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“The coolest way in the world to get your coffee”… (≧∇≦)/

Hi guys, @tsukinokakera and I are back with a new English subbed video! This time, it’s a short segment from “Welcome to the Uemura Detective Agency!”. We hope you’ll like it~

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Last Chapter Update

Whoo. My week has been packed and I am very tired and ouchy. I also just spent the last hour and a half doing some major Home organizing and crunched  some numbers according to my plot outline:

There are 57 drawings remaining; 27 of those are absolutely essential and must be included in the last chapter. I just counted my drawings and I have 30 (almost 31!) finished.

Which brings us back to my original claim back in August that the last chapter would have 60 drawings (31+27 = close enough). The drawings that aren’t essential would be adorable and funny, but I think I will have to omit them since… Since I don’t want to post the last chapter in 2021.

Soooooo according to my calculations, since it takes me about 4 days (14-24 solid hours) to complete one drawing, it will take me 108 days to finish the last essential 27…. AKA, 3.5 months. Factoring in family dinners and other distractions, I’ll round up to four months. So…

New estimate: Chapter 18 will be posted in late June.

A few have already started proclaiming their disapproval/lost interest due to the time I’ve spent already. I really want you, my beautiful and kind readers, to know that it pains me dearly to delay the last chapter as long as I am, but I’m adamant about ending Home right. These drawings are very warm, colorful and detailed, and it will wrap up everything in the best, fuzziest, happiest way.

Thank you for your endless patience ♥

Negan x Reader: The Coach

A/N: FIRST AND FOREMOST LEMME JUST LET YA’LL KNOW MY INTENSE EXCITEMENT TO BE INVOLVED IN ROUND 2 OF THE NEGAN WRITING CHALLENGE. Second of all, huge thank you to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network for creating this awesome concept! 


I chose the prompt Coach Negan with an OC of colour (Latina/Hispanic). Also, to avoid anyone accusing me of sexualising my own race again, I AM HISPANIC AND DO NOT ENJOY BEING SEXUALISED BECAUSE OF IT.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Warnings: Teacher/Student relationship, student is of legal age in the UK and the US (18). Racism, rough sex, daddy kink, teacher kink, slight sub/dom relationship, breath play. 

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Mamo’s Q&A in Taiwan, with English subtitles. @shakkuris

“The topic always comes back to beer”. Of course, hahaha… 😂

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Scott McCall x Reader x Stiles Stilinski 

~ Part 1, Part 2

Warnings: Slight sexual content, dom!reader, sub!Scott, sub!Stiles
Word count: 1 521

A/N: Thank you for liking this imagine so much! ♥

Tags: @queenlovve, @luciferwaitsformetogethome, @pissheadofficial, @fangirlfreakingout, @17jenny​, @lildoog-ish​, @peacefullytatted01, @greek-geek481

Scott winched when he suddenly saw Stiles standing behind him in the mirror. He was leaning against the door frame, pursing his lips into a thin line and his eyebrows were hanging low on his forehead.

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Too Far

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: The boys unintentionally hurt the reader’s feelings after making some careless jokes.

Pairing(s): MET x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, a lil bit of angst but ultimately a happy ending (spoilers).

Originally posted by antisepticdark

“What would grandma find disturbing, yet oddly charming?” Mark asked the three of you, waggling his eyebrows in a comical manner.

You scanned your cards before sliding your best into the centre along with Ethan’s and Tyler’s. Kathryn was watching from the sidelines, desperate to get some extra work done, whilst Amy was in bed ill. That just left you and the troublesome trio to record the entire live stream; not that you were complaining, they were your best friends after all.

“Okay,” Mark announced, picking up the cards in front of him. “A big, black dick. Geese. Or…” He trailed off and you suppressed a smirk as you watched his face scrunch into a grin at your card. “Mark’s unquenchable thirst for Jacksepticeye’s delicious asshole.”

The boys roared with laughter and, in turn, you laughed at their reactions. Mark had one hand clutched to his chest as he tried to control his giggles, whilst Ethan was slamming his fists on the table. Even Tyler had one of those rare, toothy smiles on his face as he chuckled alongside them.

“That’s obviously the winner.” Mark managed to get out after his laughing fit, holding up the card for someone to take it.

“Thank you, although it was Mark-luverrr-number-one-xxx that wrote that card.” You declared, plucking the black card from his fingers and adding it to your growing pile of winnings.

“Your turn to pick one, Y/N.” Tyler told you, pushing the cards across to you.

You chose another fan written one and groaned. “What does Y/N do to stay in shape?”

“Y/N? In shape? Please, I saw them get a stitch from running down the stairs too fast.” Ethan laughed and you playfully hit him on the shoulder.

“Just gimme a card so I can judge it.” You nagged him and he stuck his tongue out in retaliation, finally handing you a white card. Tyler and Mark played theirs and you spread them out in front of you. “Ethan’s dying YouTube career. Vigorous jazz hands. Or projectile vomiting.” You studied the cards before picking the ‘Vigorous jazz hands’ card and handing it back to Ethan.

“Yay, I won!” He hollered. “Although I didn’t appreciate the dig at my channel.”

“Ethan, you have three hundred thousand subscribers. That’s great, man.” Mark reassured him, placing a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. “And only about ninety percent of them came from me, be proud.”

“You fucker.”

“Ethan’s right,” Tyler cut in. “He got a few from Jack too.”

“At least I have a real channel, Tyler.” Ethan shot back. “Go on, what else were you gonna mock me for? My acne? The fact that I’m copying every major YouTuber ever? That I moved from Maine to work here?”

The other two boys sat in silence, trying to think of something else to say.

“It could be worse,” Mark said after a while. “You could be Y/N. How many subs have you got, Y/N?”

“Forty thousand.” You grumbled. YouTube was always a sensitive topic between you three, the amount of subs you had compared to your best friends was slightly insulting and you kept finding yourself wondering why your channel was so much more insignificant.

“Now, aren’t you grateful that Mama Mark got you so many subscribers?” Mark asked Ethan.

“I’m clearly not the one who needs help.” Ethan remarked, nodding towards you.

“You’re right!” Mark cried, facing the camera that had been rolling the entire time. “Whoever is watching this, go subscribe to Y/N, they’re not that bad at making videos. Well, they are, but their ideas are original. Expect the gaming, the commentary and the overall theme of it. But yeah, check it out.”

“Gee, thanks Mark.” You mutter sarcastically, trying and failing not to take it personally.

“Sorry, that was uncalled for.” He admitted. “I didn’t mean to insult your channel.”

“Right, he was just wondering why he’s friends with you when you don’t get him extra views.” Tyler joked.

“Exactly. Why do you think Ethan hangs out with me?” Mark agreed, nudging the blue-haired boy playfully.

“Go ahead, you’ve made so many jokes about my career and acne that I’m immune to it.” He challenged.

“Crap, he’s right.” Mark said. “But if we really want to make jokes about physical appearance then we can just rip on Y/N again. Their whole face is one big joke.”

Shock consumed you as you struggled to blink back the tears that were fighting to escape. You couldn’t believe that one of your closest friends had gone there, especially after you had confided in him about your insecurities.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? The weight of reality finally setting in?” Tyler asked, commenting on your silence.

“Dude, not even the weight of reality can compare to Y/N’s weight.” Ethan laughed.

That did it.

“Excuse me,” you whispered, standing up and practically running out of the room. You covered your face with one hand so that neither the camera nor the boys saw the tears flowing down your cheeks.

Locking yourself in the bathroom, you let out a loud sob that triggered several more until your throat hurt and your eyes stung. You glared at yourself in the mirror, scrutinising every part of yourself that you hated. Finally, you wiped away any traces of tears and took a deep breath before exiting the bathroom. However, you got the wind knocked out of you when you immediately walked into something solid on the other side of the door. Looking up, you realised you had crashed straight into Tyler’s chest as he and the other two stood waiting for you with concerned looks on their faces.

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Ethan asked softly.

“We wanted to check on you but decided to wait until you were finished in there to apologise.” Tyler added.

You glared at them, hurt sketched across your features. Mark stepped forwards slowly and wrapped his arms around you cautiously, as if you could shatter like glass at any second.

“I’m really sorry about what I said,” he apologised. “We all are. We realise we shouldn’t have made fun of you, even if it was just a joke. It was tactless and we want to make it up to you.”

“You know, I normally wouldn’t care if you make jokes about me,” you admitted. “But what you said is true. I’m constantly afraid that you’re going to cut me out because I’m not as successful as you. And what you said about my looks, well, that just hurt.”

“Are you kidding? Y/N you’re our friend, we couldn’t care less about how many subscribers you have.” Mark reassured you. “And as for your looks, you’re the only one that sees anything besides the smoking hot piece of ass you really are.” He paused before grimacing at what he had just said. “I kinda regret saying that, but you see my point.”

“Thanks, guys,” you mumbled, a small smile tugging at your lips. “I’m sorry I left in the middle of the live stream.”

“Don’t worry about it, you are our main priority. We turned the microphone off as soon as you walked out. Right now it’s just showing Chica sleeping in her bed, the viewers love it.” Tyler told you with a grin.

“So do you want to continue with the stream or should we wrap it up?” Ethan queried.

“No, let’s carry on. I’ll be fine.” You told them, walking back to the table and scratching Chica behind the ears as she woke up from the commotion.

Mark switched the mic back on and apologised for the brief intermission before explaining that you were okay and everything had been resolved.

“And I just want to say in all seriousness that you should check out their channel. I have never known anyone more dedicated to their work, or as passionate about the community as Y/N. We’re all extremely grateful to have them in our lives.” He concluded.

You beamed at him, silently thanking him, before announcing that you should get back to the games.

A few hours later, you had quite possibly destroyed your friendship with the boys in Monopoly as you counted their money and stacked it into neat little piles.

“This is ridiculous, Y/N has all the good spots.” Ethan whined after landing on your square again.

“What can I say? Taking money from men is my speciality.” You say with a smile.

“That makes you sound like a hooker.” Mark laughed.

“Nah, hookers can get laid.” Tyler joked with a wink, resulting in a rude response from you as you struggled to hide the smile that had formed on your face.

“And there goes the last of my cash.” Ethan grumbled.

“Dolla dolla bills, y'all.” You cheer, making it rain with their money. “I win, bitches.”

“Congratulations,” Mark drawled. His phone buzzed and he read the notification on the screen. “It’s Amy, she says to check your YouTube account.”

You frown before pulling it up on your own mobile. Everything looked normal except… wait.

“Holy shit!” You cried, clapping a hand over your mouth in shock.

“What is it?” Tyler feigned ignorance, but the smirk on his face suggested he already knew what was going on.

“Four hundred THOUSAND subscribers! I have four hundred thousand subscribers!” You screamed, grabbing the boys and pulling them into a group hug.

“You have more than me? Ouch, that hurts.” Ethan joked, holding a hand to his heart.

“Shut up, Ethan.” Mark scolded, turning back to you. “You deserve every single one of those subs and more. I just wish it didn’t take all this for people to figure that out. Including us.”

You beamed at him, tears springing to your eyes again, only this time you were crying for a different reason. “Thank you, I love you three idiots so much.” You told them. “But just so you know, once I’m Internet famous, I’ll have no use for you.”



“So true though.”


Mamo’s Musical Love Counseling, with English subtitles. Requested by @jennshaiel.

Big thanks to @tsukinokakera and @shakkuris who did a wonderful job with the translation! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

* Feel free to share this video but please, DO NOT reupload it elsewhere, thank you!

* A list of my English and French subbed videos can be found here.

I get to share this with you guys now! This was my piece for the the Super Beard Bros fanzine, Super Zine Bros! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered a copy; we were able to raise $3,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association! I’ll never be able to fully express how happy and honored I am to have been a part of this.  The Beard Bros have given me so much joy, even in some incredibly dark times, and it feels wonderful to be able to pay that joy forward. Thank you again to everyone who was a part of this very special project! Later man!

Findom 101: How to approach a Findomme

Entering a fetish community like Findom is amazing, I know. But still it can be confusing to know about the unwritten rules of this fetish. Quite often I find people in my inbox asking what to expect or ‘how this works’. And believe me I’m happy to help those who are seriously interested in becoming a committed finsub. There are however a few odd ones who think it’s a good idea to insult a Domme or make demands or run once they hear the word ‘pay’.

That’s why I worked with my loyal sub, who’s been in the BDSM scene for almost 20 years, to give you this short comprehensive list.

Things you should keep in mind before or while you’re talking to a Findomme:

  1. Before approaching a Findomme, know what Findom means. Do your research, so you know what to expect.  
  2. Don’t ever tell a Findomme you want to serve her or be her slave/sub, but you’re broke. If you aren’t ready to pay, then Findom just isn’t for you.
  3. Before approaching a Findomme, be honest with yourself about your commitment level and what you hope to accomplish for Her.  
  4. Be honest with your Findomme about what She can expect from you.
  5. If you plan to be a regular contributor to your Findomme’s benefit, be consistent.
  6. If something comes up and you can’t tribute as expected, be honest and let your Findomme know as soon as possible.
  7. Surprise your Findomme with random tributes whenever possible.
  8. Don’t ask “what’s in it for me,” it isn’t about you anymore. Your Findomme’s happiness should be your primary concern.
  9. Learn about your Findomme and keep up with Her social media and website daily.
  10. Accept Her superiority and respect Her authority. A Findomme knows what She’s doing. Don’t question it or you will be punished.
  11. Be kind and respectful, not just to Her, but those around you.
  12. Thank your Findomme for whatever She gives you.
  13. Make Her world a better place.

I hope this is helpful for my fellow Dommes and any new, promising subs out there. Feel free to add anything of importance we might have missed and please share. Thanks again to @bullpen30 for your valued input, great job!

Congrats to @therealjacksepticeye on reaching 15 million subscribers!!!

 I wasn’t able to prepare anything too glamorous, but who doesn’t enjoy a happy green bean? Also a good old King Sam!!! XD

 I also wanted to say thank you all for the love and support from the community and Jack. I know it might seem like I only do this for attention and I won’t lie, I do enjoy being noticed, but I’m also a fan. I like to hear people say that just by seeming my art it puts a smile on their face whether it’s something big or small. I feel this is the best way for me to give back to the community that I hold so dear. Thank you all again too for the success you have helped me gain over the years.

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Molly Hooper - The Enigma

This just sort of happened. We all know Sherlock Holmes,the detective, who can deduce everyone and everything but only when it comes to Molly, he always ends up making the wrong deductions. Yes,he hasn’t always made the right deductions about everyone, I know there are a few exceptions like Jim, Irene, Mary etc. But these are people who wanted/had to hide something from him, play mind games or had hidden agendas. They all had some kind of skill set and intelligence to fool him. And then there’s our darling Molly, she didn’t want/had to hide anything from him or play any mind games or beat him, nope nothing and yet Sherlock is always on the back foot when it comes to Molly.

This has been happening right since S1, why even in episode 1 when Molly asks him out for coffee he thinks she’s offering him coffee and tells her his coffee preference. Then again in TGG, he’s so busy trying to rip apart Jim (we all know why he’s so eager to tell Molly that “Jim from IT” is gay) that he fails to notice who exactly Jim is. In ASiB, again he’s too busy trying to find out who the recipient of Molly’s gift is (please it’s clear that he’s quite jealous here) he once again makes the wrong deduction. In TRF (lab scene) he’s caught off guard by Molly and her perceptiveness, he is, in fact, surprised by it. He stumbles and stutters coz Molly has seen (the real) him and seen through his facade. This happens almost every time and in all of their interactions. I don’t want to  start talking about s3 and s4 because there are too many sherlolly scenes and I won’t stop once I start.

Anyway, my point being Molly is the one person who has always caught him off guard and he is always on the back foot with her. Molly, by just being herself, her true honest self, has single-handedly managed to surprise, shock and move Sherlock Homes. Now coming to THE SCENE in TFP, if you think Eurus is in charge of this operation,then please let me direct you to Molly Hooper. Yes, Eurus did start this one and is responsible for it but it’s Molly who takes control of it. Even after all these years Molly surprises him and turns the table on him and once again Sherlock Holmes is stunned by her.

No wonder his “I love you” looks like a realization (there is a hint of surprise here).

I’m pretty sure she will continue to surprise him forever. Molly Hooper is and will always be an enigma. I’m so happy for Sherlock, he’ll spend the rest of his life trying to decipher the mystery called Molly Hooper( I’m legit sqeeing). Thank you, Moftiss. For writing this beautiful love story and yes I believe them when they say that this show is not a romance. Yes, the main plot is not romance but the sub-plot is, and no one can convince me otherwise.

P.S - I love Jim Moriarty and Mary Watson. No hate will be tolerated towards them.


fyi, today is mesemoa.’s 5th anniversary (well 5 years since morning musumen. uploaded the first dance cover) and shadow kiss only needs 15k more views to get to 1mil
so, yeah, hope you know what you have to do

- sunflower 🌻

Hello guys, it’s been some time. And by some time I actually mean years
There’s gotta be thousands of people here that won’t even recognize me so… should I introduce myself?
I used to go by “FourthImpactAngel”, FIA for short. I’m the creator of DZR, which Aaox has been running steadily for years now after I left Tumblr. (Thank you so much ♥)

Anyways, long story short: I’m back. I finally found a hook to bring me back to Tumblr once again and seems this time I’m staying~

Where have I been all this time? 48Groups. (Huge idol groups from Japan, main group being AKB48. Please follow me if you like them!). And while I was there I happened to reinforce my japanese a lot, so much I even joined some subbing groups and fansites dedicated to translations.
Anyways, what’s that has to do with DZR? That now we can actually start working on getting permissions from japanese artists to post their works here, which would be optimum.

For now, I’ll keep on talking with Aaox on what do we plan for the future of this blog. You should start noticing these changes with time.

Btw, I’m so glad to read some familiar names from the people that like/reblog. ♥ 
If I ever talked/interacted with you in any way in the past, please leave me a message or PM me on this new account. I’d be glad to follow you. 

Thanks for being with us for so long!




Another great comic dub for you atomi! I love Phantom’s dubs and follow his channel. So imagine my surprise when I saw this little gem in my sub box :)


I’ve been watching this a few times over now. This is a really fun dub! ^^

So many cool things about this! My favorite part is probably Bendy. I just love how upbeat he sounds in the beginning. You just know from that tone in his voice that he’s up to something. XD 

Thank you for the dub. This was really cool! 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for a boy defending their little brother? Thank you in advance ^^

1) “Not to be overly dramatic,” the voice drifted over the heads of the bullies.“But if you so much as glare at my little brother again, I’m going to put a pencil through your eye.” The boy strolled forward, hands in pockets, as casual as could be. The boy who, throughout the school, had a reputation of earnest kindness. Never a bad word to say about anyone boy. Rumour had it a kitten followed him into the class once, type of boy. The look on his face now made sub zero feel like summer-holiday sunshine. 

2) “Not everything has to be solved by violence!” his little brother protested. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll let them punch you in the face next time.” 

3) “Now, now,” his elder brother said. “I know he’s a pain in the arse, trust me, I know.” A hand landed on my shoulder, guiding me back a few steps.“But he’s my brother. I’m going to assume you didn’t know that? Because you wouldn’t possibly be so stupid as to start shit with my brother. Right?”

4) “Why’d you have to get involved? You hate fighting - look at you, you’re bleeding!” He stared distressed at his brother’s nose. 
“Well, I tried asking them nicely first. Wasn’t just gonna take a hike and leave you outnumbered three to one, was I?”

5) The figure came out of nowhere, a whirlwind of movement that he hadn’t thought possible. The next thing he was conscious of was someone standing over him, the area otherwise empty. He blinked blearily. 
“I can’t leave you alone for five minutes,” his older brother said. “I swear to god.” He was careful not to jar his injuries when he hauled him up though.


Yuzuru Hanyu Interview with English Subs Part 1!

Yuzu Fairy’s Team translated the interwiev that was right after the WTT!

(they will definetly upload the other parts if ready! But I won’t post each part again, you can watch this at Yuzu Fairy’s Youtube Channel)

Thanks to Yuzu Fairy’s Team for translating and subbing the vids! It means the world to me!
The Ties That Bind Us - Gotham
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Ed’s been struggling with becoming the Riddler after all the troubles it brought him. His suit lie tucked away but never forgotten. He itched to wear it again but was afraid of being consumed by the mania. That was until a gift from Oswald gave him some much needed control.

Word count: 13,862

Tags: Established Relationship, Supportive Oswald, Internal Conflict, Introspection, Memories, Reflection, Dom/sub, Post Oswald’s Return From The Dead, Oswald Is No Longer Mayor, Masks, Comfort, Metaphors, Headspace, Fluff and Smut, Referenced Past Childhood Abuse, Non-Penetrative Sex, Oswald Is The Softest Dom, Literal perfection, Love and Support, Honestly It’s Everything Ed Needs

Art commissioned from @selene-at-your-service. Thank you so much!

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continuation of these c:

can you tell i ran out of ideas