving the middle finger to lesser animated adult comedies and also adventure time

You know, I used to be one of those people that was always like “Ugh, America is a shithole, blah blah blah”.  Honestly, I’m so glad I grew out of that thinking, because it accomplishes nothing.

Like…take a fucking look around.  We have our share of shit, yeah–who doesn’t?  But we’ve also got it a lot better than many other places.  At least it’s not literally illegal to be LGBT.  As a woman, I can vote, drive, and basically do whatever the hell I want with my life, so long as it’s legal.  And at least we’re not living under a genuine fascist like the people in North Korea, and are just stuck with a babbling idiot for 4 years until Oprah runs for president and saves us all (we’ve already survived Reagan and Bush², so I think we’ll be okay).  Our Netflix list (crappy as it may have become recently) is still like three times as long as everyone else’s, because we’re not as aggressive with our censorship against artists and filmmakers. 

Are there places that are better?  Probably.  But this is what we’ve got.  Don’t take it for granted, okay?  Even a filthy toilet is still better than no toilet at all. 

the list of proposed books to ban from “gays against gentrification (GAG)” before they deleted their facebook: 

-Admission Accomplished - Jill Johnston
-Against Sadomasochism - Robin R. Linden, Darlene R. Pagano, Diana E. Russell, Susan Leigh Star
-Amazon Odyssey: Collection of Writings - Ti-Grace Atkinson
-Buddhism after Patriarchy - Rita M. Gross
-The Female Man - Joana Russ
-Female Sexual Sl*v*ry - Kathleen Barry
-Feminism Unmodified - Catharine A. Mackinnon
-First Buddhist Women: Poems and Stories of Awakening Susan Murcott
-Gyn/Ecology - Mary Daly
-The Idea of Prostitution - Sheila Jeffreys
-The Industrial Vagina: The Political Economy of the Global Sex Trade - Sheila Jeffreys
-Intercourse - Andrea Dworkin
-The Lesbian Heresy - Sheila Jeffreys
-Nine Parts of Desire: The Hidden World of Islamic Women - Geraldine Brooks
-Not a Choice, Not a Job: Exposing the Myths about Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade - Janice Raymond
-Not for Sale: Feminists Resisting Prostitution and Pornography-Of Women Born - Adrienne Rich
-Pornography: Men Possessing Women - Andrea Dworkin
-Radical Acceptance - Tara Brach
-The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism - Janice Raymond
-Women As Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and the Battle over Women’s Freedom - Janice Raymond

OK science side of Tumblr, help me out?

I am looking for a book on climate change. How it works, the effects we can already see, the proof we have it’s happening. Pictures are good. One meant for a interested high school student or someone of that level of education. One that doesn’t do any people or political view point bashing, so that a person who might have grown up on the other side but is willing to investigate won’t be put off. One that is oriented specifically toward science and not politics, because if all goes well this is going to wind up in a church library and I’m pretty big on the separation of church and state.

@jstor, is this your kind of thing or can you point me at someone?


Hello everybody, I know that this post wont get a lot notes, but I am still gonna tell you, what is going on here in Serbia right now, my county, the country I’ ve been living in for 22 years, my favorite place ever, MY COUNTRY, sorry patriotism kicked in. lol. But right now, for about a week since “ we” elected a new president, protests have been going on, every single day since he was elected, we’ ve been protesting, and we wont back down, we wont stop until the new president is gone! We have decided to protest against dictatorship and media censorship, and it saddens me that my dad used to protest for the same thing when he was younger, we go through this thing over and over again, people of Serbia are angry, we had enough of it, we dont want be treated as a working force, we wanted to be treated like HUMAN BEINGS, and it saddens me that NO SERBIAN TELEVISION OR NEWSPAPER IS COVERING THIS, NO FREAKING BODY, AND WE ARE ANGRY AND SAD THAT WE HAVE TO PROTEST, BUT WE HAVE TO THIS IS OUR RIGHT!! So what I want to do with this post is to tell you and send awareness about it. The protests are very calm,but loud, and we hope that our loud voices, and our loud instruments will be heard!!!! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

Fictional trends reflect real-world norms and help to shape the future. Fiction defines what it is acceptable to talk about and what it is acceptable to be.

That is why I will always, always fight against censorship and for a corpus of varied, easily accessible depictions of abuse.

Being a survivor is not unspeakable. It is not shameful. It isn’t even fucking rare.

The only time it becomes unspeakable is when survivors are silenced, and I refuse to be complicit in that silencing.


You know it’s been a crazy year when the old purpose of this blog intersects with the new purpose.

A few days ago, Nicole Oliver, who is the VA for Princess Celestia, posted a tweet where she indicated not only her awareness of art depicting her character in Nazi regalia, but that she did not approve of such art.

You don’t have to read the replies to guess what happens next: people posted images of Celestia as a Nazi, but they were few and far in between, most of the replies were actually a Twitter-tier discussion (read: not high quality) about whether such art is acceptable in this day and age.

A couple thoughts about this:

First and foremost, I am not shocked by Nicole’s reaction here.

Anyone that’s followed this blog since its early days knows I have tremendous respect for Nicole Oliver. In addition to her acting ability, I can’t say enough about what I think about her as a person. I really have a lot of love for her, and I think her efforts to use the show and the fandom to bring about positive social change is remarkable. When you consider that this is a woman who will not only invite kids up to the front at panels at conventions, but actually read stories to them in Celestia’s voice, it really speaks volumes about the kind of character she has.

For all intents and purposes, she is Princess Celestia.

But anyone who watches the show knows that Celestia is not all sunshine and rainbows. When she gets mad at you, she’s mad. 

And Nicole Oliver is no exception. By now we’ve all seen the video at a con of a man at a panel (which included Applebloom’s VA Michelle Creber) asking Nicole about her opinion on Celestia being portrayed as a child molester (a thinly-veiled reference to Ask Princess Molestia) and Nicole verbally destroyed him.

That’s who she is. That’s who Nicole Oliver is.

So am I surprised by her negative response to images of Celestia as a Nazi? No I am not. Nicole Oliver doesn’t play around.

With that said, as is typical of Twitter these days, there’s a lot of replies to those tweets saying that kind of art has no place in the fandom, or in general, that people should not “joke” about these kinds of things.

You all know that I am very much against the censorship of art or the “sanitation” of speech. You will not see me deviate from this position here.

As far as I’m concerned, if someone wants to draw Celestia in an SS uniform, they have every right to do so. 

But here’s the important thing. Just because they have the right to do so doesn’t mean that they are free from any and all backlash they may receive for doing such a thing.

You see, when a Libertarian like me advocates for all ideas being expressed, there are those on the left who take it to mean “all ideas should be considered equal.” That things like hate, bigotry and racism should be seen as being as equally valid as things like tolerance and acceptance.

If we lived in a perfect world, all ideas would be equally viable. But we don’t, we live in the real world. And the real world is not as accommodating as we’d like it to be. And there are certain ideas that a lot of people will judge as causing more harm than good, and so will be judged more harshly than others.

The same applies to art.

I have no doubt that if I made an SFM animation that showed an anthro Celestia getting plowed by tentacles, Nicole Oliver probably would not be appreciative of it. It doesn’t matter how long I spent on it, it doesn’t matter if I did it to show her how much admiration I have for her, if she judges the artwork to be in bad taste or inappropriate, she is free to say to my face “this is terrible, I do not like this, don’t show this to me again.”

And when you consider the art in question is about a subject matter that people are showing increases sensitivity towards in this day and age, then I can understand the rather combative reaction to said art. Especially because, as she points out, the very idea of Celestia as a Nazi (or even as a tyrant) goes against the core values and concepts of the show (in a related story I’m not a fan of Tyrant!Celestia either.)

Now none of this is to say that, as an individual artist, you should be discouraged from drawing what you want to draw or creating what you want to create. If you honestly feel the need to draw Celestia doing the jack-booted goose step, fine. More power to you.

Just don’t be surprised if the real Princess Celestia doesn’t appreciate your work.

youtube in 8 months

For the first time in 2 weeks, a Youtuber has commited first degree murder. This time, it was GamerPastaPie, a 5 Million Subscriber Let’s Play channel. You vaguely remember watching a Slender Playthrough of his in 2013. The day after Youtube suspends his channel, videos like “SJW Brigade accuses GamerPastaPie of MURDER!?!?! #DramaAlert #PastaPieGate” and “Why I Stand With GamerPastaPie and against Censorship” begin burrowing out from underground like rabbits. You have gotten used to this, and decide to check out the controversy on Twitter. You begin to see everyone that made a collab video with GamerPastaPie bend themselves backwards to give him a big pat on the back and fervently deny the fact the fact he killed that young man. “Keep up the good videos, Pasta, and don’t let Andrew Burgundy’s haters drag you down. :)”, a 2 hour old tweet by fellow Let’s Player and verified user SpaceRayGaming. A few days pass, Keemstar and Scarce both get a bit richer, and an apology obviously written by his PR guys pops on Twitter. Around a week later, after seeing a let’s play of Rocket League from the newly unsuspended GamerPastaPie pop up in your feed, you catch a video in the corner of your eye, “Why PervertParade23 did NOT fuck a dead goat”.  You stare aghast at your screen. The cycle begins to start anew.

anonymous asked:

Hey Sam, I'm trying to delete my LJ, but when I log in it asks me to accept the new terms of service. When I hit "not now" it automatically logs me out. I'm not really sure what to do here. :( Is there a way to delete without agreeing? Or do I have to bite the bullet and hope deleting afterwards will do the trick?

It depends on what you mean by “do the trick”, I guess. 

You have to accept the TOS in order to delete. There’s no way around it. Possibly if you use a posting client like Semagic, which was already logged in, you could go through Semagic’s archive and delete each post by hand. I don’t use Semagic anymore so I don’t know. But basically, yes, you have to accept the TOS in order to delete. You also have to accept it in order to give Dreamwidth access to it to back it up. 

But the TOS is only legitimate on Livejournal, so it’s not like you’re making some kind of deal with the government or something. I’m not a lawyer so I can’t speak to whether Russian law is even applicable to non-Russian users in this case, and I also can’t speak to whether the TOS is voided by the deletion of your journal. (I’m assuming you’re not Russian.) I know that when I accepted the TOS in order to be able to log Dreamwidth in for backing up my journal, nothing happened other than I got access to my blog back. 

I guess the question is: what are you concerned accepting the TOS will cause to happen? Are you concerned you’ll be put on some kind of registry? The TOS has just been put in place, but a Russian-based company has owned LJ for years – if they were going to put people on a registry for posting stuff against Russia’s censorship rules, it’s already happened. Also, they’re not looking for small fry; this kind of stuff is meant to justify the arrest of people who are agitating against the state or promoting activities the state disagrees with. LJ was formerly (may be still, I don’t keep up) a huge platform for Russian political activists. This is aimed at them, not at fandom. Fandom needs to GTFO of LJ for sure, but fans just being fans, that’s not the target (yet). The idea is to get out before we become one. 

Also remember that there are strictures on the TOS itself – most of what is threatened in the legalese only applies if you have more than 3000 hits per day, so the average person probably doesn’t need to worry in the immediate sense (I might, and ohnotheydidnt definitely does, but most people don’t get 3000 hits on their livejournal in a single day). 

Should we still be concerned that LJ is doing this? Absolutely. In political terms, in terms of supporting the Russian people who deal with this bullshit all the time, it’s super worrying and upsetting. In personal terms, in terms of our safety as non-Russian users of the site, I don’t think just accepting the TOS is dangerous, as long as you’re getting off the site shortly thereafter. 

I guess the TLDR is that you have to accept the TOS in order to delete, but there are thousands of people accepting the TOS right now, and we are small fry compared to the people the TOS is actually designed to target. Once you delete, the TOS realistically doesn’t matter anymore as far as I am aware. (Readers feel free to comment or reblog with more nuanced understanding of this situation; remember not to send asks, since I don’t respond to asks sent in response to other asks.) 

So without being an international internet lawyer, my advice is to accept it, go in, back up your journal if you need to, delete it, and then take a deep breath and have a snack. And the next time you read about Russian politics, remember how scared you feel right now and have empathy for people who are struggling to create change there.

anonymous asked:

I'm new....what's with the fist and the don't tread on me snake?

Good question, Anon.

The Gadsden snake has a long history, named after the American general and designer Christopher Gadsden. He made it during the Revolutionary War and it became identified with opposition to the British crown and with the ideals of classically liberal conceptions of liberty. Today, right-libertarians, neo-liberals, Tea Partiers, and anarcho-capitalists fly the flag as an expression of that conception of liberty.

If you know your history and understand the infrastructural and superstructural traits of capitalism, it may become obvious that liberty in this context is, and always has been, heavily rooted in property acquisition. Of important note here, by “property”, I mean private property, a particular relationship to social institutions central to capitalism. In essence, private property involves the subordination of labor to capital and tenant to landlord (among others) in those social institutions; it is the infrastructure of class society and it requires that the majority of individuals enter into these autocratically-managed institutions in order to earn wages (fractions of what they produce as workers) and gain access to the life necessities withheld from them.

These were the Founding Fathers’ intentions, as they wanted to maintain class domination by elites, actively abridge democracy across the population, and continue their imperialist genocide of Native Americans through “manifest destiny”. As far as I’m concerned, and as far as many others are concerned, the Gadsden snake represents this perverted individualism that talks of freedom on one side of its mouth and talks of imperialism and autocracy on the other – it is the ruling ideology of capital and conquest twisted into a supposed philosophy for the industrious Everyman. Because of all this, we leftists see it as a symbol to be actively opposed.

The raised fist is a leftist symbol that has been utilized by various movements and co-opted for many causes. From Black Power to the worker cooperative movement, from Green and pro-environment politics to librarians against censorship, the fist is generally understood to be a symbol that stands for human freedom and the clash of oppressed vs oppressor – in short, the fist stands for “power to the people”. Typically, a black fist is for Black Power, a green fist is for the Green politics struggles against corporatist pollution and environmental degradation, and a red fist is for socialist solidarity and common struggle.

A red fist strangling the Gadsden snake, then, is a compound symbol with overt meaning: it stands for the people overcoming the influence of capital and bourgeois liberty. It stands for the rejection of serpentine ruling class ideology. It stands for the people bringing an end to an autocratic social order and ushering in an age of democracy, mutual aid, and genuine freedom.

I hope more leftists, “social justice warriors”, and “economic justice warriors” take to using the compound symbol. It conveys so much through two simple pictures, showing both the assertion and the opposition.

I also hope this was informative for you, Anon.


arguing with someone on FB about how Nazi symbols shouldn’t be considered free speech

like. I know there’s legal precedent for it (which absolutely baffles and disgusts me), but…what about “we should violently massacre entire innocent groups of people” doesn’t count as inciting violence?

under the First Amendment, people can say a lot of things I vehemently disagree with. people have the right to say that I shouldn’t be allowed to get married or adopt children. I hate it, hate them, and hate that they say those things, but they are allowed to say them. and I’m allowed to say that they’re smallminded bigots and what they suggest violates my basic rights. they’re not inciting violence against me; they’re not saying “kill all gay people” so they’re allowed to speak their piece. I acknowledge this even as I loathe them bitterly for it and fight against it

but there was even one court case that, in the same breath as letting a Nazi speaker off the hook, illustrated why Nazis shouldn’t be protected under the First Amendment. 1949′s Terminello v. Chicago, where a Nazi orator’s conviction was overturned. the judge said “freedom of speech, though not absolute, is protected against censorship or punishment unless shown likely to produce a clear and present danger of serious substantive evil that rises far above public inconvenience, annoyance or unrest.”

what sane person, looking at how Naziism spread in Europe and what it by definition advocates, doesn’t realize that promoting it does produce a clear and present danger? and who looks at this legal loophole and sits back and says “well, it’s bad but it’s the law, so I guess we shouldn’t do anything about it?”

yes, I will defend people’s legal right to say things I strongly disagree with- but this goes so far beyond that as to be a completely different issue. advocating genocide is not a gray area. end of story

anonymous asked:

we got that fucking huckleberry finn discussion again and a bunch of my lily-white pals are complaining/arguing they should be able to use the n-word for "literally analysis" to "show controversy" and " go against censorship" thoughts as a humble black man?

June Callwood (1924-2007) was a Canadian author, journalist, and social activist. She founded more than 50 social action organisations in her lifetime, concerning the welfare of women and youth.

She was a journalist at The Globe and Mail in Toronto, and hosted three series on national television. Among the organisations she founded and co-founded are Casey House, a hostel for AIDS sufferers, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and Feminists Against Censorship.