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About the Camren Mess

If you believe that Camren in some point was real or is real don’t feel down with the events that occured lately. I know is hard. There is Something I want to tell you, you are entitled to believe in anything your heart wants, because is YOUR OPINION, your point of view and what you believe. What is wrong is to try and force and disrespect other, so they can believe the same thing as you. I love Camren and since this mess, I’m trying to get disconnected so I don’t get to affected by it; cause I’m dealing with my own problems too and I don’t want to create a bomb of emotions. I know some of you, thanks to Camren discovered yourself, your sexuality or a voice. (Like a I did) Again is not wrong or disgusting to believe in it, what is wrong is to disrespect the girls or other shoving in their throat Camren. BE LOW-KEY! Enjoy them without bothering. If you are feeling down because of this situation and you feel like you disrespect Lauren because you believed in Camren and she shut it down saying that is our “sick pleasure” I send you a MASSIVE HUG … but lets understand something, she was hurt too(not saying you, cause not all of us are crazy annoying), I’m a Cancer like her and when we explote is because we are tired of the situation, we don’t measure our words, the words that we use are like knife that tend to hurt, but we don’t mean it like that. She had to much and we need to understand that green eyes piece of heaven. YES hurtful words but imagine being her in that position. Love you guys, and if you still believe, be lowkey. (Damn that rhyme and I didn’t even tried 😂, sorry) Now I’m going back to my cave, while eating ice cream and cake, and wait that the waters are calm… if you need someone to talk send me a message or ask, lets mourn or share our delusions together 😉 (Pardon my english if there are some errors)

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Since youtube blocked my video last night for copyright reasons, I figured that this is the easiest way for me to share it with you. Even if I can’t share it anywhere but here and not even see how many people have viewed it or anything, I still really want to share it with you. So, let’s try again.

You have to click to “watch on [blog]” to see it, and if you want full screen, just click the arrow in the right corner of the video.

Ten months in the making. Ten months of manually removing the background music on every single clip using both of my laptops, my Sherlock DVDs and a portable writer. (It’s not actually literally ten months, I kind of took a long break between February and August but it just sounds more impressive with ten.) Many many thanks to @thejohnlockhell for being my moral support the past months, this video is for you.

Oh, and I definitely didn’t intend for this to be 45 minutes long. It just… happened.

Please reblog if you like it, since this is the only way I get to share it with people. ❤️

Taking Queues
#pascalcampion #HesReadingHowToUnderstandHer  #ShesReadingScrewthisYouDontNeedHim

Ps..super SUPER busy… but I don’t want to stop drawing sketches mainly becausse I love doing them, and also because If I stop, it’s so hard to start again and I’d be upset if I wasn’t able to get my ideas down on paper anymore. I’m Ok having simpler, easier sketches for a few weeks or months as long as I know I’ll get back in the swing of things later.. but I’m not OK saying.. I’ll just do it some other time.. I’m saying this for the students and artists who tend to put off till the next day drawing something!,, but again, that’s just MY point of view!

“Things you can do instead of assuming people’s pronouns”.

And if you mess up, don’t panic, say sorry and DON’T DO IT AGAIN.

Also, I know I should repeat that on every single post I make (although I do post often), but this is from MY experience only (even if I have a test group of several dozens of trans people who throw in some of their own experience too) and should be understood as such. I am ALWAYS talking from my own point of view and that should be taken into account when looking at my art.

Jensen Ross Ackles

This man has played dean winchester for over 10 years . he has continued filming for all these years because of us. He has done all of this for us.
I heard that he has said that destiel isn’t Canon at a con and it’s blowing up my dash so I had to post something about it
The way I see it people is Jensen doesn’t ship destiel. Yes he was blunt about the fact to a fan but he has had destiel practically shoved down His throat by shippers since season 4 so obviously he is going to get annoyed at some point
If someone were to force their views on me hearly every day for around 7 years I would get annoyed too .
Jensen is a kind man who has just become a father again to two wonderful twins and yet he has left his family to come and meet you guys . to meet us . he didn’t have to do that . he could have easily said no but he didn’t
Jensen isn’t homophobic he just doesn’t believe the same thing we do and if you can’t accept that then can you really call yourself a Jensen fan??
Would a Jensen fan cause him upset because of him having different beliefs to them??because I sure as hell wouldn’t

Okay I’m done now

Jughead X Fem!Reader- Pool Party

My first requests! Pretty much what it says in the title! Thank you to @ficbucket ! I combined the two because I thought they worked as a pair haha Hope you enjoy! (I know I said they’d take longer but I couldn’t resist)

Flips between Second and Third person, dependent on point of view again so yeah, so I hope it makes sense! Tips, pointers and constructive criticism is always welcome ^^

Warnings: None!

Words: 1588


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i’m doing my something-annual rewatch of Gakkou Gurashi aka SCHOOL-LIVE and once again getting frustrated because it’s a startlingly good show but it’s just about impossible to recommend it because all of its good points are massive spoilers

if you want to give a try all the episodes are available for free (with ads) on Crunchyroll. my recommended viewing is to watch the first two or three episodes (if not the whole show, it’s only 12 episodes) without looking up a SINGLE thing

literally the only good points i can sell it on without giving everything away are:

  • it is absolutely not the series you probably think it is
  • it’s based entirely on girls supporting each other and strengthening their relationships
  • there’s some pretty good comedy bits
  • as well as some really good directing and foreshadowing
  • the series offers some pretty interesting examinations of common character tropes (most notably, the ever-optimistic cheerful girl, the caring unshakable mom friend, and the friendly youthful teacher)
  • there’s a super cute puppy!

Feel Pretty Again

From a females point of view during and after being used and cheated on.

This touched my soul…

guys though can we talk real quick about isak motherfucking valtersen?

holy shit this boy. this brave, brave boy. within a couple weeks he’s come so far and IT’S SO IMPORTANT TO ME

because real talk: it wasn’t that long ago that he was stereotyping and trashing what he assumed was a gay man to jonas because he was so ashamed of himself and had such internalized homophobia/hatred that he felt he needed to make those types of comments. and of course it doesn’t help with his mother and how her beliefs have skewed his view of himself and the fear he must feel on that side of things. and then his insensitive comments to eskild, again, because he was hurting and hating himself for what he was.

BUT THEN. to get to a point where he can admit to HIMSELF and TO HIS BEST FRIEND that he likes a guy and that it’s okay to like a guy? and also has the courage to apologize sincerely to eskild too? oh my gosh my heart. he is so BRAVE and IMPORTANT and he came so far so quickly because he’s just that strong of a person.

and so many teens who are struggling with their sexual identity take years and years to get comfortable with it (which is fine! and valid!) but this boy took literally a couple weeks and I’m so proud of him. and you know YOU FUCKING KNOW his love for even was so important to him that he knew he couldn’t deny himself. you could literally see the point (pretty much after he spots even kissing sonja at the party) where his internalized homophobia is overridden by his heartbreak. and he knows that losing even is so much worse than being gay - it didn’t even compare. he decides it’s more important to be okay with himself than it is to lose out on the chance of love. because he wants to love even, and he can’t if he’s afraid to be gay.

and just. his internal struggle for weeks culminating in that act of pure motherfucking bravery and courage in talking to jonas - it’s so wonderful guys. it’s so amazing.

isak motherfucking valtersen, y’all. protect him at all costs. even u better not fuck this precious boy up. he deserves so much love.



So this is sort of in Kouyou’s point of view because I like the idea of someone always being there for Chuuya as well as a motherly figure to him. I think this maybe ooc (but when are my fics never ooc?)

I don’t know if this is fluff or angst?

For @senren, @soukoku-writes and @fairyfairypie.

Soukoko through the years, from Kouyou’s point of view. 

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like jyn has a really clear three part arc that i’m super embarrassed about not having spotted on my first viewing tbh. it took a second viewing for me to figure out and love her, but basically you’ve got 

part one: broken and hurt and fucking over the world taking everything from her

part two: DAD 2 DIED MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE TO SAVE/FIND/HIT DAD 1 aka a drive to finally do something again, but a selfish drive

part three: dad 1 is dead but instead of going apathetic again, she has a new and selfless drive to do whatever she can to help stop the empire

jyn’s starting point is not someone who has lived comfortably and safe from the trauma of the empire and who needs to suffer in order to learn what it Really Means to be oppressed. jyn’s starting point is someone who has already lost everything to them, and doesn’t know how to fight anymore, because everything she has done has proved pointless.

that doesn’t make cassian wrong with his line about ‘some of us just decided to do something about it’. that’s a part of what galvanises her back into action. but there’s a lot of surface reading of her character that involves putting the meta-narrative onto her actual character motivations in a way that doesn’t reflect how she was written.

which isn’t to say that there isn’t a problem with that meta-narrative, of her being yet another white brunette woman taking centre stage, because there super is, and that’s an ongoing issue with star wars as a whole and rogue one in particular.

but i stg i am looking forward to the day fandom stops reducing all its characters down to ‘Pure and Unproblematic ™’ (see cassian) or ‘Actual Trash Worst Ever’.

I feel that sometimes it is necessary to criticise stories, as well as characters and their actions, even when you enjoy said stories and characters. After the new chapter, I find myself in a situation where I, like many others, am not happy with the actions of Touka. I am well aware that what I am about to address may make a lot of people unhappy– it may anger them, they may disagree and so on. But honestly, that’s okay. I’m not asking anyone to share my opinions or my views.

Please note: criticism =/= hate. I do not hate Touka at all. In fact, she is a character who I really enjoy. Do not try and twist what I’m saying into a huge character-hate ordeal. That is not what this is.

As most people are aware, Touka smacked Kaneki upside the head with a great deal of force. Again. I was personally hoping that she would have grown out of this habit by this point, but alas. Some things don’t change so quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be like that.

I am aware that this moment was supposed to be taken as comical. However, I personally find this to be tasteless and inappropriate. In a manga that addresses physical violence and abuse in such a serious light, I really have to wonder why such actions are being put in place as comic relief. It is true that it’s a common occurance in anime and manga for there to be violent comedy, but knowing that Kaneki has a past filled with the important women in his life hitting, attacking, and abusing him, I honestly can’t make myself think that Touka’s actions were funny at all.

After such a serious and violent arc, where Kaneki suffered great loss as a result of violence, I find the use of violence again right after as comedy even more shocking. Honestly, I suppose that I am somewhat disappointed. As much as I hate to bring this card onto the table, there is a huge double standard going on in the way Touka’s actions are being seen. If the roles had been reversed, if Kaneki had been the one striking Touka, close to no one would be defending his actions. Everyone would be absolutely destroying him for hitting a woman. At the end of the day, violence is violence, and it doesn’t matter what gender is on the recieving end. It’s still violence.

I know that being “tsundere” is part of Touka’s well-rounded and interesting personality. I am aware that she didn’t strike Kaneki with downright malicious intent. As I said before in the past when Hinami hit Kaneki though, raising your hand against anyone who has gone through as much mental trauma as Kaneki isn’t going to “knock some sense” into him. I understand Touka’s heart is in the right place, but I sincerely want her to stop falling back onto violence to show her affection. I have my hopes up for Touka changing, as her development thus far has been quite amazing.

Elim Garak again.  Personally, I liked his profile view that I drew, but someone asked for something more expressive… And we can never have enough Garak, can we?  Please let me know which one you guys prefer!

As for my earlier post, Ziyal turned out to be more of a challenge than I anticipated.  So, I’ll be revisiting her another day.  In the meantime, I’ve had requests for Shran, Gandalf, and Frank Turner (a musician), so you may be seeing them pop up at some point. 

Trying to get an art base before I open a Society6 page, but in the meantime, I am still open to color and character suggestions.  Do you guys like the black and white, or would you like to see some color?  Do you want to see them digitized, maybe with some texture?

And as always, commissions are open!

I’ve explained so many fucking times why racism does not affect white people. I’ve reblogged countless posts and I’ve tried to explain nicely over and over again, yet white people refuse to even try to listen because they still see me as inferior because I’m black. Whenever a white person who actually understands why racism doesn’t affect them makes a similar post, white racists at least try to see their point of view, but because I’m black, according to them, my personal experiences are nonexistent and I’m just a bratty little bitch. They tell me I’ve never experienced oppression and I never will, yet whenever a white person is educated enough to speak up and say that reverse racism isn’t real they listen. Because I’m black, my experiences are invalid. Your own racism which you refuse to admit to is preventing you from opening your mind even a little to see why you don’t experience oppression.

The Green Eyed Monster |Robb Stark Imagine|

I know took a hiatus and I’m really sorry… I’ve been really busy and I did not have time to write a lot but I’m making time!! Here’s a little something from the bottom of my inbox like months ago… again I’m sorry… I LOVES YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Robb Stark Imagine

Prompt: Hi there! Could I possibly get a short, sweet Robb x reader imagine where (Y/N) keeps on Robb to shave until he finally gives in

Warnings: None

Does not follow the plot of “Game of Thrones”

Point of view: Your Point of View

The carriage jolted slightly as we were returning to Winterfell a place that I considered home for many years. The harsh winter air wrapped around holding you in its tight embrace, but it always felt warm when I was Robb’s embrace.

“Are you excited to see Robb?” My handmaiden exclaimed, I blushed softly at the sound of his name

“Well of course, oh- I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me!” I sighed as chill ran down my spin.

“How could any forget about you m'lady” she complemented, I gave a soft smile as their carriage came to quick stop. I jerked forward as I latched unto the nearest object.

“We have arrived m'lady” my handmaiden smirked as she removed herself from the carriage, my heart roughly beat against my chest, as a lump formed in my throat. My body begun to shake as I latched unto her hand stepping through the threshold.

My eyes quickly landed on the family gathered in front of the gates. A soft smile formed on my lips as I swiftly moved towards Ned.

“Oh Ned! It’s been far to long!” I whispered into his fur

“Too long” he smiled back as he pushed me away “still beautiful as ever”

I smiled widely as my eyes averted to Kat, I wrapped my arms around her as I mumbled the same words to her.

“I tried convincing Robb to shave but he won’t listen to me” Kat whispered in my ear. I giggled softly as I nodded. “Because I know how much you love him clean”

“Hello my love” Robb stated as I made my way down to him. “I’ve missed you”

I hummed in response as my eyes averted to the shaggy red haired beside me. “And you are?”

“I’m Theon Greyjoy” he pronounced with a smirk, he grabbed my hand before letting his lips latch themselves on them.

“I’m (Y/N) Baratheon” I smirked back, my eyes flickered over to Robb, as his face grew hot.


“And what was that all about?” A voice boomed causing me to squeal as I was spun around

“My wolf you frightened me!” I breathed out

“Oh now I’m your wolf, you were just eye fucking Theon” he shouted in anger

“I was not, I’ve never seen him I was curious my wolf” I stated as I pressed myself closer to him, my hand gently massaging his beard.

“My lion you are soon to be my wife! And yet you treat as we are simply fucking” he cries out in desperation

“Maybe I like his smooth face” I stared as I turned away from him “He just looks more manly with no facial hair”

I peered over my shoulder as I saw him briskly rushing out, I giggle softly as I fell unto my bed.


“Oh honey don’t you look handsome, I think I’m starting to like this little lion of yours” I heard Kat chuckle

I peered over my shoulder as I saw a smooth face Robb, I smiled softly as I motioned him to come to me. In a heartbeat he was right there his arms wrapping around my waist.

His lips attaches to mine causing a soft moan to surface

“So much better” I giggled against his lips

“I love you” he stated lowly

“I love you too my wolf”

hiragi mahiru: who was she, really?

thoughts about mahiru & just a general exploration/meta of her character.

its unfortunate to see people misunderstand mahiru time and time again because of the misdeeds she’s committed in her namanari and demon form. so I wrote this, to explain from the point of view of a mahiru fan, my understanding of her.

[NB: after reading a response to this (i recommend you read it after! and my commentary here), it was brought to my attention that my essay romanticises mahiru. i think you can consider this more of an appreciation post instead of an objective exploration of mahiru as i was trying to bring to light the more positive aspects of her character. please, as well as considering this side of her, also dont forget to examine or dismiss the other ways in which she can be interpreted. thank you.]

who was hiragi mahiru?

guren’s ex-lover? the demon in his cursed gear? shinoa’s brighter older sister? shinya’s promised wife? the hiragi family’s most prodigious child? a traitor to the order of the imperial demon? the mastermind behind the events of the catastrophe?

throughout the entire series, mahiru is dubbed as a wide number of things, but who was she, really? beneath all of these titles and labels, who was hiragi mahiru? what kind of person was she?

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