I’m not very fond of this picture, but I am very fond of this band. They had zero time to stop and somehow managed to add on 20 pictures to their already crammed schedule. The radio station said no, and they insisted it happen. We drove a grand total of 12 hours roundtrip to get this picture and meet them. We laughed, and cried and bonded with new people and old. Met our favorite band and the people behind the music that keeps us alive. Then we extended that and took over a Cracker Barrel with everyone. It’s weird to think that my life would be completely different had I not started listening to them. I would have never met my best friends, my future college roommate( tylerjosep) and I wouldn’t have found much purpose. Thank you, again. You inspire me every single day.


Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice Episode 1, Part 2

you’re a hero,
they all say with crooked smiles
at the sheer relief of being alive,
but she doesn’t hear them.
she’s staring at her hands in horror,
at the red she sees reflected there,
at the horrid claws that gleam in the light
and dark twisted veins that appear instead of flesh -
she’s not a hero,
she’s a monster.

they are too busy reveling in being alive
to notice that she is not celebrating with them.
her smile falters,
freezing on her face,
shattering into twenty million pieces,
as she hears them;
the heavy, heavy guilt of what she’s done
begins to set in,
devouring her from inside out.

don’t call me that,
she wants to say,
want to scream at the heavens
and the people that pass by
with relief on their faces.
don’t they understand?
she doesn’t want their thanks,
their high praises -
not when she had to sacrifice the girl she was
to earn it from their lips.

if you want forgiveness,
i’ll give it to you.

he says,
like his words are heaven and starlight itself,
like they are enough to release this burden
she has taken upon herself.

(and maybe, she thinks,
the sad part is that
once upon a time,
it would’ve been enough.)

but now?
now is different.
with the blood on her hands,
and the screaming cries of the innocent
filling her head,
she is a demon.
he is not a priest,
this is not confession,
and she cannot be absolved of her sins.

—  heroes are just glorified sinners || k.t.