again..... they probably both are from time to time

can we just talk about thor

thor who sacrificed his life for a town probably no bigger than 50 people

thor who tries to stop loki from letting go of the staff and falling into an abyss

thor who so desperately tries to bring loki home and talk him out of his plans to take over earth time and time again

thor who keeps his promise to come back to jane even after two years

thor who comes up with a brilliant plan to save both jane and the nine realms from malekith

thor who doesn’t believe in surrender

thor who is caring and soothing while loki dies in his arms

thor who refuses the throne because he knows how it could corrupt him

thor who is the asgardian equivalent to sunshine and puppies and would probably help you and bring you chicken soup if you were sick

thor who fiercly loves and protects those he cares for and would do absolutely anything for them

can we just talk about thor

( TRANS ) wooshin mentions wonwoo — 160830

dj asked up10tion who they want to get close with on sbs ‘love game’ radio

dj: how about wooshin?
wooshin: our promotion period this time doesn’t overlap, from seventeen sunbaenim (senior)…
dj: who in seventeen?
wooshin: wonwoo sunbaenim
dj: ah wonwoo..
wooshin: we’re the same age
dj: yes x3
wooshin: i want to get close with him, he gives off cold atmosphere (has cold image), i want to be come friends with him
dj: since both of you have a bit of chic feeling…
wooshin: ah, is it?
dj: it’s kinda attractive that way ㅋㅋㅋ alright, me too next time, there’s an oppurunity (too meet again) like this.. after hearing this, we’ll probably heard from him. please say something to him (wonwoo) like a friend
wooshin: wonwoo sunbaenim, i saw you on broadcast and you look really cool, when you did the “motchamgesseo” (i can’t stand it) part in (in 'pretty u’), i fall for you

translation by ohmywonwoo / source seven 14
take out with full credit

lying in bed next to the window with calum as it storms outside and the blankets and pillows are askew and calum’s on his back and he’s pulled you onto his chest and your head is buried in the crook of his neck and his long fingers draw lightly across your skin raising goose bumps and quiet songs playing from your phone sing along to the sound of rain hitting the roof and calum’s whispering sweet nothings to you every now and again and humming to the music and the two of you haven’t gotten up in hours and you probably won’t for a few more because moments like these are prefect, times when calum is home and the two of you get to spend every waking second together, soaking each other in because you’re both afraid of the time you’ll miss with each other when he has to leave again


Pink and grey

The sun is back, it’s Spring time again and this is probably one of my favorite color combination. 

I feel great in both colors and think they work really well together. I know it feels a bit wedding outfit but wedding season is almost here, so I hope you feel inspired. ;) Nevertheless, I think this is a great Spring look for day time. It is simple and has a really colorful detail that brings the outfit together.

This is a rainbow bow-tie I have had for a while from Tie Bar and I love it. =) <3 The pants are from Zara Kids and the button down from Zara. 

Belt and shoes were lent by a friend. My friends will literally bring stuff for me to wear with a certain outfit. In this case I needed a belt and shoes so… =P I got the socks about 2 years ago in the UK and love them. =) 


@lacqueluster sent me one picture and said it would be great for an aesthetic. I agreed with her and promised I would make her something. That was over a week ago because I am slow but I hope you like this Meg.

The first time Dean had taken you camping, was right after you had lost your parents. He hadn’t said much. You weren’t even sure what excuse he had made up to John, but you and he had disappeared for two days.

That had also been when your crush had really started. 15 years later here you where. In the same exact spot he had taken you to then. Once again hiding away from the world. This time not over sadness or pain, though you could probably find something that weighed on Dean now too, cause that was simply who he was. That was not why you had come here though. This time you had come here simply because it was your spot. Because unspokenly that was know to you both.

Dean had taken your hand and walked you up to the same spot where he had held you when you cried over your loss. The spot where you had held him and he had clung to you after John died. The spot where you had clung to each other when Bobby died. The spot you had come too screaming out the unfairness of the world when Dean had taken on the Mark. The very spot where he had found you and told you he was sorry as he held you close. The same spot where he had first kissed you a little over a year ago when the Mark was finally off his arm.

This was your place and it was perfect for your honeymoon, though Dean refused to call it that and you didn’t care. The ring he had put on your finger and the love between the two of you were all that matter. Dean was all that mattered.

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Unpopular opinion time

I’ve probably mentioned or at least reblogged a post about this before (and I want to touch upon it again cause why the hell not).

I think both sides poorly talk about the problem of police brutality and all of the events surrounding it. They make good points from time to time, but for the most part it’s just bad. People are so caught up in their narratives that all sense of rational thinking goes out the window.

inb4: that strawman comic with the person who thinks they’re superior for not taking a side

You have the side who always let their emotions get the best of them. They have knee jerk reactions over any article that just so mentions ‘black man shot by police’. They don’t bother to look up what happened and what events led up to the shooting before they use their name as a hashtag. Maybe it’s because they know that people will blindly believe them right off the bat if they do. If you point this out them, they’ll resort to the usual “you’re racist/anti-black” comments. Oh and god forbid you criticize #BLM because that automatically means you have racist intentions. Not a fan of the movement because most of them don’t seem to want to have a rational conversation without the ad hominem attacks. Even when members of their own movement tried doing that with cops, #BLM denounced it.

Then you have the other side who will do some hard ass reaching to try to justify police shootings that actually have enough evidence that excessive force was used. Like “Oh but he committed these crimes several weeks ago.” “He has a criminal record!”, if they can’t find any information about a weapon being used against a cop. I know this kind of contradicts a statement I made earlier, but there’s a history of police trying to cover up what happened. (CIP: the Walter Scott shooting) and I think that should be taken into consideration.  But that doesn’t mean every single shooting that’s made into a hashtag has some grand conspiracy behind it. That’s why I always try to wait until enough evidence comes out, but it’s frustrating when everyone comes out with their own biased account of it. It becomes a cesspool of contradicting information and everything becomes unclear. (thank god for autopsies) 

Both sides are willing to believe whatever erroneous information that comes their way as long as it supports their agenda. No matter how ridiculous it sounds. They would have no problem disproving the information if it didn’t.

It’s why I stay out of these discussions for the most part cause nobody seems to want to look at it both ways. 

I’m sure there are other people who agree with me on this, but are too hesitant to voice their opinion because they’re afraid whatever side they usually stick with will turn on them.


#this edit has probably been made a 100000 times before #but I really wanted to focus on Bellamy’s face #and that little sigh he lets out #in both scenes #the first one #the hug #in which he’s holding her so closely to his chest #breathing in her scent #and he just can’t imagine ever letting her go again #and then when they finally separate from each other #her hair brushes his face gently #and he looks at her with such devotion in his eyes #as if this is the happiest moment in his life #then the second one #after the kiss #his eyes are searching for an explanation  #and he lets out another sigh #but it’s not one full of contentment and relief #it’s a sigh of ache and pain #Bellamy Blake is broken at that very moment #and the reason for  these intense feelings #both his joy and his sorrow #is this one girl #his princess #his Clarke

Jim and Ariel again~

Though, this time I edited a gif from Cinderella. I kinda jumped the gun on this one from the other Jim and Ariel one I edited, thinking “It shouldn’t be so bad!”

… By the time I got to Jim’s jacket I wanted to behead the both of them.

Even so, I like how it turned out. I’ll probably do more like this one~

I’m also going to upload some process gifs of this one in the near future~


It’s that time again! Commission time, that is

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at with the specifics (type of commission, character, references, and any other information you think might be helpful). For digital portraits I’ll work directly from a photo, so choose your photo wisely.

Some general rules/things:

  • I’ll do fanart, unless the original creators are against people making money off their thing, like with Welcome To Night Vale.
  • You can ask me for anthro/animal things but I’m not great at that so. Probably best not to.
  • No graphic porn, extreme violence/torture, graphic gore (some blood or bruises or whatever is fine though). Basically, keep it PG-13. Ish.
  • If the finished product isn’t entirely to your liking, feel free to tell me! I’m willing to do small changes. No refunds though, sorry.
  • Prices can vary depending on the complexity (a character with full armor is going to cost more than a character with just a jeans and t-shirt).

And. That’s it I think.

(Also even if you don’t want a commission, it’d be nice if you reblogged this! Spread the word etc.)

actual implications of the memory scene, keeping in mind they established the demon meaning love in the widest way, not romantic love, showing us Izzy and Clary’s visions before Alec’s

  • Jace was surprised and amazed that Alec loved him the most. over Izzy. Jace knows he and Alec are that close. he knows Alec would die for him. still, knowing that for sure? that still freaked him out.
  • but, Alec obviously thought about it from the secret romantic point of view. he knows, while probably denying it full force, that he both loves and is in love with Jace. that lead him to freak out, saying that the demon was tricking him.
  • but. Jace. Jace had just see the love he knew was there, hell his vision at this point and time can’t be anyone else but Alec. but earing Alec saying that was a trick? that must have devastated him. again, it was already shown romantic love was not the point.
    at this point in time, Jace must be thinking Alec doesn’t think he loves Jace that much to justify that vision. i would be crushed. jace? probably gonna hurt himself for the next century thinking about it.
  • despite having heard his best friend, his parabatai, his partner, denying his importance, Jace still threw himself at the demon to save Alec without flinching.
  • basically, it was all pain. the only thing that came out of that was PAIN and i will never be okay again.
  • oh, right. Jace probably loves Alec with just the same intensity (minus the homo part of it maybe) and probably always thought Alec would never love him as much. and then all this^ happened. ahah. what a good laugh.

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Sakurai explains why the Ice Climbers aren't in Super Smash Bros. 4

Sakurai said that even though that the game has a large roster, some characters unfortunately have to be cut.

This is the case with the Ice Climbers.

It appears they were working on the Wii U version, but they needed more hardware power to make them work on the 3DS. Since they weren’t likely to appear in a brand new game anytime soon, they weren’t high priority (it’s unclear if they would be able to find a workaround if they had more time, though)

And then again, Sakurai mentioned that the different release dates for each version is so each version has proper debugging time. If both versions were meant to release together, we would’ve probably seen a 2015 release for both.

And as a little bit of trivia, Akihiro Toda - responsible for texts from the Mother series - wrote the description of the trophies.


I survived last weekend!! I am so very tired now but at least I will have something to show here later. Probably around march. 

During what little free time I had I read @feynites fanfictions over and over and over again. (I did not reread the Bagel verse 3 times!Nope!) Thanks so much, you kept me going. You are awesome and I look forward to reading your tumblr entry every day. UuU Thank you!

I have so many drawings ideas from the stories.. and not a lot of time to draw these days BUT i will draw them in time. 

Quick drawing of Bagel AU Pride and his strong Lavellan girlfriend. I was wondering, do Lavellan have vallaslin in the bagelverses? (both of them?)

Anyway, yay!

He claims to have had sex over Skype with Kat. Kat is 15, he is 20. She was gone the day he claimed it happened, but regardless that claim and his crush on her is pedophilia. The way he acted towards those girls was suspicious, so I warned them, and he’s trying to make it look like I’m the bad guy. This hurts me a lot. I was stern in my word choice with him and a bit pushy but I didn’t insult him in any way.He removed me from Skype. Probably blocked me. Which hurt me a lot more than it should have. He took advantage of me as a friend, walked on me like I was a rug and he could wipe his dirty shoes on me. And I forgave him countless time and time again. I REALLY cared about him. I really really did. So I didn’t let go for a long time.He drove me to a panic attack after he figured out that someone had told me that he had cheated on his girlfriend and bugged them both for nudes afterwards because he tried to blackmail me. He harassed me constantly and eventually called me. JUST BECAUSE I told him he wasn’t doing an okay thing, it brought him to tears and for some reason I found sympathy in his words. 

But the anger that has built up over time prevented me from forgiving him. He neglected me because he had a huge creepy crush on Katrina and told me: “You can’t do for me what Katrina does. Sorry.” He told me I wasn’t good enough with that statement. I always had to talk to HIM, it was never the other way around.And when I said I was going to leave him because of all this shit, he said he needed me. He said he wanted me to help him.And then I realized… That this was an abusive relationship. This was an abusive friendship. THIS was what it was like to live in hell, to love someone and for them to not give a shit and only take from you. THIS was what it was like.It hurt for me to cut my ties with him. But it hurts even now that it had to have this sad ending. My anger got the better of me, and even though I honestly did NOTHING wrong, I still feel like I did because now he shut the door on me.THIS is what Josh did, for all of you that are asking me. THIS is who he really is: an abuser that will use you and throw you out.This is why I am in so much pain.This is the REAL Josh, not the savior of the Twitch chat, not the friendly guy that just wants to help. This is what he really is.And I’m so glad I can finally say that without any regrets. Without him yelling at me. Without him verbally beating me down.I’m so glad I can finally get this out…

*Sorry for posting this in the tag, but I feel like everyone should be fully aware of this man’s actions so they can be warned away from him.*


Warren had been looking forward to this outing all week. His first official date with his boyfriend. He didn’t tell Nathan where they were going; only that he should bring his camera because he was going to regret not taking pictures.

Warren could not pass up the opportunity to bring Nathan to the brand new whale sanctuary that just opened in Portland. He knew how much Nathan loved whales and the soothing songs they sang. Warren thought it would be good for him to see the beautiful animals in person.

Warren had gotten up early that morning to get ready, once again crashing in Nathan’s room the night before. He let Nathan sleep in, knowing he was getting over a hangover from a Vortex Club party the previous night.

He passed the time by going out to get them both some breakfast. Warren opted for some cheap fast food breakfast, knowing they probably won’t have time to make it over to Two Whales today. A half an hour later, he came back with two McDonalds big breakfast platters.

“Nathan, wakey wakey! Got some breakfast for ya.”

Does anyone else think about the fact that Jak and Dax were separated prior to the opening scenes in Jak 3 much like at the beginning of Jak II

That Jak was cuffed and taken from Daxter

That they both probably had that moment of terror knowing that they were being taken away from each other again, that Jak was being arrested again, and there was a distinct possibility that Jak was going to be put/dumped somewhere Dax couldn’t get to, again

Does anyone else just…wonder how that played out? Or if Daxter tried to fight back this time around instead of running away? Does anyone wonder if he was driven to fight because he didn’t want it to be like last time?

Does anyone think about this parallel we didn’t get to see and just


Soooo….I had two scenes: the Buckingham Palace scene from National Treasure 2, and the Skyfall scene where Silva hacks into MI6. I flipped both around and chopped them up and glued them back together again to make this, all in a very limited amount of time. This is not a fanvid masterpiece by any means, but it gets the story across in a fun way. And there’s a surprise little 00Q nod in there straight from Riley’s mouth, so I give myself kudos for somehow pulling that off, lol!

Anyway, don’t take it too seriously. It’s just for fun, and I’ll probably make more later when I find the time. :)

(Serves as a visual cookie for the Q/Riley - aka Qoole - fics I’ve been spewing out lately on AO3.)

Cheating (Robbie Kay)

(submitted by anonymous)

You frown at your phone for the sixth time as Robbie’s cellphone goes to voicemail. The early morning was approaching quickly and you still hadn’t heard any sign from Robbie to indicate that he was getting back to the apartment safely. You try to reassure yourself that, perhaps, filming was going overtime again. It wasn’t the first time something like that happened, and you knew it probably was only a matter of time before it happened again.

But even with that, why couldn’t you seem to erase that uneasy feeling nipping away at your mind? Filming had never gone overtime this late, and even with late night filming you could always rest assure that Robbie would give you a call to warn you ahead of time not to wait up for him.

Once you go over the mental checklist and realize that Robbie didn’t do anything he normally did to you when late-night filming became an issue, you start to feel that deep-seated panic settle into your stomach. Looking over ten unanswered texts and six unanswered phone calls one more time, you grab your keys, your phone, your coat, your shoes and slam the apartment door closed with a determined click. You slip on your shoes and coat to stop the shivering that originates from the cold winter breeze, and you climb down the steps to plant your feet onto the cement sidewalk.

Seeing the puffs of fog in front of you, you venture down the street, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep the warmth. You aren’t quite sure where you’re going, but the thought of sitting around the apartment until Robbie walks through the doorframe makes you feel uneasy. Your boots clack against the sidewalk, the silence only making you more nervous. Silence means that Robbie is not nearby.

Then, you do the only thing you can think of.

You run. You run down the sidewalk, the bottom of your boots hitting the pavement. The cold bites into your cheek and your hair flies out behind you as you turn your head from right to left in a desperate attempt to pick out someone tall and skinny that could possibly be Robbie.

Finally, you can’t keep this up. You stop in your tracks to lean down and catch your breath. Your chest is heaving from running so fast in such a short amount of time. You’re about to straighten up and keep searching for your boyfriend, when you hear the sound of groans and gentle moans a few feet up ahead of you. There’s something about the way the boy makes his noises that bothers you a lot, something familiar and gut-wrenching all at the same time.

Inhaling a sharp breath, you practically tip-toe to the source of the noises, pressing your back against the bricked wall and trying to convince yourself that the boy wasn’t the boy you thought it was. Telling yourself that the only way to conquer your fear was to face it, you jump around the corner, shining your phone light directly at the faces of the boy and girl kissing rather loudly in the alleyway.

The girl is someone you’ve never seen before in your life, giving you an annoyed look while trying to cover her eyes from your flashlight. The boy, also trying to cover his eyes from the light, has a heartbreaking set of brown hair and bright green eyes. He’s tall and skinny, and it gives you that gut-wrenching feeling all over again. “Robbie?” You test out, hoping more than anything that your eyes are just playing tricks on you because you’re nervous out of your mind looking for him.

You lower your light to let the boy and girl recompose themselves from being ambushed. The boy looks up, and must catch your face in the streetlights that line the sidewalks, because his hand drops immediately from his side and his eyes are lit with something horror-stricten. “(Y/N)?” He calls back in that familiar voice, confirming your worst fear.

Robbie Kay, your supposedly perfect boyfriend, who managed to charm your parents faster than you, just cheated on you with a perfect girl who could have probably been mistaken for a model.

“What the hell are you doing?” You inquire, your voice mixed with a lot of different things: anger, sadness, disappointment. But the only thing you can feel right now is numbness.

Robbie starts to open his mouth, probably to conjure up some stupid excuse about how she forced herself on him, even though that was definitely not what it looked like, but you realize a second later that you don’t want to hear anything he has to say. “Nevermind,” you cut off, trying to ignore his surprised expression. “I don’t want to hear any of your excuses.” You take a step back onto the main sidewalk. “Please, continue with what you were doing.”

“No, (Y/N), wait,” Robbie pleads behind you as you turn around and pace as quickly as you can down the sidewalk back to the apartment. You try not to fumble with your keys as you hear Robbie running now to stop you from shutting the apartment door, thus shutting him out of your life. But you don’t care. You’re angry and numb and you’re not ready to address this now quickly growing problem.

You finally manage to open the apartment door. However, before you can turn around to shut it, Robbie leaps from ground level to the doorframe in the time range of two seconds. “Please, just listen to what I have to say,” He tries, shutting the door gently behind him, and trying to extend his arm long enough to reach you.

“Stop it!” You order loudly, backing up quickly and throwing your hands up in defense. “There’s nothing you can say to change my mind about what happened today.”

Seeing Robbie standing in the entrance of the apartment makes the realization settle in, makes you really think about what just happened. He cheated on you. You spent all night worrying about him only to find out that he was busy sucking the face off another, much more prettier girl. Someone who clearly wasn’t his girlfriend.

The thought makes tears fill up your eyes. Because you loved him, and he broke your trust. Because he broke your trust, and you still love him. It’s the endless cycle that’s normally the key to a good relationship, but now it’s just the key fueling your broken heart. “Why did you do it?” You inquire, cursing when your voice cracks halfway. “Did I do something wrong?” You look up to find out that he’s staring at you with a hurt look in his eyes. “You have no right to look like that!” You snap loudly, backing up more until your back hits the wall.

“I have every right to be hurt!” He protests, taking a step forward, but stopping when you push yourself harder into the wall. “You won’t even listen to what I have to say!”

“Actions speak louder than words!” You snap back. You aren’t being fair, though. Robbie has every right to explain himself, because there might actually be a logical, legitimate reason for his actions. But, right now, you so aren’t in the mood. “Even if you did explain yourself, I won’t be able to trust you.”

Those words seem to do the trick, knocking the breath right out the Robbie. He looks like you just stabbed him, which is actually pretty close to what you really want to do. You want him to fight back, and you want him to feel just as hurt as he made you feel. You want him to fight back because you loved him, but he let you down.

“Fine,” he finally lets out through grit teeth, surprising you and making your heart drop into your stomach. His voice sounds shaky, but you classify that for anger. “I’ll go.” He’s about to turn and walk away, but he stops halfway with his turn. “But first,” he starts again, turning back so that he’s facing you. “Tell me to leave.”

You frown, unsure you heard him correctly. “What?”

“Tell me you never want to see me again,” He repeats, walking towards you with a slow stride. “Tell me to leave and never come back, and I will.” He doesn’t stop walking until he’s right in front of you. You have to look up at him a little, but that doesn’t matter. He’s close enough so that you can see the details of his shirt, and the twinkling details in his green eyes. “Tell me to go,” he whispers in a pressing tone.

You narrow your eyes at him, but it’s hard to seem threatening with the tears beginning to spill down your cheek. You don’t mean to cry, but you’re so angry and sad and mixed up it’s hard to keep your emotions bottled up. “Leave me alone!” You manage with a muffled voice, refusing to make eye contact.

“Try to tell me without crying,” He presses. The next time you look up, he has one palm pressed next to your head, effectively trapping you.

It makes sense that Robbie shouldn’t play fair, since it’s obvious you aren’t playing fair either. “I don’t need you anymore!” You let out angrily, reaching out to press your palms forcefully against Robbie’s shoulders, trying to keep the distance. You’re still yelling, crying, and shutting your eyes, though, so it’s probably not your most convincing moment ever.

“See?” Robbie comments, clenching his fist against the wall next to your head. “You can’t do it. You can’t do it because you still love me.”

“Of course I do, stupid!” You protest angrily, removing your hands from Robbie’s shoulders and using them to cover your eyes. “That’s why I’m so mad at you! Because I loved you, and you stabbed me in the back. How can I ever trust you again?”

Robbie takes in a slow, slightly shaky breath. “You’re always talking about taking leaps of faith, right?”

You frowned and wipe at your tears, not really in the mood to talk about quotes of inspiration. “Yes, but what does that have to do with this?”

“Leaps of faith have everything to do with this,” Robbie points out softly, his eyes searching yours. You know he’s trying to form a connection with you, but you tell yourself you won’t fall for that stupid trick. “Trust is all about taking a leap of faith. Please,” His voice lowers into a whisper. “Take that leap of faith.”

“Some people aren’t worth the trouble,” you grumble, looking down, telling yourself over and over not to look up. Not to look into those green eyes and see the sincerity behind his words.

You can feel Robbie’s fingers take hold of your chin, forcing you to look at him. “Some people are though. Believe me, because I love you too, and I’ll be hurt everyday knowing I did this.”

It’s too early to start making amends for something as big as cheating, but those words don’t stick to you the way four other words do. “You… you love me?” you whisper, finally looking up to see his green eyes shining with truth. It was the first time you ever heard him utter those words. It was always you confessing your love for him, but there’s something beautiful about hearing those words being returned to you for the first time. Despite the circumstances, you feel your heart race at those words.

“Always,” He whispers back, reaching out gingerly to brush some hair out of your eyes. When you don’t shriek away from his touch, he cups your cheek. “So,” he starts slowly. “Will you take that leap for faith for me?”

You search his eyes, and don’t see his gaze wavering, trailing off to think about another girl. “Okay,” you answer.


{Hope you liked reading this as much as I liked writing this. Happy 2014!} 

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I was talking with my sister about YoI, I asked one of my most painful doubts: how you think YoI is going to end?
Since she only knows the series for what I’ve told her she gave me a scenario that I haven’t seen considered in all the theories, it has some holes but here I go:
She thinks that Victor is going to publicly retire from skating in the Grand Prix BUUUT, he’s going to skate one last time, and this time against both Yuris, also she says he’s gonna win the gold again, Yuri will win the silver and Yurio the bronze.
I agree with her that Victor is going to skate professionally one last time in the GPF but I think that he’s not going to compete, he probably will ask permission to the judges or to who gives the permission of doing that, and since he’s Victor Nikiforov he’ll get to skate. And here comes my favorite part: he’ll skate the routine of History Maker for Yuri.

ooohhh mmyyy goood i was almost done and tumblr crashed. here is goes, again…

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Gender: Female

Star sign: Virgo

Height: idk, probably 5’10 by now (177cm)

Hogwarts house: im pree sure imma hufflepuff

Favorite animal: Foxes, sharks, coywolfs, and ravens

Time right now: the first time it was 8:20 and now its 8:52

Average hours of sleep: 10-11 ish

Cat or Dog person: Both but my cat is being a dick right now so im playing favorites with my dog

Favorite fictional character: Lagertha from Vikings, Jillian Holtzman from Ghostbusters, and Thalia from Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Number of blankets i sleep with: 4 but im about to bulk up for the winter so 8-10

Favorite musicians: Alt-J but I mostly just listen to a few songs from various people, atm I love Afraid of Heights by Billy Talent, Something to Believe In by Young the Giant, and Reptila by The Stokes.

Dream Trip: I really, really, really want to do a ski trip at Banff but the snow isnt good enough yet (plus im literally an hour away so its not much of a trip) but i also would like to go back to Montréal and Vancouver, and Id love to visit the Maritimes. So basically a cross-Canada trip.

Dream Job: Park Warden at Banff, or just general mountaineer and explorer

When was this blog created: Towards the end of grade nine *shudders* so 2013??

Current number of followers: 255

What do you post: Shit, mostly shit, with the occasional feminist stuff and the rare good content

When did your blog reach its peak: *muffled cackling*

What made you decide to make a tumblr: i didnt, a friend made it for me and ive never known peace since….

Why your url: it was a joke with my sister, “if you were a spice girl what would your name be?” “idk, montreal steak spice? salt spice? what about you?” “i think id be cilannnttrrrroooo spice” and it took off from there

And i tag: @bitter-badfem-harpy @curly-lioness @dazaii-kun @fluorescentgaylescent @girlgastly @grim-haystack @hentai-and-vore-only @lordfartwaat @mcdyke @ranger-guy @shamelesslyunladylike @something-something-capitalism @threedogs-toaster @vulvacrat
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