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Whenever Sirius and Harry had a chance to be alone together, during their time at Grimmauld Place, Sirius would always indulge Harry by speaking about his parents.
The kid just couldn’t get enough of listening to things that they had done. It made Sirius happy, to no end, to see Harry actually smile, but he was more interested in knowing more about his Godson’s life before he came into it.
He decided, one afternoon, to start grilling Harry about his first few years in the magical community.
With much coaxing, Harry finally admitted “My aunt and uncle tried to stop my letters from coming in my first year.”
Sirius sighed; he expected as much from Petunia, he had met her once briefly, long enough to know what type of woman she was, anyway.
Harry looked so uncomfortable with is confession that Sirius figured he should share some of his family’s insanity to reassure him that he wasn’t alone “I know how you feel. My dear old mum tried to stop my letters from coming in my second year. She figured if I didn’t get my letter I wouldn’t be a Gryffindor. Idiot.”
Harry laughed along with Sirius before saying “You should have seen their faces when even the place where I slept changed on the envelope when I moved out of-” Harry cut himself off quickly, suddenly hyper-aware that he had never told anybody about where he had slept for the best part of ten years of his life.
“Out of where?”
“Er… nowhere, I just moved rooms after my first letter came.”
But Sirius wasn’t easily fooled “You’re an awful liar Harry. Even worse than James.”
“It was nothing” Harry hastened to assure his Godfather.
Sirius rolled his eyes “Which means it was something. Where did you sleep before you moved Harry? You can tell me.”
“I don’t want to tell you because it doesn’t matter!” Harry snapped hotly, lashing out defensively.
Not swayed whatsoever by his Godson’s behaviour, Sirius replied gently “It matters to me.”
“Would it make a difference if I said I didn’t want to talk about it?” Harry asked flatly.
“Absolutely not” Sirius replied cheerfully “You think I spent all those years badgering Remus to stop being such a closed book for nothing?” Sirius asked smugly “so why don’t you just tell me and save us both the pain of me constantly having to harassing you for the rest of your life.”
Harry turned the thought over in his mind, he could tell just by looking at him that Sirius wasn’t bluffing. Harry sighed. “The cupboard under the stairs” he breathed, so quietly that Sirius barely heard him.
Sirius’ eyebrows contracted, unsure he understood his Godson “what about it?” he asked.
Careful to avoid Sirius’ eyes he said “that’s where I slept until I was eleven.”
“Where?” Sirius questioned leaning further across the table, unable to believe what he was hearing.
“You heard me” Harry said beginning to get defensive again. Sirius could almost hear the mental walls, which Harry had just begun to let down around him, suddenly bang shut again.
Sirius attempted to hold down the fury he that flared up inside of him at finding the child who he often thought of as his own son had been forced to sleep in a cupboard for ten years.
He wanted to spring out of his chair, hunt down the Dursley’s then go and find Dumbledore. But any of those options would only serve to panic his Godson more so he held himself to his seat and forced himself to focus on the surly looking teenager sitting across from him, who was glaring down at the table, hating himself for looking vulnerable.
Sirius took a deep and shaky breath “why?” he asked as calmly as possible.
Harry didn’t need any clarification “They hated me, what I was… they said something about trying to stamp the magic out of me” he mumbled indifferently, still avoiding his Godfathers gaze.
Sirius felt as if a bucket of icy water had been dumped over his head.
“Sta-stam-stamp it out of you?” he choked out in horror, the colour completely draining from his face “don’t they know how dangerous that is?!”
“Honestly I don’t think they’d care” Harry replied blandly before he could stop himself “I’m fine though.” he added quickly “so it doesn’t really matter.”
“Doesn’t really matter? Of course it matters! Why wouldn’t it matter?”
“It never mattered before” he mumbled.
“Well it matters to me. I never want to see you get hurt, I care about you Harry, you know that right?” it had been a rhetorical question but Harry hesitated as if he were considering all the possible answers.
This was wrong.
Harry knows how much he loved him right?
Surely Sirius had told his Godson that he loved him!
But there he was, sitting there trying to think of the right answer to a question that shouldn’t need one.
“Harry… you-you are the most important person in my life. You’re like a son to me and I love you more than you could ever believe” Harry looked disbelievingly at him “ever since the day you were born, no, the day I knew you were on your way I loved you. You have to know that!”
“Nobody’s ever said that to me” Harry admitted quietly.
“Said what?”
“That they love me.”
Sirius felt like he couldn’t breathe, his hands balled up into fists. His Godson was fifteen years old and nobody had ever told him that they loved him. Even with his crummy family Sirius had still been told he was loved well before that age, by Regulus and Andy and even James had said it when Sirius had gotten him out of his first ever detention.
Even though he spent the remaining seven years of their friendship getting him into detention.
Sirius couldn’t believe he had let this slip by him. He had always just assumed Harry knew that people loved him, that HE loved him. He was a failure as a Godfather.
When Remus found out he was going to blow a gasket.
“You are so loved Harry” Sirius started uncertainly, stressing the words so that Harry would believe him. He’d never been in a situation like this, he never thought he would be, kids were supposed to just know that their par-Godparent loved them “I don’t want you to ever forget that”
Harry looked away from him again but Sirius could see the beginning of a watery smile on his Godson’s face.
“I should have told you sooner” Sirius added grimly, his expression darkened “and I think I’m going to have a word with the Dursley’s… after my name is cleared” he tacked on with a sigh after seeing Harry’s panic at the prospect of him venturing out of the safety of Grimmauld Place.
How could such a wonderful, caring kid think that he was unloved?
“Thanks Sirius. You’ve kind of helped already anyway” Harry said with a sly smile “I told the Dursley’s that my Godfather broke out of prison to kill a man but that you liked to keep in touch with me and check that I was happy. Now they pretty much leave me alone.”
Sirius roared with laughter “you’ll be a Marauder yet. Good on you Harry!”
Though it was hard for Sirius to drop the issue of the Dursley’s negligence and obvious child abuse, he knew that Harry did not want to talk about his home life in the least. So he kept laughing and joking with his Godson, telling him stories about his parents and embarrassing moments from his youth.
But Sirius knew this was far from over. He would be having a word with Dumbledore, a loud word, about Harry’s home life.
Dumbledore was about to find out the meaning of an angry parent.
But for now Sirius was content to spend as many good times with his surrogate son as he possibly could, learning about his first two years of school, which couldn’t possibly be as bad as his third or fourth, and feeling content in the fact that his Godson had at least two normal, moderately Dursley-free, years of school before he started on his adventures

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Helllooo, I'm sorry this is a bit random but is there any list/posts about other artists or celebrities praising shinee around here??

oh wow, i’m not sure if there is so i’ll try and write one up? there, for sure, won’t be everything but it was all that i was able to remember / could find in searches. 

 • big bang’s g-dragon was asked during an interview with section tv back in 2013 if there were any junior groups that caught his eye to which his answer was: “whenever i see shinee i think they’re doing really well.” (source)
• also back in 2013, tiger jk made asked a group of children if they like him or shinee more to which they remained silent and he answered “for” them by saying: “i like shinee more as well.” (source)
• in an interview that t-ara did late last year, both jiyeon and soyeon praised them.

q: have any rookies or hoobaes caught your eye lately?
soyeon: could i mention one more team? they’re not rookies but i think shinee are so amazing. i felt chills throughout my whole body when i watched their “everybody” stage. as someone who also performs on stage herself i know exactly what kinds of moves are difficult, what formations are possible or impossible, very well. but shinee’s “everybody” even made me respectful / in awe of them. because, honestly, it’s really difficult to demonstrate that level of quality. not just me, but everyone who’s on site at the music program gave thumbs up at shinee’s stage. did you see taemin’s “괴도 (danger)” music video? his ability to communicate emotions with each look, each gesture, gives me goosebumps. that power to communicate is a lot more difficult than you’d think. maybe it’s because i’m still lacking in that area but, when i see people who pull that off really well, they look amazing. shinee are no longer “idols”.
jiyeon: shinee appear really well on tv, but if you see them in person, it’s just art. they just pour all their energy they have themselves onto one stage. it’s enough to say: “if shinee does one prerecording they have to be boosted / helped down from stage by managers. we need to follow that example.”. (source)

• multiple members of the pledis rookie group, seventeen, have praised shinee since their debut earlier this year. you can a handful of instances here and here.
snsd all agreed early in july that shinee’s latest album was good and that they’re “very watchable” on stage. (source)
snsd’s sooyoung and super junior’s eunhyuk complimented shinee for being hard working on stage / feeling their passion for performaning in a snippet from sm’s newest documentary, “smtown the stage”. (here)
• back before they became friends, iu praised both shinee and jonghyun himself during a press conference for the reality show they did together for a short time, “immortal song 2”. she personally recommended him for the show due to a liking of his voice. (source)
• back in 2010 jessica jung praised and recommended for a musical role which he ended up getting / it was his first role to date. (source)
• during their “why so serious” promotions, secret’s hyosung was asked which group she finds best in terms of performance in which she replied: “shinee. i don’t know how they can be so good.” (source)
• in a survery put together by sports donga back in 2013, twenty two idol groups were asked to cast their votes in the: best vocalist, rapper, dancer, visual and factor / talent categories. jonghyun tied in second place for best male vocalist (alongside beast’s yoseob) with seven votes, taemin tied in second place (with super junior’s eunhyuk and jay park) for best male dancer with six votes, and minho tied in fourth place (with jyj’s jaejoong) for best male visual with three votes. the groups that participated in the survery were: girl’s day, nine muses, rainbow, miss a, big bang, snsd, b.a.p, shinhwa, cnblue, aoa, ft island, exo, mblaq, u-kiss, ze:a, jj project (back before got7’s debut), jyj,, 2am, 2pm, kara and 15&. (source)
• it’s pretty well known at this point but exid’s solji is a very big fan of shinee and praises them often. one instance can be seen here).
• there’s an old fan account (that i’m having a hard time finding, blegh) where a fan of shinee’s mentioned that brown eyed girls’ narsha, a pd and a lyricist ran to watch shinee prerecord for a music show when their recordings begun back during “lucifer” era.
• popular actress shim eun kyung (who acted alongside taemin in a drama back in 2009) is a very, very big fan of the group / praises them often. one particular time can be found here. she also often makes posts on her instagram about them and is seen around wearing one of their “odd” snapbacks frequently lately.
baek ji young has mentioned twice (once in 2011 and again earlier this year) that she enjoys jonghyun’s voice / would like to collaborate with him. (source)
• taemin has a lot of celebrity fans, like… a lot. here’s a long video of random celebrities / idols praising him, including: rain, sunny hill, ze:a, cross gene, kangnam, history, monsta x, dear cloud’s nine, and mochida kaori. soran’s go young bae also called him perfect once, lmao. bts’ jungkook mentioned being a shawol with emphasis on biasing taemin. vixx’s hongbin mentioned once that he’d like to collaborate with taemin / looks up to him. teen top’s niel admitted that taemin’s solo inspired him a bit when preparing for his own / has mentioned admiring him in the past.
• back in 2010, boa picked shinee as the group closest to her ideal type. (or, specifically, a mixture of onew, jonghyun and minho) (source)
• japanese actress aizawa rina is a fangirl of taemin’s. (source) as is haruna from the japanese girl band scandal. (source)
• onew has a lot of celebrity fangirls that praise him often, including: kim jung nan, a pink’s namjoo, f(x)’s luna, and wonder girls’ yeeun.
girl’s day’s sojin is a big fan of the group / often praises them. she mentioned them: here, and here.
• here’s a full video of some of minho’s celebrity fans / fangirls, including: kim jung eun, kim eun seo, 2ne1’s dara, and kim ji won.
• from akb48 / nmb48 / ske48: iriyama anna mentioned minho as her “ideal” type while kashiwagi yuki mentioned that she finds him handsome. shimazaki haruka mentioned maybe being interested in key, while ogasawara mayu admitted to being a shawol and liking jonghyun’s voice.
•  world renowned pianist yiruma praised shinee / being impressed by working with them and jonghyun’s skill in lyric writing specifically. (source)
• wwe wrestler xavier woods opened up about discovering shinee and becoming a fan of them around the start of “odd”. (source)
• teddy riley (who is a grammy award winning singer-songwriter, producer, ect. and member of both guy and blackstreet) has worked with and praised the group multiple times. specifically: he’s made comments about how much he likes jonghyun’s voice / how he enjoyed working with him and how fond he is of him as well. (source)
• bryan-michael cox, who’s also a grammy award winning songwriter and producer (known for producing such songs as: mary j. blige’s “be without you”, and usher’s “burn”, “u got it bad” and “confessions”) met with jonghyun in the summer of 2014 referring to him as a “super talented artist” and a “superstar”. (source)
• when questioned about who she found to be the best looking male idol 4minute’s hyuna admitted that she chose all of shinee together and mentioned that, rather than just liking their faces, she likes the group as a whole. (source)

like said: there’s probably a loooooooooooot that i missed and if anyone knows anymore i can add them in and reblog again later! but that’s everything i could find and remember as of now.

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[hands you my life savings] okay but what would men / non - widow women would have worn as mourning clothes

wow what a pay raise from 10 cents and a shoelace!

again, i’m not an expert on this, and no era or culture was the exact same! and i’ve tried as hard as i could to find french sources, but they are not forthcoming. one of the best guides i could find was from the early 20th century, but it seems to have similar lengths of the stages of mourning to around the later middle 19th century:

this tells us that widows and widowers had to mourn for the same length of time, and also goes through fathers/mothers, fathers-in-law/mothers-in-law, children of the deceased (including children-in-law), grandparents, brothers/sisters, uncles/aunts, & cousins. it also defines the first stage as nothing but crêpe (i mentioned in the last post that at least early in the 19th century, matte silks were also fine), the second allowing in other black fabrics, and the final allowing in non-black colors. men’s outfits had to be a little different – things like waistcoats and coats and everything couldn’t come in crêpe, and it seems like a shiny top hat might have been fine??? i doubt what the women’s outfits looked like specifically for each stage would be much different between relations – the length seems to be the key factor here, the sartorial conditions of the stages being the same.

i’ve also found an english figure just for full mourning from the beginning of the 19th century. the timelines were much more flexible then, and varied i believe by personal preference, social class, and region. here they are:

husband or wife:  1 year
son or daughter:  6 months–1 year  (the older the child, the longer the mourning period)
parent or parent-in-law:  6 months–1 year
grandparent:  6 months
brother or sister:  3–6 months
aunt or uncle:  3 months
first cousin:  2–6 weeks
second cousin:  1 week

so maybe put the length of your mourning stages somewhere between those two?? tend more to the second, and keep them a little flexible.

we also see that one scene when jvj wears mourning for bishop myriel. it doesn’t mention how long he wore mourning, but he does dress entirely in black with a mourning band around his hat, and is assumed to be a cousin. clearly he’s not actually a family member, so i assume what he wore is more like what a close friend would? you might draw your length of mourning for your fic from around that figure for cousins, probably a little shorter, depending on the relationship between the characters.

mourning clothes for men didn’t constitute quite as broad of a change as women’s would, partially because it was pretty normal for men to wear black anyway! in france in the beginning of the century it was apparently common for men in mourning also to wear lead grey clothes at the beginning of the century. mourners would thus just wear much more black/maybe dark grey, with a mourning band on the hat. 

mourning bands were much wider than normal hat bands, would never have a bow like normal hand bands might, and were made of wool instead of silk. i’ve tried really hard to find a good image of one unarguably from our period and country, but no luck :( so here’s these:

this one’s not too far off – the shape is still pretty close to existing (non-mourning) french 1830s (i assume that’s what most people in this fandom are looking for lol) top hats like these two:

and here’s a few images of a man and little girl from around our period in full and half mourning dress, respectively (probably not french??? but it’s really hard to find stuff like this so it’ll have to do)

very blurry and weirdly cropped but hey he has a mourning band on his hat!!!

aaaaand that’s all i can find for now! additions/corrections super super welcome

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Idk if you have been asked this before but now that shout factory is about to release megaranger how do you think they have so far and is there a series they haven't released that you hope they do

So far, I am still in awe of the @theshoutfactory Super Sentai DVDs even existing. I never thought that I would ever be able to buy full seasons of the shows I love with English subtitles at reasonable prices.  Seriously, the raw Japanese DVD’s cost most for the 10 episode 2-disc single releases than the entire series with subs does in the US.

Shout Factory have also done an amazing job at marketing and promoting their releases having done three streaming marathons of Super Sentai shows with hosts and even live interaction with the fans.  During these, they even announced their next big releases in the series, which was a real treat.

Even better than that though, they have listened to criticism from the fans. When their initial release of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger came out, they had yellow subtitles on the screen,

However, the fans expressed their dislike for the yellow subs and by the time of their third release, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, the subs had been changed to a more pleasing white with black outlines.

They release these are fairly niche releases appealing to a smaller than average part of the market (a market they aim for in a lot of other releases as well) so they take the desires of their consumers into account.  It’s a good strategy to keep fans coming back time and time again for the next release.  I know it’s worked for me as I have pre-ordered each and every one of them.

It’s not just their Super Sentai releases either.  They have also put out two of Tsuburaya’s older shows; Ultra Q and Ultraseven in deluxe boxed sets.

These were well put together with amazing liner notes, the best source materials they could find and reasonable prices.  There were some fan complaints though as the Ultra Q box contained the original Black & White broadcast versions of the episodes as opposed to the loving re-colored versions recently released in Japan.  The Ultraseven box set said it was The Complete Series but had one missing episode, which was removed for reasons of the original creator listening to concerns from the audience. I didn’t find these to be egregious problems or even dampen my enjoyment of the shows but they were concerns one of which was addressed in the liner notes.

As for what I would like to see them release that they have not well, they seem to be working their way forward from Zyuranger to cover all of the Power Rangers era series.  So, I fully expect fan favorites like Mirai Sentai Timeranger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger to eventually see release.  What I would love to see is for them to go back.  I firmly believe a full DVD box of Choujin Sentai Jetman would be a hit in the US.

I would also love to see them dip back into Tsuburaya’s back catalog and release some of the Showa Ultraman series never seen in the US, especially The Return of Ultraman and Ultraman Ace.

I know these are tied up in the ongoing legal struggles between Tsuburaya Productions and Thailand’s Tsuburaya Chaiyo mess but I can still dream, can’t I?

Now, I don’t want to sound like a total shill for Shout Factory but I am frankly astonished and immensely grateful that they have released these shows in the US.  It’s been a literal dream come true for me to be able to own physical copies of these on DVD.  I may be a bit old fashioned but there is something thrilling to me about physically owning things as opposed to having them digitally.  It’s less convenient but it’s the same reason I prefer owning a physical book to an ebook version of the same thing. Maybe it’s just that I’m old and that’s the way things were when I was younger.  Maybe it’s a fear of things going away in digital space or not truly owning things that can be deleted.

Anyway, thank you for your question!

Opposite - College AU

Summery: It’s hard to get into college. Even harder to make a good impression.

Triggers: pretentious art

Word Count: 900+

A/N: Finally got this done. The interview part actually happened to me. Written for a writing challenge by @thinkwriteexpress(*Gif not mine) Tagging:

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Your entire life had lead up to this. College. Every piece of homework, every assignment, every sleepless night spent trying to complete them. And it was all redundant unless you got this right. The interview.

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(Chapter 13 continued…)

I had to be smart about this whole thing.  Getting myself arrested didn’t seem like the best way to solve anything. Even if I was locked away…I’d still be a danger to everyone around me.

My bigger issue was how to keep what happened to Dray from ever happening again. I needed to find an alternate food source to keep my dark side at bay.  I pulled out the book that I had taken from the library.

I scoured the pages looking for any and everything that could help me.

It took a while, but I eventually stumbled upon something that gave me hope…I could possibly be cured.

The book didn’t go into much detail, but it gave me another direction that I could go in for further research.

There were two things that I needed to do… the first was to search online and order as many books as I could find about the vampire virus. I’d even pay for overnight delivery to get them as quickly as possible.

The second thing I needed to do was to settle my mind and try to find out for sure if I was actually the one that murdered my best friend’s husband.

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“Please don’t laugh.”

“Please don’t laugh.” was told to the Duskwight as he snickered. Vae had tried some of the coconut milk he made from shaving in meat of a coconut into the coconut water and mixing it together to make his take on coconut milk. And Vae took a drink leaving that tale tell white milk mustache.

“I can’t*snicker*help it.” He doesn’t break into a fit of laughter but it’s on the verge.

(sorry for taking so long on this one. I had to search the source and I couldn’t find it. So I answered this as best I could from memory. Which is probably really wrong but if it was a 3 word RP blurb prompt I think I did OK.

Again sorry for taking so long.)