I had sex with Jude. Oh yeah? He’s hot! And that body he’s hiding underneath that suit, I’ve been dying to hit that for like a year. But Jesus is he needy, and neurotic. Oscar wrecked him for life, I mean he’s totally undateable. Jude’s used to disappointment. He’ll be fine.
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“I'm covering Sonic Adventure 2 Battle songs with @skylar__spence right now. This is my peak happiness level.”

Dear God…he’s been inspired by Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Again, gonna try and NOT get my hopes up…BUT MY GOD EVERYTHING IS POINTING TOWARDS SONIC ADVENTURE 3 RIGHT NOW!


I feel as though the relationships in Inquisition are no where near as deep as they are in Origins and DA2. Sure, they’re all friends, but it lacks the closeness that was in Origins, and the family feel of DA2

All I want is a playable warrior princess Zelda with elaborate hair


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yo ladiessssssss- i meant hi! it’s ya girl nett! it’s been a while since i’ve last posted selfies, right? which is a good thing i presume but my face has made a comeback bc i got tagged by these two beauties: @jihoongi @jeuptv to do the selfie tag (thank you!❤) so here, have a photoset of me trying to look cute lmao b ye

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hi guys! it’s me darin ^^ uhhh, yeah, so i never guessed that i’d be running a blog about korean boys and nonsense stuff but i did and it’s already been three years (i lasted this long omg) since that big mistake of my life (not really cos kjd is a blessing) aannnd, i have achieved my follower goal way way back but i never had the chance to thank you all and appreciate all you wonderful people who have been gracing my dash with awesome posts!

first and foremost to all my followers, thank you thank you guys so much for being there and sticking with me all this time from when i started this blog with awful urls *cringe cringe* and changing it countless of times until now you’re still with me.. i know i can’t thank you enough but still thank you for clicking that follow button! even though i was never an awesome blog and for some of you, we weren’t of the same interests anymore but ya’ll chose to stay~ i never expected there would be this many of you… you are all my precious :****

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((Hey guys! I just wanted to say that all of you dorky and cute osmt ask blogs always make my day. You guys have made today so wild, I laughed so much and now I’ll be too giddy to sleep, haha ;;; . I’m glad I made an ask blog, I got to meet all of you! Even though my Totty blog has become a shitposting area + the butt of everyone’s joke.

and y’know what, just to get it out there, if you’re alone, I would love to chat.  ♥))

When it is time to lay down the law, do not hesitate, especially when it comes to your boundaries.

If you were raised like I was, you knew the abusive consequences for saying “No”, which sadly disabled you as an adult to say “No”.

I was faced with the decision to say “No” or to stay quiet when this awkward coworker behind me crossed a boundary of mine by patting my back mighty hard.

I remained silent.

I am still bothered by this.

People, bullies and weirdos alike, sense that I do not have boundaries because I display myself as if I have none, and I let them get away with it every time.

It is hard to unlearn things that you have been subconsciously taught, but you have to unlearn them.

Lay down the law. Say “No”.


“It was easier when I was angry,” Ben said, like he’d just discovered something important. “I’ll do better one day—I’ll be stronger than Uncle Luke, even, and I’ll be able to do even more.”     

“Sure thing, buddy,” Poe said cheerfully, ignoring Ben’s hiss at the hated nickname, a reminder that Ben may be taller now, but Poe was still older. “Let me know when you can stop blaster fire with your mind and I’ll be real impressed.”

“I’ll stop more than that,” Ben promised.

- Judas, ch.1