again. im sorry

maybe you’re wondering why did i let you go so easily. if you ever still think about me, of course. if you don’t, it’s okay. i haven’t been thinking much about myself either. but if you ever do, here’s why i let you go so easily. i guess the people who’ve broken my heart before you were the “never again” ones. the people that came before you were the ones who built up a fortress out of my heart so now “love” has become a “never again” promise. i swore to myself i would never make all of the effort again, i would never pull my heart out so willingly again, i would just never love innocently again. it is such an awful shame that you were the one who came after all these people. i’m sorry i’ve got enough never agains pulling me back from you. i’m sorry my heart is not in its original shape for you to hold in your hands for when you reach out for it, you cut yourself with its sharp edges. i’m so sorry i’m tired enough to never try again. i’m sorry i’ve got no strength left to put up a goddamn fight. for you.
—  the “never again” promise & why i didn’t say all of the things i could’ve said.

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A: age - 19

B: birthplace - México

C: current time - 08:00 pm

D: drink you had last - coke 

E: easiest person to talk to - @glaspaladin​ *insert lots of heart emojis* and @sshiros​ *insert lots of poop emojis* asjdhadhajsdhjashdajsdh the duality of a man… 

F: favourite song - evil, interpol. all over the world pixies. moonage daydream, bowie

G: grossest memory - um, being called mami and spanish and people singing gasolina to me like, no. I mean, that’s at hand. That wins walking in literal dirty, real dirty, i mean FUCKING DIRTY water right?

H: hogwarts house - gryffindor

I: in love? - yea!

J: jealous of people - it’s hard that i get jealous tbh, like just tell me im  ur sun and im fine ajshdjahshdujahsdauhsduahdjha. Nah, like seriously just show me ur respect and that im ur literal love and we fine. i dont get jealous over talents or body tho

K: killed someone - my will to live, dont call the cops

L: love at first sight or should I walk by again? - i fooooolilly believe in lov at 1st sight

M: middle name - why do u want me to get doxxed so bad

N: number of siblings - 1

O: one wish - uh, that i finish college, like i just want to like, close my eyes and four years have passed already when i open em again. I just want a really nice life…… the uh, millennial dream

P: person you called last - uhhh,,, my friend angel. He called me tho, saying he was on his way lol

Q: question you are always asked - how r u so thin. do u like drugs

R: reason to smile - keith, my love

S: song you sang last - Caribou, pixies

T: time you woke up - 8 am

U: underwear colour - white

V: vacation destination - i mean, i wish. Like just simply take me to cancun. if not germany or spain

W: worst habit - having bad meals, drinkin too much coke, sleepin late, being a baby

X: x-rays - none, im a free man

Y: your favourite food - mexican and italian are a fave, like, just feed me thanks. Argentinean too

Z: zodiac sign - aries, im problematiqué

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Remember MCRX??

‘cause it happened exactly one year ago today /7.20.16/ when MCR uploaded that video and the internet exploded

and it was trending everywhere

Yeah basicly emos rose and fell again within less than 24 hours, it was fun

So much fun




I’ve been pretty busy lately so here’s a vent Taako I drew a few months ago that I never posted~ Back when the boys’ adventures were a lot less…heartbreaking…