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oOOH Do u still draw requests??? I hope you're not overflown by them1!! Anyways I LOVE UR ART AHHHH Can you doodle wilford warfstache for mee??? (◡‿◡✿)

Thank you for the request!! :) hopefully this suits your needs…!?

He was super fun to draw hehe so thank you for that too :)

And again sorry about the quality, tumblr really messes up the lines…ugh! :(


Lo siento otra vez por la cualidad e intentare para las siguientes partes arreglarlo. Pero dejandolo a parte…. GENIAL por fin la primera pagina. Espero que esta historia de @markiplier os guste tanto a mi me gusta hacerlo, que lo disfruteis :D/// Im sorry again about the quality and i will intent to fix it in the next pages. But putting that a part… GREAT finally the first page. I hope you like this story of @markiplier than i like doing it, enjoy it :D

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Sorry about the quality. Stupid camera, I hate you. Watch me talk about Audiobooks!


11x06 “Our Little World”
“She’s too big of a threat to wait. I say we go in there with everything we’ve got.”

First of all: Sorry for crappy quality edits, but this was the best I could do with the material given. *cringes* And while they certainly won’t win an award for prettiness, I think they do nicely illustrate my point. Because: I. Am. Once. More. In. Love. With. The. Silent. Storytelling. Here.

If you have seen the sneak peek for tomorrow’s episode, you’ll know that these shots are from a scene in which Sam and Dean are preparing to take down Amara and Sam is voicing his concerns about it. In relation to last week’s episode I talked multiple times about how Len and Sidney served as Dean mirrors and what that may allude to in relation to the state of Dean’s soul and what Dean may feel compelled to do at some point down the line (see here).

I happen to think that Dean isn’t soulless, but that some part of his soul may be missing. The part that serves as the connection Dean and Amara share (like Harry Potter and Tom Riddle), that makes them gravitate towards one another and effectively may render them lock and key, two halves of one whole.

I have mentioned in the metas to 11x05 “Thin Lizzie” how I feel Len’s decisions and wishes may be comparable to Dean’s decisions and actions while the season unfolds. Meaning: I think that

a) Dean - since he may still be going through the motions in so far as he remembers who or how he was before the mark and tries to get back to that but feels he’s not the same anymore (unrelated to any soul stuff, but merely on a personal level), because of course an experience like that shapes and changes you - the more he feels that way, may also ask (just like Len) for her to “put him back”. @lost-shoe offered an interesting and tragic idea here that would fit with the moth-idea though: That Dean is the light inside that Amara is looking for by consuming souls, meaning she may ultimately want to take Dean inside of her. Which would fit as the two of them reuniting to be whole again.

b) Like Len, if he and Amara reunited completely for him to be and feel whole again (one could also see her as an embodiment of Dean’s female side as @sleepsintheimpala proposed), Dean may consider getting locked up to harm no one else. Of course that action called back to Dean’s decision to be killed by Death or relocated some place he couldn’t harm anyone, but I feel it is much more of a possibility that Dean will reunite with Amara in the eye of the storm  and decides to be tossed into the Empty or at least sealed away with her.

Now, all that being said. I personally think these shot from above are a beauty, because they do imo captures absolutely aspect of the soul stuff, because se wee Dean standing right in front of a blue painting with a spec of white light, reminding a whole lot of the light of a soul. So one could argue - and as Sam imo very obviously assumes here - that Dean may not really be drawn to her to kill her, but to be close to her, because as the picture in the back may capture, she may be the part that Dean feels missing though he can’t logically explain why.

I think Sam is well aware that Dean will not be able to kill Amara. Him expressing and questioning Dean if he thinks he’s able to indicate as much and Dean’s expression also indicates that he himself knows that he won’t be able to. And of course we got another hint at that being the case hidden in the background. Not only do we have yet another instance of prison imagery, but we have another painting framed with Dean, saiyng in capital letter “PROTECT”. And that’s what this is about. Amara prophecied Dean they’d always help each other and that’s what Dean may do. Even the bit of him expressing himself as if he felt stung by Crowley in some way, because “he made off with the Darkness” speaks not so much of jealousy of the King of Hell spending time with Amara, but maybe even more so protecting her from him. In any case it is interesting that Crowley is really the stepping stone for these two. After all he was it, who got Dean to take on the mark and he was burnt in the process, because Dean turned out being out of his league and much more than he could handle. With Amara this seems just as true.