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Birthday Little!!

Hey guys guess what!! Its my birthday today! WooT! ^_^ I’m so excited that I just wanna scream! (screams internally then explodes into confetti) Lol

Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone that I am still here. I just got a bit busy dealing with school and stuff. Also if you’re wondering I am still looking for a mommy or daddy.

Also before I forget, can all my followers/fans check out my YouTube channel Kingomiwater Gaming

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“The coolest way in the world to get your coffee”… (≧∇≦)/

Hi guys, @tsukinokakera and I are back with a new English subbed video! This time, it’s a short segment from “Welcome to the Uemura Detective Agency!”. We hope you’ll like it~

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I was thinking about that churro lady
  • Peter either swung down to her because he saw that she was confused or she just like tapped this random spandexed stranger on the shoulder to ask for directions
  • Both are so hilarious to imagine
  • “You’re the hero! The one on the news!”
  • “Yes ma’am, th-thank you”
  • Peter getting really happy because a stranger just called him a hero
  • Him beaming through the mask
  • “I’m supposed to meet my son at this little coffee shop on 31st” 
  • “Oh yeah! I go there all the time with my aunt”
  • Peter getting paranoid because revealing that he has an aunt might have somehow compromised his identity 
  • Him pointing down the street a couple of different ways
  • He has to bend down a little bit to talk to her which feels nice because he’s self-conscious about his height
  • The lady pats him on the hand and says “Thank you, thank you”
  • “Yeah, yeah, no problem, Miss”
  • She sees the churro cart across the street as Peter’s beginning to leave
  • “Oh! Wait!”
  • He sees where she’s looking and jogs back to her side
  • “Do you like churros, sir?”
  • “Yeah, yeah, churros are, uhm, churros are good”
  • Peter being flustered again because she called him “sir”
  • He sub consciously deepens his voice a little bit for the rest of the conversation after that comment
  • “I’m going to buy you one. C’mon, c’mon”
  • Peter insisting that “it’s fine, it’s fine, I - I just ate lunch”
  • “Nope. I’m buying you a churro”
  •  He’s really smiling now
  • “Thanks, Ms. Lady”
  • He helps her across the street and she tells him about how she used to get churros all the time with her kids “but now they’re a little too old for that”
  • “No one’s too old for churros”
  • She laughs a little bit “Yes, I suppose”
  • She gets the churro and the guy behind the stand is in  a w e
  • She insists on getting multiple napkins for him to hold it with
  • “We don’t want your… costume to be getting dirty now, do we?”
  • Peter resisting the urge to inform her that it is not a costume, it’s a suit
  • Just agreeing instead
  • Karen adds that “Mr. Stark would not be happy if you got your suit dirty”
  • Peter jumping a bit because he’s still not used to his new suit and Suit Lady
  • “My grandson really likes you, you know. He always looks for you out the apartment window”
  • Peter’s heart swelling
  • “Wow, that’s - that’s awesome. Uhm, tell him I said ‘hi’, tell him Spiderman says ‘hi’”
  • “Alrighty, dear, I will”
  • Her insisting that she remembers the way to the coffee shop
  • “Okay, uhm, thanks for the churro, I’ll eat it on my way home, thanks a lot”
  • She smiles and pats him on the shoulder and walks down the street
  • Peter totally downplaying how giddy he was that someone recognized him when he called to give his report for the night
Last Chapter Update

Whoo. My week has been packed and I am very tired and ouchy. I also just spent the last hour and a half doing some major Home organizing and crunched  some numbers according to my plot outline:

There are 57 drawings remaining; 27 of those are absolutely essential and must be included in the last chapter. I just counted my drawings and I have 30 (almost 31!) finished.

Which brings us back to my original claim back in August that the last chapter would have 60 drawings (31+27 = close enough). The drawings that aren’t essential would be adorable and funny, but I think I will have to omit them since… Since I don’t want to post the last chapter in 2021.

Soooooo according to my calculations, since it takes me about 4 days (14-24 solid hours) to complete one drawing, it will take me 108 days to finish the last essential 27…. AKA, 3.5 months. Factoring in family dinners and other distractions, I’ll round up to four months. So…

New estimate: Chapter 18 will be posted in late June.

A few have already started proclaiming their disapproval/lost interest due to the time I’ve spent already. I really want you, my beautiful and kind readers, to know that it pains me dearly to delay the last chapter as long as I am, but I’m adamant about ending Home right. These drawings are very warm, colorful and detailed, and it will wrap up everything in the best, fuzziest, happiest way.

Thank you for your endless patience ♥

Do you want to play with us?

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Pairing: IvarxReaderxHvitserk
Rating: Explicit
Words: 8587
Tagging: @inthenameofodin @tiyetiye @rockyrascal

Warning: Smut, dom/sub dynamic, cursing, hair pulling, rough sex, spitting, spanking, orgasm denial/delayed. (I suck at warning tags so if you think one needs to be added, please tell me.)

Notes: My first threesome and let me tell you it was hard to write! First time writing Hvitserk too, I hope it went well. Sorry for the length, I don’t know how this monstrosity ended with so many words but I hope it’s worth it. Thank you for your advice concerning it. Ivar and Hvitserk love each other in this (take notes Hirst). Again, sorry for any mistakes! Enjoy, sisters! 

King Ivar and his great army advanced through England quite easily, pillaging and killing every single person that stood on their way. Today was a great day for the King; he had won the ultimate battle that raged for almost four months. He had slaughtered the entire royal family without a second thought and had taken the praised crown of York. Soon, the news would spread, giving Ivar the fame he craved, the fame he deserved. For he was the most brutal yet the most worthy man you ever met. The kind of man you dreamt of but never could admit it out loud. It didn’t help that he was unfairly attractive. So attractive that even Balder, the most beautiful god in Asgard, would be jealous. 

You tried to fight the attraction you had for him but you couldn’t fight the feelings you felt in his presence. You couldn’t deny the wetness between your legs every time he roared one of his clever speeches, perched proudly upon his throne or his chariot. You couldn’t deny the dreams you had. Him above you, taking whatever he wanted from your willing and helpless body.

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Just want to give a huge shout out to the kind people who sub Skam episodes with English to allow for all of us to enjoy the show with you! I highly appreciate you guys for taking the time out of your day to upload subbed clips for all of us. It is a privilege to have such kind people who allow us to enjoy this show with them and I would like you to know how much we appreciate you (even though we don’t say it enough). Skam is one of my favorite shows and I would not have the opportunity to watch it if it weren’t for the generous Norwegian fans who graciously provide us with these translated clips. Thanks again!!!!


Mamo’s Q&A in Taiwan, with English subtitles. @shakkuris

“The topic always comes back to beer”. Of course, hahaha… 😂

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Today is Mamo’s birthday so… here’s a present for you guys! :D


* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* In case you would like to translate this video into another language using our English subtitles, credits would be very appreciated! Please, let us know if you plan to use them. 

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.

Negan x Reader: The Coach

A/N: FIRST AND FOREMOST LEMME JUST LET YA’LL KNOW MY INTENSE EXCITEMENT TO BE INVOLVED IN ROUND 2 OF THE NEGAN WRITING CHALLENGE. Second of all, huge thank you to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network for creating this awesome concept! 


I chose the prompt Coach Negan with an OC of colour (Latina/Hispanic). Also, to avoid anyone accusing me of sexualising my own race again, I AM HISPANIC AND DO NOT ENJOY BEING SEXUALISED BECAUSE OF IT.

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Warnings: Teacher/Student relationship, student is of legal age in the UK and the US (18). Racism, rough sex, daddy kink, teacher kink, slight sub/dom relationship, breath play. 

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BTS React to S/O calling them daddy NSFW

@sidedrugs :  Can I have a reaction to their Girlfriend calling them daddy during sex? Make it sorta long please haha thank you so much! 💖💖💖

I know it’s not long, and I’m sorry. I feel like my brain is fried lol. I hope you still like it though. 

- Admin Crys


It would amp up the whole atmosphere, making you both that much more turned on. 

It would make him groan  loudly, “Yeah, say it again babygirl.”

He would be so into it, and it would become a main stay of your sex life. 

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“Is there something you need to tell me?”

He would be confused at first, but after you explain to him that it’s more of a Dom/Sub thing he would be on board. 

“Ahhh, you want me to take care of you, baby? Gonna be a naughty girl for 


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When you whisper it into his ear, trying to be sexy, he would freeze.

“No no no, nope. Not happening.”

“I am not your father, and I would really appreciate if you didn’t bring him up while I’m trying to fuck you.”

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It’s not one of his kinks, personally, but he would rp with you to make you happy. He likes making you feel good and prides himself on his ‘bedroom’ abilities, so he would be a good boyfriend and hit alllll those buttons for you. 

“You like that baby? Tell daddy how good he’s making you feel.”

“Remember, you can’t cum until daddy let’s you.”

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This boi just wants you to take care of him, and being your ‘daddy’’ doesn’t exactly fit in along those lines. He likes it the other way around, and would rather be your baby boy instead.

He would suck it up occasionally though, and perform for you, on the condition that the rest of the time he gets to be your special little boy. 

“We can do it this time if you want, but next time it’s my turn, okay jagi?”

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He would take it the wrong way, thinking that your dad had actually walked in on you guys fucking. 

He would scramble for the blanket, trying to shield you both. ‘Where?! Oh my god, where?!”

He would look around wildly, before realizing the mistake he made. 

“… you might wanna warn a guy before you spring the whole ‘daddy’ kink randomly.”

“I thought I was about to die jagi, I thought your father was in the room getting ready to murder me.”

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J Hope:

He would be all over this tbh. Hobi loves a little adventure in the bedroom. 

“Fuck yeah, that’s right. Who’s your daddy?”

“You want my cock baby? You gotta beg me for it. You’re so pretty when you’re desperate.”

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Too Far

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: The boys unintentionally hurt the reader’s feelings after making some careless jokes.

Pairing(s): MET x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, a lil bit of angst but ultimately a happy ending (spoilers).

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“What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?” Mark asked the three of you, waggling his eyebrows in a comical manner.

You scanned your cards before sliding your best into the centre along with Ethan’s and Tyler’s. Kathryn was watching from the sidelines, desperate to get some extra work done, whilst Amy was in bed ill. That just left you and the troublesome trio to record the entire live stream; not that you were complaining, they were your best friends after all.

“Okay,” Mark announced, picking up the cards in front of him. “A big, black dick. Geese. Or…” He trailed off and you suppressed a smirk as you watched his face scrunch into a grin at your card. “Mark’s unquenchable thirst for Jacksepticeye’s delicious asshole.”

The boys roared with laughter and, in turn, you laughed at their reactions. Mark had one hand clutched to his chest as he tried to control his giggles, whilst Ethan was slamming his fists on the table. Even Tyler had one of those rare, toothy smiles on his face as he chuckled alongside them.

“That’s obviously the winner.” Mark managed to get out after his laughing fit, holding up the card for someone to take it.

“Thank you, although it was Mark-luverrr-number-one-xxx that wrote that card.” You declared, plucking the black card from his fingers and adding it to your growing pile of winnings.

“Your turn to pick one, Y/N.” Tyler told you, pushing the cards across to you.

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Findom 101: How to approach a Findomme

Entering a fetish community like Findom is amazing, I know. But still it can be confusing to know about the unwritten rules of this fetish. Quite often I find people in my inbox asking what to expect or ‘how this works’. And believe me I’m happy to help those who are seriously interested in becoming a committed finsub. There are however a few odd ones who think it’s a good idea to insult a Domme or make demands or run once they hear the word ‘pay’.

That’s why I worked with my loyal sub, who’s been in the BDSM scene for almost 20 years, to give you this short comprehensive list.

Things you should keep in mind before or while you’re talking to a Findomme:

  1. Before approaching a Findomme, know what Findom means. Do your research, so you know what to expect.  
  2. Don’t ever tell a Findomme you want to serve her or be her slave/sub, but you’re broke. If you aren’t ready to pay, then Findom just isn’t for you.
  3. Before approaching a Findomme, be honest with yourself about your commitment level and what you hope to accomplish for Her.  
  4. Be honest with your Findomme about what She can expect from you.
  5. If you plan to be a regular contributor to your Findomme’s benefit, be consistent.
  6. If something comes up and you can’t tribute as expected, be honest and let your Findomme know as soon as possible.
  7. Surprise your Findomme with random tributes whenever possible.
  8. Don’t ask “what’s in it for me,” it isn’t about you anymore. Your Findomme’s happiness should be your primary concern.
  9. Learn about your Findomme and keep up with Her social media and website daily.
  10. Accept Her superiority and respect Her authority. A Findomme knows what She’s doing. Don’t question it or you will be punished.
  11. Be kind and respectful, not just to Her, but those around you.
  12. Thank your Findomme for whatever She gives you.
  13. Make Her world a better place.

I hope this is helpful for my fellow Dommes and any new, promising subs out there. Feel free to add anything of importance we might have missed and please share. Thanks again to @bullpen30 for your valued input, great job!


Mamo’s Musical Love Counseling, with English subtitles. Requested by @jennshaiel.

Big thanks to @tsukinokakera and @shakkuris who did a wonderful job with the translation! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* In case you would like to translate this video into another language using our English subtitles, credits would be very appreciated! Please, let us know if you plan to use them.

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.


Scott McCall x Reader x Stiles Stilinski 

~ Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Slight sexual content, dom!reader, sub!Scott, sub!Stiles
Word count: 1 521

A/N: Thank you for liking this imagine so much! ♥

Tags: @queenlovve, @luciferwaitsformetogethome, @pissheadofficial, @fangirlfreakingout, @17jenny​, @lildoog-ish​, @peacefullytatted01, @greek-geek481

Scott winched when he suddenly saw Stiles standing behind him in the mirror. He was leaning against the door frame, pursing his lips into a thin line and his eyebrows were hanging low on his forehead.

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Surprise gift

A/N: okay so here it is. This has taken fucking months and I’m super proud of it. I really hope you like it. It was originally written for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash s writing challenge but I missed the deadline here it is anyway! Massive, Massive thank you to @noodlecupcakes for betaing this for me. All mistakes are my own. I will total fix the Taglist in the morning it’s 2am and I’m about to die.



Tags/ warnings: D/s , smut, guided masturbation, Sex Toys, Vaginal Penetration, Daddy Kink, Praise Kink, Panty Kink, sub space, sub Drop, Comfort Aftercare, pussy slapping, cum tasting, bodily fluid, Dom! Negan, Undernegotiated Kink, Consent, Seduction, orgasm control, edging,


You were just drifting off again trying to get another nap in before your night shift on guard duty when a knock at the door jars you back into reality.

Taking a second to stretch out your back, you rise up off of your bed and answer the door. You don’t need to open it to know who is waiting for you on the other side, the tell tale ‘shave and a haircut’ rhythm giving him away. Feeling more curious than worried you slide the deadbolt back and open the door to see the man himself leaning against the doorframe.


With Lucile resting gently on his shoulder, he smiles, cocking his head to the side slightly looking rather amused before wetting his lips. “Hey there sleepy head.”

Blinking yourself awake you run your fingers through your tangled hair, not quite sure if he was making fun of you or not. “I’m on nights this week - what’s wrong?”

Pinching his eyebrows together, Negan leans into the space between you both without any real heat to his voice. “Nothing’s wrong butternut – shit, why does something always have to be fucking wrong?”

“You don’t normally knock on my door.” You reason with him, stretching out a little as you scratch the back of your neck. You knew you were lucky to be in his good graces really. You never had to worry about his mood or him making some dramatic display at your expense but then again you never took advantage of it either. Keeping your head down and doing you job to the best of your ability had done you well and Negan seemed to appreciate it.

As he explains, you watch the way his eyes trail down your body and can’t help but feel a tremor of lust nip under your skin - not that you’ll ever let him know that. “True, true. But I’ve noticed how hard you’ve been busting those great big lady nuts of yours and I wanted to fucking get you something nice as a little reward.”

“Is that right?” Surprises were never really your thing if you were honest. Especially seeing as the new world was filled with surprises of the deadly variety. Still, the thought of a reward did catch your attention and you found yourself wondering what it could be to prompt Negan into making a personal visit.

With an easy shrug Negan brings Lucile down to rest against his boot in one fluid motion. “That’s all she fuckin’ wrote. Can I come in or are you gonna leave old Negan out in the fucking cold?”

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I work at a sub shop. Today my boss (he is super chill, very thankful for him!) let me go home early because I am SUPER FUCKING PISSED OFF.

The reason: children who think it is funny to throw soda at you right after they pissed all over the bathroom.

When I mean pissed all over the bathroom, I mean literally. There was even somehow piss near the ceiling.

They also unrolled all of the toliet paper and threw it around all over the floor.

They also came in and did it again. Right after I cleaned it up. My boss saw me shaking with anger and said I could go home if I wanted to. I decided to because I am still furious.

Today is October 7th. This happened today.

anonymous asked:

I did mean performances but thank you for your time, really! It would be great if you could add those too at some point. Thanks again!

I’m so clumsy GAH! 
Here are the reactions to the performances with ENG SUBS:

  •  170225 Show! Music Core (Not today + Spring Day) (52:07) HERE
  • 171224 Show! Music core (BST) (36:05) HERE 
  • 161105  Show! Music core (BST)  (55:12) HERE
  • 161022 Show! Music core (53:38) HERE (This one was hectic, it’s the famous ‘low angle’ ‘V handsome man’ and ‘Jhoooooope’ one)
  • 161015 Show! Music Core- (21-century girl +BST) (42:00) HERE

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Find BTS reactions to their music videos HERE


91 Days ⭐ Ep13 (OVA) ⭐ Tomorrow and again tomorrow (明日、また明日 )  [subs]
↪  «It’s ready.»
     «Like I said, I don’t need anything…»
     «It’s eggnog. It’s good.»
     «…Sorry about this.»
     «It’s fine.
       Don’t worry. The alcohol cooled it down a bit.»
     «It’s goddamn sweet… But, thank you