against all authority

@drgrlfriend asked what my ultimate pick is for Stiles’ future job. Do I see the FBI as a good fit for him, or see him going into something else? And offered a lot of great alternative suggestions: small town Sheriff, consulting mage, mercinary Hunter, history professor…


There are a lot of good thoughts in here, but I’m going to start out by saying that I do not see Stiles being happy long-term in the FBI. I can understand why he would decide to go into it –– putting his investigative skills and desire to make a difference to good use. In theory, it sounds like a good fit. But I’ve never been thrilled with the idea of Stiles as a police officer because of all of the inherent red tape, the rules and regulations he’d have to accept and work around, and the authority he’d have to answer to… and the FBI will be a hundred times worse on all these counts.

So I imagine Stiles chafing and pushing against all the authority and restrictions, getting reprimanded constantly for doing the smart thing or the right thing instead of doing things the way they’re supposed to be done. I can picture him getting pulled off field work and thrown into some basement somewhere to do research –– because they know he’s brilliant, ok, but they can’t afford to have him going off-book in the field (and Stiles just isn’t the type of person not to go off book if he thought he could do more good that way).

Not to mention that –– assuming the FBI doesn’t have some sort of supernatural investigation division –– Stiles is going to undoubtedly encounter things he can’t explain to his superiors, cases where he recognizes that crime lord as a werewolf or realizes that series of deaths is caused by a wendigo, and then how is he supposed to handle that in the middle of all this bureaucracy?

Stiles is 100% suited for investigative work, but he’s not suited government jobs. My personal favorite job for him is a private detective, and the amazing thing with that is that he could take human jobs and supernatural ones, get help from his supernatural allies on things like tracking suspects and investigating crime scenes without having to explain away their qualifications to higher ups, and just generally do whatever he needs to do to get the job done. Picture Stiles Stilinski, Veronica Mars-style, snarking his way through solving cases, with Derek and Lydia dropping by from time to time to help him out.

“Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. Get them all in the same suit and you have yourself a Royal Flush. Unfortunately, they rarely ever line up the same …”

There’s a new Youtuber AU on the Block- and it’s in 1923.

Mobsters, flappers, take your pick. Go on, guess who is on each card.

Just remember- there are no good guys here.

Title: “Against All Odds”

Authors: @trulymightypotato, @lowat-golden-tower, @thatoneperson98122, @theparadoxicalfox, @angstphilosophy, and I.

Inspiration: @neko-puff