#Look at his face #Think about it: the first thing he sees when he turns around is Happy #standing in his apartment #dressed in his bath robe #looking content as fuck #and of course he can’t believe it #he’s probably pinching himself so hard #thinking what lucky horse did he bet on to win all of this #honestly he looks the happiest that we have ever seen him

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sorry about bad quality but really BS and quick drawing because I’ll probably not have time this week to draw but I wanted to upload at least something? 


We’ll MMeet Again (An Undertale Comic)

I’m so sorry about the quality, I don’t have a scanner, only my phone ( The woes of being in a dorm room ) There’s only going to be about one another part to this I think :)  The Idea is Sans and Toriel were friends before she was courted by Asgore and had to leave to become Queen. Set before the game, all the canon events still happen. 

Part 1 ( you are here) | Part 2 (sometime soon) 


Sorry about the photo quality (I’ll try again on a day when there’s actually some sun) but GRIS#4 is ready to order online - thanks!

I’m going to have a table (D5!!) at True Believers Comic Festival, Cheltenham tomorrow! - Saturday 6th February! I will have all the usual comics, zines, original ink drawings and merch (including drumsticks & glow in the dark plectrums) - but it’s always worth coming to say hi because I have FREE MINI COMICS to hand out!! 

I have 2 more things debuting tomorrow …It was Hourly Comic Day on Monday and I’ve printed A6 mini comics which includes gig sketches of John Grant and Soley from that day. The covers are printed on neon paper!I

I compiled a Grimes fanzine through my music blog - That Music Zine. (they have been popular online and I wasn’t expecting it - I have saved 20 copies for the con tomorrow and I’m going to arrange printing more ASAP)

All 3 new books are now available to order through my Etsy shop! There’s a list of more spring conventions in the blog sidebar.

It’s a busy weekend for comics - Laydeez Do Comics Birmingham is on Monday 8th February! 7.30-9.30pm at The Victoria. Presentations by Lucie Ebrey aka muggybees, Verity Hall,  and Alexandra McCarthy. LDC Birmingham are making an anthology with the theme ‘hometown’ - email if you’re interested in hearing more! (everyone is welcome at LDC - yes, I mean guys can come along and hang out!)

Thanks again! See you there!!

This happened awhile back ago. And I started panicking for some reason XD Anyway sorry about the quality again, I’m used DA muro to draw this, and ms paint to put it together.

Gaster Sans belongs to @gastersans  (shocking I know, who would have guess XD Sorry for my sarcasm, it runs in the family.)

I just realized I drew the cigarette wrong. I’m sorry D:> 


(Again sorry about the quality of camea ). This is another of my OC’s Terror Avani, she is a witty playful. sarcastic character who appears later in both the main story and the Faelien side story.

A Timeline of the (Celebrity) Men I Found Attractive and Why I Think I Found Them Attractive

Johnny Depp (from 5th grade onward)
Doesn’t really need an explanation?? It’s Johnny Depp?? But yeah this was like the first indication that I have a dirty, dirty desire for men who are 15-20 years older than me. He has brown eyes and a smoldering gaze and dang, them cheekbones bruh.

Chad Kroeger (probably around 6th or 7th grade)
I don’t know?? Let’s be honest, Ryan Peake is way hotter. Although since he cut his hair, Chad can get it. But I was into the long hair rocker dude. This was the first instance of me getting into a band member. Fuck y'all I don’t care if it was Nickelback. Go listen to your Beatles or White Stripes and I’ll listen to my shit. He was tall and Canadian but Canadian doesn’t really matter I don’t think?? Idk. Older than me. Blonde with blue eyes. And a weird nose. I like guys with big, distinctive noses. Cuz I’m Italian?? Idk.

Will Ferrell (probably 9th grade ish)
I also have a deep-seated love for dudes who can make me laugh. He’s tall, with blue squinty eyes and a Jew fro. He can totally rock a salt and pepper beard tho. And again falls under the category of 15-20 years older than  me.

Sacha Baron Cohen (same time as Ferrell)
That Jew fro again. Tall and funny. And has AN ACCENT! Which isn’t really a requirement to get my motor running but I guess it helped when I was 15. I wanted him and Will Ferrell to to bang it out, especially after that kiss on the MTV VMA’s back innnn was it 2008? I don’t even remember.

Chris Kattan (same time as Sacha and Will)
Now he’s short and kinda looks like a monkey. He’s got green eyes (!! green eyes are important, this is the first emergence of me liking them) and dark hair, and, once again, OLDER THAN ME and FUNNY and cute and ughh I wanna wrestle with his scrappy lil body. 

David Draiman (around 10th grade or whenever I stole my brother’s Ten Thousand Fists CD)
OH DAMN. THOSE PIERCINGS. THAT SHINY BALD HEAD. THOSE DARK EVIL EYES. THAT WICKED SMILE. Also Jewish. This dude was like the first real bad boy on my list. Everyone else was mostly dorky comedians. He was into banging chicks in churches. At the time I still identified as Catholic. And that turned me on. I should’ve known there was a problem then. But yeah Disturbed was my gateway into heavy music and therefor HOT DUDES WITH LONG HAIR N BEARDS (sorry Chad). When I was fawning over Dave I legitimately tried to convince my mom to let me get labret piercings like he had. Even wrote an essay on why it would be a good idea. Wow.

Emppu Vuorinen and Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish and Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica (around 11th grade)
My Finnophile obsession began and reigned for about 6 or 7 years. Until I discovered my Swedophile obsession. Emppu was short and stout with blonde hair and blue eyes and a cute lil plain face. Tuomas had wolf eyes and was 6 foot something and long black hair and almost had a unibrow and he was skinny and looked good in tank tops. AND FINNISH ACCENTS. This was my most exotic interest yet. Tony was wacky and had a cool beard and cool hair and wore weird outfits. Fit into my comedian category as well. Anyway I tried to learn Finnish at one point to no avail.

Adam Dutkiewicz (approx. 2008)
Nerdy nerd boy who is 6'4” and has mouse-brown hair and green!!! eyes and weird sideburns and lots of chest hair. This dude has legs for days. He’s also like my number one of all time musician love. I made a blog dedicated to him. I have more than 200,000 words of fanfiction dedicated to him. I’m psycho over him pretty much. And he prances around on stage in booty shorts and I melt. He’s also a member of my all time favorite band too so that helps. I literally almost went to Berklee College of Music because of him. I want to live in Boston because of him. I’m a fucking crazy person. He deserves more than just this one paragraph but there’s still so many dudes I gotta get to. He feeds my tall, comedian, musician, older man fetish.

Zak Bagans (2009)
Lmaooo Zak. He’s ridiculous. He’s beefed up as fuck to beat up those ghosts. He’s got green eyes and dark hair and a funny nose and he’s hilarious, whether intentionally or unintentionally. And he’s tall and can rock Ed Hardy.

Peter Dolving (The Haunted), Mikael Stanne and Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity), and Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) and Tomi Joutsen (Amorphis) (probably 2009/2010ish)
Who cares about Finnish metal when you have SWEDISH METAL (Okay Tomi is Finnish but anyway). Oh DANG, bro. They’re all 6 feet or taller and pale as the snow with pretty blue eyes (Niklas might have green eyes I think actually? There’s the green again). Swedish accents and sacrilegious music or whatever. And all older than me. And there’s something about men who scream that tears apart my vagina parts. In a good way. Mikael was my first instance of liking gingers. His ‘redhead’ tattoo still gets me to this day. Mikael and Niklas had luxuriously long hair. Peter had a faux hawk kinda like Adam Dutkiewicz so I was unf over that, plus he had badass tattoos. And Bjorn just looks like he can beat everyone up but in a sexy Swedish way so I’m all up in his business for sure. And Tomi’s dreads almost touched the ground and he has some crazy exotic looking face and omg

Jesse Leach (2011)
I didn’t get into him when I got into Killswitch initially. Cuz as far as I was concerned, he was ancient history. Then Times of Grace happened, then the reuniting with Killswitch. And I was suddenly a slave to this guy with these brooding dark eyes, hipster personality, good taste in shoes, and excellent grooming habits. And he had tattoos. And he called me “love.” I will support this guy until the world ends.

The entire band of Hurt (2011 I think? I still remember the morning I lay in bed listening to Volume II and my life completely changing).
It’s mostly J Loren who got me. He’s also the closest to my age so far (less than a 15 year difference, score!). And, well, Victor I think is like a year or two older than me so that works too. I stalked this band around Ohio. J had a way of singing about his feelings that killed me. And he had those piercing gray eyes and five o'clock shadow and fingerless gloves and pierced ears. AND HE COULD PLAY VIOLIN. This was mostly about J, though. And he acknowledged I exist. So yeah that was important. I would be playdough in his hands, if he wanted me. And his Southern manners…….hnnnggghh

Pete and Sam Loeffler (probably 2011ish but who fuckin knows)
Oh my goddddd. Weirdo brothers. One sounds like a cat in heat when he sings and the other can probably wear a men’s size small t-shirt. I’ll take both of them, please. Dark hair, pale, scruffy, dark eyes.

Mike and Stephen from Taproot (with bonus Phil in the middle of the picture) (June 6th, 2012…that was the first time I saw them in concert, and it was all J Loren’s fault).
Mike’s this really nerdy little guy with dark hair and green eyes and he sweats a lot and he’s skinny and he has a nice butt and he’s real pale and has a big nose. Stephen is slightly cooler but still a dork and he’s got tattoos and can make funny faces and is really super friendly to his fans. Taproot ruined me. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Seth Rogen and James Franco (whenever I watched Pineapple Express for the first time which I think was around 2012)
Back to the dorky comedians. Seth was totally different cuz he was a lil bit pudgy. He had a Jewfro tho and I’m all about that. Franco is a wacko art dude. I want them to bang each other. I’m pretty sure they have. They’ve both got big brown eyes and stupid jokes. James is almost too out there for me sometimes but I love it.

Kevin Richardson (2013)
Oh, God. If you follow my blog at all, you know. You know all about K-Rich. I’m into AJ too obviously but…… Kev. Kevvy Kev Kev KEVIN. He’s peaceful and tall, dark hair with neatly groomed facial hair. He’s super serious and reserved – but like he’s not at all. He says off the wall shit and it kills me. And he’s got those freakin green eyes and that awkward smile and that PERFECT FACIAL STRUCTURE. And his muscles. O: I’m not that superficial when it comes to bodies but his. Hnnngngnasdg

Jordan Knight (2014)
Fuck me. This cute guy from Boston. Yeah,  I know I was very late to the NKOTB party. Tall, skinny as a stick, sticks his hand down his pants and plays with his junk just to make girls wet. I think he’s gayer than his brother but we’ll never know. Oh, and Joe-Mac ain’t bad, either. But Joe Mac’s got light brown hair and bright blue eyes and Jordan’s got dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Other honorable mentions that didn’t last long enough to be on this list: Justin Furstenfeld, Jay Baruchel, Nicolas Cage (lol). A million dudes in a million bands. Some chicks, actually.

These days I am into my tall, redheaded ginger boyfriend with green eyes who’s a total weirdo but he lets me touch his butt and that’s all that matters. I also have a cop kink. But that’s for another day.
So in the end I don’t see how any of these relate to each other except they all have prominent noses sorta?? But not even that?? In the end they all have a sense of humor and they’re all genuine so I guess that’s what I like.

EDIT: I just realized I forgot both Stephen Colbert and Michael Starr. That goes to show that I have liked way too many men omg