again...i was too old for this show but i watched it


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!

GravityFalls is one of my favorite shows ever. Never before has something encapsulated everything I like so well. I have quite a few ideas for Gravity Falls illustrations that I’ve prepared, but I’m kinda unemployed right now so I should probably fix that first before taking on another project… I already have too many that I need to finish….

But I just finished watching it again for a third time so I couldn’t resist drawing Mr. Mystery!

ok so you guys remember i recommend to you Old stories new discoveries by @the-mystical-wolf, right?

Which remind you, if a fic about the whole class of Miraculous watching the show.

So now it’s in Copycat and has the best scene ever im just so losing myself because of this scene:

Ladybug: Hm… [approaches Imposteur, face to face with him] You didn’t tell him about us, I hope…

“Okay, no, wait,” Nino managed to get the remote, pausing the episode. “Marinette, I know you asked to stop, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass.”

The class turned to look at him, confused. Nino chuckled.

“Alright, so, Ladybug is face to face to the akuma now, right?” he gained a collective nod. Rewinding only a few seconds, he paused again, showing the position the three were: Chat on the floor, Imposteur sitting on his stomach while Ladybug is crouched right in front of them. “So if Chat Noir is still lying there the whole time, when Ladybug moves closer…

“What exactly was his view the whole time?”

Nino looked around, and as understanding slowly settled onto his friends’ faces, he had to bite his lower lip to hold back a laugh.

It did not help that both Marinette and Adrien resembled two perfect tomatoes at the moment.





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not to bring up the discourse but honestly i can't even see pidge as fourteen? like first of all i don't care how much of a genius she is i feel like a fourteen year old can't a) hack into a government facility multiple times ("you again?!") and b) create a whole new person with assumingely all his documents including birth, health and shot records, all schooling, etc. and c) hide all of that from her mother? anyways, i headcanon her as at least sixteen, turned seventeen at the garrison but idk

dude i completely agree with you. but like, one thing at a time with this fandom. you can’t give them too much info all at once they can’t handle that much critical thinking.  

An Old Witch’s Tale

Alternative title: “Shit I’m gay”

Words: 1503

Summary: Izetta and Finé talk about the past alone. There hasn’t been a lot of time to catch up ever since they reunited, after all. 

A/N: Takes place sometime after they meet the army. Also yes I know there’s only 2 episodes but this show is just too good man.

Update: Now also on AO3

It was strange.

When Izetta sat by the lakeside near their campsite, it was almost like the world was alright. The sky still had the same stars she watched with her grandmother when she was a child. The crickets still sing the same song. The sound of the waves still haven’t changed.
And yet, if she were to turn around right from where she sat, the world would be wearing a whole new face.

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Day 1: I woke up sad and my head ached all day. I cried a little, though. but I am too much sad. I watched your videos, then I cried again.
Day 2: This guy is asking me out. He said he is going to pursue me and that you are an asshole. But the more he shows interest, the more I feel broken. I miss you, He makes me miss you a lot.
Day 3: Bumped into an old hankie of yours and memories of you hit me like a train. It hasn’t been washed since that night, but your scent already left the cloth, It left like your feelings did.
Day 4: You kissed me, Indeed I felt your lips brushed against mine. You said you couldn’t live without me. We were happy. But the hardest part is waking up to that dream.
Day 5: I finally get to tell people that we weren’t together anymore. It’s weird but no matter how hard I endure the pain of losing you, I know I’m better off without you.
Day 7: It’s been a week since we stopped talking. I felt better since then, But tonight, it hits me. and there is one thing I wish right now. - To hug you real tight. I miss you.
Day 9: I saw that you’ve deleted one of our pictures and it seems like I got stabbed in the chest with a 4-inch bladed knife. Fuck everyone. It hurts.
Day 17: It doesn’t hurt that much anymore to hear our song and to see our photographs.
Day 21: Some people say it takes 21 days to break a habit. Other says it’s 30. Either way, I think it pretty much works for me.
Day 44: Sometimes, you still haunt me in my dreams and I really had to admit that I miss the feeling of being inlove with you. But today I know, that it is not you anymore.
Day 144: I hope you’re doing fine because I am.
—  Started this months ago. I swear. writing down everything you feel is incredibly therapeutic. I loved how I survived that easy. Goodvibes to y'all 💕
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How many of these tags even. .  exist LMAO. This one has some other specific questions so I gave it another post, though, some do have similair questions, oh well :3 I know I know, this tag is super old. I’ve been tagged over 2 months ago, sorry about that >.<’ (can I be forgiven if I put anime food gifs?)

Thank you for the tag by these sweettarts <3 @jordutch​, @explosionofpixels, @itsoceansecret, @aod4909, @nonsimsical, @alhajero and @igotsims .

Again, It was fancy reading a bit more about you guys too <3 Have a lovely day ~

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I ship middle-aged couples.

#I can’t remember how it started #I just knew that I prefer watching the parents of teenagers interact with each other on movies and tv shows #rather than flail over the young ones #I am fascinated how two people who have their own past #Let go of the pain and believe that they can find love again #Dont you just love seeing older people discovering new things about themselves #How beautiful it is to find love later in life #Makes you believe that it’s never too late #Or it can never be too late to fall in love #It could be old lovers seeing each other again after so many years #Rediscovering each other #Or two strangers who were hurt by their past and then suddenly find each other #Or two people who’ve been together for so long finding themselves in the middle of a very hard decision of staying together or splitting up #I love the history #I love the wisdom #I love the experience #Finding love later in life

Monster’s Daughter (Namjoon angst pt.5)

Summary: Your 4-year old daughter is a HUGE BTS fan. Unknown to her, Namjoon is her father.

Request?: No

Type: Angst/Fluff

Reader Name: Rose Lowe

~~  One  ~  Two  ~  Three  ~   Four  ~  Five  ~  Six  ~  Seven ~  Eight  ~  Nine  ~  Ten  ~~

A/N: Hope this doesn’t suck too much. I’m getting all types of ideas so it is getting longer than I thought. I am appreciating the love people are showing the story. Please let me know what you think or any predictions so I can post again Thursday :)

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@kateyes224 I feel so split because there are two of me that enter this discourse: the part of me that had to rewatch more than one season because I was too high to understand wtf was going on. That part of me is elated for CSM. That part loves his old narcissistic-I-write-terrible-Gary-Stu-fiction-because-power-is-fleeting-also-my-son-is-really-cool-not-that-one-the-other-one-the-one-with-the-nose ass. Who cares about good writing when he can just show up and fuck shit up.

The other part of me, sober w/ a college degree and bills and responsibilities, is like fuck why do I watch this show what is Chris Carter how does he think this is a good choice what’s the point of writing the same thing over and over again. Show me the damn aliens. I have been waiting for this FOREVER.

And never the two shall meet.


goin back to an old Lapidot Au I thought up a long time ago because it suddenly appeals to me again. 

Basically, Peridot’s a human who lives in a universe in which Steven Universe is a show she enjoys (like, a LOT), and somehow Lapis literally comes out of her computer screen while she’s watching the Mirror Gem episode (via. ‘anime girl comes out of my computer screen’ trope). Lapis initially mistakes Human!Peridot for her gem counterpart and it kind of all goes downhill from there. 

So now they’re living together while they try and figure out how to get Lapis back into her dimension, and Peridot probably asks Lapis a lot of unnerving fandom questions which are treated with mild to disgusted responses respectfully. 


Hunter x Hunter started up again, which is super exciting! I hope they continue the anime eventually, and it won’t go on hiatus again! Hope the author’s health keeps up too!

So I decided to watch the 1999 anime, and boy is it awful. In a good way. I laugh out loud at how lame some of the scenes are. The 2011 version is so intense hahahaha

Hisoka looks like a huge loser in the old version. I mean, he is a loser, but the 1999 show just emphasizes it. They have so many shots of him sitting by himself, either playing with cards or just staring into the distance, doing absolutely nothing. Like, at the hunter exam, while everyone is waiting for the next thing to start, Hisoka is off sitting by a lake with his arms wrapped around his knees, just sitting there, like that loner kid you see on the playground, moping. Like, oh my gosh Illumi, I know you’re an asshole, but at least sit by your clown accomplice and stare at the lake together, you have nothing else to do. 

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"I'm not even sorry."

The Highlander wiped the corner of his mouth, wiping the little bead of crimson that gathered, fixing the goggles on his head.

“I never expected you to be. I asked you to come here so maybe you’d understand, but.. if I have to throw fists back so you do, so be it.”

Urth’s gift brimmed with silent life, the sun setting on it as it had before hundreds if not thousands of times. The Fount sat ahead, untouched. Darius sat a few yalms from the opening, watching it with a careful eye.

“Old man, I’ve fought too many familiars to count…I’ve taken medicines, tried meditation, everything. I’ve finally found control and have a chance to end this, and suddenly you show up again, spouting trouble. Well, here are the solid facts…”

Darius let a hard breath out of his nose, a hand going into his coat. Out came a flask, cap undone as quickly as it had appeared. He took a quick sip, holding it out to his left.

“I came to Eorzea to find my father. He, too, had been possessed by Odin. Once I found him, I defeated him. All I wanted to do was set him free, to give him peace. I didn’t care about the cost, I just wanted to know my father would pass on here, not back…not back home. Not where his life was taken from him by some storybook monster.”

Darius eventually gave up, setting the flask down on the grass after replacing the stopper.

“Thanks to Fell, I have a chance now. Whatever is bound to that weapon, that ‘Anima’, speaks to me in my dreams. It tells me in return for my aether it will vacate the sword and take root in the shield, leaving the blade empty enough to house a primal spirit if I’m willing to protect that weapon with my life from those that would use it for ill gains for the rest of my days. All my friends, my free company, Itara…they’ve all helped me get this far. I can’t squander that. If you kill me, here and now? Odin wins. If I pass on before ending this? Odin wins. Nothing else matters. I must defeat whatever thing he’s thrown together…”

As Darius spoke, the aetheric pressure in the Fount became massive. The Highlander scoffed.

“Ya feel it? That’s him. That’s the old me. Odin’s followers found my old armor and use the malice bound to it to forge what they could into some strange being. That’s Odin’s champion now, and I have to defeat him. It’s my responsibility, and I’m going to see it through…and this is why I sit here, unwilling to break the plane of the Fount. One more day. That’s all I need. Hopefully Itara found her ring…I took my time making it.”

As he finished, Darius let out a sigh, eyes on the ground.

“Whatever drove you to hate me, whether it be because of what I did or what I had to become to do it, I’m sorry. I don’t know, but obviously it’s dire enough to want to put an arrow through my skull…but I can’t let that happen. What I need to do is kill a primal and shatter his sword, not squabble with an old timer I still respect. So…all I can do is say sorry…I done even know if I did whatever it was. It could’ve been another. I’ve only been affected with this for nine moons…almost ten.”

Darius took another look at the flask, seeing it had been left.

“So yes, I never expected you to be sorry…but I am, Baatu. I suppose help is out of the question…but I’m going to make this right. I’m going to kill a godsdamned primal and I can’t let whatever this is keep me from doing that.”

Finished watching Voice and the ending was … ouch. It kind of reminds me of a movie Perfume? Oh yes such an old movie (uh not that really old but old yeah), but the scene where the main being devoured by people? In Perfume, the main cast was literally being devoured, the people in the market ATE him and here in Voice, the villain was being devoured by … knives and what were they again, uh all those tools to kill him… yeah. But I like the show despite some scenes which were a bit off on some episodes maybe that was all because of the censorship issues? Uh and Kim Jae Wook he really rock that character. I love him. I literally nearly cried during the show because he is just too hot to be exist as a human. He is so beautiful, all those physical features he possess… Oh My God.

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      Jesse sighed. He wasn’t all too use to missions with Overwatch, but there was nothing happening in Blackwatch so he took the opportunity to try and give this new kid some pointers. Of course, he didn’t tell Lance that– he left that part out.

      God, this should be Captain Amari doing this, she’s more of a sniper than he will ever be. “This is exactly why I’m never doing this with you again; I  A M  N O T  O L D. Right? Nono, he was just nearing his thirties. That’s not old. Hell, Captain Amari was old– nearly in her fifties.

      He watched as the two men fell, then looked at Lance’s face. He grimaced. Was he trying to show off? Either way– he didn’t like the way the young sniper regarded it all. He will come to know eventually. “Good shot, try not to show off and we’ll be done soon. Remember, we’re keepin’ an eye out for the actual arms’ dealer. Take ‘em in for questioning. Just incapacitate him, not kill him.”

Today, I fucked up... by reminding a bunch of disabled veterans that they'd never walk again

Okay so this happened a quite a few years ago when I was kind of a leader in my high-school choir. We were at this retirement home putting on a concert on Veterans Day with the band and orchestra. Now this concert was a big deal; lots of other retirement homes in the area bussed some of their old people to this one so they could watch it. On top of that, many veterans not in a retirement home showed up too.

As I looked into the crowd, I noticed lots of older people, most of whom were in wheelchairs; some people were missing appendages too. Now it was my turn to go up and announce the next song which was “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Now me, being really nervous in front of the big crowd, FU-ed a little bit because I announced the song as “You’ll Never Walk Again”. Immediately, I was booed and many canes and other old people items were thrown at me. Sorry to all the disabled people of the world :(

TLDR; Tried to cheer up a bunch of old people, ended up yelling that they’ll never walk again, got hit with old lady purses

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.


Memories Together
Ohno Satoshi & Ninomiya Kazunari

Ohno <3 Lately Nino and I have been playing the same game.  Nino’s been playing this game for a long time now, and after watching him play it I thought it looked interesting so I decided to start playing it too.  Now I’m really into it, so the two of us are constantly playing this one-player game together (laughs).

Ninomiya <3 Memories with Leader…nope I have none (laughs).  “None” may sound cold to you, but after being together for 15 years, what used to be special just becomes a normal everyday thing.  In other words, we’re like an old married couple that’s been through everything already.  But it made me realize again how important that “normalcy” is. 

Memories Together
Sakurai Sho & Matsumoto Jun

Sakurai <3 Naturally, it’s the concerts.  Of course, there’s the fact that he can come up with ideas for the show, but there’s also the fact that after the rest of us go home he stays until late at night having meetings about the concert.  On the other hand, it’s not that all of the responsibility rests on MatsuJun alone.  It’s the rest of us that look at what MatsuJun comes up with and say if it’s good or not, so the output is the consensus that the five of us come up with, it’s not only what he said.  It’s really amazing.  I don’t know what to say to express it, or perhaps there’s nothing I can say that truly expresses it but, at least I can say I am indebted to MatsuJun.   

Matsumoto <3 Sho-kun sent me a lot of pictures from when we went to Hawaii.  Though I took a lot of pictures with my cell phone camera too (laughs).  There were a lot of pictures of just the five of us.  

Translator’s Note: Since these were short I decided to put them together.  Also loving that Nino considers himself and Ohno an old married couple, because that is definitely what they are!