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I’ve actually gotten a lot of asks and messages regarding this dub done by @starbotdubs ! I CAN SEE WHY!!

Not only are the dubs wonderfully done, but the edits and music work perfectly to the comic! You’ve given life to an otherwise still pictures!!

You can see the second part here -> Part 2

I can’t wait to see the rest of the dubs! Thank you!!! ; – ;

(Quick context: my character is a member of the Guard, and gives our group some legitimacy as a result; she’s extremely upstanding, very polite, basically a model Guardsman. We’d also just finished a very difficult battle.)

Barbarian: Right, I say we head back to the church, regroup, restock, report… *looks at me*
Me: Sure, sure. *staring at inventory, and the hundreds of gold worth of flasks I’d thrown*
Me: …
Me: You know what, I’m just gonna write these up as expenses. Let the Guard pay for them.

(It was a good thing we were basically out of time to play anyway, because everyone just about died laughing at that point.)



This will be my last art convention in Malaysia (till the next couple years?) You guys can find me @ booth C07 this weekend (27th & 28th Aug!) I am back at it again with new prints, limited charms and free stickers by saying a new secret code, “Phil is an angel”. Once again, there is 4 of us in the booth, so make sure to ask for Victoria/Maddox!! To receive the transparent polaroid card, purchase any of my stuff RM30^ and get it for free!! Can’t wait to meet you guys :’D!!! SO EXCITED!!!

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Based on a lot of the comments I get, it seems a lot of folks are still unsure of what ABRAXAS is, exactly.

The short answer is that it’s a visual novel adventure game that we’re currently building in Unity!
You play as a young girl who is, inexplicably, the only human in a world where birds have evolved to fill the niche of sapience!
Not knowing what you are, or where you came from, you simply try to fit into a world that wasn’t quite made for you…
Depending on how well you try to blend in with the locals, they will treat you differently…

@seandunkley and I have been working in the videogame industry for many years, having worked for companies as small as GamesCafe and as large as Eidos. This is our first genuine venture into independent game development, and it’s been a real blast so far! We’ve been learning a lot

The production costs of this game are coming out of our own pocket.
If you’d like to be a part of the process, or would simply like to help support the game, I really suggest checking out the Patreon!:

10$+ patrons actually have access to WIP builds of the game, which means they get to play it while it’s being made! They get a unique insight to the process of game development, and get to experience the construction of a video game from the ground up.

And if you have any questions about ABRAXAS (or just in general) please don’t hesitate to ask! I love discussing this stuff!!

Alright, that’s all!

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reasons why Preston Garvey is Actually The Worst™©®
  • has the nicest eyes, which causes me to get lost in them and not be able to continue my game
  • his laugh is really adorable, which again distracts me while i play
  • still manages to be a good person in the likes of the Wasteland
  • best dress sense in the Commonwealth, making us all look bad c’mon dude at least tell me where you get ur clothes from
  • hums nice songs while he’s patrolling, getting them stuck in my head
  • won’t let me hold his hand
  • says he ain’t a hugger when he’s one of the most huggable people i’ve encountered
  • has the nerve to expect me to do the job that my character agreed to in the first place
  • helping him out lead me to getting a castle my guy i can’t handle all this stuff to build

I love both lol. I lean more on Season five though ngl. (HOT af)

 I just draw him in his lavender hoodie most of the time because it’s easier and I’m very used to it but I love his punk biker outfit and his messy hairstyle just as much. He has a versatile wardrobe and style! (One of the very few ygo characters with great taste in fashion). <3

Anonymous asked:
If Jamie’s brother William had survived the small pox, how would he react to Claire and Jamie’s marriage upon their arrival to Lallybroch?

@zoe1078: I love how fully fleshed out this world is @mybeautifuldecay. Will it continue?

@jackssallysew: Please continue❤️

Part One; Part 2.1.


Part 2.2:

Claire hurried down the long path to the house, far away from the stables and Jamie Fraser. Her cheeks burned, the scents of the flowers that usually caught her attention forgotten. The gravel path crunched under her feet, the tiny flurries of stone swirled around her ankles but she saw and heard nothing.

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…” she chanted, her shaky voice barely registering. Her palms were sweaty and trembling. What had possessed her to touch him, again?

A flash of a memory crossed her vision as she turned the corner and rushed toward her destination. She saw Lord Seymour, his hands gripped tight in the kitchen maid’s hair. She saw the malice in his eyes as he’d thrust her aside, turned his head and caught sight of Claire, wide-eyed, in the open doorway. She heard the words he’d uttered, the acerbity in his tone chilling her to the core.

“This is what happens to ladies who tease. This is what happens to ladies who prance around, showing their wares to all who’ll look. You’d do well to remember this, Claire,” he’d spat, slapping the poor maid on the bare bottom before taking Claire by the arm and dragging her back to her quarters.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned…”

The vision left a cold chill within her, it wasn’t something she’d thought of in a number of years, having been so young at the time. But now, now she was caught up in this swirl of emotion, forming an attachment with a young man she should have known better than to be alone with. How was it that he could conjure within her this intimacy, the source of which she couldn’t immediately identify. Her stomach rolled.

What would she say to Father? He’d been the keeper of her secrets for nigh on ten years, and never had she come to him with such an *offence*: considering an offer of marriage from a practical stranger? Allowing him to kiss her?… and wanting him to kiss her more? How would she get the shameful words out?

She pushed open the back door of the main manor house, feeling it bring her not the relief of sanctuary it usually signalled, but looming dread. The gardens to the main house were walled off; and anything towards the back of the house could be accessed only by walking through the long, meandering hallway and out the other side. The extended journey used to give Claire a few moments of peace, but not this time. The small church sat to the back of the house, it’s spire just shy of the manor chimney.

Forgive me, father….”

The knob felt heavy in her hand as she turned it anti-clockwise, the hinges creaking as she entered. She had entered the chapel thus countless times before; but today, all of her senses felt heightened, causing her to take notice of every antagonizing aspect of the place: the galling ticking of a small clock she’d never noticed atop the empty pews; the icy blasts that clung to her skin as she placed one foot inside, making her arms prickle, the faint whiff of wood in the velvet curtains that cloaked the confessional booth as she approached it.

Only a few more steps.



She would have kissed him. She had come so close. She, who was now promised to another; she, who had only ever seen intimacy in the form of a forced coupling. Her lips tingled at the mere thought of coming into contact with his, her tongue peeked out as if to ready herself for it.

“Forgive me…”

The deep purple curtains that sheltered the priest called to her. Confess, it seemed to call, repent and you will be saved.




She heard the feet shuffle inside. He knew she was there then. She was perhaps the only resident of the manor who used the church so frequently. She wasn’t due at this hour, but men of God had their ways.

Her hands quivered as she reached forward. How would she say it? How could she?

She must.

“Forgive me…”

No sooner had she plucked up the courage to lay her soul open, than Jamie’s face appeared in her mind’s eye once more, his bright blue eyes boring holes through her very marrow. She recalled the warmth of his leg against her outstretched fingers, the sweet desire that burned within her at that moment.

She remembered the glorious light pink of his lips, how moist and inviting they’d looked. She could still see the bulk of his shoulders and arms, trapped as they were beneath the stretched fabric of his white shirt. She could still feel the slight brush of his breath against her cheek as she’d checked whether he was still of this world; the fragmented puffs of air causing her skin to prickle and her thighs to tense. She could still see the pale sliver of skin that appeared as his shirt came loose from his kilt in the fall.

Those knees, slightly scarred from manual labour, dirty from his hours in the stables, bared to her where the edge of his plaid lay. The hint of his thigh where the material split apart, not quite meeting. The rise of his hip, buried under layers of tartan, the curve of his luscious…


She still heard his cry as the colt whipped him to the floor, remembered the scent of him as she’d brushed the dirt from his bruised skin as he’d lain unconscious at her side. God, how afraid she’d been to see him so still and vulnerable. She had recalled, then, their very first meeting, her trepidation at finding a man, alone, in her library. Even now, when she was so far away from him, his calm seemed to flow through her, a connection like nothing she’d ever felt before. He exuded –peace

She had never reached out personally to anyone around the yard before. Many of them had been injured; badly, some of them, but her demure nature had demanded she leave them be, for a proper doctor. Jamie, however…she felt something for him. She noticed him, above all else. She had seen him enter the stables, heard the shriek of the young men and she had dropped tending to her herbs and rushed to his side. A small part of her had known, even before coming across his prostrate form, that something had happened to him. Her heart fluttered. She was–enamoured by him; enraptured, caught up by a myriad of feelings, trapped in a net from which she couldn’t free herself.

 “…for I have…”


His kiss–she remembered that most of all. It pulsed in vivid colour behind her eyelids as she blinked, as she tried desperately to wish it away. It had only been against the back of her hand. She tried not to imagine him kissing her anywhere else. She gulped audibly, the sound of it surrounding her as she panted lightly, her feet shuffling backwards.



…and what of his spontaneous proposal? Could she…? How would she –?

“Oh, God.”

Abruptly, she turned on her heel and fled, her heart pounding loudly in her ears as the big door slammed shut behind her. No matter the cost, Jamie had offered her the opportunity for something great, she determined, the spark of something she could only just grasp, something that could be beautiful. Something that wasn’t Randall and a forced marriage. The only sound left in her wake, the echo of her last words reverberating around the low beams of the church;

“Forgive me, Father!”

everyone has been gushing about kubo and the two strings, and okay, it sounds like it’s true and that’s wonderful, but frankly? with that astounding animation, i’d take anything. i don’t usually say this, but it’s true on this case. i haven’t watched the movie yet, and though i’m pretty sure that i’ll probably like it, i know that even if i don’t enjoy the story i will still fucking love it regardless because that animation. boy. i’d take the room with that animation. i’d take vanilla sky with that animation. i’d take showgirls that that animation. anything

Bleach Epilogue

This actually doesn’t flow the way I wanted it to but close enough!  Probably one of infinity possibilities I would prefer!

Background to this epilogue:
Yhwach was defeated by an ichiruki tag team like Urahara hinted at.
Chad did not become a boxer, he became a firefighter who has a no kill shelter and saves animals on the side.  He has a motorcycle with a side car that usually has some kind of animal with a tiny helmet on and a leather jacket that has Chad’s no kill shelter logo.  Ishida made the jacket.
Tatsuki is a gold medalist in Karate and international champion in martial arts.  Ichigo’s kids go to her dojo.  She threatened to beat him up until he enrolled them.  He would have even without the threats, he just wanted to irritate her.
Ishida is not a doctor.  He does fashion and is very successful and also a stay at home dad.
Inoue is a doctor.  With a side business in cooking.  It actually has quite a bit of a following despite her unique tastes.  Her children love her cooking.
Kon helps take care of Ichigo and Rukia’s kids and runs errands for Urahara.  He has his own gigai, sometimes.
Urahara and Yoruichi have their own child, a girl who can turn into a calico kitten.  She loves her uncle Yuuichi.
Karin is developing her powers, not as actively as Ichigo had but she trains while working on a soccer scholarship.
Yuzu is interested in culinary school and frequents home to see her nieces and nephews as well as placate her father who feels “lonely.”
Isshin is very happy with the amount of grandchildren he has and his official third daughter (in law).

Ukitake lived.
Byakuya does not pressure his nieces and nephews to follow in Kuchiki clan upbringing, but he does encourage their interest in the arts and admiral seaweed.  Ichigo is not sure if this better or worse.
Rukia continues her Shinigami duties frequenting between both worlds, mainly she stays in the human world acting the main liaison connecting the two and helps Isshin out in his clinic with her kido, learning from him.  Full time mom. Also pregnant with their fourth child, a baby girl who will look exactly like her mother but have Ichigo’s eyes.  
Ichigo works with Rukia as a Shinigami much like their old days but they have to balance their duties.  He most likely works as a firefighter as well as part time helping around his dad’s clinic, more as hard labor transferring patients.  Full time dad.
I could not name the daughter and I don’t believe she’d be named after someone important to Ichigo and Rukia because I doubt they’d want their children to live in the shadow of other people.  I think she’d have a name that combines protection and “one” because she’s the first born and maybe even ‘light’, but I’m not great with kanji readings so sorry she’s nameless lol.  I do believe one of the sons would be named mamoru tho and the last daughter would be something related to snow.

A young girl stands in the middle of a walkway facing three boys who easily look twice her size and a few years older.  Various metal piercings glint from their sneering faces, but nothing is as vibrant as the rich orange color of the girl’s hair or the blood trickling down from the corner of her mouth.

Young girl
Age: 11
Hair color: Orange
Eyes: Indigo
Occupation: Elementary student

“Look at this snot-nosed brat,” one sneers.  The young girl in question names him ‘smelly’ as she wipes the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand, smearing blood across her cheek.

“Getting all worked up, how cute, you think you can beat us?”  Another one laughs.  She names him 'ugly’ as she spits out the metallic taste on the ground without breaking her gaze from them.

“Maybe we’ll play with you once we’re done here,” the last one chimes in.  This one is 'stupid.’  Her eyes dart at the tiny blonde, black and white furball trembling in his grasp.

“And quit dying your hair, all that bleach must be getting to your head to be stupid enough to think you can fight us.”  

Her brows furrow together as her indigo eyes glint brightly.  She already forgot which one was named which, but now they were all named ’dead.’

They had all broken into a bout of rancorous laughter before there was grunt and the laughter seemed to be short a voice.  Before the knew it, one of the three boys were curled up in a fetal position at the base of a nearby wall that now showed a small crack in the hard rock.  The other two boys stopped their laughter abruptly as they stared at their downed comrade, dumbfounded, slowly turning to see the small girl cracking her knuckles in one hand.

“You, the smelly looking one!”  Her voice is deeper and more commanding than one would expect considering her young appearance.  Her abrupt shout as she points at one of them, causing the remaining two to jump in shock as the one in question looks a this comrade, only to find his friend continuing to stare with his mouth gaping open, then back to the girl as he hesitantly raises a finger up to point at himself.


“Good job!”  She shouts before sending a kick straight up to his jaw, a spray of blood, spit and teeth shower out from his mouth before she pivots out of the way of his falling body to face the final delinquent.

“Now for you, stupid,” she cocks her head to the side, a feral look in her eyes, “can you tell me why you’ll be needing dentures a few decades earlier than scheduled?”

“Y-you bitch…!”

As the final boy lunged at her in a fit of rage, the young girl easily side steps to dodge his fist, using his body weight against him as she sticks her foot out to trip him, sending him cascading face first into the pavement.  He grunts and struggles but soon finds himself making quite an impression in the ground as the young girl had already been airborne and made a graceful landing by planting both of her feet and entire weight onto the back of his head.

True to her word, she steps off and kicks a few stray teeth out of her path before walking over to pick up the cowering furball that had somehow escaped the scuffle and was now hiding behind a telephone pole by the scruff of its neck.

“You really shouldn’t skimp on training.  See at the mess you got yourself into…?”  The girl frowns as she directs her words to the calico kitten in her grasp.  

It ceased its trembling and mewed, blinking its large eyes are her.

She scowled.  "No way, I’m not covering for you again, you know how mad my parents got when I–“


The young girl, momentarily distracted, loosened her grip allowing the kitten to struggle free and bound towards the new visitor.

Or visitors.

Two boys, clearly a few years younger than the girl, were running down the alley as they called out to their elder sister running in tandem.  They stopped short when they noticed the little kitten bounding up to them and both greeted it with smiles as one opened its arms to allow it to jump into his embrace.  They then turned to look at the young girl abruptly with disapproving looks, a glint of mischief in their gazes causing the young girl to stiffen.

Despite their contrasting colors, one dark black hair with warm brown eyes and the other with bright orange hair (somehow more vibrant than his sister’s) but with eyes almost identical to her own, it was easy to see they were brothers–fraternal twins.

“Geez, big sister, why must you pick on her so much?” One of the boys scowled lightly as he stroked the little kitten’s head in his arms.

“Yeah, I don’t think aunt Yoruichi and uncle Kisuke will be happy to know you’re picking on poor, defenseless kittens.”

“I saved her!”  She huffed angrily at her twin brothers.  "In fact if she weren’t skimping on chores, uncle Kisuke wouldn’t have asked me to look for her on top of asking me to-“ the young girl stopped, quickly realizing she was about to reveal something she shouldn’t to two loose-lipped little boys, but they easily caught on and grinned.

"On top of–” one began.

“–what, dear sister?” The other finished as the little kitten looked at her, all too smug in her cozy position.

“Surely you aren’t doing anything–”

“–without mom and dad’s approval–”

Right?”  They chimed together, making the young girl clench her teeth.

“Listen here, you two–” she started when a powerful spiritual pressure nearly knocked her off her feet, an inhuman howl piercing the air.

Soon enough, a large creature lumbered into view, pausing momentarily as its massive tongue lolled out of its gaping maw through its mask and slowly turned its beady eyes on the group of children–the source of high spiritual pressure it had been following.  A gaping hole in its shoulder of where it’s 'heart’ once was, the creature let out another howl of despair underlying it’s ravenous hunger for souls as it charged at the nearest target, the young girl.

Hollow!”  The kitten squeaked, fur standing on end as the two brothers looked at their sister, shouting in horror as they made to run to her side, but she quickly rolled over to avoid the creatures massive foot and shouted at them.

No!  Get out of here!”

“But–” both boys cried out desperately when suddenly an intense pulse of familiar reiatsu along with a strong gust of wind hit the small group.  

For a moment the hollow had frozen in place before slowly slipping apart and disintegrating into particles and disappearing altogether.  

A wave of relief passed through the small group before tensing up again as a lone shadow fell over all of them.

Where, ” Kurosaki Ichigo stood at his full height, his sword slung over his shoulder and his other hand cocked on his hip as he glared down at them through full bright orange bangs obscuring his stern gaze, “have you been?”

Dad!”  The two young boys cheered as they rushed up to their father, each one clinging to his legs, beaming up at him as the little kitten was dropped to his feet, purring as it rubbed up against him.

“Dad…” The young girl said with decidedly less enthusiasm as she glared at the other three for using their obvious cuteness factor to escape the wrath of her father’s anger.

Ichigo ignored his sons and the kitten at his feet as he arched an eyebrow, staring at her through his bangs with a frown.

“Well, you see, the thing is…”

“That you ditched me at the shop looking for that,” a sudden nasally voice shouted as a plush lion peered out from over Ichigo’s shoulder and pointed accusingly at the small calico kitten, who hissed at him in response.

“And don’t get me started on those two devil spawns–” Kon snarled as he pointed at Ichigo’s sons, who blinked up at the plush, tears welling up in their eyes in a show for sympathy, but their gaze only promised retribution on the lion plush.  At that, Kon shrunk back a little before turning his gaze back at the young girl scowling before them.

She really is his daughter,  Kon thought with some amusement, but it was quickly overridden with irritation.

“Just wait till I tell nee-chan–”

“You’re not going to tell Rukia anything, are you Kon?” Ichigo interrupted as he grabbed the plush by its head and yanked on one of his ears with a scowl.  The plush yelped and pawed uselessly at Ichigo’s hands.

“Stupid, stop!  T-the stuffing is coming out–”

“And we’re definitely not going to let her know how there was a hollow involved, right?” Ichigo stretched at the plush ears as his voice sharpened, a definitive ripping noise echoing in the alleyway as Kon yelped.

“Right, right!  Definitely no hollow!” 

At this the children sighed in relief, believing they were all in the clear, but as Ichigo promptly dropped Kon, he turned a hard look on the three, immediately dashing their hopes.

"And you three…”

The kitten and Kon quickly took this as their cue to leaving, sprinting away with a quick goodbye as the three Kurosaki children watched them with envy before slowly turning their gazes back to their irate father.

“Now explain–”

“I think we hear mom calling!”  The boys suddenly chirped out simultaneously as they quickly detached themselves from their father and sprinted away following the plush and kitten.

Hey!” Father and daughter shouted after them, but by the time they had exited the alleyway, they were long gone.  Ichigo let out a frustrated sigh, keeping a close watch on their reiatsu before turning to his daughter.  Although Ichigo was never the best at sensing reiatsu, years of experience had helped him to improve his skill and when it came to his family they were the easiest for him to pick up even miles away.

“Listen, I get it,” Ichigo said as he crouched down to be at eye level with her, noting the limp bodies of his daughter’s former opponents lying in a heap on the ground a few yards away.  "But you’re still a kid… My kid…“

"I’m just trying to help, dad.”

She looks down at her feet for a moment, scuffing the ground with the toe of her sneaker, before grounding herself and forces herself to gaze up to meet his, her indigo eyes burning brightly with resolve.  

Ichigo can’t help but smile as he brushes her orange hair from her eyes, stroking the top of her head lightly.

He can see every bit of himself and Rukia in her, her eyes bright and full of strength, her stance proud and ready to defy the odds.  

He couldn’t be prouder.

“Yeah, I know.”

He ruffles her hair, causing her to smile even as she struggles from his grasp, pushing his hand away lightly.

“You are the big sister, huh?” Ichigo relents and muses aloud with a smirk,  "Just don’t go overboard, okay–“

"Go overboard doing what, exactly…?”

Both father and daughter stiffen as one before slowly turning their gaze to the icy presence and intense wave of reiatsu that neither had noticed during their moment of bonding.


Both father and daughter stutter out the title of the woman before them.  They notice two familiar boys clinging to their mother’s legs, a look of amusement and pity in their expressions.

Despite being under five feet while wearing a cotton light colored sundress that seemed to only emphasize her swollen belly with her arms crossed over her chest, the petite dark haired woman couldn’t have looked more menacingly as she gazed at the two, her patience growing thin with every passing moment.

Well?  Care to explain why I find the body of my children’s father laying on the floor at home and my first born child missing so close to dinner?”

Father and daughter glanced at one another before nodding in understanding.  Ichigo then promptly crouched down as his daughter hopped onto his back, arms securing themselves around his neck.  Rukia watched on impatiently, confusion growing in her indigo gaze as her brows furrowed together.

Before she could blink Ichigo had straightened up with Zangetsu secured alongside his daughter on his back and used shunpo to distance himself as quickly and as far as possible.

Rukia could only stare after them for a moment, stunned.  But it didn’t last long as her son’s winced at Rukia’s shout and spike in reiatsu.

You two get back here immediately!”

“She can’t shunpo in her gigai with your brothers,” Ichigo assured his daughter as Rukia’s voice faded in the distance, although there was an underlying tone of apprehension, “and with her being pregnant.”

Ichigo paused, sweat forming across his brow.  "I think.“

"Just run, dad.”

Kurosaki Ichigo
Age: 28
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Part time firefighter/part time Shinigami substitute/Full time dad

Kurosaki Ichigo’s daughter
Age: 11
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Indigo
Occupation: Elementary student/Daughter/Shinigami substitute in training

The end.  

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

Keep reading