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@drgrlfriend asked what my ultimate pick is for Stiles’ future job. Do I see the FBI as a good fit for him, or see him going into something else? And offered a lot of great alternative suggestions: small town Sheriff, consulting mage, mercinary Hunter, history professor…


There are a lot of good thoughts in here, but I’m going to start out by saying that I do not see Stiles being happy long-term in the FBI. I can understand why he would decide to go into it –– putting his investigative skills and desire to make a difference to good use. In theory, it sounds like a good fit. But I’ve never been thrilled with the idea of Stiles as a police officer because of all of the inherent red tape, the rules and regulations he’d have to accept and work around, and the authority he’d have to answer to… and the FBI will be a hundred times worse on all these counts.

So I imagine Stiles chafing and pushing against all the authority and restrictions, getting reprimanded constantly for doing the smart thing or the right thing instead of doing things the way they’re supposed to be done. I can picture him getting pulled off field work and thrown into some basement somewhere to do research –– because they know he’s brilliant, ok, but they can’t afford to have him going off-book in the field (and Stiles just isn’t the type of person not to go off book if he thought he could do more good that way).

Not to mention that –– assuming the FBI doesn’t have some sort of supernatural investigation division –– Stiles is going to undoubtedly encounter things he can’t explain to his superiors, cases where he recognizes that crime lord as a werewolf or realizes that series of deaths is caused by a wendigo, and then how is he supposed to handle that in the middle of all this bureaucracy?

Stiles is 100% suited for investigative work, but he’s not suited government jobs. My personal favorite job for him is a private detective, and the amazing thing with that is that he could take human jobs and supernatural ones, get help from his supernatural allies on things like tracking suspects and investigating crime scenes without having to explain away their qualifications to higher ups, and just generally do whatever he needs to do to get the job done. Picture Stiles Stilinski, Veronica Mars-style, snarking his way through solving cases, with Derek and Lydia dropping by from time to time to help him out.

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BadBoy!Highschool!5SOS series:

A/n: hey there!I’m finally posting the first part of these series that I’m really enjoying so far :3 it’s my weakness for sure. this part doesn’t have much in it, because i wanted to set the story first before developping anything, so I hope you enjoy

Also, a big thank you to Iheartdonkeykong, who inspired me hugely to write this, go ahead and read her series if you haven’t, it’s so good :3


Ringing the doorbell, she waited at the door step of their neighbours’ house. It was a chilly morning, and she was wrapped in her cardigan, praying for someone to just open the door. As if on cue, the front door swung open.

“Hi Mr. Hemmings, is Mrs. Hemmings home?” she asked once she was met with the older man. The Hemmings have been their neighbours for as long as she could remember, wich made the two families quite close. “Come in (y/n)” he welcomed her with a warm smile, opening the door further allowing her to step in. “She’s upstairs in the bedroom” he informed her. There was no need for him to show her the way, she’s litterately been in their house so many times he can’t even remember. It was quite common for her mom or dad to send her over whenever needed.

Climbing the stairs, her legs lead her directly towards the main bedroom. Knocking on the door, she entered once she heard Liz’s hum of approval. “Hi Mrs. Hemmings” she greeted, a smile on her lips. She had always admired Liz throughout her childhood, and cherished her dearly. “Well, hello there (y/n)! How’re you doing?” the blond woman greeted her back, pulling her into a quick hug. “I’m alright. I just wanted to come by and tell you that mom’s hosting a little gathering Sunday morning. She’d love for you to come.” (y/n)’s mother was known around the neighborhood for hosting such get- togethers, she’s call them her chill Sundays where she’d spend quality time with her friends. She bid her neighbour farewell once the latter confirmed that she was coming.

(y/n) was making her way towards the staircase when something caught her eye. The door at the start of the corridor was wide open, granting her full view into the inside. It was somewhat a shock for her, since she had never seen that door open, ever. Everytime she came over, that door would be locked as if it was containing a mystery. Curiosity got the best of her, as she took a step forward, earning a better look into the room. It was fairly messy; the walls were covered by one too many posters, the navy blue comforter laying on the floor. She was too caught up in her thoughts that she missed the sound of footsteps approaching her. That is until she was startled by a voice behind her, snapping her out of her trance. “Ah! Curiosity killed the cat miss (Y/n), didn’t it?”

Turning around, she was met with striking blue eyes staring down at her with amusement. Luke was standing in front of her, hands in his pockets, his tall stature and posture intimidating her. He was in a comfy pair of sweats and a tank top, a few strands of hair sticking out of his beanie.

“I-I…I was just-uh, t-talking to Mrs. Hemmings…um, yeah… sorry” she was overall stumbling, mentally cursing herself for embarassing herself so much in front of him. Keeping her gaze down in vain hopes of hiding her bluch from him, she excused herself climbing down the stairs as fast as she could.

Luke lifted his right hands, rubbing his neck as watched her run out the door. He bit down on his lip ring smirking, though he had to admit that he was partly dissppointed that she ran away before he could say anything else. Luke’s and (y/n)’s relation was… a little weird? They’re the kind of neighbours that spent half of their childhood playing in mud and taking naked baths together, then just grew apart but still carry those embarassing moments with them. Neither could really pinpoint exactly when they stoped hanging out together, it just happpened along the way and they never questionned it. Luke earned a reputation, going from the nice kid in elementary to the badboy at the end of junior highschool. No one dared to cross his path, and endless rumors flew around him, but he never seemed phased by any of that. As for (y/n), she soon became class president and managed to stay out of causing any conflict with her classmates.  Little did they knew, their paths were about to cross once again.


“Shit! I forgot it!” she cursed under her breath, desperately looking for her litterature textbook inside her locker. As if that class wasn’t dreadful enough, she had to forget her book at home. Closing her locker with a thud, she sighed once more hoping that she wouldn’t get into much trouble.

“What’s wrong baby girl?”

Rolling her eyes, she turned around yet couldn’t contain her smile when she found Calum leaning on his locker which was right next to hers. She took a mental note of how flattering his leather jacked looked over his school uniform blazer. Shaking her head at her thoughts, she looked up to see him waiting for her response. “I forgot my textbook, and I’m really not in the mood to have Mr. Fitz’ yelling about how we’re all not appreciating his class as much as we’re supposed to be” she finished he sentence with a scoff, recalling her teacher’s speech. Leaning in, Calum held her chin between his index and thumb, grinning when her cheeks turned a darker shade of pink. “Well then, baby girl, why don’t come and skip last period with me? It would be more fun than that dead-ass class. What do you say? Run off with me?”

It was the same as always, Calum proposing to skip school but her answer had never changed. She pretended to think for while before answering him, “As fun as it sounds to run away with you to the sunset Cal, I think I’ll pass. And I suggest you do too.”

Letting go of her chin, he tapped her nose with his index finger smiling down at her. “You’re no fun” he joked and watched as she scruched her face at his remark, sticking out her tong teasingly. Dropping his hand, he sent her a wink before walking away, shouting over his shoulder “Alright then, see ya later”.

She watched as he quickly walked out of the school entrance before getting caught. It was truly Calum’s natural behavior; he basically never attends all of his classes for the day. And even if he attended a class, he’d occupy the last seat in the classroom looking bored out of his mind. (Y/n) found herself wondering if she was the only student who realised that his behavior didn’t affect his grades not one bit, the only one to know that he was actually ahead of the whole class without even trying. Still, it wasn’t that hard to grasp; Calum had most people fooled by his edgy look and defiant personna. He was what you would classify as the badboy, the punk-ass who hangs out with the other punks. His multiples tattoos hidden under the sleeves of his school uniform and his lack of attandance leading everyone besides his teachers and (y/n) to believe that he was having fun at failing at every class. Secretly, the boys envied him for the power he held over all of the students, for his looks and mostly for the amount of attention he got from the girls. It was definitely hard to compete with his never-ending reputation. Yet, much to the girls’ disappointment, he never really gave anyone a second look. So it was naturally a shock for everyone when he would actually stop his glorious walk throught the halls to talk to (y/n).

She would classify what they had as friends, maybe, in a way. It was kind of weird, but they were both used to pestering eachother during classes, or joke around during lunch break. It was a weird friendship that included flirting and teasing, but never really got the chance to escalade more than that. However, they were both enjoying what they had.  


Most people, including Michael Clifford, would describe Mr. Barnes’ History class as the most boring class on earth. 90% of the class slept right through it, and the remaining struggled to stay awake. The only problem was that Mr. Barnes was very strict when it came to giving marks, resulting to giving a bunch of C’s and D’s to the whole class, occasionally a few B’s. And then, there was (y/n) who came in first and walked out last of his class- and the other classes for that matter. Her enthousiasm for the class that everyone dreaded was almost unimaginable. She resulted into being the only one participating, thus getting a good mark in his class. Mr. Barnes enjoyed her attendance as much as she appreciated his, happy to find at least one of his students actually focusing on his random rambling about historical events.

School was just her thing, as bizzare as the majority of the students thought. Her usual seat was at the very front of the class, whereas Michael’s was at the furthest corner of the classroom, the closest one to the window granting him full view outside. He’d noticed her of course, she was kind of hard to miss as it was mainly her voice and Mr. Barnes filling the very quiet room. It was no secret that she got on his nerves, making him roll his eyes at every comment she made. To be quite honest, he never stopped to think about it or even see if he was being unfair towards her. All he knew was that she had the mighty power to get him pissed and push all of his buttons at once. For crying out loud, she was and represented everything he wasn’t and fought against. Her kindness towards everyone else, her excitement for school, her goody-two-shoes behavior, it all made him cringe because of how it resembled nothing in him and basically was everything he never wanted to be. And mainly the same could be said for her, it annoyed her to no end how nonchalant and uninterested Michael was, how he randomly picked fights, and fought against all forms of authority. However, she could never deny that deep inside, she partly admired what he was like, and how he never seemed to care about what others said, she would even go as far as admitting that he was terribly attractive and held a certain aura around him.

As for Michael, it had all started fairly simple. He found himself studying her when she was doing homework at lunch, wondering how the heck she managed to spoil lunchtime as well with books. Then he found himself looking closer, deeper, finding out how her hand tugged at the roots of her hair when struggling with an exercise and how she bit her lip to contain the excitement when she’d find the answer. It somehow only made Michael more confused, and if one thing he hated feeling it would be confusion. Why would he be noticing such things in a person that got under his skin?

Michael found himself thinking about that one question again, his feet resting over his desk as he started out the window. However, the teacher had other ideas in mind. “Mr. Clifford, perhaps you’d like to answer this question?” Mr. Barnes interrupted his thoughts, earning a bored glance from the boy. “Not really, no. But miss nerd-ass in the front would maybe like that.”

The whole class turned to look at (y/n) hearing his comment, though it wasn’t that unusual. She gritted her teeth together, slightly angling her body to earn a better look at the slouched boy in the back, giving him the –fakest- sweetest smile she could muster. “why thank you Michael, I would actually like to answer that since you know, I was actually paying attention.” She replied before turning around and answering the previous question confidently.

That right there was what truly got to Michael, how she gave off this vibe of the nerdy pushover, that is of course until you try to push her over and realize that she was a feisty one, never truly showing defeat to anyone. Why was it so hard for him to figure her out? Why did he want to figure her out? Sighing, Michael decided that those questions were to be answered another day, turning his head around towards the window, blankly staring outside waiting for the bell to ring.


“this can’t be happening right now” a groan left her lips as she struggled to manage the books she was holding, whilst trying to read through the papers she got from the administration. It was safe to say that she was lost, and late to class, on her first day to school. It was truly a nightmare for her, moving away and changing school for her senior year was already bad enough as it was, she didn’t need to make a bad impression on her first day by getting late.

Walking randomly through the large corridors and cursing every now and then at her luck, she failed to notice a body coming closer until she bumped into him, dropping all of her books at once. “Shit!” she groaned, bending down to pick her stuff. Her nightmare was complete, she had officially done everything a new transfer student does in every movie before their high school life becomes a living hell.

“Sorry about that, let me help you” she almost forgot that she had bumped into someone. The boy was kindly helping her pick up her stuff; but she was almost dazed by this lovely curly haired guy that was looking at her with a dimpled smile, handing her the books. “Oh! Right..thank you so much” she thanked him, standing up on her feet. “No problem” was his simple reply, so she guessed that maybe he could help her out to find her class.

Surely, she found herself walking by his side as he led the way to her classroom. Once they arrived, he dropped her off ushering her to go in, but it took her a few minutes to collect herself. Luckily, the teacher understood why she was late and allowed her to introduce herself, her day slightly looking better after that certain meeting.

During her first week of school, she didn’t hesitate to make friends and introduce herself to her classmates, making her feel less out of place. She enjoyed the classes she took, yet found herself eager for those she shared with her mystery boy- whose name she never really got. It wasn’t that hard to like his presence, he overall gave off a happy, positive aura, and never failed to crack a joke during class or find something ridiculous to do. His giggle was contagious in a way, and his smile alluring.

During lunch break, she sat along with a few friends she managed to make. She turned around, inspecting the atmosphere of the cafeteria, when something caught her eye; golden haired boy sitting with… the badasses of the entire school? She was quite the observer, and quickly realized who the ones not to mess with were, yet it couldn’t possibly include him.

She nudged April, who was sitting to her right, pointing at the four guys with her head. “Who exactly is that one? Why’s he sitting with the others?” she asked, unable to contain her curiosity. But she was quickly tugged back by April, who wore a fearful look on her face. “Don’t point at them! Did they see you?” she questioned, earning a small and confused no. Before (y/n) could even open her mouth to ask, April was already answering her. “Don’t look, but his name is Ashton Irwin, and you don’t to mess with him. He might not look the part, but he’d fucking ruin you if you crossed his path. Seriously (y/n), you don’t want that! Honestly, the other three might even be less dangerous than him, at least when it comes to them it’s obvious you don’t want to get on their bad side. But him; you wouldn’t know what you’re into until it’s too late”

April continued her rambling in hushed voices, letting (y/n) in on every rumor that has ever surrounded him; how he beat up a guy and sent him to the hospital, getting suspended due to that, along with many tales of how unfortunate people had mistaken him for a nice guy they could mess with. All through her friend’s rambling, she stole glances back at the actual ray of sunshine who seemed to light up the whole cafeteria, wondering how on earth could he be what April just described..

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