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Unless this woman is over 7-feet tall, she is in absolutely no way, shape, or form “Plus Size.”

I don’t even mean that in some sort of “idealistic” or “body positive” or “every body is beautiful in its own way" sense.

I mean this is the most literal way possible.

How is this not simply seen as a picture of a healthy adult female?


Dear Fashion Industry: seriously, you need to lay off the fucking drugs and come to your fucking senses before you cause the deaths of more girls and women driven to starve themselves to match some sort of completely unrealistic image of what human beings look like.

Dear commuter who decided that just as the train is arriving was the right time to purchase a $50 ticket - with a bag full of 20c coins.

I’m sure it’s okay. I mean, all of the commuters behind you wanted to miss that train and catch the next train … no, really. 


Cyclist anti-assault bill intro’d in DC after a cyclist assaulted by a motorist got the incident on video

This guy does not deserve freedom.